100 Best Quotes About True Friends Being there for You

quotes about true friends being there for you

Quotes about true friends being there for you are for well-deserved friends who are characterized by exceptional attributes, first to you and everyone around them. They are people in your company who are ordinary friends but through time have migrated to the level at which you see them as true friends.

What made you tag your friend as true and worthy of these lines about true friends being there for you? What outstanding quality have you seen in your friend that struck a chord within you and made you finalize that he or she is a true and dependable friend? Of a truth, present with us are thousands of reasons we call our friends true to a reasonable extent.

However, you’ll agree with me also that out there are numerous folks who are just friends but are not the ones who can stick with you through thick and thin. So, one of the best gifts one can ask for on this side of eternity is a gift of true friendship. Hence, the need for these well-drafted quotes about real friends being there for you.

To find a true friend is something not ordinary, to have a friend who can look into your eyes to see what runs through your heart and your entire being is a rare privilege and shouldn’t in any way be taken for granted. So, thinking of sending quotes about true pals being there for you is your best bet to relay your heart to your true friend.

More importantly, some friends are so true to the point that you’ve conclusively admitted them to be part of your family, like your sibling. Quotes about true pals being there for you present you with that beautiful opportunity to appreciate that great friend of yours.

Along the same line, in so many ways have people treasured their friendships and put in the best of their best to see that their friendships are heaven-on-earth affairs. And one beautiful way of adding value and building up treasures in your friendship is simply through some heartfelt messages or quotes.

Below is an excellent list of quotes about friends being there for you tailor-made to sweeten your friend’s heart and I am sure you can’t wait to see the joy it will bring to your beloved friend when you send one or two of these heart touching quotes about true pals being there for you to him or her.

Quotes About True Friends Being There For You that Make You Cry

Most times, we can’t overemphasize the usefulness or the wonder in these true friend quotes that make you cry and can perform to make the heart rejoice. There is power in words! Words gather and build, words heal and bind, words make beautiful the union between young folks and older folks alike, and words improve and regenerate even beyond your wildest imaginations.

So, it’s something true to know that sending your friend any of these quotes about true pals being there for you will better improve your union together and make your relationship sweeter; fulfilling your beautiful desire for a unique and outstanding friendship! Feel free to use any of these excellent verses about true friends being there for you.

1. How happy I am and how great is the joy that floods my heart to have you as a dearly beloved friend! For in your heart lies a true definition of beauty and uniqueness of perfect character.

2. You thought me great lessons of virtue and conduct. You impacted in me values that can never be swiped off in my generation because it is a seed that I’ll forever pass on to my generation unborn! For these, I will be forever grateful to God for bringing you my way.

3. Beautiful are your ways, dear beloved friend. Blessed is the womb that brought you forth to this life. Glory and splendor shall be the anchor of your pursuit in life. Keep on being good! Raise high the banner of love even as you have always done.

4. A round of applause for a hero (heroine). Let kings off their crowns in honor of one whose deeds and lifestyle have formed a sweet-smelling savor to the KING OF KINGS. For indeed nations, tribes, people, and tongues will honor you as you have made your life a sweet-smelling savor unto the Highest and people around you. Thanks for being there for me, dear friend.

5. More than a friend you are to me, dear golden one! For indeed you are among the hierarchy of the sent one to me. God bless your heart, sweet friend. I can’t ask for more, you made my world. Thanks for being there for me.

6. Heaven and earth may pass away, but your good deeds will forever be inscribed in the core of my heart like a work of art. Friend, you’re a beloved to me and I have you to thank for everything. I heart you so much.

7. Your uniqueness is beyond comprehension, oftentimes I wonder what manner of being God has made; you are simply a special gift to me from heaven. You’re the most loved dear sweet friend. Words are apparently not enough to qualify this uniqueness of your being. I say again; I love you to the moon and back!

8. With all respect and sincerity of heart, I say you are of the caliber of people that deserve to be honored the most. For in your little estate, you made yourself like a sacrificial lamb: nothing in this world you can’t give out to anyone in need. I heartily cherish this great virtue of kindness of yours towards all and even me your dear friend.

9. I’ve never in my life seen any as much endowed with a heart of absolute humility. Yours is super incredible! You left my heart in awe of the wonder God has built-in you, and with a deep sense of gratitude, I say a big thank you, for allowing yourself to be worked on by God. Thanks for being there for me.

10. A sweet friend of an awesome character! Our stay together has unwrapped and made vivid the essence of friendship. Thank you for how far your heart of care and love has made this bond of ours a unique one. Thanks for being there for always.

11. All hail a dear one! all hail a friend with a sweetheart like honey! All hail the very one behind my express success! All hail the sweetness that turns my sour estate sweet. You should be forever hailed because you’re dear and ever special to me.

12. Your thought sometimes gets me astonished and fascinated. Memories of moments with you are such that should be hidden in an ancient history book that will forever be remembered. Thank you for showing up every time I call out for you. You are simply the best friend I have always asked God for.

13. For with these great impacts you wrought in my life, I have created a large template in my heart to accommodate the sweet memories we had together as friends. And deep down in my heart, I’ll always ask God to permit more of these sweet memories between us. You are a wonder!

14. Let it be far gone to the realm of forgetfulness, plots that might want to create enmity between us to terminate our friendship together, for we’ve been knitted together by God even before creation. And what God has weaved together let no one untie.

15. A dear one like you deserves a series of accolades! For your deeds worth unquantifiable praise, your attitude towards me and those around you have left everyone better than you met them. You deserve the blessings of the heavenly and the earthly, for your good deeds have risen and become evident in the cloud of reckoning. Thanks so much for everything, dear friend.

16. Awesome wishes are meant for you, special friend! Love beyond what man fathom dwells in your bowel. You’re the such one whose memory can never be wiped off from the surface of the earth. I love you plenty and thanks for your help.

17. Indeed you’re incredible, because beauty lies in your heart, and from your breath oozes out words of relief in my time of difficulty and trials. For it became evident that you have a rare version of grace deposited in you. Thanks for being there for me.

18. Great is the depth and height of your wisdom, dear friend. I believe you have secretly asked God for double the wisdom of Solomon for you (smile). And here I am the blessed one, in partnership with the one whose God has graced with an abundant measure of wisdom. Thanks for adding so great value to my life.

19. I cherish your words, I cherish your reasoning, I cherish the way you approach matters, I cherish the way you cherish little ideas, and your acts are super-incredible to me. Your lifestyle is worth duplicating, just keep on being who you are, for great shall be the outcome of your little beginning. Thanks for your love!

20. What can be compared to a heart as sweet as a honeycomb? What can outgrow a heart as loving as a mother’s love for her suckling child? What can be so intimate as your love and your selfless affection? You are a special friend, you’re simply more than a friend, you’re a darling.

21. God in His unsearchable understanding has made you my very present help in times of trouble. He, in His unbeatable love, made you an ointment that brought sweet relief to my toughest challenge. He made you an angel of love and comfort and in you, I see the perfect love of God at work. Thank you, my angelic friend.

22. From the north to the south, and from the east to the west, you’ve proven to be a friend whose worth is beyond rubies. You’re exceptionally different from some people I’ve met. Friend, kudos to you, kudos to the home you came from, you’re more than the best.

23. Awesome appraiser for a friend with a unique configuration. Words will fail to qualify the kind of heart you possess. All I can see is a being with heaven’s kind of heart on earth. Indeed, I’m the most blessed one to have you as a friend.

24. I’ll make known your deeds amidst kings and rulers if possible I have my way to their midst. For your lovely heart has left my soul in uttermost admiration of your person.

25. Deep down inside your heart is a symbol of unfeigned love, and a heart that forebears. These, amidst your unique virtues, made me have a great assurance that I am in the right ship of friendship.

Best friends forever Quote That Makes You Cry

With these best friends forever quotes that make you cry, you are about to make your friend’s heart well up in joy and gratitude toward you because it is true that people respond to positive praise from their true friends.

So, looking for heart-touching, awesomely written, carefully packaged, and beautifully composed words about true friends being there for you, you can with great joy try out any of these below best friends forever quotes, and I assure your heart that it’s just what you’re seeking for!

26. Let hails fall, let the cloud turns dark, let the storm rage, I’ll cling to you as you have always done to me, for deep inside your heart I see a friendship with a difference and a future. Here’s chanting ‘best friend forever’. Thanks for being there for me.

27. Having you as my friend has taken me to the realm at which peace, joy, happiness, and favor found me as their companion. Heaven is my witness that your presence in my life has created a great difference evident to all. Your best friend forever! Thanks for your love. I heart you, too!

28. May the day I found you be blessed, and may it never know darkness and misdeals for it has connected me with a soul as peaceful as a river and as accommodating as a haven. I am sure you don’t have any idea how beautiful you are to me. Thanks for everything.”

29. Oh, what a friend! How beautiful are your feet, for you’re excellent at creating peaceful atmospheres? Your peaceful heart has put me under subjection to seemingly disastrous situations around me, I’m so blessed to have you as my friend.

30. How shall l explore the beautiful space of friendship you’ve created? You’ve so much created a wide space of a healthy atmosphere being your friend and you’ve made it seems like heaven on earth to me.

31. Bravo to a friend with exceptional values, if I promise you 100 coats of beautiful colors making you an object of envy to those around you, 10 years is too much for the colors to fade and the clothes to be of no relevance. But to a friend whose worth is more than silver and gold, I promise you my heart, to always be there for you, through thick and thin. Thanks for being there for me.

32. You’ve become absolutely part of me and you to me. Times and seasons have proven your faithfulness to this beautifully well-spelled out friendship. I have you to thank for all the beautiful things I have experienced in life.

33. I’m glad you invested so much in this friendship of ours, and I believe you’ve not regretted this. Because from my side here, I’m so much blessed I’m part of this beautiful friendship. Long live dear friend, long live our friendship. Cheers to a better year of cordial relationships.

34. It’s been a while since I’ve written to you, my uttermost desire is to see you smile, glow brilliantly from all sides, and blossom in all fields of life’s endeavor. Friend, I wish you well, for you are a friend with a rare heart.

35. I heart you well, friend, right from our dark moments together, and till now you’ve been a wonderful soul to me. Nothing can be compared to having you as my well-beloved friend.

36. I’m completely overwhelmed at your endless care and love as a friend, for of a truth you are indeed a friend rare to find and difficult to let go of. For this course, I’ll hold you close to my side till I see that nothing on earth can make me lose contact with you.

37. It’s a beautiful thing to know that you’re part of the few who desire prosperity for their friends. I’ve studied you times without number and your good heart is quite open to me and in it, I see a pant and the admiration to see your friend prospers limitlessly, irrespective of what it will take you. What is more promising to me than this, friend, you’re indeed a superhero.

38. Two good heads are better than one says the adage, your good head added to mine makes a lot of outstanding difference. Quite awesome! I mean awesome is my experience with you!

39. Sweet is your heart good friend, lovely are your ways, and incredible are your deeds to me, for with these you made life more beautiful to me. Your best friend forever!

40. With great admiration, I wonder how high my friendship with you has taken me. It is a parcel of blessing to know you as a dear friend.

41. You won it, my friend, you won it; the trophy belongs to you for you have won the prize. A standing ovation to this great one, a pack of accolades to you, join me give honor to whom honor is due. You have won the prize for a best friend ever. Cheers to you, best friend.

42. My heart is over joyous, filled with great gratitude to God for giving me a relentless, considerate, compassionate, and generous friend like you. With these, I say thank you for always being there for your dear friend!

43. Let the earth rejoice and the heaven is glad for the gift of a friend who has shown me much grace and honor whose bowel has been enlarged to accommodate even my mess and misdeeds, for what you have done, I’ll forever rest and rely on you even as an infant does to her caring mom. Thanks for being there for me.

44. It’s good to know you have a dear heart, a thumbs-up to you, friend! For your heart has provided quick healing for my mesmerized heart. You are a gift to me.

45. Your passion for all is something to reckon with, for you have infected me with this holy passion to see life and beauty in what seemingly looks awkward. I love you so much

46. One thing out of what I’ve learned from you is discipline and commitment and I will ever be grateful to God for making me see these virtues in you.

47. Friend, have learned to be meek and lowly from you as described in the Bible, what have you learned from me? I am sure you have learned the same from me. You are my friend for a lifetime. I heart you, dear friend.

48. In your friendship, I’ve seen so many things life has to offer, Thank you for creating in me the stature to shoulder life’s challenges and to come out been a celebrity. Thanks for being there for me.

49. One good turn deserves another, friend, how on earth can I appreciate you enough? You’ve made me a product of great virtue that is worth emulating, thank you for changing me totally to the very one in the mind of God our father.

50. Meeting you has been the greatest turnaround for me. Friend, reason with me, I’m better than when you met me. Thank you for your love and help. Much love, dear friend.

Male And Female Best Friend Quotes

In life, true friendship definition is born out of the wonderful works of God. According to Genesis 5:2 KJ. male and female created He them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.” Which speaks of the oneness of heart and purpose.

With this unique understanding, nice words to say to a friend or cute best friend quotes sayings to share with your male or female friends are encapsulated in this post of ‘male and female best friend quotes.’

Hence, you can use these words about true friends being there for you as your short and sweet friendship captions to celebrate the uniqueness of your friendship. So, why not pick any of these excellent quotes about real friends being there for you to make the world a better place?

51. Sweet friend, I have been thinking of the exact cheers to friendship captions that can best describe the depths of my heart for you, but it is obvious that one million words are not enough to describe your unique heart of love for me. I am so blessed to have you in my life. (write your male or female friend’s name here with emoji).

52. Not sure I can talk about my success story without mentioning your name at every point of my testimony. You made a difference in me and with you, dear friend, the world is a better place to live. (write your male or female friend’s name here).

53. You know this friendship bond between us was ordained before the foundation of the world because you fit perfectly into my innermost being. I am thankful we are friends. Lots of love and thanks for being there all the way. (write your male or female friend’s name here).

54. When I asked for genuine love, God saw my need and sent you my way to teach my heart the full expression of love. Darling friend, here are quotes about genuine people in my life in which you are the number one among many friends. Thanks for being there for me and my loved ones.

55. Shout to a friend who’s closer than a brother; my ready helper in time of need, and gist partner, and my number one confidant. Thanks, sweetheart!

56. The boundary lines have fallen for you in pleasant places; surely you have a delightful inheritance among choice Kings and Princes. Dear friend, you are worth my everyday celebration. Thanks for loving me deeper than my wildest imagination.

57. True friends are heaven made and to a greater degree, they are tailor-made for every sincere one who seeks. I sought a real friend and there you came like an avalanche of love and you have drenched my heart with affection. I love you, dear friend. (write your male or female friend’s name here with emoji).

58. How far can a friend go for one in desperate need? Some break off when they have reached the elastic limit but you are quite different and amazing because you have gone beyond every human limitation to see that I become somebody to reckon with in this life. Thanks for giving out to me cheerfully. I love you, darling friend.

59. As babies form in the womb of their mothers, so is your love formation in my heart. You are simply the definition of love in every sense of life. Big congratulations to me for having you as my dear friend.

60. Every pain you have healed, every lack you have supplied, and every wrong idea you have re-oriented because you are indwelled by God and you will surely do like your heavenly Father. Thank you for responding to the leading of God’s indwelling Spirit.

61. You shine like the star in my heart daily and every cloud of confusion you have helped me to overcome. Thanks for being an angel to me.

62. It is true honey is sweet but in reality, you are sweeter than that sweet yellow liquid produced by bees. Your fragrance is forever etched in my heart dear friend. Thanks for being there always!

63. When I sleep I dream about you and when I am awake your thought of goodness takes my heart on an adventure of true friendship that money can not buy. You have filled a void in me and I am thankful for all you have done for me. Love you loads!

64. Your silence speaks peace and when you say a word it goes deep down my heart to refresh me inside out. Thank you for every silence and every word of wisdom.

65. Friends are like a lamp that guides you when the journey gets tough. These friends will always be there for you quotes say it all for me. I heart you, friend!

66. You are deep in love and so is your direction or helpful suggestions regarding a decision or future course of action. What can I do without you? You are so amazing to me. Thank you for being there for me.

67. You are like music to my soul turning a wary heart away to the land of blissfulness. Dear friend, you are marked by keen caution and watchful prudence to see me get better in life. Trust me, I can not ask for more.

68. Your understanding of life amazes me because you have better counsel in the face of challenges than that of ‘Ahithophel’. Thanks for everything you have done for me.

69. Friendship is by choice; you chose me in a moment when things were not okay in every sense and since then I learned what true friendship is, in other words, it is beyond good times only. Thank you for sticking up with me all through these difficult times.

70. We are on a voyage and this ship of friendship is heading to a land of a lifetime. One thing I am sure of is that we will always land safely because the anchor rests on the divine principle of the friendship of love.

71. Let’s say you are Romeo and I am Juliet, trust me our epic story will not end in the bottom of the sea because true friendship will always survive every stormy gale. You have been through many things with me. Thanks for being there for me.

72. When I was looking for quotes to tell my best friend how his (her) presence will remain forever then you came to mind. Friends for life, it is forever to go –even to walk the aisle with you, I am ready to get hitched to you!

73. Good things happen to friends who gave themselves to developing and inspiring each other. My story is complete with you, dear friend!

74. Chances are that we were made for each other because no one fits so perfectly in my heart like you. We are both like trees planted by the river, dear friend, we are made to blossom together. Thank you for being there all the time.

75. When I say thank you for being there in my life is not just a cliché is a fact that you mean the world to me. Thanks for your time and care!

Friends Who Make You Laugh Quotes

Why not just get seated, relax and copy, paste and send as many friends who make you laugh quotes as you want, I’ve drafted just the right content for you to send to your beloved friend who brings a good smile to your face and watch how words about true friends being there for you convey your very thought.

So, why not go-ahead to add the extra spark with these quotes about real friends being there for you while at the same time making your friend grin when your messages pop up on his or her phone?

76. You know, at a point in my life, I took you to be my mirror because it is true to me that I can see myself in your eyes. And your beautiful heart communicates deep things that I have come to live by.

77. I’m yet to decide who the real copycat is, between you and the rainbow; because the manner of beautiful colors you have added to my life, my dear friend, is beyond words. Thank you!

78. If I met you as a trained teacher, the only captivating force that would keep me in the four wings of the classroom would have been your love radiating from every four corners of the classroom. Keep loving, darling friend!

79. Seeing you changed me totally, to the extent that I started seeing you on every advertising big board like that of the New York Stock Exchange auction market. All I am saying is that your impact is etched in me everywhere I go!

80. Trust me, I won’t think twice to do ANYTHING for you, except to die for you now because you need me alive! I don’t think I need to explain further to you, my darling friend.

81. They say the ‘sun rises in the east’ how ill-timed they must have been all these years. It rises from your beautiful heart. Your heart is one in a million! Thanks for being there for me, dear friend.

82. It’s amazing that the universe takes a hint from your beautiful personality. You are such a beauty to behold all through the day. Thanks for being there for me.

83. With you, my skyscraper is built in a day and my challenges are pulled down in one day because you’re my encourager’s time machine and you are my back-up ally.

84. The heaven above has its wonders, the terrestrial has its vastness, the thick hobo camp has its beauty but you, my dear friend are an avatar of them all. Jeez! You are so amazing.

85. As the arrival of a newborn infant is clean and tender, so is your heart every time whenever I feel the desire of your heart to build a friendship that lasts forever. You’re just too beautiful, dear friend.

86. I thought I know much about friendship until I met you, ‘cos you are the epitome of good manners and the example of a good and respectable friend.

87. Thoughts of you refresh me and wash off my worries and enrich my heart with great words that are capable of making me a point of all admiration.

88. Here’s to telling you that your love and affection will always remain in my heart forever and always.

89. Whenever I feel as though there is no one close to me, then I remember that God has made me fill the gap and I must say you fit in perfectly. In other words, you’ve been created to be there for me and the same is true of me for you, my dear friend.

90. If friendship is a risk, I’d be ready to go all the way to maintain and sustain our amazing friendship, just for you!

91. If friendship becomes a crime tomorrow, I’d be ready to serve a life sentence but the jailhouse must be in no other place but your very heart.

92. After gazing at you for so long, I’m just going ahead to tell you that I look like you in a way you probably don’t know, ‘cos I don’t think I’m ready to keep this to myself any longer.

93. You are so very good-humored and charming at the same time. It’s almost impossible to resist your smile. But I can contain your smile and that makes me your super friend.

94. There is nothing under heaven that can separate us, ‘cos I’ve got a David in my Israel that would tear down every iota of obstruction. You inspire me, dear friend.

95. When I say you are my best friend, I truly mean a lot more than these words. Thank you, my well-deserved friend, for being there for me.

96. I’m so happy to be part of your life, ‘cos I have never stopped feeling elated about you being part of me too ever since I met you.

97. I’d love to draw your heart out on my guitar so it’ll be easy to be more thankful for a beautiful heart like yours –you are a wonder to me.

98. My best memory always begins with each moment I spend with you gisting and laughing at the same, that’s why I barely remember the other things again, I love you, my dear friend.

99. I cherish the lovingness of your heart because, like a surge from a light bulb, it lightens me up for every other thing I do in the day. Thanks for being there for me.

100. Since you came into my life, I started leaping for joy on the cloud with the stars, because you became my number one gist partner every night after work. Thank you for being there all the time I call out to you.

101. Here’s to telling you that your wisdom and great depth in life will always remain in my heart forever and always. Thank you for being there without holding back.

These beautifully well-written quotes about word friends being there for you can not be read and used by you alone. Why don’t you go ahead to share them with friends, and family and leave a comment here? You’ll be happy you did!

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