100 Cute Poetic Ways to Say Goodnight That Are Beautifully Witty

Poetic Ways to Say Goodnight

There are many poetic ways to say goodnight and all of them can be made poetic by using the right words. Good night sounds sweet coming from a lover’s lips, while it sounds only normal when uttered by a friend.

Saying good night can be a parting message or it can be said as an expression of gratitude, love, and concern. Whatever the message and the meaning, it is nice to end a day with some thoughtfulness and sweetness.

As the sun sets and you are about to retire to bed, you’d like nothing more than to tuck yourself in and use these poetic ways to say goodnight that are beautifully witty and incredibly clever. Below is a set of poems that you can use as you bid farewell to your significant other for the day.

Poetic Ways to Say Goodnight to Your Lover

How do you say goodnight in a unique way? The best way to say goodnight is to spend time thinking about what matters the most: stars or candles, poetry or prose. It all depends on your mood and what means more to you.

Just like you, I love a good night poem – poetic ways to say goodnight to your lover. There is no end to the pleasant feelings and sentiment associated with them. But what words go into such a poem? Are there any specific rhyme and rhythm that can be used or are they entirely free form? These were the questions I set up to answer when I began to write this list of night poems.

1. I love you,
I am so sure I always will do
But for now, we caress the night
Let’s do what we do best, sweet dreams.

2. I love this world we have created,
Where I can say, I love you,
As many times as I want,
And mean it, with all my heart.
Adios, enjoy the night, darling.

3. I will build my world around you,
I will drink the finest wine,
I will eat the best of food,
When you’re near, my dear, night beckons.

4. You’re my dream,
You’re my hope, You’re my everything.
You’re my all, You’re my love,
You’re my life. I can say this all night.
Nighty, my love.

5. I love you, I love you, I really do,
I dream about you every single day,
It’s hard to believe that you’re all mine,
And I’m never gonna let you go.

6. I love you, I always want you,
I need you, I was made for you
I won’t let you go,
You’re my everything,
You’re the most important person in my world.
Sweet dream, sugarplum.

7. Do you love me?
You better love me,
I’m gonna love you like no one else,
If I had the chance
I’d make the night last
I would love to spend my life
Saying “I love you” over and over again.

8. You’re the stars in my night,
The sun in my day,
You’re the smile on my face,
You’re the beat in my heart,
You’re the love of my life,
And that’s why I love you.

9. I love you so much it’s true,
I want to build my whole world around you,
I want to be the grass you walk on,
I want to be the cloud that brings you rain,
For without you, life doesn’t mean much,
Here’s my hot good night kiss.

10. Where would I be?
Where would I be without you?
Would I be able to survive
In a world without you?
I love you, babe,
There’s nothing I can do about it,
Have a blessed night.

11. I love you, sweet dreams,
I Love you, sweet thoughts,
I Love you, your clever mind,
And your sweet smile.
Waking next to you is my delight.

12. I love you sweet dreams
Go to sleep, my dear,
And close your eyes,
To all the fears and tears,
You’ll be okay,
You’re smart and clever,
And I’ll always care,
And even when is hard.

13. I love you sweet dreams,
My heart’s desire,
I hope you have the best of times,
I pray for you,
My love and prayers are with you,
I will always love you,
Until the end of time.

14. I lay you down to sleep
Your mind is clear, your senses complete,
The world around is calm,
Your eyes are not open,
Your thoughts are clear,
Your heart is true,
You’re mine, and I am happy.

15. Love is a riddle
Looking for a lover
To solve it
Love is a mystery
Looking for a seeker
To unlock it,
With you, love is sweet.

16. If I had a jet for every time I thought of you,
I’d be flying through your space forever,
Seeking you with every life in me.

17. If you ever miss me,
Remember that I’m still here,
And if you’re ever lonely,
I’ll be here, in spirit – waiting for you,
Somewhere, in a place that our love has known.

18. Goodnight moon, goodnight air,
Your scent is a lullaby,
So sweet and gentle and fair,
Goodnight flowers, goodnight fire,
Your warm light casts a lovely desire,
To fall asleep and dream in your space.

19. That was a beautiful day,
I must say that I have had better,
But I’m also sure I’ll have worse,
And for now, I think I’ll just because of you,
See you soon and holding hands this night.

20. Night, goodnight
Stars, shine bright,
Moon, keep on glowing,
My love for you, I’ll always keep.

21. Goodnight my love,
Until the moon and stars are bright,
Until the sun rises from its slumber,
Until the angels have their way,
I’ll dream of you. Sweet dreams, love.

22. Goodnight, my love,
I hope to hold you tight.
Goodnight, my love,
I can’t wait to be with you.
Goodnight, my love,
I know you are my star.
Goodnight, dearie.

Interesting Ways to Say Goodnight

If you are looking to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend, there are many interesting ways to say goodnight and this is where I have been able to show my prowess in poetry.

Poetic ways to say goodnight is here to help you end your day in a romantic way that will leave your significant other smiling for many nights after. So roll over and show your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife how much they mean to you tonight.

23. I’ll text you a love poem,
So you can read it when you miss me,
And you’ll know just how much I cherish,
The time we spend together. Sweet dreams.

24. I text you, but you don’t reply,
I text you, but you don’t reply,
I’ve sent you a text message,
And I hope you don’t mind,
If text you that I am in love with you,
Have a gracious night’s rest.

25. I am sending you a text,
To tell you I love you to the moon and back,
I never thought I’d send a text like this,
But I’ll do anything just to see you smile,
Goodnight to the love of my life.

26. I could send you a text to express,
How much I love you and hold you so dear,
But every time I try to type it,
All I can think about is your hair,
I could send you a text
Sweet dreams.

27. It’s been a long day
And I know you’re tired
I’m so grateful for you
And I don’t think that you are aware
I’m not just saying it cause I’m your husband
It is what I feel for you inside. Nighty, love.

28. Within my heart I feel,
Satisfaction when I hear your voice,
Goodnight my love,
You mean the whole to me.

29. The stars are bright tonight
The moon is shining bright
Goodnight my love
I hope you sleep tight.

30. Goodnight my love,
I know our night is short,
But I know in my heart,
I feel so amazing,
You’ve given me so much.

31. Goodnight,
Please, come right to me,
And let me see your cute face,
Your beautiful hair,
I love you so much, its a shame,
You’re so far away, but I can feel you.

32. Goodnight my love
sleep tight,
Don’t let the bed bugs bite,
I am here cheering you up.

33. I can’t wait to wake up next to you,
In the morning I’ll cook you breakfast in bed,
I can’t wait to hear your laugh,
I love you, you make me smile,
I can’t wait to kiss.

34. As I lay there in the dark
And try to find some rest,
I can’t help but think of you,
And all the love I have to keep.

35. Don’t call me a butterfly,
For I am much more than a bug,
But if you must refer to me,
Call me your little “butterfly”.

36. When the moon is full,
And the grass is green,
And the trees are tall,
I love you and always do.

37. You are my favorite distraction,
You are my favorite entertainment,
You are my favorite thing to do,
You are my favorite addition,
You are my favorite thing to love,
You are my favorite way to phrase,
My feelings.

38. There are a million ways to say ‘I love you,
A million ways to show you do,
But I just want to say,
I love you for who you are.

39. Oh my dear friend,
You are the light in my day,
And you’re always with me,
Even when we’re apart,
I can feel you,
And it makes me feel good,
When I close my eyes.

40. Good night and sleep tight,
Dream of the many things you like,
Don’t be afraid of the dark,
For the dark is just a canvas
For the artist who paints the stars and moon.

How to Say Goodnight to Your Crush Without Being Awkward

When you like someone and you want them to know but there is so much pressure, that’s when these cute ways to say goodnight over text to your crush come in handy. Saying goodnight is the perfect way to leave your crush knowing that you like them. But saying it the wrong way can make things awkward or weird and that is the exact opposite of what we want.

So, today I will show you how to say goodnight in a poetic way that makes things feel perfect. It is no secret that heart flutters and a wave of tingles spread through you whenever you are in the presence of your crush. How to say goodnight to your crush without being awkward – knowing these sweet poetic ways to say goodnight helps communicate your heart’s expression easily.

41. Hope you are tucked in nice and tight,
Ready for a wonderful night’s sleep,
See you in my dreams”

42. I love you tonight
And I love you today
I love you in the morning
And I love you in the day
I love you throughout the year
You are always on my mind
I love you till the end

43. Love is … a profound feeling,
Love is … a feeling that is sincere,
Love is … a pure feeling,
Love is … a feeling that is there to stay.

44. I hope that you are comfy in bed,
Ready for a wonderful night’s sleep and awake feeling so rested
I look forward to hearing your voice in the morning.
Goodnight, Sweet.

45. When a loved one goes to bed,
And they close their eyes
And they lay there in a restful state
All the while, they’re wishing you peace
When they wake up the next morning
And they see your face, they smile.

46. Love is the one thing we need,
The one thing that makes us complete,
The one thing that we live for,
And the one thing that is sure to last.

47. I cherish you to the moon and back
I love you till the stars go out
I love you till the end of time

48. Life is like a box of chocolates,
You never know what you’re gonna get.
But you are my dream,
You are my everything,
You are the one I’ve waited for.

49. And when I dream, I’ll dream of you
And when I think, I’ll think of you
And when I feel, I feel you so deep.

50. To feel love, is to be loved,
Love is a mystery,
To find love is a wonder,
To keep love is a gift.

51. I guess, I’ll say goodnight,
And I’ll wish you sweet dreams.
And wish, that you could be here,
And I could hold you near to me.

52. Laugh your pretty little eyes,
I love you more than you will know
I’ll dream of you tonight,
And see you soon in the morning light.

53. I’ll think of you, as I lay my head down,
I’ll dream of you, and I’ll say a prayer,
To the Lord above – to protect you,
When you’re far away, I’ll say goodnight!

54. I hope you see this,
As funny ways to say goodnight,
I love you, and that’s a fact,
I’m so glad to have spent the time,
That I have spent with you.
I hope we change the gear from Crush
To love forever and always for us.

55. Love is life,
Love is not just for one guy,
Love is for everyone, including me –
From the fat to the skinny.

56. I like the way you make me feel
I can tell you’re someone real
I like the way you take my hand
Tell me that you love me
And I’ll make you feel like we’re in paradise

57. I never knew love could be so hot
Until I felt your love on mine
Only then did I discover
How amazing it is to be alive
And have you by my side

58. A kiss can be a simple gesture
But a kiss can also be so much more,
It can be full of emotion and passion
To show your love for someone near.

59. Sending you my good night kiss
Are hot and sweet to the taste,
If you’re lucky and you get one
You’ll get to taste just how sweet bliss will be.

60. Love is surely rare to find
Search far and wide and you will find,
But I know that the one I love the most,
Is standing right there before me,
And I’ll never have to search for love again.

Old-fashioned Way to Say Goodnight

Way back in the old days, saying goodnight to your sweetheart was often a romantic affair. In fact, it wasn’t just a simple ‘goodnight’ but a verse but an old-fashioned way to say goodnight.

Instead of texting “good night” to your loved one, take the time to send one of these poetic ways to say goodnight and make the night special not just for you but also for the one whom you are sending it to.

61. Every time a voice meets my ear
And I know you say that you love me,
it makes me smile,
I love you too,
And when I go to bed at night,
I think of how sweet you are,
And it makes me smile.

62. Sweet love dreams tonight
I’ll be dreaming of your love
As I think of how
My life has changed since
I knew that you were near.

63. When I say you are my life,
I hope you know I’m telling the truth,
I hope you know that every day,
Is nothing but the truth.

64. If I say you’re my life, I hope you know,
The love I feel for you is true
Even if I’m not right there by your side,
I hope you feel this love I have inside.
Sweet dreams, darling.

65. When I say you’re my life,
I hope you know that’s not a lie,
I want you to know how much you mean to me,
And I hope you know it’s not just a phrase.

66. I hope that you have sweet dreams tonight,
I hope your dreams are filled with delight
With the happiness that you can’t resist,|
I hope you always have that cute smile on your face

67. You are lovely, you are kind
You are sunshine in my mind
You are my dream come true
And no one can take your place
Sweet dreams, my love.

68. I’ll hold you close to me,
Rest my head against your chest,
I’ll feel your heart beating,
I’ll know you’re never leaving,
And I’ll cherish you for life.

69. Goodnight my love
May the stars be your blanket
And the moon your lullaby,
And may all your dreams come true,
Sweet dreams tonight.

70. Love melts the heart of stone
And the soul is the heart of love,
So if you ever find someone,
Keep that love alive,
So that you can cherish that love
For the rest of your life.

71. I’ll cherish you, so pure and so right,
Fully and truly,
You, my sweet,
It’s you, I love to the moon and back

72. You are the one,
You are the only one,
You are the love of my life,
I’ll cherish you, so pure, so right,
Because you are the one that I love,
You are the only one for me

73. The rain falls on my face like your sweet caress,
I feel its warmth, but I’m alone
the world feels so cold and I’m so far from your arms,
I wish for you to hold me tight,
Sweet dreams, beautiful.

74. Love is like a wave you can’t see
But it’s there just for you
It takes you to a place
That your heart never wants to leave.

75. When I think about you,
I know that I’m better now.
Don’t feel quite the same
I’m still in love,
But now I am changed.

76. Like the stars that shine in the night,
You are my sun, the only light,
I’ll cherish you, so pure, so right,
You are my breath, I’ll never forget the sight.

77. Do you know what I see in you?
A girl who is breathtaking and true
A girl who will be there for me
Even when things get tougher than tough.

78. Everyone says they’re in love
But I don’t think it’s real love
Because real love is when you have butterflies
And feel like you’re on a sweet roller coaster
And your heart is racing
And your hands are sweating
And you are all these to me.

79. A smile that moves a mountain
A laugh that shakes the world
The love you give is so divine,
It’s a gift you gave to me.

80. Love is not a word,
Love is an intense emotion,
Love is a beautiful sensation,
Love is like a butterfly,
Love is like a breathtaking flower,
And as I gaze upon you
I see love so clearly.

Cute Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text to Your Boyfriend

There are many various cute ways to say Goodnight over text to your boyfriend. That is why I have put together a list of how to tell your boyfriend goodnight over text. You don’t want to sound boring or cheesy when you’re sending messages and getting ready for bed at the same time.

Poetic ways to say goodnight starts by picking a cute way! Goodnight cutie pie, I’m going to sleep tight, knowing you are always in my heart because relationships are all about communication, and the more advances you make in that department the more you’ll feel connected to one another.

81. I want to ride the waves of your voice
While the waves of you flow into me
I want to see the universe through your eyes

I want to feel alive while I’m in my early morning.

82. Angels are closer than you think,
When you think about the angels.
They’ll be there, always watching.
My love will always be with you.

83. As the stars in the heavens fade
As the days of the week become shorter
As time moves so fast tonight
My true love will always be there for you

84. Sending a goodnight love kiss for you
I’ll remember all the good things we did,
And all the dreams we had.
I’ll lift this kiss for you,
Goodnight, nighty, my love.

85. I’m so glad that I am a part of you,
Because you’re my dream come true.
My dreams all wake up in you
My daydreams only know you
I’m your dream come true,
And when you close your eyes,
I’ll be there,
Dreams are the answers to tomorrow.

86. As the day turns into night,
As the night turns into day,
Night and day are both the same,
Good night and sweet dreams.

87. Even after spending the entire day with you,
I can’t seem to get enough of you,
Because you know how to make me feel great,
And how to make me feel alright,
And when I’m with you, I’m better than alright.

88. My heart is filled with love,
My nightmares are no more,
I’m sure you can see,
That all of my dreams are coming true,
Dreams filled with love, Goodnight.

89. I believe in love at first sight,
At the start of a sweet romance,
I believe dreams come true,
When I’m with you,
I believe in the magic of romance,
I believe in kisses to start a fire.

90. I look at you and the moment we are in,
I know the time I have with you is special,
So I keep you close to my heart,
And protect you with love and affection.

Heart Touching Good Night Text for Her

When you’re in a relationship and you’ve been dating someone for a while, one of the things that are expected of you is to say “goodnight” over text whenever it’s time to go to sleep. It’s just easy, and convenient — especially if you don’t live with your significant other.

If you are in a long-distance relationship with your girlfriend, you’d know that there is nothing more romantic than a heart touching good night text for her. I have created these poetic ways to say goodnight to help you find the perfect good night text message for your girl.

91. Dreams can change at any time,
If you don’t grasp your dream,
It can slip through your fingers
No matter how hard you try.

92. Oh, my love, you’re all around me,
I won’t have to hide away,
And I won’t have to be scared,
Cause when I’m with you, everything’s all right,
Have a blessed sweet dream, my love.

93. My dreams will be real every tonight,
For you’re my dream and love
You’re my dream come true,
You’re my reality come true.

94. If I could just have a minute to talk to you,
I could say the things I should have said,
I could apologize for all the things I’ve done wrong,
And say that I’m sorry I ever said goodbye,
But there’s nothing I want more than you,
I will always love with all my heart,
Sweet dreams, my love, my everything.

95. I can think of more fun ways to fall asleep,
If you were here,
If I could while you were here,
I would tell you a story,
About the magic that is you,
Goodnight my love, my king.

96. I wish the moon be full and bright,
I wish the stars be bright and clear,
I wish the clouds be bright and white,
I wish the flowers grow and be hand in hand,
I wish the water be clear and cool,
Have sweet a dream, my love.

97. Good night,
The moon is bright,
It’s your wish coming true,
As you drift to sleep,
I wish the moon be full and bright.

98. I miss you with every passing second,
My dreams are incomplete without you in them.
I hope you’re watching over me,
Don’t forget me while I sleep.

99. I miss you with every passing second,
I miss you with every passing breath,
I miss you with every sigh,
I miss you with every passing thought.

100. So I send you a goodnight text
Because I know that you’re not asleep
I’m missing you, but I know
That it’s not right to wake you up
I love and miss you, angel,
I miss and love you, Goodnight.

Nobody knows your sweetheart better than you do. Select from one or two of our suggestions, and fashion it into a unique endearment by including a name or other words that are special to that person.

I hope this list of poetic ways to say goodnight inspires you to share your unique way to bid a loved one farewell at the end of the day.

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