120 Finding the Right Person Quotes for Him or Her

Finding the Right Person Quotes

Love is a universal concept that can be a paradise or a nightmare, depending on who you share it with. Hence why there is a need to garner guidance by finding the right person quotes.

Love and lust are emotions with similar faces and one can often mix up the two. Hence why some people claim to have fallen in love tons of times in their life.

That being said, the presence of love doesn’t equate to goodness. You may love someone and they may be toxic to your happiness and sanity.

To clear the air and answer all the throbbing questions on true love plaguing your heart. Here are finding the right person words.

Finally Finding the Right Person Quotes

Having true companionship on journeys through life makes it all the more beautiful and less burdensome. We can identify such a relationship and such a person by perusing and finally locating the right person quotes.

If you have been looking for quotes about finding the one true love then you need not look further.

Let’s take a look at some quotes about finding someone special to either confirm your feelings or reveal that your special someone is in your life already, and hiding beneath your nose.

1. The right person for you is not the one who understands you and your emotions all the time. The right person for you is the one who wants to and tries to understand them all the time.

2. The love of your life often appears as a friend who walks into the chaotic scenes of your life and stays when the rest of the world walks out on you.

3. Relationships deserve to be fought for. But, when you are the only one doing the fighting, it may be time to leave the battlefield.

4. The only way to attract people who value you in your life is to value yourself first.

5. Cherish the one who makes you glad to be different, rather than forcing you to fit in.

6. Think of your wounds from heartbreak as special seeds. The right person for you will raise a garden out of them, the wrong one for you will fester weeds.

7. True love reveals you by introducing you to someone who tells you something new about yourself.

8. The most important thing that binds and determines all true relationships is nothing other than conversation.

9. The goal of the right partner in a relationship is to find ways to make your life less difficult. If your situation is the opposite and your partner instead finds ways to make your life more difficult then you are in the wrong relationship.

10. You should never settle for any relationship that will not allow you to be yourself but the version of who your partner wants you to be.

11. The position of your soulmate is not above you or below you. The position of your soulmate is beside you always.

12. The right person will never make you feel lonely. Even when they are not physically present, you will feel their love radiating inside you.

13. The foundation of any successful relationship is trust. Without trust, a relationship will crumble and fall like a sandcastle.

14. To experience true joy in life, you must find the right person to share the joy with.

15. One day, you will come across someone who will love you like you have always wanted; like never before.

16. The one who deserves your love will never let you fall asleep wondering if you still mean something to them.

17. It takes a good heartbreak to jolt you to wakefulness and make you arrive at the realization that you are worth so much more than you are settling for.

18. If you have a feeling in your gut that something is not right about a person, listen to it, and trust it.

19. Anybody can fall for your body but the right person will fall for your heart and your soul.

20. The right person will always be there to motivate and support your dreams, and will never ask you to give up on your goals for their benefit.

Finding the Right Person Love Quotes

The search for your one true soulmate to embark with on the journey to your future will be aided by detecting the right person quotes.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Thus, we come to this world with supernatural emotions. One of which is romantic love.

Finding the right person love quotes is here to provide answers to questions on this.

21. To achieve bliss, focus less on finding perfect love and on making perfect love.

22. The love of your life is the one who will fall for you because of the differences between the two of you, and not the one who will fall for you despising differences between the two of you.

23. Do not be so lovesick that you consume whatever pill comes along. That is how you get poisoned and some poisoning cannot be recovered from.

24. The right person is beyond the one who you fall for. The right person is the one who catches you.

25. When you find the one who makes you feel like you’re not just the only person in the whole world but the whole world in a person, do not let this person go. For this is true love.

26. The one who is worthy of your heart will treasure it like a rare uncut diamond. The one who is not will play it like a puppet on a string. Do not dance.

27. The right person is not the one who promises you the stars and beyond, but the one who wants to cherish you whilst you walk the lowly earth.

28. The one who is worth your love will treat you as you are: extraordinary.

29. Find the courage to say goodbye to the love that weathers you like a coat hung to dry and forgotten, and life will reward you with a hello that will revive you like water does a seedling.

30. The eyes of your soulmate will look at you like you’re nothing short of magic.

31. To let go of the wrong person, you must open your heart to the understanding of just how capable you are, and will be, to love the right person.

32. Finding the right person requires you to, firstly, and most importantly, be the right person.

33. Find the one you can talk to about anything and everything, anywhere and anytime.

34. Although being with the right person will not erase all your problems in life, being with the wrong person will add many problems to it.

35. The right person will challenge you to be a better person rather than encourage you to retain behaviors that may not be beneficial to you.

36. To make room for the one who deserves to be in your life, you must evict those who have overstayed their welcome.

37. True love comes with selflessness and sacrifice.

38. It is not enough to find the right person to be with, in life, you must also decide to choose the right person to be with.

39. Finding your soulmate is a matter of timing. You can neither be too early nor too late.

40. Life becomes a comedy when you fall in love with the right one for you. Life becomes a tragedy when you fall in love with the wrong one.

Finding the Right Person for You Quotes

After going through finding the right person words, it is important to realize that the right person for you might not be the right person for another.

It goes beyond what another person wants for you or what you think you may want for yourself, but what is best for you. You may find yourself needing quotes about finding love someday.

To shed more light on this, here are some finding the right person for you quotes.

41. Fall into love knowing you will never have to chase after what wants to stay with you.

42. It takes the right person, coming into your life and treating you the way you should be treated, to make you realize just how poorly you have been treated by the wrong person or people in the past.

43. You must cease investing your time in and cut off all communications with someone who does not care if you stay or leave their life.

44. Old doors close in your life so new ones can open. But to open up these new doors you need to stop knocking on and waiting by the old ones.

45. A priceless gift of life is finding someone who makes you want to him a better person.

46. To have a successful relationship, you must enter into it knowing it takes a lot of work to make it succeed.

47. A romantic relationship is not the solution to all your problems, some things you have to work on by yourself. But having the right person by your side through it all will make the process easier.

48. You’re worthy of someone who makes you feel special every day and not just when it suits them.

49. The right person for you will always go out of their way to show you they want you in their life.

50. Men go hard for what they truly want. So if you’re a lady and a man is not going hard after you then you are not what he truly wants.

51. The right person for you is someone who will put your interests over theirs.

52. The way people treat you is their karma to bear, the way you treat them in return is yours.

53. Never enter into a relationship with someone thinking you can change them.

54. If you never want to see the end of a relationship then you must continue to do the things you did in the beginning.

55. The moment we no longer obsessively need someone is the moment we can begin a real relationship with them.

56. What we wait a lifetime to experience with the wrong person, we can achieve in one moment with the right person.

57. The right person for you will make your happiness intertwined with their own.

58. The one who truly loves you will never put themselves in a situation where they can lose you.

59. In this vast earth lies what you want in love, do not settle until you get it.

60. Do not stay in a toxic relationship hoping it will get better. Realize you are worth better and go after it.

Finding the Right Person to Marry Quotes

When you find the right person, you’ll want to take things to the next level and tie the knot. If you’re in search of affirmation or clarification on this person, finding the right person’s words can help shed light on that.

You may also be wondering what it feels like or what it means to be married to the right person.

Let’s dive into finding the right person to marry quotes

61. Marital bliss is not spending the rest of your life with someone you can live with, marital bliss is spending the rest of your life with someone you cannot live without.

62. A perfect marriage is not a union of two flawless people, but of two flawed people who have to come to understand the invaluable virtue of forgiveness and patience.

63. You cannot find happiness promising “for better or worse” to someone who only takes you for granted.

64. Marry your best friend and every day will become an adventure.

65. Forever is quite a long time. Make sure to spend it with someone who makes you laugh.

66. Anyone can hold your hand in the warmth of sunlight, but the one will not let go of your hand in the chill of the storm.

67. The aim of a union through marriage is not to be with the one with whom you can think alike, but the one with whom you can think together.

68. Lust thrives on physical intimacy, and love thrives on emotional intimacy.

69. The most honorable man is one who does two things: he serves God and he serves his wife.

70. If you enter a union with the bricks of your past, you will only end up constructing the same building.

71. When you meet the right person, you’ll know and you won’t be confused about it.

72. Enduring love requires loving your partner in the little moments when they aren’t being loveable.

73. Being married to the right person is knowing they won’t let you go to bed angry.

74. The flaws and red flags of your partner won’t disappear after marriage. Marriage is a union, not a magic spell.

75. It’s not enough to love a person, you must also choose them each passing day.

76. There exists no marriage that is full of sunshine all the time. Two people must be willing to wait out the storm under one umbrella.

77. A blissful marriage requires finding new reasons to fall in love with your partner all over again.

78. Unhappy marriages do not result from an absence of love but an absence of friendships.

79. Marriage can be like a math formula, you have to work on it every day or it becomes difficult to hold on to.

80. To have a happy marriage, you must first have a happy friendship with who you are with.

Choose the Right Person Quotes

After going through these and finding the right Soulmate quotes, the next step will be to be with them. Hence the need to choose the right person quotes.

You might be in love with someone and be looking to understand if they are right for you or not.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the following: choose the right person quotes.

81. The right person will always respect you, whether in the presence of others or their absence.

82. The right person will not ignore you without explanation or cause. Neither will they reveal confidential details about you to third parties.

83. The right person for you will never be controlling and dominating over you. They will not try to close you off from your friends and the world outside.

84. Be with the one who owns up to their words and their actions instead of projecting the blame onto you or others and offering flimsy excuses.

85. The right partner for you is one who puts in the effort to get along with the special people in your life, such as family and friends.

86. Choose the one who believes in inequity in the partnership. One who is willing to offer time and effort back to you?

87. You can never have true happiness being with someone out of comfort or fear.

88. If you have no success on the search for the right person, take a step back to become the right person. As a reward, the right person too will find you.

89. Be with the one who listens to you and does not belittle nor discard your expressed emotions.

90. There is no peaceful relationship nor true love without trust.

91. Being single is not a sign of weakness but that you choose to not settle for anything less than you deserve.

92. You will not be considered worth it to the wrong person even when you’re at your best. You’ll still be considered worth it to the right person even when you’re at your worst.

93. You can decipher all there is to know about a person by what they decide to see in you.

94. If someone repeats a certain behavior, it isn’t a mistake. It is who they are.

95. The wrong person will keep finding faults in you while you keep overlooking theirs.

96. You’ll never have to beg for the love, time, and attention of the right person, for they’ll never put you in a position to believe you don’t deserve it

97. Focus not on how they say they love you but on how they treat you in spite of said love. Actions reveal what words conceal.

98. Choose a committed love over a convenient one. When it comes to sustaining a relationship, a convenient love requires doing what interests a person while a committed one requires doing what it takes.

99. It is less so that people change and more so that they reveal who they really are.

100. The right person will put you in their life without you having to claw after a spot.

You Will Find the Right Person Quotes

After going through finding the good person quotes or meeting the wrong people over and over, you begin to wonder if you’ll ever meet your twin flame.

You will find the right person quotes here to answer these burning questions on your search for true love.

101. The right person will arrive after you have experienced enough suffering to deserve them.

102. You deserve someone who prioritizes you and never lets you believe the false notion that you are in the wrong for demanding their time and affection.

103. Nothing worth keeping can be gained without hard work and perseverance. The same goes for love.

104. The right person for you is the one who brings out the best version of yourself.

105. The right one for you will not make you lower your self-esteem and see yourself as less than others, instead they will treat you as their equal, with respect and love.

106. Anyone can be physically appealing but the right one will stimulate your soul and light up places where darkness lurks.

107. Never be afraid to let go of a mistake, regardless of how long you spent making it.

108. Being with the right person is effortless, you won’t have to be anyone but yourself with them.

109. If they are not prioritizing you know, they won’t suddenly change after marriage

110. To meet the right person for you, you must get to a place of such self-love that you believe you are worthy of such a person.

111. Just as you cannot heal a wound by constantly touching it, you cannot create your future if you keep holding on to your past.

112. When a person shows who their true character is, do not try to paint a different picture over it

113. To find out if someone is your soulmate, let them go. If they come back to you they are yours. If they don’t, they are not the one for you.

114. The right person for you will put in as much if not a more, effort to keep you by their side as they did to win your affection.

115. Be with the one who does not just talk but proves their worth by action. One who backs up their promises with proof?

116. If you ever find yourself considering whether you deserve better or not, you do.

117. Unfaithfulness and disloyalty from a partner in a relationship are not a part of relationship struggles. They are reasons to terminate a relationship.

118. The best relationships are often the ones you never thought you would be in. So do not close your heart to love.

119. When you find the one, you will realize it matters not who broke your heart and weighed you down. For they pale in comparison to who made you smile again.

120. The true meaning of a relationship lies in finding the one who accepts your past for what it was, supports your present for what it is, and encourages you to achieve your future dreams, whatever they may be.

There you have it, 120 finding the right person words to help you achieve a healthy relationship filled with love.

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