120 Sweet Romantic Messages For Him At Christmas

Romantic Messages For Him At Christmas

Yeah! It’s Christmas again and everything seems to stimulate the nose with the myriad fragrances of the yuletide season. Everyone is in a lot of excitement because it is another time of thanksgiving; we eat, we drink, we exchange gifts.

I agree, it’s one of the most interesting periods of the year and writing romantic messages for him at Christmas is a very great idea.

This season expresses the beauty of gratitude and that’s so important in portraying the meaning of seasons, expressing the love of God towards mankind and love amongst people. It’s surely a beautiful time to meditate on such benevolence towards mankind.

Yet, I believe you could steal the moment to express your heartfelt feeling to the one you love. With these hot messages for him at Christmas, you could express your love for him with these soothing words and make his day in this season beautiful.

Expressing your deep thoughts with these hot messages for him at Christmas will go a long way in reassuring him of your commitment to him and telling him how important he is to you. I’m sure you are eager to express your love to him.

Just go ahead and send any of these romantic sms for him at Christmas to convey your beautiful thoughts to the one you love.

Christmas Love Messages For Boyfriend

You have found love and bonded together with him. Knowing so well you have given your heart to him, you thought it well to send him a message to reassure him of your commitment. With Christmas love messages for boyfriend or husband, you could make this Christmas season a special one for the love of your life.

Follow me as we explore these heartwarming romantic texts for him at Christmas. They will sweep your lover off his feet as he savors the profound thoughts expressed therein.

1. Like this season of merriment
I’m reminded of my heartfelt commitment
To love you with everything I have
And for you my desire I will starve
Your heart will I serve forever
As I daily commend your unending love and
Merry Christmas my dearest.

2. I’m yet to recover from your love for me
My joy knows no bound as I daily bask in its warmth
Just like the sky over my head, you are forever my firmament
Like the gaze of the sun, I’m assured of your constant love
Dearest one leads me on into a sunset of rapturous pleasures.
Merry Christmas my dear.

3. Fountains shall stop giving their waters
Stream shall run dry for want of seasonal showers
Yet my love will remain the like the sea
Many falls of water cannot quench my love’s burning
To you, all I have I offer for you have come to possess my heart
Merry Christmas pumpkin.

4. You are my flow, you give me rhythm
A flame to my soul, you make me glow
I seek daily to be satisfied by you
The mere thought of you sends me to the moon
And You are my inspiration; my wonder, daily charm
Merry Christmas my brightness.

5. I just keep rediscovering how wonderful you are
As I keep my gaze on the sky
Seeing the movements in the heights
The Sun and the stars alike
All sort of just sing of your unending love and
Merry Christmas my gift.

6. Do you see me in your dreams?
My true love flowing like the stream
Moving through your heart calmly
Like the blood in your veins daily
Ride on the thought of me in your warmest fantasies
Merry Christmas sweetest.

7. Though the northern star protests
And the creatures of the sea detest
My love daily shall never fail
But shall overwhelm as the hail
Every season without an end.
Merry Christmas my dear.

8. I’m a patriot of your unfolding love
My commitment to you as the light of the day
Finding hope in your daily shinning
And like a candle on the table of my heart forever
Enlightening me to continually respond to your whispers
Merry Christmas my love.

9. My love for you is far beyond the description of words
Besides, I will express it against all odds
Even when I’m chastised with many rods
I will still be bounded with your love cords
Yes, you are my love and my charming lord
Merry Christmas my dear.

10. Expertise, profession, and vocation
Cannot undo my feelings for you
Yet I’m as unwavering and resolute as a rock
Many waters slams against my unflinching gaze
Yet, I am as bold as a lion that won’t move from its place
Merry Christmas my joy.

11. You dazzle me like the glistening of a moving stream
I desired to drink continually and be filled to the brim.
Your countenance readily for me I see
From your thoughts my love daily proceeds
From time to time without the count of deeds.
Merry Christmas my dear

12. I am very nigh being faint
For I’ve got nothing to describe your unparalleled grace
But I shall neither shiver nor be dismayed
You are forever in my heart’s warmest place
Your countenance is like a most prized artifact
Describing you like is like a painting of art
Merry Christmas my dear

13. Take me on a journey of love
This is my earnest and unchanging resolve
Lead me in the paths of desire
That my passion may burn like fire
Let your heart be free indeed
That I may be all you want me to be
Merry Christmas Pumpkin.

14. Just like Spartans standing tall and bold
Shall I lay an ambush against my beloved’s foes
I shall pull down all opposing strongholds
And the treasures of your heart I will cherish like gold
I will fight all the way till the end
That I may be rewarded with you in my hands
Merry Christmas Honeypie.

15. Come to me, the love of my life
Rub on me; let me feel your heart
Let us be one against all pending strife
Take away all malice in your hidden parts
Let us begin the journey of a forever mile
With love, we will keep up the pile
Merry Christmas Sugarplum.

16. Oh! The sweet day I met you
The skies were of the most magnificent blue
And my heart reflected the iridescent hue
With vigor, strength, and nothing less
My heart longs for your gentle caress
It is either that or nothing else
Merry Christmas Honey.

17. Shall I be forever lonely?
No, I will not be without you only
Joy and peace are far from me
But now that my heart senses your coming
They have appeared to me wholly
Now I shall rejoice in the face of adversity
For your comfort will be there with me for the journey
Merry Christmas my dear.

18. In the day you are my song
The one I sing all night long
When will I see your face again?
What shall your countenance be my happy gain
My hopes and longing is for you to be with me
To see you again, my hopes are ever lively
Merry Christmas Honey. Waiting to celebrate with you.

19. My heart craves for the night pills
The pills of your love that gives me sleep
Before each eye closes, you’re there with me
In my dreams, you’re right next to me
And when I wake how I’d love to see
Your smiling face right next to me
Merry Christmas mon chéri.

20. I will walk the love-talk
Till everything about us works
I will talk the love-walk
Till everyone around us ceases the trash-talk
We shall daily seek perfection
Till there is no place for omission
Merry Christmas my dear.

21. The matters of my heart are purely divine
Just like the clusters of a fruitful vine
They blossom, they flourish, they bloom
Like a luscious summer fruit
Dazzling beautifully like the sky that is blue
Their pleasures I’ll choose you over every ridicule
Merry Christmas my dear.

22. My thoughts are becoming wild
Just because you visited my mind
I can’t but share the proceeds
When my thoughts become mild
How when I experience your kind
I now know what love is indeed
Merry Christmas my dear.

23. I pride in you daily
Affirming in truth all I have become because of you
Your daring passion to see me better progressively
How shall I be blind when my heart is long due
To spew out thoughts revolving all around you
The fragrance thereof is like the sweetest perfume
Merry Christmas Munchkin.

24. My heartfelt gratitude daily resounds
Pouring forth like a leaking dam
Daily as the thoughts of your sacrifices expounds
Continually I fear the persistent popping sound
With a cursory look, I’ll not have made it without you
You have become my muse through whom I breakthrough
Merry Christmas dearest.

25. I will take my revenge on you
I will do all I can do to match you
Your deeds and actions will I sue
Till my honor, I have recouped
To have the scores properly evened
To exert my love as much as you do
Merry Christmas fairest dear.

26. Just as the sky is high above the earth
As the Sun beats every other light in brightness
As the Peacock more beautiful than all other birds
As the waters of the sea are vast than all bodies of waters
As the lion stronger than every animal of wild
So is my love greater than all these put together
Merry Christmas my dear.

27. Shall I ascend the hills to declare my unwavering love?
Shall I go to the depths and proclaim my unflinching passion?
Shall I heap on myself coals of fiery burning fire to prove my inner resolve?
Shall I subject myself to unending torture to endure all affliction?
Shall I be the one to bear the worst of persecutions?
That you may safely sleep with the soundest of comforts
I am so in love with you that I can’t control myself
Merry Christmas my Honey.

28. Deep calls unto deep
My heart calls as a distressed child
Shall I not love you beyond the speech of naysayers
That I may witness your undying love
To generations yet to be born
To bear the testimony of our brave hearts in the face of opposition
Merry Christmas my dear.

29. Should books fill the whole world
They can’t contain my love expressions
Because daily, my heart comes up with new descriptions
For your love daily fills me with awe
In my innermost thoughts makes me cozy and warm
By endless affection, I’m assured by your love.
Merry Christmas my dearest.

30. I rejoice in the brightness of your eyes
The one who holds the crown of my life
Like a royal diadem, I’m yours to be possessed
I am worn on your head like a triumphal wreath
And for the rest of my days upon the earth
I’ll be the royal crest around your head
Merry Christmas my sweet.

31. Peradventure the wind blows without caution
Stirring oppositions against what we stand for
I shall continually stand in comprehension
Of the things you’ve said to me before
Then shall I be strengthened and be optimistic
For your love is persistently realistic
Merry Christmas my most wonderful dear.

32. What shall profit a man to live without light?
But you have been to me all that is true
Causing my eyes to see what is good and right
And letting out all darkness when due
Just because I’ve decided to live every day with you
All that needs to be done I do as my daily rite
Merry Christmas sweetest.

33. Regardless of where I am
Shall I continually sing your song
When you taught me in your chambers
Soothing my heart to receive the pleasures of your heart
Leading me safely to cruise on with much passion
For you to lead me on without any caution
Merry Christmas sweetest.

34. How shall I live without you?
When your days are yet to be due
When nature has yet to state an end to your pilgrimage
Just like the fullness of the age of the old sage
Shall we continually stick together
And fight till we both conquer
Merry Christmas sweetest.

35. Portals of the earth arranged our union
We will stay together for years in a billion
Continually shall we derive pleasure together
And take our journey to a plane higher
Seeking that we may remain forever
Without any hindrance whatsoever
Merry Christmas my magical prince.

36. My heart crazes for you
Pumping very hard against my chest
As blood rushing through my veins
Triggering feelings hindering my rest
I long for your presence night and day
How I wish you we see and play again
Merry Christmas my love.

37. I saw you in my dream
Drinking from my love stream
Sipping as if to be drunk
Using the hollow of a tree trunk
Continually dipping and savoring
Making your heart persistently kicking
Merry Christmas my love.

38. Coming from a dairy farm
Seeing the fowls’ couple charm
I remembered our daily conversations
Seeking that we may have it all over again
My love for you is beyond all gains
And I forever will enjoy your heart expressions
Merry Christmas my one and only.

39. Oh! Happy day!
Your thoughts just crossed my mind
All you are to me every day
Are all that is about you and your kind
Goodness yet unknown to the world
I’m lucky to have you beyond many words
Merry Christmas to you my breath and my heart.

40. Though it seems like I’m in sorrows all-day
But your thoughts quickened my heart
Reminding me of all you are to me
I will stay with it all-day
And rescue my life from its sour dart
To savor your love available to me
Merry Christmas my honey.

Romantic Messages for Him At Christmas Long Distance

You are simply enjoying your relationship with your boyfriend or husband and jeez! He’s not going to be in your vicinity even in this season.

Hence, you have to begin to make more sacrifices for your love relationship to keep its vibe alive as a result of the long distance between the two of you, maybe caused by getting a new job far from where you are, or a transfer or even on an assignment that is very important to attend to.

Some of the things you need to do for love is to continually check on your love with Christmas messages for boyfriend long distance, continually even as he also tries to do that too.

Your major means of making this sacrifice is to send messages to help show how much you love him through romantic sms for him at Christmas

Pay attention to the words that will help you cement your relationship for good, even as you use sweet romantic texts for him at Christmas to establish your relationship more.

41. Though desperation will not permit my patience
My longing and passions daily deny me
Continuously putting me on my toes so tense
Persistently charging like a warhorse riding to battle
I seek your coming, approaching and meeting with me
That we may become as one never to depart again
Merry Christmas my sweet pie.

42. How do I sing this song without your part?
Shall I daily compose and wait this long
Your inspiration is forever with me
But cannot but patiently stay in this corner
Till you appear and activate my heart
To sing together with you forever.
Merry Christmas my muse and my song.

43. Heaven testifies of your faithfulness
The angels are envious of your estate
The earth aligns with your honor
It’s inhabitants daily expects your coronation
But to me, you are my heart and my love
My one and only king of my Kingdom
Merry Christmas my lord.

44. I have fought like a desperate soldier
Against all odds whatsoever around me
Very fierce they come to pressure me
Piercing me on every side with swords
In the form of calculated demeaning words
To diminish in my love for you
But I have found the courage to stand firm
And renew my pleasure of romance with you
Merry Christmas the love of my life.

45. I will dwell in your tents all-day
Because I have found pleasure to walk in your way
Your words are forever soothing to my soul
Leading to the blessedness of my sole.
I will build my fence around your law
As I eternally desire your love.
Merry Christmas my law and my love.

46. My soul long for you night and day
All its elements cry and give me an ache
Plunging me into the Depression Lake
But I daily go on my knees and pray
That you may come to me in time
And enjoy you in my prime.
Merry Christmas my love.

47. You are the source of my joy
The reason why I’m always happy and
Why do you love me so much?
I will forever be yours and you, mine
Let’s be the one force on the journey
And be of one purpose forever.
Merry Christmas to the love of my life.

48. Just like the night cannot steal the day
Nor the seas swallow up the streams
Like the trees cannot stunt the grass
Nor the wind swallows up the breeze
So is hate cannot defeat my love for you
Because it has been established in my heart forever
Merry Christmas my love.

49. I will walk in lonely places
I will reject appealing palaces
I will soar on the fiery storm
I will stand the scary form
That I may receive your love gracefully and
Come to our dwelling peacefully
Merry Christmas my love.

50. My order of life is defined by you
How can I love without a thought of you?
Let us continue our journey defined by you
I would deny myself all day to play with you
I will dine and wine always with you
Till all my love is lavished on you
Merry Christmas my lover.

51. Pleasures undeniably reside with you my lover
How shall I be without you a day longer
Just like a child expects the return of her mother
And denies the thoughts of another
I hope you come to live in my Chambers
And sing the songs of a charmer
Merry Christmas to you my love.

52. Like the caravan of travelers
I sojourn and long for your touch
Even under the very hot sun scotch
And even during the very cold winter
I pressed and ran like a mad man
In order to reach you, my sure man.
Merry Christmas to you, lover boy.

53. I am proud and confident of you
Anytime I think of you, you embolden me
You are the strength I derive every time I fear
Every day I pray that I might continually have you in my heart
Blowing me off my feet because you have filled all my mind
I love you more than anything that has ever crossed my mind.
Merry Christmas my everything.

54. Life is sweet like the almond fruit
Like the flowers in the field is its beauty ever true.
Wonders daily accustom my gazing always
Just like the flowing stream is its coolness fresh
Like the sun rays, daily amazes me,
Whenever I think of you, I feel life in its completeness.
Happy Christmas my honor.

55. Carry me to your kindergarten
Let me be raised in your garden
Show me you are my one and only
To teach all that will make me happy
I rest on your comprehension
Because in it I receive my admonition
Merry Christmas my inspiration.

56. I wouldn’t go to Egypt and the Nile
Knowing you will not be there
I wouldn’t think of America and mother liberty
Understanding your throne is not there
I wouldn’t think of China or the Great Wall,
Perceiving you are not dwelling there.
But I will think of Nigeria and the confluence
Just because you are seated in there.
Merry Christmas my love.

57. More than ten rivers altogether, I will cross
Ten mountains heaped on one another; I will go over
Languages, ten times difficult to learn, I will be a master.
Martial arts with more than ten combinations I will perform
Puzzles with ten times difficulty I will solve
Ambitions with more than ten advantages, I will give up
Just to have you and you alone and
Merry Christmas my love.

58. Like the chariots of old made with gold
The shields, armor, and swords
I have girth myself to the teeth
And fitted like a determined warrior
Aware of the pending threat
Against our cord of love
That bounds me and you swiftly together.
And determined to fight till all our foes are down.
Merry Christmas my one and only.

59. I will go millions of miles for you
I will give up everything to follow you
I will break up all friendships to gaze on you
I will look not on anyone because you are the one, I love
I will keep up with you no matter the hurdles
We will breakthrough all odds and become famous.
Merry Christmas my love.

60. Thinking of you have given me great strength
To carry on daily without stress
Overcoming hurdles and hardship has been my pleasure
Because you have been my cherished treasure
When I seek to speak of you anytime
I become courageous to face the evil of my prime.
Merry Christmas my grace.

61. Beyond price and value
I’ve found grace in great volumes
Borne up in this lovely human being
Character and meekness in him are living
Personified in all good persona
Presentable in all different manner
My one and only given to me for me alone
Merry Christmas my lover.

62. I will skip parades to please you
I will draw up schedules to catch up with you
Even so, I will make oath and covenant in order to keep your love
I will let my world know how much you are important to me
I will preserve your thoughts and live with you forever
Merry Christmas my love.

63. My heart quakes daily
Not of fear or trembling
But of deep passion and love and
Flaunting themselves in my tummy
And pushing me to write my heart to you
Pouring out everything you mean to me
I love you with great excitement in my heart
Merry Christmas my love.

64. Destiny chose you to be mine alone
Against all odds and all oppositions
Like Romeo and Juliet, we are fashioned
To stay together and fight till death
Even beyond death, we will live together forever
Merry Christmas my lover.

64. Like the Shakespearean thoughts and patterns
Expressed upon a paper by the ink
With words so precious and rightly scribbled
I sought to pour out my thoughts
Upon the tables of your heart
Rightly outlined and inscribed with the right message
For you to comprehend how much I love you
Merry Christmas my lover.

65. I am months heavy than a pregnant woman
Beyond times, periods and seasons
Nurturing daily, carefully with all patience
Carrying my fate onerously graciously
Waiting for my day that I might let out with a big scream!
How much I love you!
Merry Christmas my one and only.

66. Let us go and hurry along
Bring all that we have bought for love
That we might enjoy it for long
Let us abscond from the midst of them
That we might not be distracted in romance
Let us live in this pleasure alone.
And enjoy it for decades unknown.
Merry Christmas my love.

67. Millions of years by and by cannot undo our resolve
To do everything continually for our love
When dinosaurs began to live
And technology begin to fade
In love, we shall fully indulge
Even when our faces in beauty diminish
We shall in our soul hold up and survive
Merry Christmas my love.

68. I am in a well of merriment
I merry for the cause of love
Even when battles engage
And famine and earthquakes operate
I will be still and persistently wait
Waiting for you to be here
And do the bidding of my heart
Merry Christmas my lover.

69. Gold, pearls, and diamonds are not worth your love
They’ve got no value in respect to what we share
Beryl, Sardius, and Topaz are wailers before your precious heart
That I cherish with all my heart
Just as I respond to honor you with all I have.
And Merry Christmas my one and only.

70. Just like a merchant that goes to the market
Bearing money in exchange for goods
Weaving words in order to bargain to gain
Yeah, have come to your heart’s abode
That I may exchange mine with yours
That I may have the gain of love that is without price
Merry Christmas my heart.

71. Why should I not think of him
That’s what I replied to them when they asked me.
You have been the source of my joy
The reason for my living
And the fountain of my happiness
You will forever be in my heart my love
Merry Christmas to you.

72. Just like a ship, you are my helm
Just like an Aeroplan, you are my compass
Just like a car, you are my steering
Just like a canoe, you are my oar
Just like the mind, you are my thoughts
I have you as the leader of my life.
Merry Christmas my love.

73. I am crazily in love with my love
For I cannot think without you on my mind
I have deep thoughts concerning you
Every time I miss your presence
I await your arrival patiently
Till you come and show the depth of your love for me
Merry Christmas my lover.

74. How would I survive the night?
When your love has been my light
When would I close my eyes to sleep?
When you are my reason to sleep deep
I seek your presence till you come
Then shall sleep be peaceful when you return
I wish a Merry Christmas my peace.

75. I’m engaged to him with all my life.
Because our covenant stops all strife
I’m given to him without discord
Because we are bond together with true love bond
Why should we fear at all?
When our fate is determined
To live happily ever after
Merry Christmas my love.

76. I am at the peak of my feelings
To continually dwell in your bosom
Without distraction to focus on you alone
And think of when we will have our home
Till ages yet unknown
Merry Christmas my love.

77. I will take my flight when it’s dawn
When all our foes have slept following the night chase
With you bearing my fairy wings
With many songs of love to sing
Even songs we collected at Eden’s threshold
We will sing and sing till we are bold of safety
Merry Christmas my love.

78. I am tired of seeing the night
I have waited tirelessly all day long
Counting moments, hours, minutes and seconds
But yet I am not without hope
For your graciousness is still with me
When you lavished it abundantly on me
In my cup, I drink from the jars of your love
But will wait expectantly for you to fill me up
So, I will wait hoping to see you in the morning
Merry Christmas my love.

79. I am indeed indebted to you for life
For all you have done for me I am thankful for
Those moments you have been sincere with me
To tell how to be a better person
You’ve been the best coach and mentor
Even though you share your heart with me
You have always been strict with me.
I love you with all that I have in me
Merry Christmas the love of my life.

80. On this side of eternity will I wait to take your hug
Hold your hands like my life depends on it
Nothing can come between us for we’re made as one
Love is the magic and you are my forever prince charming
Merry Christmas the love of my life.

Funny Christmas Wishes For Boyfriend

Consider that funny Christmas wishes for boyfriend will add flavor to your love communion. Such outlandish wishes may be the perfect tool to inspire him to be more creative in your relationship.

I am quite sure he will appreciate it and let you know how grateful he is to have someone so funny.
Glance through these lovely messages for him at Christmas and see the power of amusement.

81. Just know for sure that you are my Santa Claus and nothing pleases more than to have you bring me the most magical of stuffs. Merry Christmas my love.

82. Elves and sleds at this time of the year are nothing to be compared with the adventure we’ve had together all year. Merry Christmas my lover.

83. Christmas trees and Christmas lights, naught as thee doth bring me delight. Merry Christmas my love.

84. Magic in the air, mystery everywhere; You my dear are the savory secret that’s most well-kept. Merry Christmas my love.

85. This Christmas, Santa Claus is changing costumes and given your generosity, I think you’re the new thing he’s going to be wearing. Happy Christmas dear.

86. The dancing flames in the fireplace so beautifully mimics the rhythm of my heart pondering how much you mean to me. Merry Christmas dear.

87. The first Noel, the angel did say. Born is the King of Israel. You may not be born today but I’m certain you are my king. Merry Christmas, my love.

88. The angels are presenting a special Orchestra this Christmas. Their songs chill the air and cause teeth to chatter as they were a musical band. Your shivering with cold just made me imagine that.

89. Ten horses down the lane, pulling a sled to Bethlehem. Let’s join the train to see the King of Israel. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we got there before the three wise men? Happy Christmas my love.

90. I thought fairies were myth. Wondering how you smuggled my Christmas gift in is so surprising, you must have hired one to do it! Merry Christmas my love.

91. I’ve been seeing a lot of smiling faces lately. Is it Christmas already?

92. You deserve to be born at Christmas – you came into my life and caused so much turn around, you must be some kind of Messiah. Merry Christmas my love.

93. Let’s play Joseph and Mary role in reality… (Chuckles) I know you wouldn’t like it. Who would want to share his bride with a Spirit? Happy Christmas dear.

94. I wish I was born the day Jesus was… Oh! Herod is on the rampage… It’s better to be here with you. I’m very much safe. Happy Christmas love.

95. Can’t we have Christmas all day every day? We can bargain with the sun not to go down forever. We would spend centuries celebrating Christmas together. Happy Christmas my love.

96. Since Joseph never calls off his betrothal to Mary. What do you make of me and Mary swapping places? Happy Christmas my love.

97. Since the world’s population is increasing incredibly, Santa Claus would do much good by hiring more hands for the timely delivery of gifts; you should apply. Happy Christmas dear.

98. Would you be jealous if Santa asked to marry me? You sure know how a girl likes to have endless gifts. Don’t worry, I’ll say ‘No’ to him – he doesn’t stand a chance coming between you and me. Happy Christmas my love.

99. Say Santa was my dad and you are to get him a gift; what will it be? Happy Christmas my love.

100. Santa Claus just released a music album and guess what – the feature track was a love song for us! And he’s singing it even better than his gift giving. Happy Christmas my dear.

101. One thousand kisses to you this Christmas. May each one become a glittering star to light your path. Merry Christmas dear.

102. Santa may be the perfect delivery man, but He is no match for the bliss you deliver to my heart this winter. Happy Christmas my love.

103. I was asked a question. If Santa Claus was to appear to me in my dream, who would I want him to appear as? I’m sure you know the answer already. Happy Christmas my love.

104. Will you be my blanket to make me warm this Christmas. I lost all my blankets to the storm. Happy Christmas my dearest.

105. I think you have robbed me off my heart because I keep thinking of you as the Grinch who stole Christmas. Happy Christmas my love.

106. Do you know? Your toast of love daily tells me all that Christmas is all about. You inspire me with a sense of generosity of Santa Claus. Merry Christmas my love.

107. I’ve heard people say Santa Claus is a mythical being but with the characteristics I see in you, you make him real already! Happy Christmas my love.

108. Santa wears Red; the perfect substitute for roses that aren’t there at this time of the year. Happy Christmas my love.

109. I wouldn’t want anything for my Christmas present but your heart in a golden package. Happy Christmas my love.

110. Come snow, come winter, your love will be constant in my heart even as Christmas is forever in the minds of children. Merry Christmas my love.

111. How shall I speak of Santa’s generosity over your magnanimity? It will be contentious of me to do that; you are my reason for living my love. Merry Christmas to you.

112. You must have spoken well of me to Santa. Since yesterday, everything around me was redounding to goodness. Merry Christmas to you my love.

113. Joy to my heart, my love has come, let me receive my king. This is the Christmas song from me to you. Merry Christmas my love.

114. No matter how splendid this Christmas celebration is, I will never forget your love deeds to me. Merry Christmas my love.

115. I wonder which is warmer, your heart or the sun. I will need either of the two in order to be warm this Christmas. Merry Christmas my love.

116. I saw you in my dream last night. You were carrying Santa’s bag of gifts. You gave every other person the gifts in them and reserved your heart for me. Happy Christmas my love.

117. Let’s go somewhere more fun to celebrate Christmas this year. The earth is a little bit too old. I hear Venus has just the right juice that goes with a full moon. Don’t you think? Merry Christmas my love.

118. Given the fact that we met at Christmas, don’t you think we should spend this holiday season somewhere we’ll be served by Santa’s elves? Happy Christmas my love.

119. You have been a great person all year. For your unconditional love, I think a heart like yours should be a gift every lover should get. Just being near it makes the season all the more fulfilling for me. Merry Christmas my love.

120. You know, I’ve found out something about Santa Claus. He is forever generous out of an unconditional heart. I’ve found that in you. I believe you’ll be a perfect fit for Santa’s job – I hear he is retiring this year. Merry Christmas my love.

121. You are my joy, you give me love, you are a flame to my soul, you make me glow.  Babe, I seek daily to be satisfied by your love and affection. The mere thought of you sends me to the moon You are my motivation; my wonder, and my daily charm. Merry Christmas, my Prince Charming.

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