70 Couple Ring Quotes to Double Your Happiness

couple ring quotes

Impressing beautiful moments of our relationships in our memories could seem almost impossible. Guess what? It’s entirely possible! And can be a very sweet thing to do at that. You’ll be surprised at how humorous it could be when your spouse gets a ring for you with some inscriptions on it from some of these ‘couple ring quotes.’

While inscribing them and sending them as wishes and quotes for wedding ring symbolism reading, you shouldn’t stop at using these couple ring offer for your spouse alone, share them also with couples-to-be and wedded couples who are your friends, family, or even colleagues. They might also be desperately looking for the best promise engagement ring quotes for him or her.

So dear reader, discover unique ring engraving ideas from our list below and be happy you did. Well, of course, that’s our goal, to make you happy as well as put a smile on someone special to you while you send pair ring quotes on wedding rings, thus giving them romantic ideas to engrave on wedding rings as well as showing them the unique blessings behind being hooked up.

Look through the list and send your favorite groom and bride-to-be these well-drafted duo ring quotes to make them feel your vibe and beautiful intentions for them.

Romantic Couple Ring Quotes

Okay, so just thinking here, not just couples-to-be should get the chance to inscribe some romantic newlyweds ring quotes, already married couples deserve this opportunity too.

So, as you touch your spouse’s heart with these romantic couple ring lines, be sure to send them to already married couples to share in the binding magic and strength that comes with the rings we put on our fingers. If you are already married, be sure to help out the young couples-to-be too.

Don’t just scan through, read, meditate and see through the meaning behind the romantic couple ring lines.

1. Even death cannot do us apart, we were meant for each other before life began, so we’ll definitely be together forever! This is my infinity symbol to you dear! I love you.

2. Just as adventures always lie ahead of every road taken, so do a lot of beautiful discoveries that await lovers in marriage. Happy to be in it with you! Take my hand and let’s ‘ride together forever.

3. We’ve got thousands of reasons (still counting…), to be together. Love, trust, friendship, and many more are the story of our moments together. This ring signifies a continuous cycle and a circle of that.

4. The complete orbit of our love is going to take forever. So, let’s start now! As we watch the sunrise and set over our heads. The moon would smile and the stars shine bright and glean beautifully when we watch our children.

5. No matter the age and revolution, we’ve got something with our love and adventures trapped. Cheers to making our own rules in life forever. We rule the world!

6. The beginning of forever, and the start of eternity. This is what I pray that we experience every day. May our love be sustained and forever revolve around each other’s hearts as the earth would not but revolve around the sun.

7. Here’s to the start of a life where we would sleep together, dream together, wake and eat together. No better friendship is like this. It’s a blissful happily ever after for us!

8. That kind of feeling when while walking together, you lose consciousness of time and feel lost in the moment. Yea! It always feels good to share that moment with the one whose finger carries the sign of your affection.

9. An exchange of weaknesses and a bond for perfection is the strength of a ring. Let this be a day we would agree to be imperfect in being alone, but perfect only in the bond of marriage. That’s what the ring utters as I slip them into your fingers.

10. Your fingers do not need to be perfect for the ring before you can actually enjoy the bond. It all springs from the heart. The heart has the strength to make the ring a perfect fit. Love is the perfect bond; a ring is an extension of it.

Finger Ring Quotes

There is a whole lot of symbols that rings signify. One is a bonding together that could be compared to being ‘hand-cuffed’ together with another.

Just bring to your memories some of the movies seen where two persons were held together in chains. Then consider your rings as having such bonding power. Thus, find words to express the attraction and binding effect from these newly-weds ring quotes.

With joy in your heart, check out these finger-ring quotes.

11. Like molecules of an element, our bond of love can never be broken. The chains of reaction that connect us together in love are way beyond words.

12. I’ll just love to say to you that this ring represents just one person to me in the whole world. That person is YOU! Yes, the ring is you and you are the ring. You’re forever in my heart dear. I’ll cherish our love eternally.

13. Thank God it’s a perfect fit. It simply means we’re the perfect match for each other. I’m happy and glad, you’re really worth the wait dear!

14. Now, my forever begins! The only one who can brighten my heart just said yes! Finally, I can sweep away my best friend and love to eternity with me.” #hookedwithbestie#

15. The past years have been sweet and bitter. But, with every look at the ring, I’m encouraged that nothing else matters aside from your love for me. It has kept us going and strong. I heart you dearly.” #stronglyunited#

16. Even with imperfections, You’re still the one! Yes, the ring would seal up all imperfections and create just a world where we would only see ourselves as perfect.

17. The more I think about it, the more I’m assured of the glittering moments ahead. Ones that sparkle and speak joy as symbolized by the sparkling pearl on a finger band.

18. You’re not just a half to make me better, you are a better whole yourself. With two whole rings, I just got joined forever to my heart’s beat!

19. Emotional balance and responsibility, are part of what a ring signifies. I’m thrilled to be wearing one and ready to make the best commitment.

20. We’re like rivers meeting and flowing to an ocean. Ready to get lost forever in love! Let’s do this! We’ve got a ring to make the flow stable.

Hey! get these captions as engraving ideas for your ring here:
• RING ONE: One Rhythm
• RING TWO: One Dance

• RING ONE: Two Hearts
• RING TWO: One Voyage

• RING ONE: To Love…
• RING TWO: Forever…

• RING ONE: Leaving my mom…
• RING TWO: Clinging to my love…

Wedding Ring Quotes And Sayings

It’s one thing to love, another to promote and continue in it.

Make a delightful countdown to your wedding with affectionate words in these couple ring bids and as well celebrate your wedding anniversary with these wedding ring quotes and sayings. Inscribe them, read them out to each other, and display them on your social media platforms too.

Here’s another idea, upload some pictures of your ring, and some inscriptions from these wedding ring quotes and sayings. Use them as newlyweds ring quotes, wishes, and captions for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even your WhatsApp status.

Let’s get on with tagging your delightful weddings and blissful homes with these awesome wedding ring hashtags.

21. There’s always a ring of a situation happening. However, a wedding ring brings the remembrance of the atmosphere of love always. In tears and in laughter, it’s good to grow together in love, and make sure to wear the symbol of such an atmosphere of affection.

22. A wedding ring did a good work of warning other searchers off, but not anymore. So, make sure to put first put on a heart of boundless trust, faith, and love for your spouse. Then a ring would just be a top-up!

23. Wedding vows can be renewed, as a form of remembering pledges and rebounding. Commitments are to be remembered for fulfillment. Rings carry the power a judge or king has to make pronouncements, you can get one every year for your spouse and enjoy making your pledges to each other.

24. Rings touch the finger, make a contact with the skin, and straightway connects to the heart. Science cannot prove this, but the invisible law of love can. Besides, what’s there to prove when both are so much in love with each other?

25. To buy a box of jewelry without a ring is related to building a house without purpose. The ring would further trigger something in you and her. It’s there, the love, yes! But it definitely needs to be fueled by an emblem of love.

26. Capture your awesome moments and memories in your heart and express it with a ring!

27. A job that your wedding ring would never fail to do is to give very good awareness that you’re off limits!

28. It speaks of an endless world, bringing us from two worlds and making it one. Bringing us from two nations and making them one. From two ends and making it endless. Two souls becoming one!

29. Our wedding ring is a symbol of the climax of love in perfection. A hope to enjoy and pass on the perfection of nature and love in marriage to the next generation.

30. Two hearts met, danced to a tune, and want to go on a ride together. Please, give yourselves a ring! It’s a seal of trust to go on forever.

Rings Quotes Jewelry

The seemingly smallest possessions of our lives are the most precious ones. They are as rare gems to us, we should not lose them or not have them before we realize their importance to us.

Every bride spends whatever on a wedding dress, so much also on her jewelry. However, she is entirely gleeful when that little finger is beautified with special jewelry, one like no other.

With some of these couple ring bids, you’ll see the beauty in that little love binding jewelry which shows a ring is a halo on your finger meaning.’

Check out the following ring quotes jewelry words, choose and send them as ring gift quotes. It’s the best gift a couple could receive.

31. Two stories in represented in one jewel. Bringing two souls to becoming one, and making a start of a lifetime together!

32. The ring has become a tourniquet, stopping the flow of doubt and uncertainty. My heart is free to love and cherish my best friend and love forever.

33. A perfect three-ring-circus of friendship, engagement, and wedding. With all its packages in marriage, the friendship would flow through to the end.

34. A worth so much placed on the finger as a metal is slipped into it. There’s no such feeling and attachment to one’s love as the ring can give.

35. Our kind of life is unique, a friendship sincere and sweet. I’ll keep these memories all along and appreciate them as I take a look at the ring on my finger every day. The years ahead look so promising!

36. To my one and only. Can I have this rhythm and rhyme beat forever? Let’ take the wheels together, and sing the harmony along the road of love. As we turn a new path. We’ll readily discover many sweet turns of love together.

37. Each leaflet of a book is bound to the other, so would every page of adventure we encounter be bound with love signaled by this ring.

38. I see the spark in the diamond of the ring and it makes me see years full of glee and endless rejoicing. Being hooked on the best person takes loving, believing, and trusting to stretch your finger to them.

39. I’ll cross my heart and put a veil on my face, I’ll also wind up my windows. It’s an end to a long search! #gothitched#

40. Down memory lane, I see it’s not to be compared to what’s to come in this package of love bound by a significant and beautiful ring.

Promise Ring Quotes And Sayings

It’s good to make promises to our spouses to be. But in this century? You really need a convincing and genuine way to do that. By this, you really need these promise ring quotes and sayings which are a way to convincingly appreciate your spouse and make each one of yourselves see the brightness of your future together.

You can both see through just an eye of love with these duo ring quotes and sayings, they’ll definitely help you make unflinching commitments to each other, as you know, words are powerful.

While making promises, you need them to be engraved on your hearts too for assurance and reminder on fulfilling them. However, you can read them to each other or go on to engrave some parts of the promise ring quotes and sayings.

41. As the sun rises and sets, so is my desire to always rise in the morning and set in your arms at night. Want to live with you all through my life dear.

42. The future promises to be filled with everyday fireworks and explosions of the love nature inside of us. Looking forward to it!

43. A point where happily ever after begins is where we just got to. Yea! Just got started, winding our way through as two hearts long yearning for a togetherness finally put a ring to it!

44. This ring gives a feel of how forever feels! Words can’t even express how many ideas and promises of a flourishing future flood my mind. I do promise to stick with you forever my love. #foreverfeelsgreat#

45. Yea, it’s me and you against the world. But guess what? Even the world is for us. So. We rule the world!

46. It’s one ring to rule the world. We’ll do that tenderly anyway because ours is a heart so tender for humanity. I found this in my better half and now, it’s a future filled with the reign of love!

47. My love for you is irrevocable. Overwhelming as it is and speechless as I am, I hope this ring tells you of my love. If not all of my love, but some, just hope it is inscribed on your heart.

48. I’ll voice out what the ring can’t say in words and deeds. I’ll be super committed and ever-loving all the days of our life. The ring is the symbol, I’ll do the actions, and I’m sure you will too!

49. Love has been created before a wedding ring was, so this, just makes my eternal and sometimes invisible love a visible one to hold on to. Hold on to the ring as a representation of my heart.

50. The nights are long and the days seem extended. But now, I’ve got someone to enjoy every moment with. It’s going to be fun all the way!

Here again, are some quick tips for you to engrave on your rings.

• RING ONE: I had a Spark
• RING TWO: He made it a Flame

• RING ONE: Mine to Hold
• RING TWO: Mine to Love

• RING ONE: Endless Love
• RING TWO: With my Flawless One

Promise Ring Quotes For Him

You deserve championship ring quotes for winning his heart over until he had no choice but to propose to you. However, as you go through these promise ring quotes for him, send some to your prince charming as you let him know the depth of your love for him.

Show him the way you describe him in your heart, and as well suggest what engraving he can inscribe on your wedding rings for you both. Put in mind as you watch your couple’s ring offer serve as engraving ideas for your boyfriend.

51. Here’s a secret I’ve been longing to tell you. You’re one in a million. With this ring you’ve given me, I promise to stay and love you in every ‘ring of circumstance’ we find ourselves. I heart you, dear.

52. You know you’re stuck with me right? Just make sure to wear that ring everywhere so the whole world can know you’re taken!

53. I’ll not let you walk down the aisle alone dear, you are worth sticking to. That’s what the ring keeps whispering to me anyway. You’re ever mine, and I’m ever yours!

54. Still feel so thrilled right now, along with some chills down my nerves. The only thing that calms me is the words on this ring you gave me (‘the calm to my storm’). It has really done a lot calm to me too, and I’m so ready to walk through life with you.

55. Who says a lady can’t get a ring for her man? It means so much to me that you have pledged yourself to me and you’re readily telling the whole world that. I love you dearly!

56. With just this signet of trust and love, I’m set to completely seal my heart with yours. Take me into your world dear!

57. The imperfections all seem to fade away in the face of this priceless gem called a ring. As I look into the stone, I see a perfect union of two hearts, becoming one. Let’s get on with our ride into ‘the together forever world.

58. What a beautiful ring from my love! It reminds me of your kind of heart. The ring is one in a million, just like your heart!

59. I had just a spark of love, but you made it burn so bright. Thank you for making me happy, I’ll do the same with the whole of my heart.

60. Never thought we could flow so well together. Our currents seemed so unmatchable, but now, I know it was meant to always be.

Ring Quotes For Her

You’ll be thrilled to hear her say yes, right? I can almost see the handsome grin that would form on your face right when she accepts your proposal. Therefore, without taking chances, let’s help make this ‘proposed proposal’ of yours a special one.

With down-to-earth words to win her heart in these couple ring lines, let’s help you give your sweetheart all the reasons to say YES and no reason to say no.

Besides, it could be she already said yes, or you’re already married, either way, these ‘newlyweds’ ring quotes for her would pour out your affection.

Here are some ring quotes for her from this collection of sweet duo ring quotes.

61. Dear friend and love of my life, with that ring I gave you my heart. As you hold on to it, you hold on to me forever. My affection is set on you!

62. With this ring dear, all I see is a together forever! Take my hands and let’s go on this voyage of love together.” It’ll be a tour like never. The first and last of its kind. This is what my heart assures you.

63. On this time-bound earth, I give you a symbol of my limitless love for you. Time and seasons can’t stop my heartbeat for you. M. AMOR” (meaning love), I love you forever.

64. With the bells ringing, and the birds singing of our union, it still feels incomplete without this unique emblem of my love for you. For with it, love is assured in our hearts. With this ring, I say to you, you’ll forever be MY BEST FRIEND.

65. I just woke up this morning thinking about how a small band of jewels could be captivating. But then, I noticed the small circle of the ring makes the lovers confined and contented with themselves. It’ll make you keep going round and round in familiarity, friendship, and affection.” I want to have this experience with you, my dear, be mine and let’s get to know the magic of a ring together!

66. Guess what the ring says? It says; though I’m the smallest jewelry given to you, I’m also the one that carries what the whole of your hubby’s heart screams to you. Thank you for loving and accepting me dearly.

67. I love you greatly; this is a piece of my most treasured thoughts about you. You’re the most precious jewel of my life, and this day, I hand over the ornament of my life (my heart).

68. My beauty deserves the best ornament anyone could get on earth. It looks so small but carries a whole lot of treasure. Yea! Treasure locked up in my heart for a long time. I give to you all my heart, knowing you’re the best one who can watch and care for it.

69. What’s left of my heart if I only give you a piece of it? Definitely, you’re all of my heart. A piece of it and the whole all speak about you. With the token of this band, and the words on it (you could use: together forever), I’m asking for your heart, hand, and all of you in marriage. I promise to be true to the path of love.

70. I may not be the man of your dreams. But since I met you, I’ve lost every idea of a dream woman. You have filled my dreams always. Can you please give me the chance to fill your dreams too? With this ring, I pledge to cherish you always.

71. My dearest, my love, and my life, with that ring, I say I Do and my heart is yours. As you hold on to it, you hold on to me now and always. My affection is set on you!

Couples are sure to anticipate a blissful home as they see the power behind the words engraved on rings. So then, take some to inscribe on your wedding bands for that special one, use them as captions for wedding pics on FB, Twitter, and WhatsApp status, and as well share them with many who need some wedding ring Instagram captions.

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