100 Epic Sentimental Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

sentimental birthday wishes for best friend

Sentimental birthday wishes for best friend are affectionate and emotional birthday wishes for best friend adorned with beautiful lines to enrich your best friend’s birthday celebration. Because heartfelt birthday wishes decked with sincere and real feelings are of great worth to your best friend’s special day.

Isn’t it a marvelous feeling when someone you hold dear sends you something beautiful and custom-made just for you, most especially on your birthday celebration? So, this type birthday wishes for a best friend is that heart touching messages to express how you feel about your best friend and which also avail you an opportunity to pour out your heart in appreciation for how he or she has influenced you positively.

Along the same line, it’s true that best friends are a special gift to us in many ways even to the extent that some have become like a second family to us. Hence, sending birthday wishes to your best friend will definitely make his or her birthday celebration a beautiful memory to look back to.

Do you think you are short of words to send across to spice up your best friend’s birthday? No worries! These wishes for your best friend will help you whether you want to convey your wishes through a phone call, text messages, or birthday status for best friend on Facebook, WhatsApp birthday status for best friend, or other social media.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Here are the most amazing and exciting birthday messages you can send to a best friend. Written below are emotional birthday wishes for your best friend that you would find so unique for your best friend’s birthday celebration.

1. It’s hard to find an unwavering person who could always put up with one’s flaws the way you do. I heart you for being consistent as my best friend. Happy Birthday, dearest!

2. Without you in springtime, the friendship tree would not flourish. Without you, even summertime is not a meaningful holiday. Seasons are not themselves without you in it. Happy Birthday, dealing friend.

3. You are more affectionate as the days, weeks, months and years go by. There’s never a dull moment with you because you’re full of warmth and fun to be with. Cheers! Happy Birthday, Sweet!

4. Your addition to this world was with the sole purpose of filling a vacancy in my life. You were made to complete me in a greater measure and I have you to thank for that. Dear, Happy Birthday!

5. If I have to choose just a friend in my lifetime, I would choose you, over and over again! I cannot over-stress how important you are to me. Happy Birthday, darling friend.

6. In this world where people could barely think of others in their busy schedules, you have taken me as someone you want to see come to a greater level of growth and achievement in life. I wish I could announce how amazing you are to me and to the world. Happy Birthday.

7. To have a lot of friends is a common thing, good friends are rare and the best of good friends are extraordinary. Having you as my best friend is a huge blessing. Happy Birthday!

8. On this special day of yours, may your dreams come to pass in a very perfect way. You deserve the best birthday celebration because you are the best! Happy birthday, dear.

9. May this birthday bring in a more excellent season than the former years. Happy Birthday as you unfold all the goodies for this season.

10. A precious friend like you deserves to be cared for with great worth. You, my dearest is made of a gentle spirit. Happy birthday precious friend!

11. If friends are like candies we love to eat; you dearest friend must be a very tasty candy, with a special flavor. I would choose you over other candies anytime! Happy Birthday.

12. Here comes the best experience on this day. Let go of the former things, and look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. Happy Birthday!

13. I pray that each birthday comes with ideas that motivate you to become a more excellent person. Happy Birthday, best friend!

14. You are a unique friend sent to the lives of many, most especially mine. May every heart you have influenced on your way up remember to send you blessings this day! Happy Birthday, bestie.

15. When you are taking out time to check out if there are gaps you have filled over the years, look no further, I am a testimony of your great impact. You are such a great friend. Happy Birthday!

16. Meeting an amazing person like you is a blessing. As your body cells and organs age, may you always remain relevant! Happy Birthday to you.

17. The most excellent things are coming your way; more opportunities and blessings ahead than disappointments. Happy Birthday!

18. Let your face glow brighter, for the future holds brighter promises for a unique person like you who has been through thick and thin with me. Happy Birthday, dearest!

19. You are graciously gifted with many virtues; one of which is to put smiles on my face always. Cheer. Happy Birthday.

20. I remember how you used to say “change is good if it is for the better”. May your changes in the years to come, be adorned with all admiration your heart desires. Happy Birthday, dear best friend!

Sentimental Birthday Quotes

Writing sentimental birthday quotes for a best friend requires that you combine words that could strongly and truly express the feelings of your heart. The Sentimental birthday quotes below have been carefully drafted to help you enrich your best friend’s birthday. Enjoy!

21. I am an extension of your kind words and warm heartedness. May you receive more blessings on this day! Happy Birthday to you! my Best Friend.

22. Whenever I thought of backing down, I am reminded to keep faith and hope alive. I won’t have made it this far without you. Thanks for the encouragement. Lots of love! Happy Birthday.

23. Knowing a rare gem like you have brought greatness to my path. My state of affairs in life have become more beautiful since I met you. Happy Birthday to a star!

24. Your love for me is stronger in the phase of any challenge of life and you relax me with comforting words when I am troubled. Your words are like medicine to me. Happy Birthday dear friend.

25. You make falling in love with you so easy. On this special day of yours, I am sending you a lot of love from my heart. Happy Birthday!

26. As a mother who helps her child to rise, you helped me to rise above my fears. I can now glide with confidence! Happy Birthday to my best inspiration.

27. Birthdays come once a year but you deserve more than a day’s appreciation; you are worth it because you earned it. Happy birthday, dear!

28. Happy Birthday to a well-deserved best friend! You are always there to bear me up and to advise me with words that are so precious like a diamond. This friend you have supported thus far is saying ‘I Love You.’ Happy Birthday!

29. I want to be present for your birthdays because you have done that in the past years for me with loads of love. I just wrote a new song for you titled: ‘I will here for you.’ Smile! Happy Birthday to the world’s best friend.

30. Your words are evergreen and written on my heart like a work of art. No wonder I have found it easy to yield to your counsel over and over again. Happy Birthday, dear.

31. Beautiful and deeper affections are not meant for soulmates alone. I have found affection and all that’s beautiful with a darling friend. Happy Birthday Best Friend!

32. If it’s within my reach I could stop the whole world and other events to celebrate a rare gem like you. Happy Birthday dear friend!

33. How you have managed to stick with me all through these years still amazes me, I can’t ask for more, you are just an amazing person and I love you plenty. Bless your heart dear friend. Happy Birthday!

34. You are the priceless gem that enriches my life. Carefully adorned and intentionally sent to beautify my life. Happy Birthday, dearest!

35. These lines may not convey your worth but from deep within my heart, I am thankful I have you as my best friend. Happy Birthday to the world’s most valued friend in my life!

36. Not all stones are needed in the palace of a king, not all friends can be as virtuous as you are because you have become a very important part of me. Happy Birthday to a rare gem!

37. With you, it feels like we have known each other from birth; you are definitely a gift from God to me. Happy Birthday and cheers to our friendship.

38. Nothing comes to the admiration between friends who have given their hearts to each other for the purpose of seeing each other get better in life. I promise to cherish this friendship just as you have always cherished it. Happy Birthday, dearest!

39. The beginning of another birthday celebration today indicates the start of a flourishing season in the coming years. Happy Birthday to you my Best Friend.

40. With a standing ovation, the award for the best friend with this caption ‘The Best Friend of the Century’ goes to you, my best-loved friend. You are worth it, you earned it. Happy Birthday Best Friend!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Childhood Best Friend

A childhood friend who ends up being your best friend is worth all the special sentimental birthday wishes for a best friend possible because there are memories you two have shared from a childhood that is so dear to the two of you and only funny birthday wishes for childhood best friend can relay them on a day like this.

Hence, with these funny birthday wishes for your childhood friend; you can together get a good laugh over some funny old experiences that you and your childhood best friend have had together.

41. As you add another year without you noticing any change in your hair, I desire that strands of grey hair, which typify old age shoot out of your head as soon as possible. Wishing that you increase in wisdom and understanding dear age-long friend. Happy Birthday.

42. If the candle melts down before you make a wish on your birthday, you might have to wait till next year to make a wish. So, here’s my one-dollar bill birthday tip, be smart at it. *Winks* Happy Birthday!

43. I hope my eyes are not leading me astray to make feel you are looking more gorgeous on your birthday. Just kidding, you are the epitome of beauty to me. Happy Birthday, dearest!

44. You seem to have advanced in age for candies and chocolates now. Here’s a song for your aging mind ‘Take it slow the way you eat them’. Thank me later! Happy Birthday.

45. Have you seen the headline today in the newspaper that says “Get married! Get married!! Get married soon!!! It is not fiction now as we used to think when we were younger. Happy Birthday, my bestie love you loads!

46. If you still need to blow the candles with the same energy as you used to when we were younger like a wind bender when making your wishes, sweetie, you are not getting old. You know I am just kidding! Happy birthday, best-loved.

47. Jeez! You are getting old by the day buddy. You need to enroll in my yoga class to get you younger daily. Happy Birthday, dearie.

48. Your birthday is not complete if you only get gifts from me, you know I don’t like anything default; how about you take me on a treat too? *Wink*! Have a wonderful celebration.

49. I always knew you’ll be a great person in life. That is why I stuck with you for life. We still have more years together. Let’s celebrate! Happy Birthday.

50. If I knew we were going to be together this long, I would have considered naming you after my grandma. Happy Birthday, dearest!

51. I hope you know now that your jokes were so dry that they could make me still laugh anyway. Happy Birthday to my best friend.

52. I wish for you more pounds of wisdom and knowledge as you receive the award of the world heavyweight champion. Happy Birthday, dear!

53. I designed a picture of you on my package of wishes to you so that it goes straight to your inner self. Have a wonderful season ahead, buddy.

54. To help you get the desired weight lost quickly, I decided to do away with the usual candy packages. Thank me later, Happy Birthday, dearie!

55. You can deny that my gift on your birthday is still the best gift ever. I know because I wrote it with the creative pen of my heart and the ink of what we have shared together from our childhood days. Happy Birthday!

56. Like the summer, I can’t forget your warmth as you readily bring back all the great memories we have shared together. Happy birthday, my best friend!

57. Ask me for any gift except getting you another boyfriend. Happy Birthday. I wish you great achievements in life, darling friend.

58. Again I wish you Congratulations, ready for another round? go and save the world for another 365 days. Happy Birthday, and welcome to a new season.

59. Make sure to blow out all the candles today, so that all your dreams would come through. Happy Birthday.

60. You know I should get a gift from today because I am the best thing that happened to you, just as you are too. Happy Birthday, dearest!

Long Sentimental Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

A friend’s birthday is that important, and worth all the celebration then sending this extensive list of long birthday messages for a best friend can add to making your best friend’s special day more interesting for him or her. Here are carefully constructed emotional birthday wishes for your best friend.

61. On this lovely day of your birthday, I desire that you enter into a year filled with joy and happiness. No dream will be too big to achieve for you. Just keep up with your hard work, it can only get better. Happy Birthday, Friend!

62. Goals are defined mainly by you, and you alone. You succeed in what you value and value what you succeed in. Keep this in mind for the days ahead as a gift from me to you. Happy Birthday, Iines are falling in pleasant places for you.

63. I see you changing the world; changing it with every passion in you, and you are unstoppable in this new season. The whole world needs a relentless person like you because it’s only unwavering pursuit like yours alone that can do this. I wish you a Happy Birthday.

64. We are all responsible for something or someone in one way or the other. Make sure you see through the end of everything that is committed to your care. You would walk vauntingly on the sweet gardens of life because you would have impacted many lives as you do so. Happy Birthday, dearest!

65. Strive to turn every unfavorable situation into strength. Even if it seems like an obstacle, refine them into strength and fortes. Consider this new year as a special one for turning challenges into new opportunities. Happy birthday, dear friend. May you triumphantly walk in your new heights from this day.

66. May this day bring more people to impact than the previous years because seeing the influence one has wielded on people around makes one feel loved and relevant. On this special day and forever, people who need the gift you’ve got on inside would surround you. Happy Birthday, Best Friend!

67. We make new wishes on every special day like this. Can we try something different, friend? Close your eyes and be thankful to God for all His providence. Do have a blessed Birthday darling!

68. On this life adventure, this special day is a time to evaluate. Not for fun, but for appraisal. Become more aware of your abilities and make use of them accordingly. You are the master of your trip! Enjoy the tour, Happy Birthday.

69. The earth brings forth in itself, and the stars shine in their full strength. This is the truest definition of what you are to me, and will always be. You are the earth who yields in great measure to me, and the brightest star to my world. Happy Birthday, dear!

70. Do you have the desires to dive into many opportunities? Just keep faith alive and relax to see them coming through, and they will trust me! Happy Birthday, dearest. Have a fulfilled day ahead.

71. Today, the birds sing joyously, the trees sway from side to side and rustle happily, and the fishes swim gleefully because it’s your birthday. Even mother nature leaps for joy to celebrate you. Happy Birthday!

72. You know that with every new season one becomes more aware of life. You, my best friend, have been nothing but the best in all you do. In character, virtue, and life pursuit, you are definitely a voice to reckon with this generation. Happy Birthday!

73. Birthdays are the time we inwardly reflect on the beautiful things God has committed to our care and to be thankful for how He has helped us to achieve them with the ability He has given to us. Happy Birthday dear friend. Wishing you a wonderful life ahead in this new season.

74. Congratulations on your birthday today, bestie! There are many more years to celebrate with you because with long life will God satisfy you. Have a splendid day as you mark a significant time in your life. Happy Birthday!

75. Let each birthday meet you with a readiness to count your blessing. Rejoice in the progress you have made in the past, take note of how to improve your strategy to win more, and face the future with every strength in you. Happy Birthday, work partner! and best friend!

76. If you are still thinking about what exactly you have achieved in recent times? Friend, look no further. Pause and take a look at me, you have been my best inspiration and will always be. Happy Birthday, you are a gift to the whole world!

77. Be ready to acquire new skills in your endeavor, and be ready to push a little harder in this new season. On this special day of yours, I choose to remind you of this because it’s important to you. Learn more and achieve more! Happy Birthday.

78. You are amazing because your life is an example of someone who tends after a garden. You know just how, when and what to do in the people’s lives you encounter each day. We all have you to thank for being so good. Happy Birthday, best friend!

79. When counting your blessing on the many things you have achieved in past years, please look forward to winning more. You have come far by being steadfast, now go beyond the set limit and do more! Happy Birthday Best Friend.

80. You are endowed with many abilities; a caring heart, rare virtue, and a loving heart. Add more to the list, and motivate yourself to fulfill them. The world needs you, buddy. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Paragraph for Best Friend

Happy birthday paragraph for best friend is an attractively packaged parcel of words you can send to your best friend on his or her birthday. Why not send some of these sweet birthday wishes for your best friend along with other things you’ve proposed in your mind for your best friend’s birthday?

81. Can you hear how the galaxy and the universe at large sing on this wonderful day with a melody of happy birthday to you? Every moment spent with you has been of huge inspiration to me. You have influenced me positively and I candidly love your person. Cheers, and have a blast birthday! best friend

82. I am sending your way this time around different types of gifts; one with cake and candies, another with Gucci custom-made shoes, clothes, and bags, and another with my heart’s desire for you in this beautiful season of yours. But much more I will give the latter which money cannot buy, it contains wishes from my deepest heart and mind for you. Happy Birthday!

83. Like the shooting star, you adorn the sky. Like the oceans, you reach out to the earth. Like heaven, you brighten the day. Like the heights, your sights are beautiful. Like the waves, you blow away every limitation. I heart you, friend, now and forever. Happy Birthday!

84. You have loved me from day one and accepted me with unconditional love. You guide me through the hard times. Your kindness to me is priceless. I wish you a happy birthday, dearie!

85. Happy birthday, dear friend. Your life is decorated with so much grace that I hope that everyone partakes in it the way I do. Wishing you more success and may all your dreams and aspiration prosper as your advance in age.

86. You are so beautiful inside-out, and more importantly, you are a rare gem to me. Dear friend, you are the best signature written in my heart! Keep being you, loving like you always do. Happy birthday!

87. The earth is blessed to have someone so unique like you, and heaven is happy to send you my way. You are the best friend like no other; a friend indeed for every season. You are a blessing to everyone who encounters you. Happy birthday, dear friend.

88. The friendship that lasts through a lifetime is built on trust, love, and commitment. You have made it so easy to share these great virtues with you. You captivate me with your kindness and politeness all the time. Happy birthday!

89. I always wake up to this beautiful thought that having you as my bestie is one of the best things that has happened to me. You are the amazing dream I have when I sleep and the wonderful thought I wake to every now and then. Happy birthday, you are the best!

90. Happy birthday, sweet friend. If the friendship was a journey, I will joyfully tour with you to the end of the earth. I am happy to take this path with you. Happy birthday, and lots of love!

91. I am glad I have many friends, but knowing you, I have found my dearest best friend for life. You show kindness without any iota of bias, and you honor without pretense. You are worth all the appreciation today. Happy birthday!

92. You are the first inspiration to me. I give you the award of leadership like no other. In the realm of friendship, you are the best leader that has ever led me in the path of greatness. Happy birthday. You are the best!

93. I know for sure that the pillar of friendship would not collapse because we have a strong foundation of love, it lives on and its structure would remain steadfast. I wish you a happy birthday, from a heart full of love and admiration for you.

94. The joy of knowing today is unique for you is great and I am really excited about it. I know the whole world can feel the vibe too. You deserve this happiest moment for you mean a lot to me. Happy birthday, dearie!

95. Happy birthday, sweetie! I hope these beautiful wishes of mine brighten your day. May you continue to be a blessing as you have always been to me and others. It’s the perfect moment to tell you that you are a source of happiness to many people including me. I heart dearly.

96. You have shared with me out of the abundance of your kind heart. This has blessed me, making me a person of much admiration. You are cherished and your worth is priceless. Happy birthday, precious friend!

97. You have laced our friendship with a unique love. I have enjoyed being a part of your life. Happy birthday, dear friend! I wish you unending happiness all your life. You are worth it all.

98. You are gifted with knowing exactly what I need at every point in time. Your advice inspires me. You’re the best friend with a heart of gold, the whole world needs more true friends like you. Happy birthday, and have a great celebration!

99. You’ve shown me the true meaning of friendship; you’ve further helped me to know how to express it to others. You are blessed with a unique heart. I’ve seen it in the way you relay things to me. I love you so much, darling friend! Happy birthday.

100. Many may take advantage of the weakness of others. You are totally different, you bring out the strength in weakness and you humbly help people to see beyond it. I have you to thank for that, bless your heart friend. Happy birthday, dearest!

101. Here’s to another birthday of laughing until it swoons, dealing with blowing the candles, and keeping each other fairly sane. Happy Birthday best friend like no other.

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