100 Stunning Wedding Countdown Status

Wedding Countdown Status

It’s great excitement when you’re at the peak of the wedding countdown to your big day. It is exciting to have wedding countdown status to share with family, friends, and intimates one’s close by and distant apart.

At some point, getting the best expression of what you feel for your partner (husband-to-be or wife-to-be) does not come easily as you want but with this, you have more words to express your love to your future partner, and that gives you beautiful memories of the countdown to the unique day before you.

More so, these wedding idea avails you of the unique opportunity to share on your social media page like Facebook, Twitter page, Instagram, and WhatsApp status your deep-seated feeling of the day ahead of you.

And trust me, this cute status makes it beautiful and brings anticipating responses that gladden your heart from immediate family and social media contacts.

We have got you covered with well-encompassing love quotes to communicate your own wedding day in a grand style. Use them as vows, and expressions of love till the wedding day.

Best Wedding Countdown Status

Here is a comprehensive list of quotes to add more glamour of beauty for your wedding countdown in days.

1. Having you in my life has brought me so much joy, I love you, dear, and I can’t wait to have you! Let the countdown begins.

2. I have seen whom my heart desire to spend the rest of my life with. I await the day with so much joy!

3. I can’t wait to take this friendship into more mutual affection with the love of my life. Let the countdown begins.

4. Choosing to love you is the best choice I have made with you. Happy married life to me in advance.

5. You have shown me what it means to love at heart with you. I wait to hold your hands down to the aisle

6. You made my world beautiful by you coming into my life. I love and cherish you. In a bit to be married. Jeez!

7. I am so grateful that you came into the scene of my life not just for a while but forever! I am so excited because I am getting married soon.

8. You brought an expression of joy peace and happiness to my heart. Few days before my wedding. I am so happy!

9. You showed me a path to walk in, and I am glad I chose you to walk in the path of blissful marriage with you. Let the countdown begins.

10. The highest fulfillment is to see that I am getting married to you. I love you, dearie, to the moon and back.

11. I will be glad to live the whole life with you than to live it alone. A few weeks to be married. Who else is excited for me?

12. If I could put a price tag on love, I will not have the mind to get it at all costs. Let the countdown begins.

13. You have loved me when I least deserve it, that is why I can’t trade you for anything. Getting married soon to the love of my life.

14. Being deeply loved by you gives me strength. It’s all about us, let the countdown begins.

15. When you realize you have met the one you want to spend your whole life with, you want to start life as fast as possible. Few weeks before my wedding.

16. The highest happiness is to see that you are getting married to the one who has given you more reasons to live. Getting married soon and I am loving it.

17. There is no more to a lovely, charming, friendly relationship you have shown me, leading to marriage. I am happy I met you.

18. You have shown me how love is like a garden and it takes time to grow. I patiently and tenderly wait to see this garden keeps growing. Few days before my wedding.

19. It’s amazing how you walked into my life, I can’t imagine how not to live without you again. You captured all of me, a few weeks before my wedding.

20. You have shown me how love can be transformed to be the beauty of life. I am glad I met you. Let the countdown begins.

21. You made me visible by the expression of love you have shown me, “I am a shining star with you”. Few days before my wedding.

22. You have shown me how love overcomes barriers, and hurdles, and yet can arrive to be stronger than anything. I am happy that I am getting married to you.

23. Loving you is like a beautiful flower in which fragrance makes a heart full of love and peace. I am glad I chose you amidst others, let the countdown begins, babe.

24. You have completed the songs in my heart when your heart whispers back with a touch of your love. Few days before my wedding.

25. You have handled me at my worst time, and given me the strength to see the best in life. I am grateful I found you, a few weeks before our wedding.

26. I have seen by the expression of our love together, how it frees us from all the weight and pain of life. Thank God it’s you. Getting married soon.

27. Love that awakens the soul, and brings peace to the mind is what we have shared together so far. Finally getting married is a dream come true.

28. Getting married soon. To him who has shown me that love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get but what you are expecting to give. I am so happy!

29. You never treated me like an ordinary person but you showed me that I am a queen, who deserves the best. Few months before my wedding.

30. I can’t hide the smiles around me, knowing that am getting married to the most caring man on earth.

31. My man is the best gift ever to me. A few days to tie the knot with you.

32. Can you feel the expression of joy in my heart? I am getting married a few days from now.

33. We have a journey from friendship to a better place of becoming my better half. A few more days to walk down the aisle.

34. How beautiful is it to know I am getting married to a woman whose heart is blessed with the virtue of love and submissive in all beauty of life and

35. I am the luckiest woman on earth, to have found you to be my better half all the rest of my life. Let the countdown begin.

36. You are such a darling, whose heart is more precious than Rubies, thank God it’s you. My better half has 4 days to go.

37. There are 5 more days down to the aisle, with the man that has made life more beautiful with so much love, I heart you big. Kisses!

38. I am getting married soon, to not just an ordinary person, but a man of great value and honor. I love you so much.

39. The journey of several months is not coming to an end but moving to a higher expression of love. Few days before my wedding.

40. You know words are not enough to express my love for you. I can’t just live without you, my better half. Let the countdown begins.

41. Thank God, I made the right choice by accepting you. Life has been beautiful with you. Getting married soon.

42. When you see my love, tell him that I will choose him over and over again. It’s my 10 days to go countdown to my beautiful wedding.

43. You have dissolved every fear in me, thank you for all you do and who you are becoming my Jewel. Getting married soon.

44. As time keeps rolling over, it makes me know the awesome day is getting closer. Soon to be Mrs. I can’t wait.

45. It is exciting to know that we will be changing vows to more joy, peace, and happiness. Getting married soon.

46. I have made the choice not just once but over and over again – and that choice is I will love you till the end of the world. I love these 10 days go wedding countdown vibe.

47. Love is what makes the journey worth living for, taking it to the point of sealing. Getting married soon.

48. It’s exciting! A few days from now you will be holding my hands to exchange vows of more commitment to love. Soon to be Mrs.

49. You have not just looked at me with your eyes but with a heart of love. A few days to be married.

50. The highest happiness you have brought my way is that am getting married to the one I love. Let the countdown begins, darling.

Wedding Countdown Hashtags

Here are beautiful wedding countdown ideas for your countdown status for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media to convey your scintillating feelings for the big day ahead of you.

Hence, feel free to use these wedding countdown hashtags one day at a time as your trending countdown status. Congratulations!

51. I choose to grow with you unto more life, joy, peace, and prosperity. Let the countdown begin.

52. I love being married, it is so great to find one special person to spend the rest of my life with. Getting married soon.

53. The minute I knew I will be married to the one who has brought me to the reality of true love and commitment. All I can just say is Thank God. Join me in my soon-to-be-married vibes.

54. It’s so real that I will be married a few days from now. I am super excited.

55. This is a reality I can’t wake up from, Thanks for all you do my precious Jewel. Getting married soon

56. I have chosen to love you deeply so that you have become a part of me. A few days to be married.

57. I will rather live my whole life with you than live without you for you make life beautiful. Soon to be married.

58. I love you not only for who you are but for what I have become through you. I am blessed, a few weeks to be married.

59. You didn’t just love me by my looks but by your heart full of care and love. I am glad it’s you. 6 more days to go. I can’t wait!

60. It was a brilliant achievement to see that I am getting married to you. In a bit to be married.

61. I admire this friendship with so much treasure, having a home with you is the best thing ever. I am getting married soon.

62. You have loved me when I least deserve it, dearie, you are more than this world to me, Thank you for all you do my crown, Keep calm, tomorrow is all about us.

63. I am super excited, you made me fall in love many times with you my adorable queen, getting married soon.

64. Having a family with you is beautiful, you have shown me the full figure that makes up a man who can be a loving father. Soon to be Mrs.

65. I want all of you, you are bold, elegant, and beautiful. My precious Jewel, Getting married soon.

66. We’ve come so far my love; look at how we have grown. I want to do this with you over and over again. 4 days to go!

67. You are my sun, shining all around me. My world is beautiful with you. In a bit to be married.

68. In your imperfection, I chose to love you more and more. Let the countdown begins.

69. Loving you has made me better, wiser, and brighter. You are my sunshine. A few days to tie the knot.

70. I am elated, yes I am! Seeing myself down the aisle is a thought I can’t come out of. 2 days to be married.

71. Every thought of a lady is to see herself ending up in the arms of a man who always made her smile. Getting married soon.

72. How will my world look if it wasn’t for you, my darling? Soon to be married.

73. I have seen the one my heart melt for, in season and out of season, in time and out of time. I can’t wait to do this with you, I am getting married.

74. I have realized life is beautiful when lived together in harmony with two love birds. We are getting married.

75. I am grateful I know you, life has brought me so many blessings with you around my arms. Getting married soon.

76. How beautiful is life when you are getting married to your best friend? A few days to go.

77. I can’t just express all you have done for me, thank You God for this wonderful gift you gave to me. Soon to be Mrs.

78. Do you know what makes a home not a too perfect being, but understanding and tenderness? I am glad I met you, soon to be married.

79. Marriage is a blessing from God, I am glad I am doing this with you. Thank You, God. A few days to be married.

80.” If you know you know”, I am moving from being engaged to married to the love of my life. I am elated!!

81. For the months we have spent together, life has been so beautiful with you, my precious love. Keep calm! 2 days to go.

82. A tower of love is not built in a day; you have stayed with me in everything. Thank you, darling, a few days to go.

83. We await the day with joy, love, peace, and happiness in our hearts. Soon to be married.

84. Keep calm! All ways are leading to the venue, thank you, my love, for who you have become. 1 day to go.

85. I am better day by day, just because my better half is part of my life. You are priceless darling, 5 days to go.

86. Getting married to your friend is the sweetest thing ever to do. Keep calm, it’s all about us.

87. I saw you with the eyes of love but you accepted me with the eyes of your heart full of compassion, joy, and tenderness. I am glad it’s you, my queen. 5 days to go.

88. Taking this down the aisle makes life more fulfilled. 10 days to go.

89. Smiles are all around me! Getting married to the man who loves me beyond measure. 2 days to go.

90. My dream has come true, a few days from now I will be married. So happy!

91. What looks like it is not possible, is a reality already. Soon to be Mrs.

92. My love for you is deep down in my heart, can’t live without you. A few days to be married for good.

93. You made my life so beautiful, you are everything to me, darling. 1 day to go.

94. Getting ready! A few hours from now, I will be married to the love of my life.

95. You showed me how to be loved and how to love, you are the best man ever to me. 1 day to go.

96. Let it keep sounding! We are getting married soon. Thank you, darling, for everything that you are to me.

97. This home is a home of peace, joy, blessing, and prosperity. Getting married soon.

98. Our home is blessed by the Lord unto abundant life, fruitfulness, and abounding in joy. 1 day to go.

99. The Lord bless this union with wonderful kids, favor, and breakthrough. I am glad it’s you. Less than 24 hours to go.

100. You made me your sunshine to keep shining, you are one in a million, darling, and your love is all over me like the perfect banquet tablecloth. 1 day to go.

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