Why Falling in Love Leaves You Heartbroken

Why Falling in Love Leaves You Heartbroken

Why falling in love leaves you heartbroken? Could it be that you are somewhat ignorant of what love really is or you have looked away from some bad signs (red flags) and opted in all the same to a relationship your instinct had already warned you about?

Has it ever been a mutual love relationship between the two of you or you played the victim of a one-sided relationship?

Did it happen that the more you love, the less you are loved?

If you find yourself in any of these categories, then you are in the right place. This article will surely help you to find balance and healing for your heart.

Let’s get down to it.

Love is a Force of Nature

If you have ever been in love, then you’ll agree with me that falling in love engages not only your mind but the whole of your body, soul, and spirit – your tripartite personality.

We all respond to love; it’s a force we can’t be indifferent to, even for one who hasn’t been in a relationship before.

When you are in love, you are recklessly caught up in deep affection – you reflect quietly and bask in entrenched feelings, so much that a minute can barely pass without you mentioning their name in every sentence you make and everyone in town knows that you are hopelessly in love.

This kind of deep affectionate love is not the one you can hide from being vulnerable to or have your heart guarded against because you just want to love freely without holding anything back at all.

Nonetheless, just like no one wishes to wake up to find out that all their investments are gone, no one wishes for their beautiful love adventure to turn south overnight. But, when this happens, no matter how strong you are, you’ll be devastated like the whole world is about to crumble on you.

What Happens When You Are Heartbroken?

Without any doubt, heartbreak has left many depressed and many are struggling to get out of its ugly claws.

In fact, as a result of the horrible experience, some people thereafter make up their minds not to fall in love again. And if they do, it becomes a stumbling block to enjoying the best of their next relationship. You sigh deeply and ask yourself again, why is falling in love leaves me heartbroken?

Is it that bad for some? Yes!

Reasons Why Falling in Love Leaves You Heartbroken

You fall in love with someone or you say ‘I Love You’ without getting hurt after you have honestly understood the reasons why falling in love leaves you devastated in the first place. Go through the list below as ask-myself-questions to know what causes heartbreak in a relationship.

1. Ignorance

Since ignorance is not knowing enough as you ought to know, how then do you give your heart to love properly without the required knowledge? No one gets the best in life with the ignorance of basic knowledge.

2. Low Self-esteem

As it is, low self-esteem is the opinion about yourself, not primarily what your partner thinks of you. It’s the constant state of mind that suggests you are not good enough.

Do you always judge yourself to be inferior to your partner in one way or the other? Then you can’t release your best when you are always unhappy and unsatisfied.

3. Self-centredness

Do you always want things in your own way only? I’m afraid, It won’t be too long before your partner may turn the table and back out.

4. Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic expectations could engender unnecessary friction that can lead to heartbreak.

If you are not paying much attention to what really matters in a relationship, a serious issue may stem from that, even in a short space of time.

If you continue to major on the minor and minor on the major, That’ll definitely breed contentions.

5. Indifference to Character Flaws

Do you keep ignoring character flaws as the day goes by?

And undoubtedly, if you are not seeking to get better, then when your partner gets drained out; what do you think will be the resultant effect? Break-up may be inevitable or stopped

How to Recover from Heartbreak and Feel Whole Again

As you already know, we can’t avoid love totally. It can surface even when you are barely coming out of the hurts from the last relationship that has left you heartbroken.

Hey! Since you can’t stop love from beckoning at you even if you are hard-pressed not to give in to it because of your past experience. And, on the other hand, you know you should not back down from the exciting life ahead of you.

Pause for a minute, and be honest with yourself. Your ex has altogether moved on, so you should be able to do likewise. You can sure have a fresh start too and learn how to get over someone you can’t have.

More importantly, how to recover from heartbreak and feel whole again starts from taking count of what led to the heartbreak in the first place and when you have figured that out then you are on the way to getting out of heartbreak. Below are a few things you’ll need to consider or work on to get the best when falling in love again.

1. Get knowledge of Relationship

Don’t be ignorant of what true love is; because there are little infatuations and short-lived passion can do.

Some misunderstood infatuation for true love. If the other party wants more (true love) than just infatuation and you who take infatuation to be true love can be heartbroken if a breakup later happens. You must have a good knowledge of the relationship you are going into.

Falling in love is not a try-and-error game lest you find yourself falling in love with a damaged person again.

2. Be Sensitive about What is Important

Don’t let your mind be clouded so much that you are indifferent to many indications (red flags) at the beginning of the friendship.

When a breakup happens, it’ll affect you because you are already deep in the relationship. You could have avoided that at the friendship stage.

3. Be Sure the Love is Mutual

Though there’s nothing to measure the equality of love between two lovers. But, you’ll sure know if you are really loved.

You must not be bent on starting or staying in a relationship you know is not mutual. You can guess the answer! One-sided relationships will only leave you devastated. There’s nothing that gladdens the heart more than being loved back. It’s a wasted effort to keep loving and not be loved.

Finally, brace up, and dive again into the ocean of an adventure called love.

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