110 Inspirational Love Quotes for Him from Her

Inspirational Love Quotes for Him

If you are a lady whose heart has been held captive by a lucky man and you are looking for how to express your emotions in a way that melts his heart like butter in a hot pan and brightens up his day like sunlight through a dark room then you will be needing this article on inspirational love quotes for him.

Love is a beautiful and magical emotion but, it can often be hard to put this feeling into words when you have it for another person. If you are a lady looking for what to say to a man to make him feel special, appreciated, acknowledged, and loved than these inspirational love quotes for him below will do that exquisitely.

Whether you are in search of motivational quotes for boyfriend at work or love quotes for husband, your affection can be expressed in the way that makes you wonder if these quotes below were written just for you. Spoiler alert! They are.

Your man need not contemplate the nature of your affection towards him any longer. Below are inspirational love quotes for him.

Romantic Love Quotes for Him

There is nothing as cosmic and electrifying as when two souls meet and the seeds of love break open in them. If a special man out there is growing a glorious garden of love on you, it is time to shower this man of your dreams with inspirational love quotes for him.

If he makes you feel a love so powerfully intoxicating you find yourself short of breath and at a loss for words, you need not worry for these romantic love quotes for him will put into words what you are feeling so strongly in your heart.

A good man deserves to be wooed with sweet and tender words of affection as well. Here are some romantic love quotes for him to do just that.

1. No matter what I envision about my future, whether one filled with money and power or with fame and prestige, it becomes a nightmare without you in it loving me.

2. Only you have the uncanny ability to make my heart overflow with so much love for you that I think I cannot possibly love you anymore. Yet, with every rising and setting sun, I love you even more.

3. Even though I may not have the luxury of setting my eyes on you as much as I would love to. Nor the luxury of having your miraculous form in my arms day in and day out. I know, without any ounce of uncertainty, it is you I am in love with and I will never let go of that love for anything in the world.

4. You and only you are the reason I now believe in the unstoppable force of destiny. The reason I thank my lucky stars that such a man and such a love was written for someone like me.

5. Just as a flower cannot bloom without being watered, I also cannot be my fullest, brightest, and truest self without having you here to love.

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6. If you ever find yourself wondering when I will fall out of love with you, the answer is as plain as it is simple. I will fall out of love with you when the earth ceases to rotate on its axis.

7. Regardless of where I might be in life or how high I might soar. Regardless of how far away you might be whether by steps or by kilometers, my love for you will never fade.

8. You bring me nothing short of utter clarity and offer my heart peace. I was a jigsaw puzzle that was always incomplete and you were the final and most important piece.

9. My love for you is such that your happiness is my happiness, your sorrow is my sorrow, your peace is my peace, your heart is my heart.

10. Everything about you is so fascinating and miraculous. Even the simple act of breathing you make into an art form that can only be described as fabulous.

11. My love for you burns so intensely and unquenchably that it could set the whole world on fire in an instant.

12. Amongst all the views in the world of mountains, oceans, gardens, and glaciers, you are my favorite and, quite frankly, the only one I would rather be looking at.

13. Before you came into my life, I thought I knew what love was. After you came into my life, I realized I did not. You showed me the true meaning of love and I fell into it with you.

14. Whenever the word forever comes into my mind, I cannot help but see you and the bright future we could create with each other.

15. You are my only happy place, my favorite escape. Only you can be my safe haven. For the thought of you is where I find solace when I need peace.

Affectionate Quotes for Him

A special man in your life may be going through a hard time or you may just want to show appreciation to your man for all the wonderful things he has made you experience by sharing inspirational love quotes for him.

Men too deserve to be pampered and offered sweet words of love. Here are affection quotes for him, to have his heart swelling like yeast with love for you.

16. You are the reason I do not crave for sleep anymore. For with you, the reality is finally better than my best dreams.

17. Your presence in my life is nothing short of a rainbow after a ghastly storm.

18. Only you can make me feel like the only woman in the world. I love you always.

19. My favorite rhythm is your heartbeat when I lay on your chest.

20. As though you are my compass, I constantly find that all roads I take lead to your warm embrace.

21. I loved you dearly the day before, I love you dearly today, I will love you dearly tomorrow and every day after.

22. Every time I catch myself smiling for no reason, I realize I am thinking of you.

23. Rather than seeing someone else every day of the week, I would rather set my eyes on you once a year.

24. Everywhere I go and everything I see reminds me of your love.

25. You are sewn into the fabric of my life and I wish not to part from you.

26. You are my knight in shining armor. You saved me and fought my demons away.

27. You lift me up like a pair of wings and make me soar. You make me feel a hundred million things, a hundred million dazzling feelings I have never once felt before.

28. Only you can manage to steal my breath away every single time I set my eyes on you.

29. No matter how far I have to travel in this life, I will love you every single step of the journey.

30. Our love is a storybook and you are the highlight of every single chapter of our story.

Romantic Love Quotes for Husband

To have a husband who does right by you and honors his word is such an unfound blessing that not every woman in the world is fortunate enough to enjoy. Such a man is worthy of all the inspirational love quotes for him that there are.

To show your husband that you love him and appreciate all his efforts, you should offer him these romantic love quotes for husband to have his heart-melting in adoration like butter in a hot pan.

Here are some lovely romantic love quotes for husband below.

31. You are my safe haven. The place my mind goes to when I search for peace.

32. Of all the decisions and choices I have ever made in my life. Saying ‘I do’ to you is by far the best one of them all.

33. Every day of my life is beyond perfect because every morning begins with loving you and every night ends with loving you.

34. I have always dreamed of a stable home with a doting husband and beautiful children. And you made that a reality for me by being the best husband there could ever be.

35. Loving you as a wife every day has made me realize one fact, although my love for you has a beginning, it has no end.

36. You are not only my husband but my best friend, my confidante, my adviser, my lover.

37. Through the good times and bad times of our life together as a married couple, I will never let go of your hand and be your cheerleader.

38. Thank you for accepting me as I am and not asking me to change myself into someone else.

39. I have never regretted a single day of giving you my heart, soul, and body in holy matrimony.

40. You are still the most attractive man in the world to me.

41. In an ocean of people, my eyes will only search for you.

42. If I could choose between changing my past and meeting someone else or going on this journey of marriage with you, I will choose to marry you every single time.

43. You are not just my husband, you are also my king who I am happy to serve because you treat me like a queen as well.

44. Without your presence in my life, there exists no happily in my ever after

45. When I wake up each day and before I go to bed each night, I say a prayer to God that you will always be my husband.

Motivational Quotes for Boyfriend At Work

If your man puts his back tirelessly into work in order to provide for you and his loved ones and you want to show him support through inspirational love quotes for him you need to look no further.

Here are some motivational quotes for boyfriend at work to have him feeling more energized than he would with a cup of coffee.

46. I see all the hard work you are putting into your job and I pray that God continues to ease your affairs and lift you to greater heights.

47. I hope your day at work is brightened by the knowledge that a massage and a warm meal are waiting for you at home.

48. I am constantly impressed by your pragmatic ability to handle tough situations, you are a natural leader.

49. Work becomes a pleasure when I have you as a teammate.

50. Whenever you find yourself feeling down remember you are one of a kind and cannot be replaced.

51. I am so proud to be your girlfriend and your partner in this journey of life. Have the most wonderful day at work today.

52. Never give up hope. For consistency and dedication are the keys to success in life.

53. All the hardships you face in your ordinary life are preparing you for an extraordinary destiny.

54. Keep your head up high and never forget or belittle how far ahead you have come.

55. I am ceaselessly fascinated by all the subliminal things nobody knows about you.

56. You make your work environment richer and fuller by being a part of it.

57. My favorite job of all is being your cheerleader through everything you go through in life.

58. Day in and day out, you motivate me to be a better woman.

59. All your hard work is about to pay off in huge returns. The sky is the limit for you!

60. I am blown away by your honesty, integrity, and work ethic at all times.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

There may be a special man in your life that has you floating on air and you want to show him just how much he means to you via inspirational love quotes for him that is as heartwarming as possible.

Here are some funny love quotes for him to have his heart fluttering like butterfly wings.

61. I removed the letter U from the alphabet because U are mine.

62. I love you more than chocolate but, please do not make me prove it.

63. Call the doctor, you seem to be suffering from a lack of vitamin Me.

64. I loved you more each passing day. Well, except yesterday, yesterday you were annoying.

65. My love for you is the icing and your love is the cake.

66. You must be a sorcerer because when I look at you, everyone else disappears.

67. I love that you are my person to annoy for the rest of my life.

68. Your love for me is a sickness and marriage is the cure.

69. Do you want to know who the love of my life is? Read the first word again.

70. Are you a dictionary? Because you add meaning to my life.

71. My love for you is true so you do not need to hold back your farts anymore.

72. Let’s flip a coin. Heads I’m yours. Tails, your mine.

73. My love for your runs from my head tomatoes.

74. I love you cause you make our love a walk in the park while others are in Jurassic Park.

75. My love for you is like a backache. It does not show up on x-rays but I know it’s there.

Cute Love Quotes for Him

In need of some adorable inspirational love quotes for him to make his heart tickle.

Them check out these cute love quotes for him below.

76. If I had a seed to plant every time I thought of you, I would have a garden further than the eye can see.

77. Every time I think I can not love you any more than I do, you find a way to prove me wrong.

78. Loving you is not an option to me, it is a necessity.

79. The greatest gift life has given me is your love.

80. You and I go together like warm toast and butter.

81. When I am with you, I do not try to be happy. I simply am.

82. Your love for me is what gets me up every morning.

83. In your eyes, I see my future.

84. Your love is all I need to feel completely whole.

85. I did not only fall for your body but for your heart and soul.

86. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would only wish to meet you sooner so that I can love you for longer.

87. I am only me when I am with you.

88. You are my now, tomorrow, and my forever.

Short Love Quotes for Him

Looking for quick and conscience inspirational love quotes for him to have him understand the depth of love without the added bulk of too many expressions? Then look no further.

Here are short love quotes for him to express how you feel in fewer words.

89. I would rather spend a full day with you than a lifetime with someone else.

90. Roses are red, violets are blue, I am madly in love with you.

91. Your smile turns my nighttime today.

92. You are better than a million dollars because I can not hug or kiss a million dollars.

93. All the stars in the sky pale in comparison to your smile.

94. You and I share the same beating heart.

95. U and I belong together just like on the keyboard.

96. You are everything I have ever wanted in a partner and more.

97. I love you today, tomorrow, and forever.

98. I need you in my life as much as I need air to survive.

99. Without you, in my life, there can be no me.

100. You are perfect to me just the way you are.

101. I am hopelessly in love with all the subliminal things nobody knows about you.

102. You have sunstones for eyes and rainbows for a smile.

103. On God’s green earth there is absolutely nobody that makes me feel the way you do.

Long Love Quotes for Him

Sometimes, your love for the special man in your life is so great that you need inspirational love quotes for him to deeply express the depth of your love.

Here are long love quotes for him to show just how deep your love for him flows.

104. My darling love, I want you to know that to me you are a miracle in motion and I am intoxicated with you like a drug and enchanted with every little thing you do as though I am charmed by a magical potion. There is a whole new world to discover in you and I go on an adventurous journey every day when I stare into your sunset eyes.

105. I simply can not begin to express to you the depth of my love for you. You are the first and most pressing thought on my mind when I open my eyes each new day and you are the last thought that crosses my mind like a shooting star crosses the cosmos before I go to sleep each starlit night.
Every moment with you is magic and memorable. And you are the one true love of my life, baby.

106. I find it completely baffling and difficult to wrap my head around the fact that there was ever a point in my life where I did not have you to wake up to, the fact that there was ever an evening where my lips did not kiss you goodnight or good morning baffles me. You have become so intertwined with the very fabric of my being that I was not living without you but merely existing like a shadow. You add meaning to my life and I simply do not exist without you.

107. On this beautiful day, I would like to remind you that you are an amazing partner to me. Even though we might quarrel and fight most of the time, it just means we love each other and are getting to know each other very well. You need to stop thinking of yourself as a bad partner cause you are not and I could not have wished for a better partner in my life. I love you very much and no matter how much we argue and quarrel, our relationship will remain steady and unbreakable for life.

108. As far back as I can remember, you have always been a steady shoulder to lean through the good times and bad and a huge source of motivation in my life. To be candid, I have not the slightest idea as to who I would be without you in my life. You are twice the man anyone is and my love for you cannot be measured or quantified. You are my rainbow in my dark times and my knight in shining armor. I am proud of you and grateful for you always.

109. I was just participating in my favorite activity, which happens to be thinking about you and I thought I should send you a text message. The truth of the matter is, you are on my mind all the time and have taken full control over my senses. No matter where I am and what I happen to be doing my mind keeps replaying my moments with you in real-time. I keep looking forward to seeing you and your wonderful smile with great expectations. You are my favorite person, so do me the great honor of telling me how your day is.

110. You are one of the most dedicated and hardworking men I have ever come across. You always do your best to accomplish whatever goal you set for yourself whilst managing to find the time to make me feel loved and appreciated. Never could I ask for a better soulmate than you. I appreciate you, my love.

There you have it, inspirational love quotes for him to feel like the only man worth celebrating in the world. How did this article help you? Do leave a comment in the comment section below and share it with all and sundry that may benefit from this article.

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