Quotes On Getting Over Someone

80 Highly Effective Quotes On Getting Over Someone Fast in 2022

Are you most likely bored with attempting to figure out how to live through someone who left already? Are you tired of how your heart aches anytime he or she comes across your mind? Thus, why there’s the necessity to lay up steering through a way to live through quotes on getting over someone.

You may love someone, and that same love is not returned, or you may have loved the wrong person. You may even be having trouble moving on. Letting go can be difficult, especially when it comes to love.

Therefore, to find answers to the questions bothering you for a very long time. I bring to you quotes on getting over someone. If you are a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, and you have been looking for ways to get over someone, then these getting over someone quotes is for you.

Ready for liberation from this subtle burden? let’s dive into it!

Getting Over Someone Quickly Quotes

Sometimes, you want to forget and let go of someone, but it seems like it’s taking forever. You are already aware that he or she is not meant for you, and you want to let go.

You’ve been searching for answers and quotes on getting over someone but haven’t found the solution to it. Not to worry, I have for you Quotes for getting over someone quickly. Without further ado, let’s begin;

1. Letting go is hard, but it gives us the freedom we crave for.

2. Breakups are painful, but the pain is temporary because it teaches you what you need to know.

3. Never rush to forget; letting go is a process and comes with time.

4. Avoid sadness; your feelings also matter. Do not brood over that pain.

5. As painful and difficult, letting go may seem, you have to do it because you deserve true happiness.

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6. Sometimes you have to let go of the past and embrace new memories.

7. One may not want you, but someone will need you because true love isn’t fiction, but it’s real.

8. Please don’t ignore your feelings; instead, challenge your feelings, and deal with them.

9. Do not let your feelings have dominance and supremacy over you, but you rule your feelings.

10. Holding back makes you vulnerable but letting go shows you’re strong.

11. Do not walk alone in pain; share what you feel with others because they can also help.

12. Even though it is enticing to perceive what your ex is doing, making a total separation is better for your mending cycle. Don’t separate physically alone but also mentally and emotionally.

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13. As troublesome and excruciating as it may be to acknowledge, you need to detach that part of you and your life from every form of emotion.

14. Regardless of what amount of time is required to heal, realize that this experience has just made you more grounded and knowledgeable.

15. Disregard the past, overlook the torment, and recollect what an unimaginable lady you are.

16. He will be sorry he lost you, so quit stressing. Do not hope for him to come back.

17. Don’t think about the one who left because more incredible things lie ahead of you.

18. She said you’re not perfect; cheer up because you’re perfect for someone worth more than a thousand words.

Quotes About Getting Over Someone And Moving On

Figuring out how to get quotes on getting over someone is sometimes a challenging thing to do. It may even take up to a “lifetime” trying out different means.

It’s even harder when you find yourself in an environment that continually reminds you of that “one who put you in this dilemma,” and without proper guidance and help, you may end up opening closed wounds. But not to worry, I’ve got you covered; these are quotes about getting over someone and moving on.

19. You must close every passageway, doorway, pathway if you genuinely want to heal on time.

20. Now and then, your heart needs more opportunity to acknowledge what your brain knows. Your brain knows better.

21. Let go of your past, embrace your tomorrow and find true happiness.

22. If you continue holding on to the past, it will devastate you, destroy your future, and steal your treasure.

23. Healing doesn’t just happen on its own; you must let go.

24. The more you hold on to it, the more it kills you.

25. Sometimes, you have to decide to walk away from your past or let your future walk away.

26. If you lost it, then it’s not for you. Whatever is yours will find its way back.

27. Find the courage to say goodbye to the love that’s killing you softly and slowly.

28. Accept what it is and move on. Accept that it was never meant to be, and it can never be.

29. To let go of an unacceptable individual, you should hold nothing back from knowing exactly how you will cherish and love the right one.

30. Just like reading a novel, to know more, you read and move, therefore, move on to the next chapter of your life. You can’t stay on one page forever.

31. Look towards the future; what lies ahead is more significant than what you left behind.

32. Life too short to dwell on what’s gone. If you do, before you know it, it will be too late.

33. You don’t want to look older than your age. So stop thinking and move on.

34. Erase the unsuitable one and make room for the fortunate one because the right one deserves all the love.

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35. Evict all fake love because true love will surely surface.

36. Stop trying to fix but create the life you crave for.

Forgetting Someone Who Hurt You Quotes

If you are still reading this article, then I’m pretty sure you’re already getting answers with these quotes on getting over someone. You may also want to forget the pain and the hurt, and you also want to forget the individual who introduced it into your life.

This person must have mistreated you, that you even began to question love. This person must have hurt you so much that immediately they come into your mind, you wish you had a memory wiper.

You are worth more than Silver and diamond and don’t deserve to be hurt. For this reason and to help you, I have quotes on forgetting someone who hurt you. Read on!

37. You deserve better; make yourself a priority. Be number one on your checklist.

38. It would help if you ceased fantasizing that your relationship will improve.

39. Take care of yourself and your health; when you look good, you feel good.

40. Forgive and forget what and who hurt you when it happened and how it happened.

41. Bad dreams are meant to be forgotten, so is someone who brought pain.

42. Time heals, you may not forget now, but you will be whole again.

43. To annoy the individual who caused pain, you have to forgive. Nothing is more frustrating than when he/she see that you’re no longer in pain.

44. Always forgive to forget, and you won’t remember a single pain.

45. In forgiveness, you heal, In forgetting, you grow stronger.

46. The right person for you will never let you go through pain.

47. Let go of pain; holding on makes you weaker.

48. You are stronger than you think and wiser than you know.

49. There’s always Joy in the morning so, don’t let an unfortunate individual deprive you of that joy.

50. The right person for you places you in his care and does not endanger you.

51. The night is full of darkness, but the right person always brings light.

52. Forgive and never look back. Do not let the shadows of your past obscure your future.

53. You have to forget your past and start afresh. Show the world a new version of you.

54. Forgive her for the hurt and forget she exists.

55. Do not let an experience in a toxic relationship deprive you of your peace of mind.

Getting Over Someone You Never Dated Quotes

Sometimes our feelings and emotions get the best of us, and for this reason, I brought to you quotes on getting over someone. Seeing someone we love but never dated getting married or dating someone else can be extremely painful. And not wanting to be a rotten egg among good ones, we have to let go.

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Letting go may not be easy, but it’s worth the try. Let’s dive into Getting over someone you never dated quotes.

56. What is yours will get to you; don’t hold on to a feeling that should be buried.

57. Acknowledge what you feel; not everything should be left unanswered. You felt love; tell yourself. Do not lie or convince yourself otherwise.

58. To recover, do not deny your feelings. Sometimes you feel telling yourself it was just a silly crush is better, but it isn’t.

59. Tell yourself the truth; tell it as it is. Don’t build your feelings on barren ground.
60. Please do not rush to forget; everything has a timeframe and will happen on its own accord.

61. Develop yourself, create new habits and hobbies, make yourself better because creating new skills helps you move on.

62. Work on yourself and stay busy.

63. Accept what the situation is, accept that you loved wrongly, accept that you held on for too long, and move ahead.

64. Hold on for the future; what will be will be. Be happy and expectant for what the future holds.

65. There’s someone out there for you; close the door to the past and see it.

66. Be focus; do not endure the pain.

67. Realizing you were not meant to be is an excellent step to moving on.

68. You’re bigger than your emotions, so don’t let them control you.

69. Drive your attention to someone else and have all the fun you deserve.

70. There are other fishes in the ocean, so look for love elsewhere.

71. There are several doors; the one opened may be depriving someone worthy of stepping in, so shut the door and open a new door for someone to step in.

72. There’s someone out there for you who will love you the way you deserve to be loved and cared for you more than the way you want to be cared for.

73. Sometimes to get over it, you have to treat it like it was real.

74. Love doesn’t come with labels that say “LOVE,” so does heartbreaks, so treat it like a real relationship.

75. Be glad and proud you are capable of loving; don’t feel guilty for loving.

76. It would help if you pulled away to have peace.

77. Take your time to heal; you deserve it.

78. Don’t give anyone with an unrepentant heart that caused you pain a chance again. Let go of him completely.

79. Sometimes you need to cry for your happiness to surface. Cry because even though you never dated him/her, the feelings were real.

80. To let go, you have to mourn over that relationship.

So there you have it, Highly effective quotes on getting over someone to help you scale through any form of relationship. I hope this helps you more in every possible way.

I hope you had a lovely time reading this. So what do you think about these quotes? Tell me about your feedback. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share it with others, so they too can find succor too.

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