80 Best Friend Sister Poems That Make You Cry

Best friend sister poems that make you cry

You will agree with me that living without a friend can be very boring and life itself might not have meaning at all because, what is the essence of living without anyone to share your experience, feelings, challenges, joy, victories, and even your pains and your grief with, just like writing Best friend sister poems that make you cry.

To have a friend has become not just a norm for us as human beings but has become necessary for us to experience the providence of life and could be moved to write poems, just like Friend definition entails: A person other than a family member, spouse or lover whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection.

You have found yourself in situations that look so difficult, and challenging and look as if it is impossible for you to overcome but once you share it with your friend, she just gives you a piece of advice, and then what seems difficult and challenging becomes easy.

I’m sure we have found ourselves in such situations and we truly appreciate such a breakthrough. Hence, writing these lyrics makes the difference when it comes to appreciating the beautiful colors she has added to your life.

It is one thing to have a friend, it is another thing to have a best friend, amongst all of the friends you have, you have a particular one with that you tell everything, and who shares everything in common with you.

In fact, you might have some delicate differences but because of your love and consistency in your relationship with one another, you both have made a resolve to be together.

I know it’s very interesting and pretty much aware of that too. As you consider sharing these poems with her you are about to make her leap for joy.

More so, your friendship with a female counterpart always makes a difference. You see the tenderness, care, and concern that they have towards you regardless of the complexities that could come up as a result of their personality.

You will agree with me that once you have gotten her attention, she will always have you in mind forever. It’s beautiful to have them around. It is a good thing to share these poems to appreciate her for her commitment and also to move her to ecstasy and unspeakable joy.

You will see some messages that will blow her mind away once you decide to send it to her, they are inscribed below.

True Best Friend Sister Poems That Make You Cry

It is true we have a handful of people who we could refer to as loyal friends, who would do things to see us do well and be successful in life but, there is one of the packs that seem to be of the greatest commitment to us, and in fact, she is a lady, which makes it very special as you share these words with her on this very moment.

So much has she contributed to your life and you feel that writing true friendship poems will do the magic. You are right about that and I know for sure she deserves well-written poems as outlined below.

1. When I think of how life would have treated me,
How it would have pulled me here and there,
And have me face all my troubles all alone
Without anyone to check and sympathize with me
Or even be my strength to comfort me

You came in like the friend you have always been
And showered on me great love beam
You bore my shame and my disgrace
And became my hope and my grace.
I cherish your company always
And I will never take you for granted.

2. When I think of friendship before you came into my life,
I think of a scenario of a friend with benefits,
Just to be there for others because of the profit.
But when you came into the picture,
You showed me what true friendship is all about,

The commitment and dedication involved
How we are together against all opposing resolve
And making sure that we are fine against all odds.
And coming out strong together with a greater bond,
Then we started this race of true friendship.

3. I know for sure that in this great relationship,
You have been the one with the heart of Gold,
Making sure that we do not have a wreckage
When you know of me being disadvantaged by any breakage
Because Your commitment is second to none, and
As you daily pray that we should always be one
Without constantly being corrupted by strife,
But that we shall always enjoy the benefits and praises of this life.

4. Amongst ladies of virtue and honor,
You stand amongst them above their humor,
Your grace to bring things into order is beyond any resolute mind,
You live as though you’ve got everything in control
And indeed making, everything do well is your core role
How can I tell of your wonderful banner?
Because you are indeed formed in a mysterious manner.

5. Have you ever looked at the stars in the sky
They maintained a brotherhood of friends fascinated by the earth,
Having such a definite purpose to give light to the earthly ball
Your friendship is in resonance with theirs,
Like diamonds in the sky keeping me company continually
Even more than a brother you are always like a mother,
Shining your light brightly to guide my way,
Showing me which way to go like a sister you have always been.

6. Who would know that we share a very intimate communion,
That we have a deep connection in our union
Even when we quarrel or fight like angry birds,
Those times we exchange great offensive words

We seem like enemies at the war front.
But every time I cherish, those times we spent together
Our conflicts further bring us together and establish us better,
You are my muse to be a better person,
Taking your time to give me important friendship lessons.

7. How shall I forget your creativity and dexterity?
Your lovely patterns and skill of friendship,
How with your tender heart showed great maturity,
When I could not manage my anger
You were there to soothe my overwhelming manners.
Showing me what I really am
Compassionate and ever understanding.

8. I have tried various commitments and loyalties,
But yours indeed is second to none,
You gave me a reason to sacrifice all,
When you have already done so countless times.
How shall forget your graceful words?
That has encouraged me through thick and thin,
Showing me that you are a precious gift, and
That cannot be done without.

9. The past always lingers in my heart,
How you were ready to stand for me,
Even when I’m not strong on my part,
You made sure I stand and face all ills,
Contending against strong opposition,
That was resisting my position,
Yet you were always there as a preacher,
For a soul to be won swiftly won,
You engaged in everything that matters.

10. Your friendship is indeed one I have not regretted
And sure that regret cannot find its way about you.
I enjoy your company even better than my own sister,
You have become my Father’s progeny
Even with your caution and your questions,
You leave me speechless like your younger sibling,
But yet I enjoy every blast and boom you’ve invested,
I know I can’t repay but to be groomed,
You are important to me forever my friend.

11. Pressures here and there to be what I’m not
Daily I ask; who will love me for who I am?
It troubled me every time I’m faced with such questions
I thought I’d got people to please rather than myself,
But you came right into my life,

Singing songs that I have never heard before
That I can live and not be scared at all;
Thinking of what people will say;
But I could live and express myself;
And make others also cherish themselves.
Thank you for always being there.

12. When shall I see you again?
After this long journey, you have embarked on,
Even now I am missing your presence,
Those times when you are the only one there for me,
Telling me by your commitment how you want the best for me,
I now see without a veil that your heart is pure and sincere towards me,
How your friendship means so much to me,
I know for sure that you will soon come and stay with me.

13. The compound wails every day,
The game board continually worries me,
The swimming bubbles with questions daily
The cinema will not stop but to trouble me,
They usually will ask persistently,
Where is she, the one that keeps you company,
Dragging you with her to spots we have known,
When will she be back to you,
Because we can’t wait to see her face again.

14. I have daily wondered thoroughly,
If you were not an angel sent to me,
From the heavenly estate, you came to search for me,
Maybe you were lonely, looking for a friend,
Then you found me sitting on my stool,
Presenting to me, your heartfelt friendship,
That I have not received from anyone before.
How I so much cherish you.

15. What can I say about our quarrels?
Why was it important we had conflict?
Because even when we were in disagreement,
I know I cannot do without you and same to you,
We came together realizing our foolishness,
And we came back together stronger than ever.

16. The days we’ve spent together,
Is the way I want us to be forever,
You’ve made my days have meaning,
Even though about you I’ve always been yearning
Yearning for your friendly tutoring.
Above all, I’ve remembered about you,
Your compassion towards me is without dispute
You are my friend indeed, one that is my sister.

17. My life will be like the graveyard,
Existing only for the sake of living,
Without purpose, drive and impact,
And sure, to make the numbers of the population,
But your presence in my life made the difference,
You showed me a reason to live creatively,
And strengthened me to stand for it confidently,
Totally without doubt or fear.
Consciously, to make the true me appear.

18. I have always thought laden
Lost in the awareness of your rareness,
How when I am without the strength to press,
You showed up as my coach and mentor.
Who will know you are just my peer?
Who cares so much to save me from a stupor,

Concerned ferociously about how I fare,
As a mother, I’ve adopted you to be already.
I know you don’t really care about it,
The attention to these details and that,
About our friendship and all
But I see beyond all these things you stand for,
That’s why you are worth more than your doubts.

19. What shall I do without you,
When you are always there to be my strength,
When crazy storms and thorny bushes face me,
And my hope fails me without remedy,
All I see was impossibility wide upon my face,
But you came and rolled it away,
Your words are taken from compassion’s desk
Soothingly, carefully caressing my heart,
Healing me up and daring to make me stand.
Yes, a thousand rubies are not enough to pay you back my friend.

20. What?! I am greased all over,
Why would you do that?
Then a splash of water meets my face,
I ran all over to catch you to take my revenge,
You ran and hid behind the barn
Then I ran very fast and caught you by your dress,
All you did was laugh it all out,
I couldn’t do anything else but to join you to laugh,
How I missed those times,
You are so wonderful, so priceless to me.
My one and only best friend.

21. Yet, I’m continually surprised,
When we tell our dreams some days,
Looking as though we were in the same dream,
Experiencing the same adventure,
And side by side we run to reach the end,

And then we woke up at the same time,
Alas, we shouted at each other!
What are you doing in my dream?!
Then I know that we were destined together,
To live like this forever.
Yours sincerely, your one and only best friend.

22. My tender heart calls to you
In depths of love, I signal to you,
In stupendous grace, you are comely to me,
Verily, I am dumbfounded by the aura that speaks of you
The charisma that describes you,
Oh! How I long to spend my days with you,
That we may be together,
And be happy forever.

23. Let us hide together behind the trees,
That we may play together and our joy increase,
The common games and realities we play
Till we are lost in the frenzy of the day,
Laughing and screaming if we want to,
Far from the distractions that could do,
The ecstasy of our friendship is one that I desire,
Oh! How I wish we could have our own empire.

24. I have no regret knowing you,
Or if I may say, I am the one opportune to have known you
Every time I sit down to think about us,
I discovered you are a treasure hidden for my cause,
Your presence is of daily use to me,
Continually I see that together, we have to be,
You are all that is, to make me true,
Because in all that face us,
we have successfully pulled through.

25. Many words are not enough to describe your worth,
The way you’ve been, you’ve filled my thoughts.
All the myriad of your personality,
Has been a blessing to me in all entirety.
Even when all oppositions are constantly against us,
You did well to shove them away for our friendship cause.
You’ve always been my friendly muse,
To stand against all abuse.

26. Generations to come will sing our story,
How we have bonded together for our glory.
Either earth and other planets we abide
The stars and moon are our location they confide
We dare nature with the inventions of our partnership,
Even others have envied this friendship.
I’m sure you know we have no time but cruise all over together.

27. The ointment of your grace,
Spills all over my face
For I can’t deny your unwavering courage
To always calm my ferocious rage.
It is well known that I might not be as good as you,
But nevertheless, I compliment you.
Every time I am greatly bruised
You set me up making sure that indeed I am loosed.

28. I am forever indebted to you,
For your ever-loving kind nature.
You are indeed a rare gem, precious and priceless,
Because of all that you have done for me.
Where would I have been today,
if not for your unwavering strength,
To bear me up and encourage me,
Telling me that all is well with me.

29. My portions are with you, my friend;
The portions of a never-ending love;
Sincere with a great amount of purity,
Expressed with a determination to make and build,
After the model of everlasting communion,
That is forever satisfying with lots of hope and goodness.

30. Like the love of two doves,
Flying and cruising the sky above,
Pursuing hard in excitement and enthusiasm,
I found our friendship outside the walls of the prison,
Which life would want us to be subject to,
Race, age, gender, like, and dislike, play a major part
Too, our happiness and joy, tear apart,
Not knowing of my Oath to stump to the ground,
Anything that will naught our Joy abound.

My Best Friend My Sister Poems

Writing my best friend my sister poems is a very good way of appreciating her for all she has done for you. Just like writing poems, it makes it possible to express your heartfelt thoughts about the one you love and establish your friendship with strong words that excites her.

My best friend and my sister’s poems tell her more about your commitment, expectations, and fun moments you have exchanged together that have become sweet memories to be savored.

It will as well achieve a great deal of happiness when she gets her best friend’s sister poems that make you cry and ultimately open you both to a new season of friendship and excitement. Scroll through these underlined poems with rhymes and see the ones that can spice up your friendship for you.

31. Like a garden well tendered,
Is your heart perfectly mannered?
Flowing from five different sources to wet your soil,
Namely: love, joy, peace, self-control, and kindness.
You’ve overgrown your leaves and your fruits are beautiful,
How sumptuous they are filling my heart with joy,
As you are a sight for nations to behold.

32. I have a sacred poem book
Filled with all my heart poured out,
But yet, I can’t find it anywhere,
I’ve searched all over but nowhere to be found.
But when my thoughts began to cruise about you,
I stopped all I was doing to mesmerize your person,
Enchanted by your charisma,
Because all that’s in the poem book is all about you my friend.

33. We are not enemies but friends,
Why would I have this thought at all,
Well, it’s an assurance of our shared enterprise,
That we built together with both haste and patience,
In zeal towards one another
Or persistence to help raise our order,
I seem not to mind anything but everything about you,
You are all I know because of what we’ve sown.

34. Boomerang! Boomerang! Boomerang!
What it connotes in my heart is breaking me,
I’ve journeyed away for a while,
Away from you to make fresh deals,
Thinking our homemade pots are old and haggard,

But what do I find myself doing,
Coming back to where I have started,
Back to you again because none is like you,
For yours, it is just fair and true.
So, have I boomeranged back again to you?

35. Like the sun’s rays touching the earth,
It is like your love tending my heart.
How can I be so ungrateful to your commitment?
When you’ve made me your investment?
Just like the firmament, you’ve been very faithful,
Making it possible for the sun, moon, and stars to rule.
You are and even more, you’ve been,
The best person I’ve ever seen.

36. There was a gloomy time in my life,
I found myself in a dark place,
I discovered that it’s a long that has been there,
But no one seems to care
It never even crosses my mind,
That is where I started, I should return back.

But you came out of nowhere,
Life and Peace in your hands you bear,
Casting away the thoughts I fear,
Teaching me that love I should wear,
And those thoughts immediately all cleared.
Thank you so much, my friend, so dear.

37. I went to heaven last night to plead with God,
That we might be together forever.
I went to hades, to the belly of Sheol,
To warn the devil from touching you for Eternity.
I told all his demons to forget all about you because you are with me.
I went to the world court and swore an Oath,
To continue in friendship with you for many millennia.
I went to every person that makes up the population of the world,
And told them how lucky I am to be their friend.

38. Your words are grace-filled and thoughtful,
You are evidence of an advocate of what is good.
For me especially, you are an embodiment of a wonder,
As you do well to lay a good example in every way,
Truly, words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude to God,
For making you available to me,
To be for me a friend and a sister.

39. I cannot but say that I am lucky to have you,
You have performed so well, leaving me with no clue,
How you have come into my life even when due.
When all seems like it’s crumbling down on me,
You showed up like an angel assigned to me.
Every step I take you to want to know,
To give me counsel that will make me glow.
I can’t but say that you are indeed a great friend,
One sent forth that on her I depend.

40. Just like when I met you the other day,
When I saw you and my heart became lit and gay.
I couldn’t have recovered from that experience,
Because I know you want to make a difference,
In my life to make me enjoy all you stand for,
Values of love that exceed all forces.
And the determination to keep us together for so long,
To continually sing forever our true friendship song.

41. Journeying towards the horizon,
Where the sun is always setting
Discovering greater achievement ahead
That I might yield to the call I heard,
I couldn’t make the journey alone,
Because to fail I’m prone to,
But with you, I’ve always desired,
To go together I will be inspired,
To run the race and not be tired,
Perfectly till we reach the goal.

42. Champions are made not born to me,
Because of the one you have made me,
Aiding us through all my trials,
And strengthening through all denials.
Your courage inspires me even when I cower,
In bravery, you stood your ground with true power,
To shape our course in our favor of us,
Fumbling not when we have to pause,
But continuing when we have a cause,
In the end when we become the boss.

43. Even then when I desired a companion,
Even though my taste was great and loud,
You came into my life and beat my expectations hands down,
You were more than I expected,
You were too good to be called just a friend,
Even more than a companion, you are,
I see you more in a greater and better light,
You are my sister, born to be mine to love.

44. You are way too much of relevant to me,
A treasured treasure with great value and priceless,
Your contributions to my life are worth all I am,
Even the sacrifice you’ve made concerning me,
Speaks expressly of your great personality of great worth,
I can’t do anything without you, live without you,
And fulfill my purpose without you,
We are intertwined to cause a great effect on this generation,
And that is what we are going to do.

45. Like in the game of soccer,
A team stands together to push for a goal,
Another stand to counter the purpose,
But in the end, the end is met.
You have been to me, my team,
One that is dedicated to seeing me achieve my goal,
Even against all odds, you have proved supportive,
Even now, you have shown me your commitment,
To see that we fulfill our purpose together.

46. Like the sound of a sonorous voice,
Accompanied the violin, playing,
Creating a sweet precious melody in the ear.
You have been to me my compliment,
To add beauty to my life and style,
Showing me the true value of friendship, and
Establishing one that has become the talk of the world,
You are the best thing that had ever happened to me.

47. Beyond all controversies that surround us,
Against all negativity that proves to challenge us,
Have I become resolute beyond all reasonable doubt,
That we were made to be together,
To light and put off the candle on our cake,
See what we drink our lemonade after sports,
And wash our hands after they might have been greased.
Your presence in my life is the most valued and highly priced.

48. You are different from all that I’ve known,
You’ve always made my day, consistently loving me,
No one understands me the way you do,
Even when I cry, get angry, or become very happy,
You are able to handle me and show me that:
You are a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

49. Being desperate lies within my heart,
To let you know what I feel about you,
Even though I cannot let it fully out,
You are my muse, my inspiration, and my stir,
Augmenting my strength, my creativity, and productivity,
Every time I have fellowship with you,
To commune and rub minds together,
You encourage and bring out the best in me.

50. Truth be truly told
Your kind is conspicuously rare,
While I try to comprehend your personality,
And give me to think about it continually,
My mind goes nuts trying to grasp all about it,
But I discovered that all that doesn’t matter,
Because I’ve been convinced more importantly that;
You are who you are because you are indeed a friend.

51. I desire to be with you always
Then, I discover the best of my days,
I desire to look to you for all I care,
Because with you I have no fear,
Your essence has brought me Joy,
Unspeakably beyond all my toil,
I’ve found solace under your breath,
For your love, I have kept abreast.

52. How come you know all that I do?
How is it possible that my thoughts are laid bare to you,
Even when I tried to conceal a matter,
You discover me in a strange manner,
Over the years I’ve found none that care as much about me,
But you came around and showed me real beauty,
Of true friendship and companionship.

53. Like a moonlight tale being told,
Too many curious children unfold,
Piercing their hearts to know the truth,
Smiling to reveal their sincere tooth,
It came to them in words of happiness,
Creating in them the reason for joyfulness,
It’s the story of our friendship,
Setting a pace for a perfect partnership.

54. If you have I found pleasure,
And have no reason to forfeit it for anything,
I have found in you a treasure
Which I have found myself cherishing.
Your great words of comfort spur me on,
Pushing me faster than the shot of a gun,
Terrific I have become in goal setting,
Bracing me up for my purpose fulfilling,
All because I have found a friend you, sister.

55. Let’s see life without hurt,
Because we have come this far
To appreciate one another,
Let’s look beyond all who stand jealously,
To break the bond of our friendship,
Wanting to put an end to our never-ending trust,
We will do great together as one that we have been,
Seeing that I appreciate you beyond what you think.

56. Like a flowing confluence,
We have emerged, flowing together,
Breaking through great barriers,
Standards that are raised above us,
Making it difficult for us to compact,
Cringing us to make us fear our union,
But we have prevailed beyond all doubt,
Our challenges, their end have we seen,
Made us stronger to be one forever.

57. What’s the use of all that I have,
When I cannot find you around,
Even if I was offered more wealth,
I don’t think I can desire it above you,
You are more than treasures to me,
The expanse of your heart is so great,
Precious things reside in it abundantly,
I prefer the most destitute part of it,
Because it embeds the fulfillment of your love.

58. Looking here and there,
There seems to be nothing pleasing to me,
But you came around to make me good,
You seem to everyone as though you have no breath,
But you are to me my strength,
My encourager and my pillar.
I am proud to be your friend and more as a sister,
To me also you are a season of happiness.

59. I am indeed indebted to your love,
Your commitment is second to none,
Pleasing me was so difficult but you broke the protocol,
You told me that there is always a place in people’s hearts.
By the way, you spoke and addressed me, you always respect me.
Praising me, scolding me, and loving me at the same time.
You are indeed a friend and a sister.

60. When they were toppling down on me,
Like a tower falling from its heights,
I could not even muzzle up the strength to break away from its impact,
But you came around and strengthened me with words,
As if you knew what I was experiencing,
Like a savior, you delivered me from the pending danger,
And showed me the way out of it,
Your kind of wisdom is one in a million.
You will be forever loved by me, my sister, and my friend.

Sisters Not By Blood But By Heart Poems

We have been in the world for a while now and we have met a lot of people, adults, children, males, and females. We have seen some as friends, many as accomplices, and had many more relationships on neutral ground, but not many suit us as a friend like a sister; the ones we can write sisters not by blood but by heart poems.

When life becomes fortunate to us, we encounter such people as this class of people who if they are not in existence, I don’t know what the world will look like. Writing friends like sister poems makes it easy to convey such a message as to value and appreciate such people in your life.

When writing friends like sister poems or sisters not by blood but by heart poems, it is expressing touching poems, invariably telling a story in a coded manner to reveal your heartfelt feeling concerning her and boosting her confidence about her trust in you. What do you think?

Just like these poems, you can write mind-blowing sensational poems that can create an image of love and commitment to your friend who has been your sister which has been drafted below with rhymes.

61. We are bound perfectly like Joyce and Meyer,
And are bound together to sing hallelujah,
Even on the days we play and eat plenty of suyas,
We are sure to redress and pray the prayer.
Are we not friends with a lot of benefits,
Of love and joy that perfectly fits,
We know we live and will enjoy life forever,
We cannot but thrive and fulfill our purpose together.

62. You know I dote over you expecting nothing,
Savoring the times I have spent with you,
Relishing your presence above food and drinks,
In the talks and gist that you engage me in, I crave,
My solidarity and loyalty belong to you,
Because of your fondling grace that has overwhelmed me graciously,
My friend and my sister love me.

63. Like a sister would, so is my affection for you,
Feminine and tender having the sense of a mother,
Sincere at heart with all humility and tenderness,
Considerate in all things allowing for all wrongs to pass,
But love and compassion filled is my soul’s passion,
For you to see that we are to be fitted together,
Benefiting from one another to make a unique duo,
Through a lifelong period of time love.

64. Your kind, in particular, is very rare,
Because there is no other person like you,
No one can take your place for all I care,
Because what you’ve shown me as a friend still stands out,
You are a pearl in the earth with no duplicate, also
Expensive and honorable without fear,
What you render is what is true and always good,
You always make a difference.

65. Our bond is beyond genetic makeup,
Even before thoughts were inscribed in the sand of time,
Before genetic codes and modes were determined,
We have been destined to be together,
Our friendship elapsed in the beginning,

Even before the foundation of the world,
The angels and spirits celebrated our communion,
And relegated thoughts of our separation,
How lucky I’m I to have you get my back,
My friend and sister from another mother.

66. You smiled when the world frowned at me,
You encouraged me when it discouraged me,
You edified when it wants to pull me down,
You stayed strong by my side when all could not be patient with me,
You became my one and only friend, when I became everyone’s enemy,
You are one who has always been faithful to me beyond all reasonable doubt,
Continually building the best in me when there was no hope,
I am indebted to your continual doggedness in goodness,
My one and only friend and Sister.

67. These little things you do are worth more,
They are more priceless to me than you think,
Even when you do them, it looks as though I never took thought,
But deep down in my heart, I found solace in them,
They bring me down to my knees and appreciated everything,
Even though I did it from my heart,
Never stop doing what you do,
But continue to make my heart new, my sisterly friend.

68. Girl, how amazing you are!
From scratch, you’ve always been my pal,
Wowing me like I’ve not known you before,
What shall I owe this your wonderful personality,
You speak more than words you live,
Setting before me a pace to tread,
I joyfully adopt your trend because you influence me easily,
Girl, I will be your fan beyond menopause.

69. Friendship with you, nearer to God,
Continually, you lead me to my Lord, also
Communing and fellowshipping you taught me,
The greater worth of life you showed me,
How selfless you have expressed yourself,

Being an example of deeper love,
Walking the course of a truer cause,
By the enlightenment of the One above,
Finally escaping the bounding curse.
Just by communicating with you, my truest friend.

70. We love to sing
It has always been our thing, Our thing, our being
This thing in you, in me
It just Keeps us on
Humming through tears and laughter
Our beautiful song is birthed
Oh my, We could go on and on

Please don’t stop
Give me those rhymes girl
Please don’t stop
Sign me your treble
And you are my tenor
No, we won’t stop!
‘Cos, we love to sing.

71. And there she walked into my life,
First unknown and fast a sister,
Illuminating me with her penetrating light,
Like a cool breezy night with shooting stars.
Though, We shared not the maternal umbilical cord,
Nor from a nipple suck. But her love,
Untainted and strong like a sister’s bond,
It relieves my soul as a sleeping dove.
You whom I knew not days ago distant,
Have become my friend like a sister.

72. Gently chiding my soul is thy laughter,
The essence of thine happiness makes me love more,
In a sensational way, you make me go gaga,
Telling the story of friendship with great humor,
Of properties of dance, they are intact,
Expressing your frenzy with great impact,
With experience, I will live forever,
I will cherish in pleasure all that you represent.

73. We are not knitted by birth but in the heart,
Channeled together to live together,
Expressing hobbies and thoughts share us in chatter,
Even affliction could not tear us apart,
But we scale through all that bothers us,
We called to fears and looked them in the face,
Doing great wonders in true patterns,
Without betrayal but trust in great measures.
With friendship so fresh as the morning dew and droplets.

74. You are pretty Intelligent and classy,
Such an extraordinaire exceeding all, shining very bright,
A template for many generations to come,
Because of your unceasing fashion of care,
Stocking piles of goodness up to the roof,
Without room for misbehavior and selfishness,
You are indeed one in a million dear.

75. You are a special gift,
Packaged in this little body of yours,
Though misleading, it’s revealing,
The truth about what you stand for,
You could not keep it a secret, because it’s all over you,
Your humor, kindness, and your meekness,
They trap me in oblivion without deep understanding,
Of who you truly are, a reed of love breed.

76. My friend, my sister,
Celebrating you is not an overreaction,
But desperate action to show you how much I love you
Your passion for me is service to me,
Even in the face of contradictions, you held me close,
None could have done what you did,
But you showed yourself strong and reliable,
You are the best, the special one in my life.

77. If I write a story about you,
It’s not enough to describe you,
Except by poetic inclinations,
Defining in you in words as precious as thoughts,
Gathered together to specially elate your emotion,
Which is not feigned but a true motive,
To show you what you mean so much to me.

78. The content of my heart is so lovely,
For it is sealed like the books of the magicians.
Deep inside is where love lives.
Stronger even than death, and nothing can defeat,
I’m blessed to have you around me,
And the earth witness that you mean more than life to me
Feeling every of your thought very strongly in my heart.

79. Many may be tender but you are more tender.
While the darkness think I was weak,
You, my dear friend made me see
And, encouraged me to always fight back.
You have been a friend even more than a sister could be.
If there are words deeper Than love
I could have used one without hesitation
The reminiscence of old times is becoming Stronger,
Life must bring forth fruit like you like every second count

80. Celebrate with me for I have found a friend.
A faithful one is who I am very close to
Thou which we come not forth of the same water and blood,
But we share the same thoughts in our minds.
Thou art more than a friend for your strength can not be compared.
Your words are heavier than the measure of sea sand.
And more honorable than the signet ring of a king.

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