70 Best Friend Birthday Poems that Make You Cry

Best Friend Birthday Poems that Make You Cry

Best friend birthday poems that make you cry are for that particular friend who’s everything to you. In life, there are friends who have become more like siblings and family to us and in one way or the other, they have added so much beauty to our daily lives and experience.

Along the same line, it’s therefore true, that the most amazing gift one can be gifted with on this side of eternity is the gift of true friends who have been through thick and thin with us.

Hence, for a well-deserved true friend like yours, these poems are the emotional birthday wishes for best friends written as poems to set the tone for their birthday and to create a memorable day they will never forget for a lifetime.

As they say: “true friends are hard to come by.” Therefore, having one that you can call a best friend for a lifetime is a great blessing. So, feel free to take from our extensive list of poems.

Then show your amazing best friend that you value and treasure him or her with these heart-touching birthday poems and thank me later.?

Heart Touching Birthday Poems for Best friend

Heart Touching Birthday Poems for Best friend

Heart-touching birthday poems for best friends on their birthday will go a long way in relaying how much you cherish the day they were born into this world. Find below the most beautiful birthday poems for your best friend.

Poem Wishes For Best Friend

1. Wishing you joy more than the eyes can see.
Happiness is deeper than the depths of the sea.
The vibe that’s strong as a song that’s so deep.
Blow the candles as much as you can.
Happy birthday best friend!

2. Be active like Music.
Captivating the heart with rhythms.
Like a song, alternating between verses and chorus.
Glide higher, like the eagle in the sky,
Take the lead, the new heights are yours.
Enjoy every love that comes with your day.
Happy birthday, dearest!

3. You’re a unique friend that I treasure,
I heart you, my best-loved friend.
We’ve stuck together through thick and thin,
You earned it, you are worth the admiration,
And much more you deserve all the accolades.
Let’s have a blast, happy birthday, best friend!

4. If you need a shoulder, count me in,
For my best friend, I’ll go the extra mile.
Your thoughts I hold dear in my heart,
Eat the Cakes, blow out the candles.
I’m happy to share in your joy today.
Here’s the birthday verse for you,
Happy birthday my best friend.

5. Happy birthday my best friend,
beautiful times, we always share.
happiness and joy are common lines,
Since you’ve been my best friend,
Friends forever and always!

6. You’re my best friend, whom I treasure so much,
The love we share has added so much.
We’re in for a lifetime for sure;
And you’re the one I trusted this much.
Happy birthday, besties!

7. You’re a true friend, that I can trust.
Our trust in each other has no bound.
We’ve been through thick and thin,
but we’ve thrust through with trust
I trust you like my heart.
Enjoy all the love, Happy birthday, Bestie!

8. You are my best friend and you know,
On this day of your birthday,
I wish you all the new heights,
Because you are made for the top,
No matter what, your place is at the top.
May you get all the desires of your heart,
Happy birthday to you!

9. Your heart is the magnet,
That pulls me to you.
Like a musical note,
That moves me to the core.
Happy birthday, best friend.

10. I can’t turn back the hands of time
Nor do I want to go that route
So every day is a new day
When shared with you
A lovely trip

A journey of adventure
That’s what it is, when
Shared with a true friend
Happy Birthday, best friend!

11. I’ve uttered many words
I’ve given many rhymes
I’ve picked up many verses
Here are the lines of the song for you
Yet, through this melody
By your side, are the cakes and candles
And a toast for your birthday.
Happy birthday to you, Bestie!

12. What did I do to deserve your kindness
You are simply the best friend
I have you to thank for being there
You are such a loyal friend,
One thing is for sure,
This friendship will last for a lifetime.
Happy birthday, best friend!

13. There’ve been many friends
There’ve been different sides to life
There’ve been times of ups and downs
There’ve been moments we let go of ourselves
From sight to off-sight.

I know friendship isn’t a cushy task
But you’ve been there all the way.
Hugs and kisses. Xoxo
Happy birthday, darling friend!

14. My bestie, I am what I am today
because I met the most amazing person
You’re the beautiful reason
Behind the admiration that has grown with me
And how my life has molded up

I have many great things to be thankful for
You are one of the best things that have happened to me
You’ve given me 10,000 reasons to be thankful today
My life is made complete because of your timely contribution
Here’s my toast on your birthday celebration
Happy birthday, best-loved friend!

15. Words uttered on birthdays
Are important and always come true
Here are my warmest wishes for you
May you achieve everything you seek
May never be a moment in your life
When you are clueless about life
I wish that you move to new heights
And walk into more joy and happiness
Friend, you know that I got your back
Happy birthday, friend!

16. Our friendship has no end
It cannot be measured by the time
Our friendship flows like an ocean
It adjusts according to love and affection
Our friendship is mouthful like cake
It is tasty, precious, and never fake
Our friendship feels good and unfeigned.
Here’s wishing you a beautiful happy birthday dearest!

17. On your birthday, here are my words of affirmation.
I promise every birthday I will always attend
During hard times, I will always be there
I wish you great success and advancement
Even if I am at the end of the earth
I’ll always come to say
Happy birthday to my best friend

18. We’ve had a lot of fun together
Our friendship is meant to be
Not a single day to regret
Not now or ever
Bestie is what we really are
Even in the coming days
You’ll remain my best friend forever
Happy birthday, friend!

19. Best friends help each other get better
And listen to each other advice
Best friends help each other aim higher
And they rejoice in each other success
Best friends keep each other words

To keep each other focused and steadfast
Best friends are precious jewels
Happy birthday, dearest!

20. In my down times
You’ve encouraged me
You’ve turned every situation
To a fun-filled atmosphere
You’ve never created doubt
Whenever I felt that my world
Was in distress and turmoil
You reminded me to calm down
And keep faith alive to sail the storm

Whenever things go south and tough
You reassure me of hope that never disappoints
No matter the bleakness of the night
I have you to call a friend in all seasons of life.
I am thankful. Happy birthday, my best friend!

Top Best Friend Birthday Poems That Make You Cry

Short Birthday Poems for Best Friend

Here are short birthday poems for best friend collection. So, for more fun on these poems, pick from our extensive list of birthday rhymes for best friends.

21. Happy Birthday to my best friend,
I’ll always be there for you ’till the end of time
Warmest wishes on your Birthday!

22. Another year is here friend
And as you turn to blow out the candles
Remember you’re the best friend I’ve ever wanted
And nothing comes close to sharing this moment with you
Sending you love and blessings for your 21st birthday!

23. Be happy when my wishes come,
be happy when you blow out candles,
be happy when the song gets so deep
be happy because is your birthday!
Wishing many more years of happiness and joy.
Happy birthday!

24. With you, a bleak sight becomes a new dawn
With you, the best days here
A toast to you on this day
Happy birthday, bestie!

25. You are an addition to my life
Is way too deep to describe
It’s true that best friends like us
Are precious jewels
Happy birthday dearest

26. Nothing on this side of eternity can separate us
In fact, if everything changes, we’ll still be together
Happy birthday, bestie! I love you.

27. I know, there will come a day
When being off-sight may affect things
But no matter what,
You’ll remain dear to my heart.
Happy birthday, bestie!

28. Destiny has a way of bringing the best people to us
To give us a brand new life with them
Such is the incredible person I have found in you
Wishing you a very happy birthday friend.

29. Together we will be
And nothing else matters
Thank you for being you
Happy birthday, best friend!

30. It’s so much fun being your friend
It is the most beautiful thing I know
When you are by my side, nothing is impossible
Happy birthday, dearest friend.

31. Hanging out with you is so cool
It runs deep into my heart and soul
May all your dreams always come true
That’s my wish for you for your birthday celebration
Happy birthday, best friend!

32. One more Cake to share
One more reason to smile
Yes, another time to blow out the candles
One more occasion to make wishes
One more special event to celebrate you
Happy birthday, best friend

33. It’s another special moment
To celebrate you and raise a toast
To a good lifestyle of virtue
May this beautiful birthday
Bring you lots of happiness
Happy birthday, best friend!

34. We may have our differences
Regardless of the good and bad times
It seems we stuck together forever
Through the ups and downs
May we continue to wax strong in love
Happy birthday to a great friend.

35. Best friends are made
Not only in sweet moments
But most importantly in hard times
May we always grow together
Forever, encouraging each other.
Happy birthday, bestie!

36. A toast to a good friend
But before you cut the cake
And blow the candles
Say your wishes because
Birthday always comes true
Happy birthday.

37. With you by my side
A dim night becomes a bright morning
Without you, even the best of days
Become draggy and full of boredom.
I am always inspired by you.
Happy birthday, best friend!

38. Your daily contribution to my life
Is way too significant to describe
All I know is that best friends like us
Are made from heaven
Happy birthday, dearest!

39. It’s a bonnie morning bright and sunshiny day
Just keep an eye on the Cake, making all the Candles sway
Happy birthday, dearest.

40. Here comes a calm sunset, after a blowy afternoon
Weather so beautiful to thrum a groovy tune
Such awe-inspiring feelings your birthday brings
So make the music let me dance and sing
Happy birthday, dearest!

Funny Happy Birthday Poems for Best Friends

Funny Happy Birthday Poems for Best Friends

Trust me, these funny happy birthday poems for best friends will bring fun-filled laughter to that your best friend’s birthday celebration.

Summer Birthday

41. comes around just once each year,
Create a sensational ambiance.
Turn up the party, from start till end,
Feel the vibe, smile, and raise the glass
Make the summer birthday outfits glide
It’s a cheery day, just keep an eye on the Cake
Making all the candles tilt and sway
Summers birthday, all wishes come true,
Cheers and grins. Happy Birthday!

42. I wish you something, beautiful money can’t buy,
Jeez, you have all it takes to fly
It is clear you are made for new heights
Keep me in the loop when you reach the heights
Reach the height with color so right,
In the background, deck it with a tune so tight
On this new level, I can feel the cake with the candlelight
It’s your birthday bestie. Happy birthday!

43. A birthday should always be a joyous time,
Friends and acquaintances; coming in mass.
With many gifts, you may not like,
If you sigh a bit, might get a hit
Of a truth, you know that they care,
Happy birthday, dearest!

44. Stay in the lane, it’s not time to close down.
Keep faith alive and strive to keep the vibe.
A birthday comes once a year,
Make laughter and jokes your vibe,
Build up on both, all through your day.
Happy birthday!

45. Written with the choicest ink,
Concealed with kisses.
Here’s a question for you:
Are we friends, or are we not?
You once told me, but I forgot!
Happy birthday!

46. Happy birthday!
You are getting older,
Funnily getting old doesn’t come cheap,
So feel all those witty parties,
And wait to get some more.
But be happy you’re young at heart,
And still, look as good as a diamond.

47. This birthday wish comes once a year,
Trust me, it may be over soon,
But its message is timeless
Because it comes with lots of hard currency.
Happy birthday!

48. This gift is to crack you up,
It’s good for your birthday,
Now take a stroll with it to Disneyland,
With Popcorn and Coke.
Happy birthday, old fart!

49. Today is your birthday, don’t pull the curtain,
Neither look through the window,
Don’t think we like your face,
Not when you are twenty-one, *winks*
I’m kidding! you’re super pretty and I love you.
Happy birthday.

50. I don’t want to make you chuckle,
But I still want to burst your bubble.
Only smile when I give you the knuckle,
Fasten your buckle and be ready for my trouble.
I knew you would frown but deep inside you smile *winks*
Happy birthday, dearest!

Birthday Poems for Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

It does feel great to have a friend with mutual trust and support. Here are the beautiful birthday poems for best friends forever that will convey the wonderful thoughts you have about him or her.

So, why not pick any of these birthday poems and let them feel the vibe of their birthday celebration?

51. I’m wishing you another year
Of strength, joy, and fun,
goodness, love, and peace,
I pray all your wishes come true,
Happy birthday, bestie!

52. I trust you feel blessed in your heart,
As another birthday is here today,
It’s the perfect time to say again
that you mean the whole world to me.
Happy birthday, darling friend!

53. On your birthday I wish you,
An adorable gift that your heart desires.
To my best friend forever, Happy birthday.

54. May all your wishes come true.
May this season be filled with great satisfaction,
And your birthday be perfect like you!
Happy birthday, BFF!

55. All your birthdays have been
A touch of beauty to me
I’m really thankful to have you
As my best friend, I can count on.
Happy birthday, dearest!

56. Every one of your birthdays
Brings happy memories of your kind heart.
Happy birthday, my best friend!

57. Dear friend, your birthdays,
Reminds me of your warmheartedness
And your willingness to help others;
You are a gift to the rest of us.
Happy birthday, bestie!

58. Too many great things you are gifted with
And you’ve been a joy to the whole world.
Happy Birthday to one in a million.
May you enjoy many more years of joy.

59. I’m wishing you a very special birthday
You will live to be thankful for,
A birthday packed with treasure untold,
Your very best birthday ever is now.
Happy birthday, darling friend!

60. Birthday comes once a year,
So I’m wishing a great blessing,
And that happiness and joy and fun
Will fill your birthday!
Happy birthday!

Birthday Poems for Someone Special

Poems for Someone Special

Birthday poems for someone special listed below have the perfect lines for that special person in your life. So feel free to send one of these cute birthday poems to give him or her the best birthday experience ever.

Are you asking yourself: “Who can write me a poem for me?” Please visit WriteMyPaperHub and experts will create your own poem for you.

61. Another very special day is here
It’s the birthday of a rare gem
May you find this very birthday
To be one with lots of open doors.

Always dream more
because dreams do come true
All that you can conceive
That you can achieve.
Happy birthday!

62. I am sending your way this lovely poem
To bring wishes to the most amazing person
I hope that this big day of your birthday
Is filled with things you love and value.
Congratulations. Happy birthday!

63. Here are my wishes that are tailor-made for you, friend.
Today is your special day and I’m so happy,
That I’m gifted with the most wonderful person.

Here are my wishes for you:
May all the dreams you quest for,
Be realized on this special day,
May your joy continue forever.
Happy birthday to you!

64. A special person you are to me
You deserve the best accolades
So may this birthday and the ones after
Bring you the best that life.
Happy birthday.

65. Wishing you much happiness and joy
On this special day,
You were born into this world
And for the coming year
May God’s blessings flood your path.
Happy birthday

66. I am thankful for your birthday
Because it reminds me of your impact in my life
May God fill your life with happiness
Lots of love! Happy birthday, best friend!

67. The greatness you’ve added
To those in your path,
If I could give you one thing at a time
I want to love you more:

I wish you peace in everything you do.
And always remember I heart you

May all your wishes come true this year
Because to me, you are the best.

68. This birthday came so fast
I felt it was like yesterday
We had your birthday bash
And now another birthday is here.

How time flies! Birthday of special
People seem to come so fast
Happy birthday to a rare gem.

69. Here is a wish that says:
Joy, beautiful days be yours
Greatness, peace of mind,
And laughter be yours
Therefore, be thankful, friend.
God got your back.
Happy birthday to you.

70. May God keep your heart in peace,
When you are faced with life challenges,
When the night seems dim,
May it dawns with bright light
When life seems cold;
May your faith keeps you warm.
More wins dearest. Happy birthday to you!

71. Here are my wishes that are tailor-made for you,
Today is your big day and I’m so happy,
That I’m gifted with the most wonderful person,
On this side of eternity.

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