100 Happy Birthday Mom Poems That Will Make Her Cry

Happy Birthday Mom Poems That Will Make Her Cry

Choosing this special day to celebrate a unique heart in a meaningful way with birthday mom poems for joy is a beautiful thought from you!

Even the whole creation feels the essence of mothers in making life go on and on. Though, seemingly weak in strength, they stand as the major factor for the continuity of life even in all forms of creation.

With this, I think we should reconsider labeling them as ‘the weak.’ Rather, they have been our strength from conception to birth till adulthood, they definitely deserve the best happy birthday mom poems that will make her cry in ecstasy.

Obviously, so many things and events have wonderfully appreciated our mothers in the past, from ‘nursery rhymes for moms’ to ‘special poems for mothers’. However, these beautifully written meaningful verses are a product of good hearts’ thoughts, wishes, desires, and appreciation for our moms.

Written with lovely rhythms and rhymes and displays the sweet touch of a grateful heart that has experienced a mother’s care.

As you send and share these meaningful birthday poems, watch your mom cry uncontrollably, for no reason but joy! It’s her special day and with this collection of poems, wishes, quotes, speech, and messages, let’s together help her release tears of joy as she embraces the words in these lines.

Enjoy and remember, ‘the heart makes the mom, much more than the bond or ties.’

Short Birthday Poems for Mom

We count years to celebrate people, but do you know that every single day matters in our lives?

Moms know this and therefore they live every single day for us. They relentlessly contribute to our lives every single day. Therefore, on this special day of theirs, we choose to celebrate them even with short birthday poems for mom.

A day in a whole year is only a fragment of the appreciation that moms are worthy of. They are worthy to be celebrated every single day! Therefore, with these short birthday poems for moms, we can make each day count for our moms.

Get some short birthday poems for mom and make the whole day in this New Year in moms’ lives a year to remember!

1. It’s only the beginning of another year,
I already see a life without fear.
With you by my side,
I can take the ride.
Happy birthday mom!

2. The perfect mirror of love,
You show affection way beyond the shore.
Beautiful are you mom,
Happy birthday to you my love.

3. Drawing from your reservoir of wisdom,
Drinking from your spring of love.
Spending from your wealth of knowledge,
It’s been more than I ever thought,
More than I could have sought.
Happy birthday mom!

4. This is a gift too small,
For the one who’s my all,
Just take it with love,
As a gift of words,
Happy birthday mom!

5. On this special day,
I have specially composed for you,
All I’ve ever had to say.
Though wrapped in words again,
I present it to you this day,
In a special way.
Happy birthday dearest mom!

6. You’ve helped me to dream,
Gave me more zeal.
You’re the reason my days,
Have been real and safe.
Happy birthday to you.

7. To the best mom in the world,
You are more than a mom.
My affection for you,
Is so mild,
As well as wild.
Happy birthday to you,
There’s no match for you.

8. As an endless sea that flows,
So does your love show,
To me and the family,
We know you’re our lily,
Happy birthday, mother,
The one who gives us no reason to bother.

9. You’re a strength the world needs,
Craves and cries for as a creed,
I see the way you stand strong,
Even when all seems wrong,
Making all wrongs right
As giving the storms of the night,
A sweet calm.
Happy birthday!

10. You mean more than money to us,
‘Cos you give your all,
Spending your time and love,
In exchange for my pain and hurt.
Happy birthday my priceless jewel!

11. The smile on your face,
It looks just like the sunrise.
At twilight,
Your smile is still right,
Perfect for the sunset.
Happy birthday ma’am

12. In the midst of chores,
I am your primary one.
In between jobs,
I am your first client.
You make me your priority,
Never seeing me as a liability.
Happy birthday, mother,
You’re the best.

13. Happy birthday mom,
You keep me warm.
In love and affection,
How do I repay the passion,
As shown to me over the years,
With my heart, I bless.

14. Seems that nature celebrates with you today,
There’s a special shine to the sun this day.
A unique blue to the skies also,
Making the day glow.
Happy birthday to you ma.

15. Dear mother, so tender,
Bright and full of wonder.
What a great gift from God,
A blessing this day to all.
Happy birthday dearest mom!

16. Happy birthday,
It’s the end of an age,
The start of another season.
May it bring love and grace.
Beyond every human reasoning.

17. Happy birthday mom,
You’re the best of all,
I would even give a bet,
That none can beat your love.

18. To a peculiar woman,
Who never tries to be good,
But is naturally the best.
Who never tries to do good,
But naturally does best.
Happy birthday mom!

Best Happy Birthday Mom Poems That Will Make Her Cry

It is no longer a doubt that mothers are indeed special. They are a special breed with so much wrapped inside of them that their physique totally contradicts.

It is impossible to ignore mothers’ hearts, be it biological moms, foster moms, friends’ moms, or even spiritual moms. Irrespective of the race and tribe, God definitely gave mothers’ a special heart. This deserves that we especially celebrate mothers with ‘mother birthday poems for her special day.’

Your mom has demonstrated so much love, it’s time to also show her some love with mother’s birthday poems for her special day.

Read through and happily send her some birthday poems as a token of love and wait to see the glow on her face.

19. Speechless…
So blameless and spotless,
Are your ways as I gaze,
At your love so flawless,
Truly I’m amazed.

Now I can’t find the word,
The speech was good enough,
To flaunt in the world.
Happy birthday my mom.

20. Royalty…
Happy birthday to you this day,
It’s a privilege, Your Grace.
I’m happy to be here again,
To witness your new age.

Always and forever,
I thank God who is our Father,
Who gave me like a princess,
To a queen so blessed.

21. My Life…
I needed a womb to stay,
God put me in yours.
I needed the heart to pray,
Your heart does this every day
You’re all my reason for life,
Happy birthday to you,
The reason I live.

22. My Pillar…
When all walls seemed to be crumbling,
I held on with my eyes closed,
Looking directly into hope.

It seemed too little at first,
To hold on to.
But then you showed me strength.

It was there all along,
I couldn’t see how firm it was.
Happy birthday to my pillar!

23. Breaking Rules…
You gave me rules,
For my good,
I broke the laws,
You still showed me much love.

You let me know,
That you’ve broken laws for me though.
Not teaching me to be a lawbreaker,
Making me know that love is no joker.

Going on to fall,
Barriers until there are no walls.
Happy birthday mom,
This is just a sum.

24. Best of all…
Best of all I bargained for,
You’re a heart so expensive and priceless.
It seems only like yesterday,
When I found my way into your arms.
Happy birthday ma’am.

25. Enchanted…
The moments spent with you,
Gives me a bond with you.
Now I can’t make a move,
Without you.
You’ve enchanted me,
Happy birthday!

26. Precious stone…
I found a stone so rare,
In whose arms I was reared.
A stone so blessed,
Strong when tested.
Happy birthday, my precious stone.

27. Priceless…
Oh, the earth is so filled with hearts,
Blessed with the rain of love.
But, there’s this priceless heart,
Refreshing is her rain of love.
Happy birthday, mother!

28. More than a fantasy…
I’ve wanted to be in paradise,
Thinking it was just a fantasy.
I woke up in your arms,
Now it’s more than a fantasy.
Happy birthday to you my world!

29. Real…
You are ever real and right,
You bring the experience of the wild,
Right before my eyes,
So I’m full of wisdom now,
Of the world out there.
I’ve seen it all here,
Right before your eyes.
Happy birthday to the most real mother!

30. Never a joke…
Happy birthday mother love!
You’re never a joke to me,
Always a thing of pride for me.

31. My Ego…
If anyone speaks evil of you,
Or looks down on you,
It damages my ego,
You’re such a virtue I can’t let go.
Happy birthday mom!

32. Never surrendering…
When life’s troubles push me to the wall,
And its storm tilts me to the edge of the hill.
I never surrender to its heat and all,
Rather I press to stay on your words,
It gives me the confidence to fight on.
Happy birthday mom!

33. Raised flags…
You never dragged,
Nor lowered,
All your standards.
Every flag you raised
Showed me the way,
So as not to fade away.
Happy birthday!

34. Unconditional…
No reason attached,
To why you love me so much.
I’ll be so committed,
To make you happy in return.
Happy birthday mom!

35. My compass…
As we sailed together for years back,
You led me through every path,
Taught me not to slack,
But to patiently sail the path.
Happy birthday my compass!

Heartfelt Birthday Poems to Mom from Daughter or Son

It’s the start of a new year for mom, which means the start of another year full of emotions, stress, pain, joy, love, and fun moments and experiences between mom and her children.

As daughters and sons, we have made them go through a whole lot of experiences. On a day like this, however, we can make up for the apologies, appreciation, encouragement, and supports we never gave them with heartfelt birthday poems to mom from daughter or son.

Whether a son or daughter, the tender words of the heart with which the heartfelt birthday poems to mom from daughter, or son have been written is what makes it heartfelt and worthy to be presented to your mom from you.

Below are the touching poems that are heartfelt price from a daughter or son.

36. I promise to be better
As I grow older.
Now and every day,
I see what it takes,
To be a great mother,
Nothing can put us asunder.
Happy birthday, mother!

37. The tears of joy I shed today,
And the laughter that bursts off my lips.
The words I speak today,
To appreciate your love and all.
Won’t be comparable,
For you are so lovable.
Happy birthday, mom.

38. Beyond doubt and sphere,
Of every mother and child,
We are the world’s best pair.
Happy birthday, mother!

39. Waking up today,
I looked back at the past days.
Months and years,
Spent with a heart so dear.
I can’t but thank God,
For a woman like yours.
Happy birthday, mom.

40. I’m glad you’ve captained my ship,
All the way from childhood.
Though I was lazy and asleep,
You drove me through adulthood
Giving me the best experience in life,
Wish that you enjoy this day,
As I ask God to make you happy and safe,
He’ll give you also the best sail.
Happy birthday my captain!

41. As I ran up and down steeps,
You ensured I didn’t slip,
You’d rather be the one in pain.
Making sure that I was safe.
This day is special for you,
For being a great woman and my mom.
To you every honor is due,
Happy birthday mom!

42. You’re my queen,
Your rule is sweet.
You are always keen,
On my welfare and affairs.
I’ll never put another,
Above you forever.
Happy birthday, dear mom!

43. I’m glad and excited
That I grew up under no other,
Thank you.
You’ve shown pure love,
Stayed true to your call,
As a mother and companion,
To me and to all,
That longs for a mother’s touch.
Happy birthday mom!

44. You are the best mother bird,
When you spread your wings,
It is like a bed.
That gives such a rest.
Found nowhere and in non-else.

I’m I assured that when I sleep and dream,
I’ll be awake to possibilities,
With these abilities,
I’ll get on your wings,
Soar without a blink.
Happy birthday mom!

45. I’m brave and bold,
To be known as your own.
I flaunt around in your world,
I give you the crown,
For the best mom in the world!
Happy birthday mom,
You’re my world!

46. A sister and mother,
Friend and companion.
Only a few can fill this vacuum up,
In the lives of their children.
We’re happy you did this,
Happy birthday to our irreplaceable!

47. Precious and dear,
Loud and clear,
Were your words as you shared,
Wisdom to be prepared.
For a world with many phases,
We know now how to handle different cases.
Happy birth anniversary mum!

48. It’s your birthday,
A year again,
I pray for life’s best provisions,
And God’s protection,
Upon a woman so dear,
My best share,
Of mothers in the world.
Happy birthday, my world!

49. All genres of music you learned,
Different styles of dance you practiced.
Just to be dynamic and not static.
Your person was bent.
I’ll not miss this for anything in the world,
‘Cos I have the best mom in the world.
Happy birthday, mom.

50. You found me at the mine,
Made up your mind to make me fine.
What a precious stone you’ve turned me into,
Thank you so much.
Have a blissful birthday!

51. My hair is never left unkept,
My body was never left bare.
You made me of more value,
Than you’ve ever been valued.
Happy birthday to you!

52. A thousand words is not enough,
A million years is not enough,
Ages would not suffice,
To give you a prize.
For all you are,
And have borne for me.
Happy birthday, mom.

53. The times I sneaked,
And made tricks.
I apologize for all,
I was being so small,
In thoughts and all.
Thanks for believing in me,
It means so much to me.
Happy birthday, mom.

Birthday Poems for Mom in Heaven

Being distant from or losing a dear person is painful, how much more is the feeling of having lost such unique pearls like mom? However painful it is, there’s joy in our hearts always as we remember this special day of theirs with happy birthday mom poems that speak about their engraved impact in our lives.

Let’s reminisce about the times spent with moms with these birthday poems for mom in heaven. Even though they aren’t around to read them, the bond you have shared would make them look down happily on this special day, seeing the mark they have left behind on earth.

Guess what, they would surely ask God to grant so many of your desires this day as you celebrate them with these birthday poems for mom in heaven.

Take some of these birthday poems for mom in heaven and read it out loud to the world, tell them how much of a blessing she was on the earth and how much of a blessing she turned you into!

54. As the world hears,
I know you bear witness,
Even up there.
I’ll harness,
All my strength to address,

Every sphere,
Of honor worthy to share,
Your person of influence,
In remembrance,
Of your love,
Happy birthday, oh mom!

55. Oh, dearest mother,
Even though there’s a border,
Between us as a partition,
I’ll still shout of your affection,
So rare and never-ending,
Even when you’re no longer rendering.

Your love for me is never cold,
Never old,
The past show,
I’ll make a boast,
Till the end of the world.
Happy birth remembrance.

56. People ask why?
I’ll still not be shy,
Away from my chant,
As I give account,
Of all that you’ve done.
Rest on this day,
Happy birthday!
It baffles me that you’re gone,
Your words live on!

57. You live on,
Even though the world sees you as gone,
Your memories are ever bright as the day,
I don’t care what the world says.
It’s your anniversary again mom,
I love you every day the more.

58. Special days are to be celebrated,
Yours is not outdated,
Even if people shed tears,
I choose not to cry instead,
I see this day as another year,
To celebrate you here,

Thanking God you were born,
Though you’re now beyond,
Your life remains a blessing,
Your remembrance a sure thing,
For all as thanksgiving.
Happy birthday!

59. All gone were one day born,
All nights had daylight once.
It’s not wrong to celebrate ‘the gone’,
As we all can reminisce about the day,
When the night comes.
Happy birthday, mom.

60. Life’s not fair,
For letting go of the rare.
I miss you though,
So every year I’ll show,
With words so dear,
Making sure not to spare.
The details of your love and care.
Happy birthday, mother!

61. Lighting up candles,
While burning up your tables.
It was so much fun,
Though it hurts that you’re gone.
The moments and memories,
Never seem to appear as worries.

‘Cos we experienced the joy you felt,
Right before you left.
It stays on and on,
Ever fresh as no other one.
Happy birthday to you up there,
We’ll celebrate you every year.

62. Don’t know how it is there,
However right here,
I’ll remember this special day.
You were born with grace.
Your demise didn’t bring a stop,
To the effect, you had in raising me to the top,
Now I know why I couldn’t bid you bye,
‘Cause, you were always right and by,
Happy birthday, mom.

63. I know you are at rest,
From all tears and stress,
You went through your experience,
As a mother to me.
My heart blesses you.
Happy anniversary mom!

64. As I look at the skies,
It’ll be a lie,
To say I’ve not missed your ways,
Forgive my walk through the maze,
Which I blindly journeyed through,
Without guidance from you.
Happy birthday dear mom!

65. You came with a purpose,
Fulfilled it with all your strength as chosen,
Why then would I celebrate your death?
Much more than your birth?
I’ll never stop celebrating you,
Happy birthday to you!

66. Though you have closed your eyes to this world,
Opened it to another world.
What matters is this,
You also on a day like this,
Years so long ago,
Opened your eyes to this world,
Giving yourself and whole,
To your course and role.
Happy birthday, mom.

67. Your ever-warm heart,
Could not go cold with the act,
Done by death.
It’s ever open to love,
Ever close to discord.
Happy birthday to a good heart!

68. Happy birthday, mom.
The course you fought,
The wrongs you made right,
As the judge of all, I did,
To do and show,
Good to all near and far.
Happy birthday, my judge!

69. All the grounds you cultivated,
All the seeds you planted.
Now brings forth flowers,
With fruits in their numbers.
Wish you were here for harvest,
To see the lives you affected.
Happy birthday, mom.

Special Mom Birthday Poems

When a person is special, it doesn’t mean there aren’t others that are similar in their attribute. However, it means that this person has outstanding features and characters that have made it possible to outshine others.

These special mom birthday poems show no bias in any way. Both parents are unique, but moms are incredibly unique. Being able to be a father to us even when the need arises.

This section of poems further depicts special mom birthday poems as a gift worth giving to our priceless jewels.

70. You forever inspire,
Lifting me out of despair,
On this special day,
Happy birthday I say!

71. Today again marks the day you were born,
It sealed your fate as my mom.
It’s no ordinary day,
We aren’t celebrating the normal way.
Happy birthday,
Just place your order,
It would be delivered in proper.

72. I want to scream,
Dance with strength and zeal.
It’s my pearl’s birthday,
With all my heart I say,
Happy birthday.

73. A new day it is,
It displays your bliss,
And it’s not a tease.
You’re the best,
Blessed than the rest,
For this, I’ll beat my chest.
Happy birth anniversary mom!

74. A bond,
Stronger than blood.
It is thicker,
Better and surer,
Than any ordinary bond.
Happy birthday mom,
I’m glad to be in this bond of love.

75. The future was so blurred,
But you’re such a thought.
That makes everything so clear,
And so bright.
Happy birthday, ma.

76. On the shores of the sea,
I’m reminded with every wave,
That you’ve been a strong save.
How I wish the world could see.
Happy birthday, mom.

77. I’m sure this day is full of bliss,
Not just a wish.
It’s full of reality,
Not just a dream or fantasy.
Happy birthday mom!

78. I appreciate this day,
With miles apart,
You’re ever close to my heart.
Happy birthday!

79. To say you are dear to me is not too much,
It is in fact so little,
Compared to your worth,
And the value of your kind.
Happy birthday mom!

80. If I were to gather your words this day,
It’ll make a perfect bouquet,
So beautiful and lovely,
Made of flowers as the lily.
Happy birthday, mom.

81. To the greatest influencer,
Of the century,
I say happy birthday,
Your life is full of great gain!

82. I know that you are very responsible,
Because you’re responsible for who I am today.
You fulfilled all your responsibilities,
And made me responsible.
Happy birthday, mom.

83. Your abilities,
Surpass normal capacities,
Which women are known to have,
You’ve only shown half.
But you’ve blown my mind.
Happy birthday, mother!

84. You didn’t just love,
But you showed how.
You didn’t just correct,
But told me why.
Happy birthday,
To the world’s best parent.

85. Life was tough,
But you were tougher.
And when it was sweet,
You were already sweeter.
Nothing life throws at you,
Can come unexpectedly at you.
Happy birthday to you.

Funny Birthday Poems for Mom

Looking for poems that will make her cry and laugh? Then, funny birthday poems for mom will definitely do the trick.

Do you remember seeing a scenario of a person crying and laughing? Or have you ever experienced one? If not, you’re definitely about to see one as sending these funny birthday poems for mom will achieve that.

In moments like this special day in mom’s life, it is easy to bring out a rush of emotions with words. So, with the desire to make her cry out to release the long-time bound-up feelings of pain, love, and joy in her heart, and a melody of sounds of laughter full of rejoicing.

Send her some of these funny birthday poems to make her know you truly care about all that she feels.

86. I’ll turn the other shoulder for you to cry on,
Even though it’s already wet too,
Still, I’ll cheer you on,
And readily cry with you too.
Happy birthday, mom.

87. Thank God you are beautiful,
At least now I know,
That when I’m old,
I’ll remain beautiful.
Happy birthday, mom.
Stay beautiful always!

88. I’ll make sure to sue,
Anyone who looks down on you.
Your strength is so rare,
Praising you is just and fair.
Happy birthday!

89. When you’re old and need a kick start,
Make sure to make a shout-out,
To me alone,
Who knows your entire zone,
I’ll be right there with you,
For you have been right here with me.
Happy birthday to you!

90. Going over the hill so fast?
Kindly slow down mother.
But aging happens fast,
So I’ll not bother.
But wish that you enjoy every year,
Every bit of it to the rear.
Happy birthday mom!

91. Your birthday again,
For the past year’s remembrance.
An anniversary of love.
At the start of a new year I say,
Since the whole year belongs to you,
So I’ll say,
Happy ‘birth-anniversary’ to you!

92. Rock or jazz
Name it as you want.
I’ll learn them just for you,
I’ll play it only as you want.
Happy birthday, mom.

93. I’ll be your waiter this day,
Just don’t order what’s not in stock,
Or else you’ll have to wait till another day.
Happy birthday mom,
You know I’ll go to any length,
To get them for you anyway.

94. No offense mom, but I don’t want to be like you.
Yes, I’ll rather be you!
Not just close to being your kind,
But being as your kind.
Happy birthday dear mom!

95. Never heard the word ‘father nature’
Always heard ‘mother nature
So this is a testimony,
It is not acrimony,
That even the earth,
Celebrates mothers to all extent.
Happy birthday, mother!

96. Happy birthday mom,
I’ll go to the end of the world,
Don’t take that seriously though,
The world seems to have no end.
So is your love in my heart,
Without an end.
Happy birthday.

97. It seems there are many worlds,
Because I wonder why,
All women can’t be like you.
Are you from a special kind of world?
And others from another?
You’re a good example though,
That’s enough to change the world.
Happy birthday.

98. There’s absolutely no way now,
To remove your effect on me.
You have rubbed off so well,
I feel,
And talk,
And walk,
And move like a mother already,
At such a tender age!
It’s a good feeling though,
Happy birthday, mother!

99. It’s hard to know you’ve grown older,
‘Cause, you look younger.
Even friends think you’re my sister,
Until they had a tip of your whip,
Your words are so strong and deep.
Happy birthday, mom.

100. It was fun all the way,
Seeing my mom yield to my cries,
My secret weapon and child power.
Now we’re all older,
There’s no more room to be pampered.
Happy birthday, mother!

101. As an endless ocean that flows ceaselessly,
So does your love show without end
To me and the entire family,
We know you’re our sweetheart,
Happy birthday, mother,
The one who gives us no reason to fear.

To all mothers, all intending mothers, and to all who have benefited from a
mother’s care. Also, to all mother lovers, these birthday poems are definitely written for you to send to all great moms out there.

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