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2022 Trending Having a Boy Best Friend Quotes

Have you ever had this picture etched in your heart like the work of art that you’re really indebted to a male friend of yours? Truth is, I have! You’ll agree with me that owing gratitude to someone goes beyond money because not every debt is monetary you know, just as some very special male friends in our lives are more than all the money in this world. Hence, having a boy best friend quotes to double his happiness is a great thing to do.

Now, it’s one thing to know you care about your male friend, it’s another thing to truly convey this beautiful thought in your heart to him. Having a boy best friend quotes has been drafted with the best scintillating words that would help you to solve the ever puzzling circumstance of being speechless in appreciating boy best friends in your life.

Whether it’s a friend, a family member, an acquaintance or your soulmate, that special person to you deserves these having a boy best friend quotes. A unique male friend in our lives is like a tender garden; if we do not care for him as we should with these heart touching words like having a boy best friend quotes, he may feel we don’t really care. Like they say: ‘actions speak louder than words.’

More importantly, since you care, especially about that particular friend who is like a flower in your garden. Sending some of these having a boy best friend quotes is like adorning your special garden. Just as you want your garden to be full of ever-flourishing flowers, make him feel the warmth of your love and care today.

Below is an extensive list of having a boy best friend quotes! Feel free to read through it all and get some for your best-loved friend. They include good wishes, intentions, and desires for him. Enjoy!

Quotes About Being best friends with a guy

There are lonely times in life when your male friend or boyfriend thinks he’s alone in this world. What gets him through those lonesome moments is knowing that you care for him.

So how does the friend you claim to care for know you do if you do not send thoughtful words as quotes about being best friends with a guy? Here are some inspiring having a boy best friend quotes. It would surely enthrall him, trust me on this!

1. When you’re in a desert, remember you have me as your oasis. I’ll readily spring out water for you, my dear best friend. I heart you!

2. We don’t see every day, but my intuition sees you. We don’t chat every day, but my heart reminisces about your kind words and blesses you day and night. The distance between us is only physical, you’re forever etched to my heart.

3. Thinking of you has produced a song in my heart. The memories shared with you are rhythms ever precious to me. My heart leaps for joy at the thoughts of you.

4. When I think of friends I care for, thoughts about you stand out perpetually. You’re the lovely flower in my garden, I can’t escape seeing you first in my thoughts every now and then.

5. If I was asked to add up the minutes, hours and days I think of you, then I would say ‘I have thought of you for ages and your thoughts remain evergreen to me!’ Thanks for being there for me always.

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6. It is almost impossible to keep you out of my thoughts because I am loving it that way. Now, I can say it’s as easy as not forgetting to eat. Thanks for being for me at all times.

7. The time it would take my memories of you to revolve around my heart each day is the same that will take an orbit around the globe each day. You’ve come to mean a lot to me, dear friend.

8. My fantasies become real because you make them of value to me. I am certain of this adventure because you are with me, making my fantasies come to reality.

9. As my reasonings travel far and wide, they find succor only when they are filled with your thoughts of greatness and hospitality.

10. If I’m giving a dollar for every thought of you, dear friend. I’ll be a thousand dollars rich every day. You worth thinking about every passing moment.

11. What makes one’s life look more admirable is having someone special like you. You fit in like a river in my desert and like peace in the morning.

12. I’ll prefer to go the extra mile with a special friend like you in the night than a journey alone in the daytime with many folks I don’t know.

13. Though there’s no teaching in schools where friendship is taught. Nonetheless, I’ve learned a whole curriculum of what friendship is with you and I have you to thank for this amazing knowledge of friendship.

14. A special friend like you painstakingly plant the seed of greatness, stay to tend it and are happy to watch it flourish.

15. Memories of unusual friends stay forever in our hearts. It goes even to stays for a lifetime. You make life worth living, dear friend.

16. You will always mean a lot to me now and forever. I want you by my side. All these because I want you to teach me and support my visions as I support yours.

17. I don’t need an Eagle to soar. I just want to ascend on the wings of our friendship. Thanks for your care.

18. An edifice of a life’s attainments would breakdown without a strong and genuine foundation of friendship. You’ve been an ever true foundation to me.

19. Glancing at life through the mirror of friendship would make you see life adequately. You are one personal friend who has made me see life sufficiently.

20. Friendship is like a novel with many layers. The more you open, the more you understand it. Every page opened with you is new and ever promising.

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Boy And Girl Best Friends Forever Quotes

The moments shared, the stories told, the compassion shown, the miles walked together and many others are reasons a friend stands out amongst many.

Building a hall of fame for a special friend would be an awesome thing to do, below you can get some of these boy and girl best friends forever quotes to send to that special friend of yours. I really hope that you enjoy sharing these having a boy best friend quotes with him today.

21. Not all the clues about what we see are true, but all realities are an undeniable truth. You are one ever true friend and the extraordinary person that I have known on this side of eternity.

22. Others could offer me some hatred every now and then. But, one thing I know is that I will always get a whole lot of love from you.

23. Knowledge invalidates a thought and upholds another. Never has my experience with you invalidated my believe that ‘a friend truly can love at all times without holding back.’

24. I’m a small river who has found its way into your ocean of warmth and care. Thanks, dear friend!

25. You did not try to be a personal friend to me. It came inherently with you. Being distinct is naturally seeded in you. I see you flourish every day!

26. In life, there are things that only the one close to your heart can discern. You are a friend who readily discerns and sees through it all to the depth of my heart. You’ve definitely encouraged and brought out the best in me.

27. You are my best friend and I can say that everywhere I go, for when challenges come, friends like you will always be ready to go through thick and thin. Changes don’t change you, rather you change the changes.

28. Just like precious trees take years to mature and come to fruition so you have come into my life and would stay till you bring out the best in me to fruition.

29. You are completely a new model and choice person on earth. You understand, talk and do things in a very outstanding way. How I pray for more of your kind every today to flood the earth with goodness. Thanks to you, my pal.

30. Rare gems are always in danger of extinction. I am certain that your manner of heart would not go into extinction. Everyone you meet is impacted and soon thinks like you. You are such an adorable person to my heart.

31. As sprouts come with distinct pigments and fragrances so you have come with a variety of those shades and fragrances that have added beauty to my life. With your appearances, you make me bright. With your fragrances, you make me perceive sweetness and goodness all around me.

32. My branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits blossom every day. All these are in answer to your stimulating display of love and affection. I will always adore you.

33. Animals saddle on trees while some swing with it. Let me say to you that ‘I lean on your arms for rest and I swing from gloominess to radiance with you by my side each day.’

34. You are not one in a billion to me. Your comparison is to a whole population because I’ve lost count. So I’ll say ‘you’re one kind in an endless age.’ Thanks for the incredible care you have shown me.

35. May you not lack in amassing admirations from all and sundry even as you give so much of yours to me. You deserve to earn much more than you have given. You are simply the best.

36. Keep on advancing your channel of love round the arenas of life that surrounds you. The flowers in the lawns will soon blossom, each exhibiting every color of affection you have poured on it. And they’ll be grateful to have met you as I have. I love you bestie.

37. You are more than a model to me and everyone around you. You do more than playing a role in my life. You are a reality of love and affection in every aspect of life. You’re worthy to be emulated all the way.

38. The way you believe so much in me that I can be all that God has created me to be in life and the people that come around you, it makes me see possibility and prospect in all I attempt to do. You have been so loyal, giving rise to wisdom in everything about life.

39. You are the excellent definition of a Godsend. You are adorned with ideas, graces and the mastery to push a person to also become a blessing. I want to name you ‘The Blessed One.’ I heart you so much, dear friend.

40. If only money could buy love, then only the wealthy folks would have the nicest of people like you. Having you is more of a lifetime fortune and prosperity to me. I heart you, dearest!

Guy Best Friend Quotes From A Girl

Handsome and amazing are the male genders all around us. They sure make the world complete with their manliness. Just imagine a world without fathers, brothers, husbands, male friends and even baby boys! It’s definitely going to be one-sided and boring in every way possible.

The whole masculine world deserves guy best friend quotes from a girl. You will surely find some of these having a boy best friend quotes appropriate for all ages of the masculine.

41. Genuine love travels through eternity and space. It does not cease with times and seasons, even distance would not cut it off from waxing stronger. I am pleased to tell you that my tenderness for you would withstand against the storm of time and distance constantly. Lots of love, my superhero friend.

42. With you, I have found a completely unique package of love and affection. It comes with the nicest moods of affection. I know I am yet to uncover it all! Thanks for the friendship.

43. I hear the cock chant a crow in the morning and the birds sing a melodious song in the day. The planet should know the cock declares openly and the birds sing aloud of one with the best heart in the whole wide world.

44. An adornment of a perfect friend you are to me in this life. I would show you off and be sure to walk majestically, knowing that your word and show of affection has made me beautiful beyond what words can say.

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45. You are one substantial proof to me that God has answered my prayers on letting me know the expressions of love and care through you.

46. You are ever opened like a book, ready for me to write on, taking away all my grieves, pain and so much more. You help me clean off the unfavorable downtime, and in turn, write more positive words for me to behold like in the mirror.

47. Gazing at you is like the sighting of stars at night, seeing birds fly in the day, and glimpsing lovely raindrops on leaves. Every stare at you is full of wonder at how handsome you are and how affectionate your heart is.

48. You have educated me so much with love. Experience is not the best teacher, your love is, in everything. You have addressed all issues with love and taught me so.

49. There are jewels, but not all are precious jewels. There are nice people, but not all are personal to me as you are in every way possible. You are one extraordinary gem, made specially to build for me a structure made of love.

50. Show of tenderness from people like you spreads out like flowers in the garden. Some grow with scent while some go beyond giving out the fragrance and gives out much more. As a particular flower flourishes more in the garden so as you in my life. You are the dearest to me.

51. You are a choice benefactor to me. Always declaring good tidings into my life. I’ll forever cherish you. You are all that matters to me. Thank you so much.

52. You are a rare jewel absolutely made of rare stone. This makes you a rare and invaluable gem of all time to me.

53. When I heed your advice, it’s like kneading the most lovely jewel around my neck. Your words are extraordinary, well-refined and eternally helpful. You are the best!

54. You exhibit firmness in all you do and yet your tenderness is one in a million. A champion of seasons you are, recognizing when to parch like the sun, and when to rain cool the heat of the day.

55. It’s remarkable how you take all of my gusts. Certainly, a soft frame with strong capacity is what you are made of. How good it is to be your friend!

56. I would have stayed a jagged road if not for your help. As you came, your warmth and compassion made me so polished and amazing.

57. A choice princes would ever stand out in the midst of billions of guys. No other reason than because he’s crowned with elegance, warmth, brightness, radiance and many more extraordinary traits. This is my definition of who you are to me. Friends forever.

58. A special person you are to me, not just an aspect of me, but my entirety. Without you, I’ll be incomplete, for you complete me so well.

59. Fantasies and certainties are worlds apart. The former vanishes away when the latter emerges and never fades away. I’ve had fantasies of sweet friendship, but noon is as true as the one with you. You’re simply the best.

60. In the times past, you’ve had no equal. What makes folks think they could compare you now? You are unique as you are, to me and everyone around you. No one understands and addresses important matters as you do!

Friendship Quotes Between Boy And Girl

Just as every house is built on pillars, so is the support that comes from the manly shoulder we lean on. Here are some friendship quotes between boy and girl to appreciate that ever-ready male friend who needs to be shown some love.

Your male best friends need to be loved and appreciated every now and then. Sending some of these having a boy best friend quotes is one way to do so.

61. The society may see you in a certain light, but what I see is an unusual and priceless gem, soon to be seen as the costliest gem.

62. You go the extra mile than I ever ask from you. You give more smiles than I ask. You offer both hands when I want just one. You’re the best friend who enthralls me!

63. You have changed positions from the man of my dreams to the man only in my world. I love having you in my heart than in my dreams. May this certainty live on with us. I heart you, dear friend!

64. The good songs I can swagger to all day can only be sung by you. You have understood the songs I love and rhythms I yield to every time, your word, and gesticulation of kindness beat them to my ears daily.

65. Candles meltdown, even streams dry up because they are being acted upon by external factors. Certainly, the sun never quits shining, neither do oceans dry up because of its vastness. So are you to me! You’re never short of ways to make me happy. You are the best!

66. As we are growing old together, I realized that you are ever young and fresh at heart. Tough but not irrational, because inside of you is ever soft and loveable. I want the whole world to know how much you mean to me!

67. There’s one responsibility I know you do remarkably well, and that’s looking after me like your life depends on it.

68. I have watched how you deal with life’s matters with noteworthy courage. You have rubbed off me and I’m delighted to face life with you!

69. I’ve loved being the one shown admiration every day we’ve spent together. But this day, I am determined to be the one hovering around you, my darling friend.

70. Without an amazing friend like you, a structure of love would not stand well. You are the precious rock on which this love shared is built on. You are a unique one to me and everyone around you!

71. I feel happy and alive having you in my life. You brighten days and lighten up nights. I can’t ask for more. You made my world.

72. Being fitting for friendship goes beyond now because you are relevant to me at all times and to the world around you even for a lifetime. You are a gift to me.

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73. To say someone can take your position in my world is impossible. No one can comprehend your place in my life, how possibly could they occupy or earn it? Sure it’s impossible!

74. Mother nature is remarkably helpful. It shields such a valuable person as you covetously. I wish that many of such be made to safeguard you wherever you go.

75. You need no server to take your order. The whole universe waits to serve you with what you merit and that’s an accolade like no other!

76. A breakfast of tenderness, a delightful lunch of affection and dinner served with blessings are what you deserve every day. You have dished more of that to me, now’s your turn to have it 100 folds from me. I love you, pal.

77. Sometimes is tough to skillfully find the best way to communicate appreciation to a special friend like you. Sometimes, even the most sophisticated words aren’t sufficient. So I’ll just say, ‘You’re special to me in everything!’

78. It is evident that every passing day that there’s more to learn from your distinct lifestyle. More than ever, I want to stay glued to you.

79. Going along with me in the puzzle of life, you have assisted me and have led the way. You have managed to unfold to me the clue to every area of life and that has given rise to knowing many things I know today. What can I do without you? I am thankful to you, dear friend.

80. I have watched you leap through the hurdles of life. Concentrating as ever, just as every man who understands His purpose in life. Stay strong till the end, dearest friend!

Having A Guy Best Friend Quotes

Every girl has that one male friend in her life with whom she treasures or let’s put it this way every girl has a male friend who is just a friend without strings attached.

Hence, the joy of having someone special in your life should spur you to send these having a guy best friend quotes so much that your love and show of it should be without limits.
Take, send and share some of these having a boy best friend quotes to show how happy you are to have him in your life.

81. I anticipate every moment to be spent with a rare gem like you. And when the time comes, I’m awestruck by your kindness. You enthrall me always. You’re a miracle to me!

82. Strolls in the gardens and playgrounds are nothing without you close to me. You make every time spent with you worthwhile, and even bedtimes are full of fascinating imaginations because of you. You are simply a gift from heaven.

83. The charm of every day is catching a glimpse of you first in at sunrise, and last at night. It makes the day a fun-filled for me

84. A fresh aroma comes into my life with every moment spent with you. You’re so full of life and amazing thoughts to share with me always. Yes, I am so blessed to have you in my life.

85. A precious scent of affection is what I smell from you when I spend time with you. Your heart made it so beautiful. I am filled with light by varied colors from your world, as it lightens up my countenance!

86. With you, weeks are as short as days, days are short as hours, hours as short as minutes and minutes as seconds. I just know I will always get enough of you each day because you are vast in kindness.

87. Poems we sing together and tales we share always seem to leave a portion of you with me. You are such an influencer.

88. Seems like eternities have been spent together when true friends meet for a day. After years, it still seems like they’ve known for a day! There’s no gratification without your warmth and choice words.

89. It’s true that every moment spent together makes the tie stronger between us. Let’s spend more time jointly as always and for a lifetime this unique bond would be indestructible forever.

90. Faith and love bind. Everything that exists between us endures. It thrives with every passing moment share together. You were clearly made for me and me for you. Friends forever!

91. I call myself ‘the most favorable one’ on earth for having you in my life as my bestie. You’re the best knowledgeable person I know and you have added such a great substance to my life.

92. A life full of happiness, devotion, and favor is what you emit to all and sundry. No surprise everyone around you flourishes so easily.

93. In all seasons, you are as you should be – decked with joy unspeakable. I am so pleased with who you are and I am so happy to have you around me.

94. Crossing path with you has been the herald of great sustenance for me. Virtues keep on coming, for you’re ever there at all times with choice in due seasons.

95. When I think of your good nature to me and the time I’ve spent with you. It leaves a feeling of ecstasy with me always! Thank you for friendship.

96. One of the most satisfying things in life is to encounter someone who gives you peace and serenity about life. It brings such happiness that is beyond any human utterance can define.

97. Honey, sugar, candies, flowers, gems and so on. Quote every beautiful thing and word, it’s still not sufficient to describe the immense of your influence in my life.

98. I still want you to my best playmate when our hairs are all grey. You are the one who can appreciate me even then.

99. Hey, dear friend, up to the hill and down the valley, let’s maintain our unique friendship. It’s a journey of a lifetime. Friends forever!

100. The good vibe and comfort you give. All come in handy when I needed them. You just know how to make every situation come out in a better light. You are so unique in every way possible. Love you loads!

101. Dear friend, I want you to know that over time you have graduated from being just the man of my dreams to the man only in my heart. I love having you in my heart than in my dreams. May this reality live on with me and you. Much love, dear friend!

Awesome having a boy best friend quotes, right? You can push a comment to ascertain that. And I will love you to share this post. Thank you for doing so!

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