40 Best Inspirational Quotes to Cheer Someone Up

inspirational quotes to cheer someone up

I am sure you are searching for a way to help your friend who is going through an emotional breakdown; with the right choice of words, inspirational quotes to cheer someone up would really go a long way to help or encourage that important person in your life who needs your help even at this time.

Sometimes, we go through hard times and we just feel those times would be blotted out of our paths but that’s how life is and all these are what make life worth living. Nobody wants to watch their best friends they love go through pain, hurt, depression, or get stuck in life challenges.

To help your friend out of the current downtime these lines provide you with the right words to relay your heartfelt comfort to him or her.

The truth is, we all have issues to deal with at every point in time, break up, losing someone close to death, failure, insult, rejection, losing one’s job, losing huge money or an investment, etc.

We might have scaled through all these or at least one of these but now is time to help a friend out. Why not send these to help your friend let go of all or rather move on with life?

These verses are very important in that your friend’s life and the situation now because they can imprint how much you value your friend or show you know his or her pain and bring the glow in your friend back.

Writing a letter or sending a text message could be hard, especially when the right words you need aren’t forthcoming, you can have a glimpse into our quotes.

Don’t worry about the right words because you will find the accurate words which can explain how deep your heart content is towards the issue and how best to encourage your friend to cheer up and let go of the problem.

Quotes to Cheer Someone Up When They Are Sad

Quotes to Cheer Someone Up When They Are Sad

Need to cheer up your friend who’s going through some hard times? Find below the choicest words to use when they are sad.

1. That it all started out bad right now does not mean things are going to remain the same forever. Have faith, dear friend, the happy ending is nearer than before!

2. It can only get better, remember tough time comes and go but it leaves you stronger and better. Cheer up, buddy!

3. You cannot be overcome by this present situation because you have been given the inner strength and fortitude to be at the top always. Cheer up, my good friend.

4. I know you are hard-pressed on every side now, hang in there my friend, it’s just a matter of time before it’ll fade out. Cheer up, joy comes in the morning.

5. Give it time, relax, and don’t let anxiety hold you down with its claws. It can only get better! Cheer up, darling.

6. Dear friend, even in the midst of this seemingly unpleasant situation never give up on yourself because better is the end of a thing than its beginning. Cheer up, my great friend.

7. I am so sure of this very thing, that all things are working for your good. Cheer up now buddy and remember to put on your lovely radiance smiling face.

8. Sweetie, you are stronger than you think, get back on your feet my friend, and keep faith that things will turn out well pretty soon. Cheer up, darling friend.

9. Stay clear of those anxieties that break you down and soon enough you’ll find your rhythm back and better. Cheer up, bestie!

Great Inspirational Quotes to Cheer Someone Up

Quote to Cheer Someone Up When They Are Sad

10. Put your willpower to work, because you are bigger than this present situation. I see you winning more and more. Cheer up, darling friend!

11. Find happiness for your soul in the midst of all these challenges, I assure you things will be alright, put a good smile on your beautiful face and cheer up.

12. Don’t be fagged out about life issues, just like the way it came it will go, my friend. Put a smile on your face and cheer up.

13. The struggle will be over and all things will turn out for your good soonest. Believe in yourself, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll be basking in the joy and great celebration.

14. What the future holds is super better to be compared to what’s happening now. Please don’t give up. Don’t be sad but let the joy of the Lord take the preeminent in your heart today. I love you, dear friend.

15. Dear friend, you have not failed; you have only come to know how it shouldn’t be done next time when the opportunity shows up again and how to properly do it well. Hence, see this situation for the opportunity it presents to you, not the other way round.

16. Friend, stay strong and wield more inner strength because these days of hard times are fading away already. Cheer up, the good news is here. Accept my congratulations!

17. My dearest friend is not going to be too long again before all things will be just fine with you. Cheer up, and be encouraged by your inner self.

18. Don’t waste your precious time crying over spilled milk, let him or her go. You are worth much more than what they have to offer. Cheer up, refreshing time is here, sweetie!

19. I got your back buddy, be good and cheer up, my friend. Remember you are made for the top!

20. You know I will always be here for you. You are so important to me and your happiness is crucial to me. Cheer up, my beautiful friend.

Quotes to Cheer Someone Up When They Are Stressed

Quotes to Cheer Someone Up When They Are Stressed

Here are some quotes to cheer someone up when they are stressed. Every day comes with its own dose of stress in one way or the other; mental stress, emotional stress, and most importantly, work stress. Help a friend day with any of these quotes to cheer him or her up.

21. Sometimes yielding to physical or mental rest is the best thing you can do. Overthinking is not good. Cheer up, dear friend.

22. Anxiety breaks you. It downfalls your reasoning. It invades your strength. It makes you agitate. It just makes you stressed out about everything more than it actually is. Cheer up and relax!

23. Be thankful every day because is a huge blessing to be able to close your eyes and sleep after a long day. Get some rest, my dear friend.

24. You have been given the inner power to rise above whatever keeps you at night. Bring every thought that drains you down. The Lord gives His beloved sleep! Cheer up, dear friend.

25. Be selective in the midst of a continuous argument. Always prioritize your peace over being right. Remember mental stress ruins!

26. Don’t keep the thoughts in your mind when someone offends you, insults you, or disappoints you, if they know better they’ll behave better. Just let it go and don’t nurture it. Think of a healthier you and cheer up!

27. Each day comes with its own baggage. Don’t waste your precious moments stressing about things you cannot control.

28. Move on and stay clear of the day’s work when your body calls for rest and remember only people who are alive that pay their bills.

29. Don’t waste your energy arguing, and contending it stresses the serenity of your mind. Keep your mind off unnecessary stress!

30. Your mind is a guiding wheel of your emotion. Pay attention to where you direct them. I want you to know that I love you.

Quotes to Cheer Someone Up After a Bad Day

Quotes to Cheer Someone Up After a Bad Day

Every day does not end the same; some days are unavoidably colored with difficulties but we all have the willpower to spice it up. With these quotes to cheer someone up after a bad day, you can reinstate a beautiful atmosphere for yourself or for that your friend who’s in need of it.

31. Having a bad day? No qualms, if it does not make you labor, then smile, anything other than that is a happy surprise, buddy.

32. Don’t worry if you have a bad day, remember life experience has taught you that you can’t control some situations but you can control what the day brings your way. Be positive and cheer up!

33. When you feel the day is bad just remember that somewhere in the world, there’s a clown wearing a winter jacket in the summer.

34. When everything feels so difficult today, just think of the joy of being alive. Cheer up and live life to the fullest.

35. Stay happy with a lovely smile on your face, the spirit in your heart, and grace in your soul!

36. I got your back dear friend when things seem to turn south and you feel like giving up; remember you’ve got me.

37. When you remember me just know you have someone who cares for you. Cheer up and stay happy!

38. You don’t always need to stress yourself. Sometimes you just need to call me, discuss it, let go and see what happens.

39. The happiest moment in life is recognizing opportunities in our hard times. Stay positive and cheer up!

40. It can only get better, remember tough time makes you stronger and better. Cheer up, buddy!

41. This is peculiar to human beings: to fall, break and fail. But then, we rise, heal and overcome. Cheer up, dear friend.

Comforting Messages for a Friend Who is Sad

Comforting Messages for a Friend Who is Sad

Overcoming emotional breakdown after a breakup

You can restore the rhythm of your dear friend’s happiness with these comforting messages for a friend who is sad, use the words and sayings below to bring back the glow of his or her face.

You are down because you are feeling he or she left, it is good to cry when you feel hurt, it is good to be angry, and it is good to ask questions that you may not get answers to now.

It’s not out of place to feel so down and unhappy but it is bad to hold on to your pain. You taught me how to be strong in all things and at all levels, and you told me to face my fears. I know you are strong, I need you to prove that now, dear friend.

I have a philosophy that says “wasting your time, your joy, your emotion, your tears, your happiness, your life over something or someone who chose to walk away from your life because they feel you aren’t good enough is too expensive for you.”

Babe! you can’t blame yourself for anybody’s decision because you can’t wheel the thought of people; you need to let go and build up yourself again.

It is okay to cry because he or she left, it is okay to feel ashamed because it didn’t work out well, it is okay to feel bad for trusting the wrong person but it is not okay to feel so down and feel that is the end, it is not okay to feel you can’t move on without him or her.

Life is an adventure, so whatever comes out of it may not be all pleasant, how we deal with our breakdown matters. Life is fun when you live with the right person, life isn’t all about yourself alone but everyone who chose to be with you.

So if someone whom you love is leaving, I can’t leave because I love you not to hurt you, Honey! You need to come out of this and let’s forget those who don’t need us.

Encouraging a friend to get over failure

Encouraging a friend to get over failure

This isn’t the end for the beginning of a journey is often rough I wouldn’t say you failed but you missed a step and you can start all over again; what’s interesting is that you wouldn’t fall into the same mistake.

Please don’t lose hope, it is not the end, your new days are here with plenty of success. Cheer up, my sweet friend.

Nobody is an island of knowledge, so anybody could fail but the lesson learned from our failure is what determines how well we are prepared to restart what we couldn’t achieve earlier.

This might seem long and plain but I just need to ask you a few questions and you give answers to yourself. Have you failed? Why did you think you so? Can you start again? Do you believe in yourself? Can you stop looking at your failure and move on to the next phase?

Life is a game and nobody has mastered all about life enough to give an accurate description of how to always win, we learn at every opportunity and this is an opportunity. We deal with life-based on several analytical philosophies.

A friend who lost someone close to death

What I have learned so far is death is inevitable but it has always left people with a bad long hurt, I feel the pain because I know that pain. Just that nothing can be done to bring back the exact joy we had with these people around but we can live on and make their legacy worthy of honor.

Losing someone special is not easy to get by but the best solution is to get by; filling that empty space isn’t so easy but we just must fill it up; letting go of the pain we feel for losing someone isn’t easy but we just have to let go and understand that we can’t change anything.

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