100 Heart Touching Birthday Poems for Best Friend

Heart Touching Birthday Poems for Best Friend

Looking for meaningful birthday poems for your best friend on his or her special day to celebrate the uniqueness of your friendship is one of the most brilliant things to do and I am sure even your beautiful heart will thank you for doing so.

With heartwarming birthday quotes for friend, you will certainly show your best friend how important he or she is in making the unique bond of friendship go on and on.

Truth is, best friends in our lives stand as the major factor for the continuity of courage and strength in our day-to-day inspirations and motivations to aim at a greater milestone of success. With this in mind, I think he or she definitely deserves the best poems ever.

And of course, you have awesomely appreciated your best friend in the past, whether since childhood or since college days. However, these attractively written heart touching birthday poems for best friends are a sincere indication of true hearts’ thoughts, wishes, appreciations, and intentions for your best friend on this special day.

Poems are written with scintillating rhythms and rhymes and display the lovely touch of an honest heart for the gift of friendship.

Hence, watch your friend smile in ecstasy as you send and share these poems. With this collection of poems, we can together help you celebrate him or her.

Short Birthday Poems for Best Friend

Best friends are worth celebrating every single day! Therefore, with these short birthday poems for your best friend, you can make this special day count. So, get some birthday poems for your best friend and make the whole day in this New Year in your friend’s life a year to remember and be thankful for!

1. It’s the beginning of another awesome year,
I can see a year of perfect bliss without an iota of fear,
With you by my side,
I can hold the wheel of friendship so dear,
I can take the ride without wear and tear,
Happy birthday best friend!

2. You are a true representation of love,
Displaying affection beyond every shore,
Going against every odds.
Happy birthday, my friend and love.

3. Such a well of wisdom that never runs dry,
I want to draw from it every day.
Such a stream of love that never drys,
I want to bathe in it every day.
It’s all I ever want,
All I’ve ever sought.
Happy birthday, friend.

4. You’re worth more than gifts,
More valued than all I could give,
I’ll still give it with love,
My gift of words.
You’re more valued than the world, so
Happy birthday to you, my sweet friend!

5. It’s your special day again,
All that I wish to say is,
Though presented in words again.
Are fashioned in a special way.
Happy birthday, friend!

6. The way you have pushed me to dream,
All the while, making me keen,
How it makes my days,
So true and safe.
It gives me a drive,
To really stand and fight.
Happy birthday, dear.

7. To the best friend in the world,
Even as a friend, you’re worth more.
I declare my love this day,
As soft and strong,
Happy birthday to you,
No one is compared to you.

8. Watching the streams flow,
I see your affection show.
The way your love is showered,
Is as beautiful as the flowers.
Happy birthday beautiful.

9. You’re the force the world needs,
Daily as it cries for its reed.
Without which no sound can yield.
Soft though, but the ground
On which the world can stand.
Happy birthday, friend.

10. You make steady,
Every heart is not ready.
With words so calmly,
Every stormy mind goes mild.
Happy birthday, dearest.

11. If you were money,
I think I’ll spend all of you.
But wealth are you to me,
I’ll never be rid of you.
Happy birthday dear friend.

12. The smile on the face of the sun,
Looks just like yours.
Till the night,
It stays just right.
Happy birthday, friend.

13. Happy birthday, friend,
I wish I had the right way,
To love and repay,
All your passion to me.
But all the love I could pour,
Would not be enough.
You are priceless.
I’ll never love you less.

14. The sunshine today is particularly bright,
The sky’s not so high.
The whole of nature celebrates you, and
It’s adding more glow to you.
Happy birthday dear friend.

15. Dear friend, so tender,
Such a lovely endowment,
Thanks to God I’ll render,
Who gave you such endearment?
A gift to all,
A blessing to all.
Happy birthday.

16. Happy birthday, friend,
Today, an age ends,
Ushering in another season,
Bringing blessings beyond reasoning.

17. Happy birthday to you,
You’re the best of all friends to me,
If I place a bet on this,
I know
On this, I can’t lose.
You’re the best of all,
I would even give a bet,
That none can beat your love.
Happy birthday, friend.

18. To a peculiar friend,
Who never tries to be good,
But is naturally the best.
Who never tries to do good,
But naturally does best.
Happy birthday, my superhero friend!

Birthday Poems for Best Friends Forever

It is no longer a doubt that friends are indeed special. God certainly gives us friends as a special gift. Hence, your great friend deserves to be specially celebrated on his or her birthday. Read through and happily send him or her some birthday poems for best friends forever as a token of love.

19. So free of guilt; not subject to blame,
Are your gaze as I fixed my eyes on your frame,
At your love so flawless, I won’t shiver,
Truly I’m amazed, with you I’ll be tethered,

Now I can’t find the word or speech good enough,
To flaunt in the world, you’re simply the best friend ever.
Happy birthday to you.

20. Happy birthday to you this day,
It’s an honor to grace this special day.
I’m happy to be hale and hearty today,
To witness your new age.

Always and forever,
I’ll thank God who is our sustainer,
Who gave me a friend forever,
To a good friend so blessed.

21. I needed a warm embrace,
God brought you my way.
I needed a friend to pray,
Your heart does this every day
You’re all the more reason I love this faith,
Happy birthday to you, Dear friend.

22. When all seemed lost,
I held unto faith with you.
Focusing directly on hope.
It seemed too small at first,
To hold on to.
But then you showed me the way.
It was there, I could see how firm you are.
Happy birthday to a faithful friend!

23. You gave me a hand of friendship,
For my good, you took the lead,
You’re good with showing me, so tender love.

You let me know that I am worthy of it all.
Teaching me to know what love really means,
Making me know that love is no joker.

Stepping out in love, moving forward
Against every barrier, until there are no walls.
Happy birthday best friend.

24. You are the best of all I’ve asked for,
You’re a friend so amazing and priceless.
It seems only like yesterday
When I found my way into your life,
And I’ve never had any regret.
Happy birthday, Bestie.

25. The times spent with you,
Gives me a bond with you.
Now I can make every move,
With you by my side.
I am enraptured by you
Happy birthday, dear friend!

26. I’ve got a friend so rare,
In whose care I’ve found my rest, and
A heart so blessed,
Greater than every fear,
Happy birthday, my precious friend.

27. Oh, my heart is so filled with love,
Decked with the rain of love.
But, you are the priceless one,
Refreshing me with the rain of love.
Happy birthday, friend!

28. I’ve always wanted a friend like you,
Thinking it was just a fantasy.
But, when you came my way,
Now it’s no more a fantasy but a reality.
Happy birthday to you, darling friend!

29. You are ever true and just,
You bring the experience of a good life,
Right before my gaze,
So I’m enriched with wisdom now,
Of all the wisdom that life offers,
I’ve seen it all with you,
Right before my eyes, you are so blessed.
Happy birthday, dear friend!

30. Happy birthday, my best friend forever!
You’re ever a friend of great worth to me,
Always been a thing of great pride to me
That you’re my bestie! my friend

31. Everyone speaks great of you,
And looks up to you,
It’s encouraging my heart,
You’re such a gift no one can let go.
Happy birthday, friend!

32. When life’s challenges drag me to the wall,
And its rage tilts me to the edge of the earth.
I won’t give in to its heat and force,
Rather I choose to stay on your words, while
It gives me all it takes to fight on.
Happy birthday to my best encourager!

33. You never disguise,
Nor give in to anything that’s not true.
Every word you give
lights up my way,
So I’ll heed your away.
Happy birthday, friend!

34. If there are reasons attached,
To why you love me so much.
I know is because you are a love being,
To make you happy in return, I’ll give you my love.
Happy birthday, dear friend!

35. As we journey together from years back,
You led me through every great path,
Taught me with wisdom so I’ve no lack,
We’ve sailed patiently on the path of greatness.
And I have you to thank for that, great friend,
Happy birthday, sweet friend!

Birthday Poem for a Best Friend Like a Sister or Brother

It’s the beginning of a new year for your best friend, which means is the start of another year full of happiness, joy, love, and fun moments between you and your best friend. So, on a day like this birthday poem for a best friend like a sister or brother is your surest means to truly convey your heart touching birthday wishes.

Whether you are sending it to a friend like a sister or brother, the beautiful words of the heart with which the touching birthday poems for best friend have been written are what makes it thoughtful and worthy to be sent to your best friend on this special.

Find below a birthday poem for a best friend like a sister or brother that is a heartfelt and meaningful friend like you.

36. You made me a better person
As I grow to hold your hands
Now and always,
I see what it takes,
To be a great friend,
Nothing can put separates us, bestie.
Happy birthday, friend.

37. The beauty of joy I see in you today,
And the laughter that bursts out of your lips.
The words you speak today,
To appreciation, you express in love and all today
Won’t be comparable to the ones ahead of you,
For you are so lovable
And made for more in the coming years.
Happy birthday, friend.

38. Beyond doubt and all,
Of every sphere and time,
We are the world’s best pair of friends.
And I love it that way, bestie!
Happy birthday, dear friend.

39. Waking up this morning,
As I glanced around the past days.
Months and years,
Shared with a heart so amazing.
I can’t but give thanks to God,
For a friend like you. Lots of love
Happy birthday, friend.

40. I’m glad you’ve loved me with pure heart,
All the way from our youth.
Even though we were young and innocent
Yet with love, we held through to adulthood

Providing me with the best experience in life,
Wish that you enjoy this day like never before, and
As I ask the Lord to make you happy and comfortable,
He’ll give you also the best of life.
Happy birthday, dear friend.

41. As I jogged up and down hills,
You guaranteed I didn’t misstep,
You’d rather be the one in discomfort.
Making sure that I was comfortable.
This day is unique for you,
For being a great friend and my bestie.
To you every appreciation is due,
Happy birthday, friend!

42. You’re my one and only friend,
Your befriending is sweet and lovely,
You are always keen and understanding,
On my welfare and affairs, you’ve been amazing,
I’ll never put another in your place,
Above you forever and I mean it.
Happy birthday, dear friend!

43. I’m happy and captivated,
That I evolved with no other but you,
Thank you, dear friend.
You’ve demonstrated pure love,
Remained true to your strength,
As a friend and unique pal,
To me and to all,
That longs for a friend’s touch of love.
Happy birthday, friend!

44. You are the best friend I know,
When you stretch your arms,
It is like a soothing cushion,
That gives such rest and comfort,
Found nowhere and in non-else.
I’m I persuaded that when I wink and pursue,

I’ll wake up to prospects,
With the capacities,
I’ll get on your wings,
Soar without a blink.
You are an amazing person, dear friend.
Happy birthday, friend!

45. I’m glad and elated,
To be known as your friend,
I show it around the world,
That I have a friend like you,
For the best friend in the world,
Here’s wishing happy birthday, friend.

46. A friend and a sister,
Colleague and playmate.
Only a few can fill this space up,
In the lives of their friends
I am happy you are all these to me
Happy birthday to our irreplaceable friend!

47. Elegant and beloved,
Audible and clear,
Were your statements as you shared,
Understanding to be prepared,
For a world with many aspects,
I know now how to handle varied possibilities,
Because you spoke those words,
Happy birth anniversary friend!

48. It’s your birthday again,
I pray for life’s best abounding blessings
And God’s preservation,
Upon a friend so adorable, and
My best share of friends in the world.
Happy birthday, my friend!

49. All harmony of music you learned,
Unique styles of dance you rehearsed.
Just to be energetic and not dormant.
Your person was eager.
I’ll not forget this for anything in the world,
‘Cos I have the best friend in the world.
Happy birthday, dear friend.

50. You lay the first stone at the mine,
Made up your mind to make me fine.
What an elegant jewel you’ve spun me into,
Thank you so much.
Have a blissful birthday, friend!

51. My heart is never without your warmth,
My essence never left unappreciated.
You made me of more importance
Than you’ve ever been respected.
Happy birthday to you, dear friend!

52. A million words is not sufficient,
A thousand-year not enough,
Generations would not suffice,
To give you a medal.
For all, you stand for,
And all you have invested in me.
Happy birthday, friend.

53. The times I wiggled,
And made pranks.
I apologize for all,
I know that was so weird,
In thoughts and all.
Thanks for holding up with me,
It means so much to me.
Happy birthday, friend.

Cute Heart Touching Birthday Poems for Best Friends

When just a happy birthday message is not enough why not send these happy birthday poems for best friends to that friend of yours who has got your back through thick and thin? You know what? he or she will be thankful and grateful to you.

Looking for how to make the day memorable? Take some of these heart touching birthday poems for a best friend and send or read them out loud to him or her, to express how much of a blessing your friend has been to you!

54. As the planet listens,
I know they bear witness,
Even in every place,
Of honor worthy to share,
Your person of importance,
Of love and sincere affection
Happy birthday, friend!

55. Oh, dearest friend,
Even though there’s a distance,
Between us as far as it is now,
I’ll still shout your love,
So extraordinary and ever-present,
Even when you’re out of my sight.

Your love for me is still warm,
Never cold,
The past has shown it
And as we see again on your birthday,
I’ll make a boast that it remains,
Till the end of the world.
Happy birthday, friend.

56. Folk asks why?
I’ll still not stop,
Away from my chant,
As I give a description,
Of all that you’ve done for me,
You made me so beautiful,
Inside and out,
Happy birthday, friend!

57. As the world sees and celebrates you today,
I recall all that you are ever bright as the day,
You care with every word you say,
It’s your anniversary again friend,
I love you every day the more for your unique heart,
Happy birthday, friend.

58. Exceptional days are to be celebrated,
As yours is today,
Even all humanity holds it so dear,
I choose to join the harmony,
I recognize this day as another year,
To celebrate a beloved like you,

Thanking God we are friends,
Though, since childhood days,
Your amazing heart remains a blessing,
Your thoughts in my heart are a sure thing,
To be thankful for every now and then.
Happy birthday, friend!

59. All were one day born to this world,
As all twilights have successive daylight too,
It’s totally beautiful to celebrate a day like this,
As I reflect on the day, I think of a great friend,
With a heart of Gold and pure love,
I celebrate you, bestie.
Happy birthday, friend.

60. Life’s so good with you,
Thanks for allowing me to be part of you,
I celebrate every moment I share with you,
So every year I’ll show that you are worth the honor,
With words so adorable,
Making sure no limit,
To the appreciation you get,
For every detail of your love and care.
Happy birthday, friend!

61. Blow up the candles,
While dealing with cake on your table,
It’s going to be so much fun today,
Though you might have to slow down on the calories,
The moments and memories this brings,
Will never seem to disappear even after another year,

‘Cos we’ve all experienced the joy it brings,
Celebrate it like never before,
It stays on and on till another birthday comes,
Ever fresh like no other.
Happy birthday to you,
l celebrate you.

62. I know how it is today for you dear friend,
Cos’ I have been there, it’s a thing for all.
So right now, dear friend,
I’ll celebrate this special day,
You were born with grace and virtue,
Your coming into the world brings a blessing,

To this effect,
I had in mind to celebrate you like never before,
Now I know why,
I couldn’t not but show how amazing you are to me,
‘Cause you are always there for me,
Thanks for everything.
Happy birthday, friend.

63. I know you are sent to me,
From all and sundry I’ve been told this,
You have been through thick and thin
In your experience as a friend with me,
My heart blesses you.
Happy anniversary friend!

64. As I look at the atmosphere,
It’ll be a lie,
To say I’ve not been blessed,
With the most wonderful friend,
You’ve walked through the maze with me,
Even when I mistakenly journeyed through,
Without a hint from you.
Happy birthday dear friend!

65. You are a friend of purpose and focus,
You long to fulfill your purpose
With all your strength as chosen,
Why won’t I celebrate you today like never before?
Much more for your kind of heart,
I’ll never stop celebrating you,
Happy birthday to you!

66. Even when I close my eyes,
And when I open it,
it’s your birthday that comes to mind,
What matters to me is you with a heart of gold,
You also on a day like this, months ago,
Opened your eyes

And the reality
of my birthday was your longing to celebrate,
Giving yourself and whole to make me happy,
To your birthday too,
I’ll celebrate you with everything I have.
Happy birthday, friend.

67. Your ever-soft heart,
Could not go harsh even when tested to react,
So that’s unfeigned,
It’s ever open to love,
Ever closed to disharmony.
Happy birthday to a good heart!

68. Happy birthday, friend.
The lesson you taught me
The misunderstanding you made right,
As a beloved friend and unique pal
How you have shown me, love
Good to all that are near and far.
I celebrate you, dear friend.
Happy birthday.

69. All the grounds you nurtured,
All the seeds you sowed.
Now brings on sprouts so beautiful as the flowers,
With fruits in their abundance.
Wishing you a harvest-filled birthday,
To see one of the lives you’ve influenced,
Just take a look at me.
Happy birthday, friend.

Special Friend Birthday Poems

When a friend is special, it doesn’t mean there aren’t others that are having the same or nearly the same characteristics. However, it means that this particular friend of yours has spectacular features and thrilling qualities that have made it possible to exceed others.

These Emotional birthday poems for best friend show your fancy for your best friend on this unique day. Why not send these special friend birthday poems as a gift worth giving to a best friend? Enjoy!

70. You always encourage me beyond every doubt,
Lifting me up from every discomfort,
On this special day, I celebrate an icon
Happy birthday I say!

71. Today again commemorates the day
You were born into this world,
It establishes a celebration of a person of great worth,
It’s not a conventional day for me,
We aren’t celebrating it the traditional way.
Happy birthday to my friend.
Just place your order,
It would be delivered in no time.

72. I want to shout,
Parade with vigor and zeal.
It’s my gem’s birthday,
With all my heart I say,
Happy birthday.

73. A unique day it is,
It reveals your happiness,
And it’s not a tease.
You’re the brightest and the best
Adored than the rest,
For this, I’ll beat my chest,
That you’re a friend and the best,
Happy birth anniversary friend!

74. A friend,
Closer than my blood.
It is deeper,
Better and surer,
Than any natural bond.
Happy birthday, friend,
I’m happy to be in this friendship of love.

75. Many things were so unclear,
But you’re such a reflection of hope,
That renders everything so clear,
So brilliant and elegant is your counsel,
Happy birthday, friend.

76. On the seasides of the ocean,
I reminisce with every tide,
That you’ve been a healthy friend,
How I wish the world could watch me,
Sing a happy birthday song for you.
Happy birthday, birthday.

77. I’m sure this day is a vast eternal blessing,
Not just a dream come true,
It’s full of the reality of a good life and happiness,
Not just a dream or fantasy,
But a life that influences everyone it encounters,
You are such a blessing.
Happy birthday, friend!

78. I am thankful for this day,
With a friend, no one can put asunder,
You’re ever close to my heart,
No wonder you are a sweetheart to me.
Happy birthday, best friend!

79. To say you are so sweet to me is not too much,
It is in reality so little to utter,
Described in relation to your worth,
And the quality of your kind of heart,
Happy birthday, friend!

80. If I were to summon up your words this day,
It’ll make a whole bouquet of a masterpiece,
So gorgeous and delightful,
Made of flowers as the lily.
Happy birthday, friend.

81. To the outstanding influencer,
Of a lifetime,
I say happy birthday to a rare gem,
Your mouth is full of encouraging words to me!
I am thankful I have you as my dear friend.

82. I know that you are very truthful.
Oh because
You’re one of the undertones of who I am today.
You fulfilled all your commitments,
And made me trustworthy like you,
Your life impacts me more than you know,
Thank you. Happy birthday, friend.

83. Your mastery,
Outweighs ordinary capacities,
Which people are known to have,
You’ve only exhibited half though,
However, you’ve blown my mind away already.
Happy birthday, friend!

84. You didn’t merely love,
But you demonstrated how.
You didn’t only correct,
But you explain why.
And much more you show it with your life,
Happy birthday,
To the world’s best friend.

85. Life was hard,
But you were harder.
And when it was soft,
You were already softer.
Nothing life hurls at you,
Can come suddenly at you,
You’re simply the best,
To handle it all.
Happy birthday to you.

Funny Happy Birthday Poems for Best Friends

Looking for funny happy birthday poems for best friends that will make your friend smile and laugh at the same time? Then, funny happy birthday poems for best friends will certainly do the trick for you.

Have you seen your friend laugh in ecstasy? If not, you’re surely about to see one as sending these funny happy birthday poems for best friends will accomplish that in no time.

86. I’ll twist the other shoulder for you to cry on,
Even though it already soaks too,
Still, I’ll cheer and celebrate you on with every vibe,
And I am already crying with you too.
Happy birthday, best friend.

87. Thank God you are gorgeous,
At least now I know,
That when we are older,
We’ll remain beautiful.
As I see today through your frame.
Happy birthday, friend.
Stay elegant always!

88. I’ll make sure to reprimand,
Whoever looks down on you.
For your bravery is so unique, and
Adoring you is just and reasonable.
Happy birthday, friend!

89. When you’re old and need a lift,
Be sure to make a holler out,
To me alone,
Who knows I may just be the only one in your whole area,
Just call and I’ll be right there with you, pal.
For you have been right here with me too.
Happy birthday to you!

90. Moving over the highland so quickly?
Kindly slow down friend.
But you know aging happens fast,
So I’ll not worry.
But wish that you celebrate every year,
Every time of it to the end.
Happy birthday, friend!

91. Your birthday again,
From the past year’s memory.
An anniversary of love it has been to me,
At the beginning of a new year, I say,
Since the whole year belongs to you,
So I’ll say,
Happy ‘birth-anniversary’ to you!

92. R’n’B or Rock
Name it as you prefer.
I’ll memorize them just for you,
I’ll stage it only as you want.
Happy birthday, friend.

93. I’ll be your server this day,
Just don’t order what’s not in store,
Or else you’ll have to wait another year.
Happy birthday, friend,
You know I’ll go the extra mile,
To get them for you anyway,
Because you’re more than anything else to me.

94. No offense friend, but I don’t want to be like you.
Yes, I’ll rather be you in all ramifications!
Not just near to being your kind,
But being as your very kind.
Happy birthday dear friend!

95. Never heard the word ‘mere friend’
Always heard ‘best friend’
So this is a reality,
It is not irritation,
That even the earth,
I Celebrate friends to all extent.
I wish you a Happy birthday, friend! dearest!

96. Happy birthday friend,
I’ll go to the borders of the globe,
Don’t take that seriously though,
The earth seems to have no end.
Jeez! So is your love in my heart, is
Without an end.
Happy birthday.

97. It seems there are many planets,
Because I marvel why,
All friends can’t be like you.
Are you from a particular kind of world?
Cause you’re a good representation though,
That’s sufficient to change the world. Lol!
Happy birthday, friend.

98. There’s completely no way now,
To erase your influence on me.
You have rubbed off on me so adequately,
I feel,
And walk
And talk,
And move like you already,
At such a young age!
It’s a good feeling anyway.
Happy birthday, friend!

99. It’s tough to know you’ve grown older,
‘Cause you look younger and fresher,
Even pals think you’re one of my siblings
Until they had a clue that you’re a friend
That sticks closer than a brother
Your utterances are so powerful and profound.
Happy birthday, friend.

100. It was fun all the way,
Seeing my friend laugh at my jokes,
Thought my jokes were always dry
Now we’re all laughing
I must be an upcoming comedian.
Happy birthday, beloved friend!

101. As the ocean flows ceaselessly,
So does your care come without end
To all and sundry,
I know you’re the best of friends I have,
Happy birthday, friend,
To the one who gives me no reason to stumble.

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