50 Gorgeous Mommy to be Quotes and Sayings from Husband

Mommy to be Quotes and Sayings

It feels blessed as an expectant father to share your deep-seated feelings of joy as the day draws near with these mommy to be quotes and sayings with your darling wife as choice pregnancy quotes to stand as encouraging words for a new mom or the ones expecting another cute baby.

Being a mother quotes and sayings go a long way to tell her that you are with her even more through this beautiful journey of pregnancy.

Whether it’s for words of wisdom for new mothers or a mother expecting another baby these mommy to be quotes and sayings will convey the depth of your heart to her and her unborn child.

Blessed Mommy to be Quotes and Sayings

Blessed Mommy to be Quotes and Sayings

Whether you’re thinking of sharing these cute pregnancy quotes for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp status as waiting for baby arrival quotes or simple but yet fascinating quotes for pregnant wife why not pick one or two from this extensive list of mommy to be quotes and sayings.

1. Before you existed, I wanted you. Before you said yes to me, I loved you, and before you got pregnant, I already prayed and embraced raising my family with you. You are too good to be let go of, and I can’t imagine a future without you. Stay strong my honey, I’ll love and support you forever.

2. Your presence in my life brings love. I’m happier and healthier just because of you in my life. Not only are you the best wife a man could pray for you are also the best mother a child could have. My life is more meaningful with you, and I’m sure of a secure future for our child.

3. I live to complement you, while you complete me too. But our little angel has come to complement the two of us together, you know why? Because a part of me and a part of you are what come together to make our little angel.

4. Honey, I want to announce to you that another version of me is on the way! So, roll up your sleeves, and prepare yourself to receive another bundle of sweetness because you are the only being that can handle us.

5. Who else could have reproduced for me another wonderful person like me? Just the way you understand me and my values, you will also understand my baby, and instill in her/him the right sense of value: this gladdens my heart, for I’m assured of the best from you.

6. The moment you got pregnant, we were not “expecting” a baby, we already have one. You are not “going to be a mother”, you’re already one. The baby is not on the way, the baby is already here and we are not going to be a family, we are already one – one big and happy family!

7. I may not be able to shout on top of my voice to tell the world how much I love you. But you understand my love for you, even in my greatest silence and unspoken words. Thank you for being my womb. My love for you will never die.

8. I wish I could bring back the part of my life I spent without you; because I just realized how meaningless it was before you came into my life. I’m sure having a baby with you will be more glorious and beautiful, and the gloomy parts of our lives will be painted bright.

9. No matter the sacrifices that come with having a new baby, the joy can’t be overrated, because, in the end, the experience makes life more meaningful and worth living. Especially, when you have it with someone as awesome as you are!

10. I feel blessed to have you as my wife, but the joy of having you as the mother of my child is unexplainable. I can’t wait to meet our precious little angel, and tell him/her how blessed it is to have you as a mum!

Good Morning Quotes for Pregnant Wife to Wake Up to

Good Morning Quotes for Pregnant Wife to Wake Up to

The beginning of each morning is always a reminder that the baby in your wife’s womb is growing and each day draws you close to the day you all await; when you will finally welcome the little angel into the family.

This is why good morning quotes for pregnant wife to wake up to text messages speak volumes and will be highly appreciated by her.

Now, the best way to present these lovely unborn baby quotes and sayings to her is to make her wake up to it, yes, in the morning. Trust me, she will smile throughout the day. Hence, the need to be creative in constructing your messages and be sure to spice it up with some romantic good morning tones.

Does that sound a little bit tricky? Say no more, the next few lines in this post features mommy to be quotes and sayings you can select from to make her radiate with happiness throughout the day.

11. I’m sending the whole of my love for you through this text, thank you for taking care of our little angel on your inside. Good morning my love, sweetheart.

12. From the day I received the news of your pregnancy, I can’t stop smiling. You make me the happiest man on earth. Good morning, Wifey.

13. Honey, the news of your pregnancy gives me another reason to fight for, I promise to do all I can to make you and my little angel proud. Good morning, my love. Cheers to a new adventure!

14. The thought of being a father makes me elated. I’m grateful to you, my queen for such a wonderful gift coming from you. Good morning, my love!

15. It’s a new day, darling! Counting down to the day I’ll finally hold that cute little angel the Lord is sending to us in my arms. And I’m glad he or she is coming through you, my love. Stay strong and healthy for us, honey. Good morning.

16. A wonderful morning to you, my queen. Thank you for fulfilling my dream of becoming a father. I can assure you and our baby of pure and immense love. Please take care of yourself for us.

17. Waking up this morning, I’m filled with excitement and gratitude to my stars for being this lucky; having a wonderful woman as my wife, and will soon be a parent to a beautiful child. Thank you for being mine. Good morning and have a blessed day ahead of you!

18. Waking up daily to seeing you carrying our beautiful baby reminds me of how beautiful my life is. Thank you for nurturing our baby. Good morning, beautiful.

19. A very wonderful morning to you, my love, this is just a quick reminder; that you are strong and amazing. Can’t wait to have you put to bed! Good morning, Wifey.

20. Despite all the challenges, I’m still grateful for the grace to wake up to another promising day in this new day with you and our baby by my side. Good morning my darling wife.

21. I see every new day as an opportunity to show my gratitude for having a beautiful woman like you in my life, and to express my love for you. Good morning, my heartbeat. I love and cherish you.

22. To you, my darling wife. Waking up to see your face every morning is delightful, and watching you sleep at night with the baby in your womb gives the best feeling. You are simply the best, my darling. Wishing you a splendid day ahead.

23. Good morning, sweetheart, the thought of leaving you in bed scares me! I wish I could cuddle with you and the baby more. I can’t imagine a day without you. Cheers to a beautiful day ahead.

24 . Despite how busy I have been, Honey, I want to seize the opportunity this beautiful morning to appreciate you, and all you do for us. With you, I understand what true love is, and I can’t wait to see the cute angel you are giving me. It’s few months left honey! Good morning, and have a wonderful day.

25. The most exciting part of my day remains morning because I wake up to see the strongest woman at heart. I can’t still explain how I spent all those years without you. Looking forward to seeing you in the evening. Have a great day ahead.

26. You’ve been a source of inspiration to me. I so much desire you, and I earnestly seek to have more of you as your EDD draws near. Please take care of yourself and the pregnancy. It’s a few weeks left, honey. Good morning.

27. Good morning cutie. You are definitely going to have a lot of surprises in the coming days, from God and me. Just stay calm to receive those wonderful blessings. I can’t wait to share the joy of parenthood with you, my love!

28. My only and sincere wish for this day is that happiness will never cease in your life. Thank you for bringing happiness to my life with the news of your pregnancy. Good morning my darling. Cheers to the unborn child.

29. My day is not perfect until I wish my queen good morning. I wish you lots of blessings and peace on this new day. I love you now and forever honey. Good morning.

30. As our sweetest and amazing dream come true, may our baby be blessed with sound health and happiness. Wishing you an awesome time. Good morning my love.

Cute Pregnancy Quotes and Sayings

Cute Pregnancy Quotes and Sayings

It is expected of every man to make the happiness of his wife during pregnancy an utmost priority. Pampering her and supporting her will keep her happy and reduce stress.

Just as sending lovely cute pregnancy quotes and sayings or poems will work wonders in bringing happiness to your pregnant wife and spread love in your home as lovely pregnancy text messages to double her happiness and assure her that you care.

It is important to express your love and compassion to your pregnant wife by maintaining a healthy love relationship and keep reminding her of how important and special she is to you.

If you want to relieve her of anxiety and double her happiness, here’s an idea in doing this, we have decided to help you with the list of the following mommy to be quotes and sayings.

31. You brought paradise to my life, you bring my dreams to reality. Thank you for how beautifully you’ve managed my world. Our baby is blessed to have you as a mother. Stay radiant and beautiful! I love and cherish you.

32. The beauty of your smiles is greater than that of the stars, you’ve taken over the most important space in my life. I’m glad this superwoman will soon be reproduced in the family. Glow baby, glow!

33. The depth of my love for you is not dependent on how many weeks or months we’ve spent together. Seems I’ve fallen in love with you before I met you! Can’t wait to take care of you and our baby. I love you now and forever!

34. I love you, not only for what you are but for how the thought of your love makes me feel. I can’t imagine building a family with another woman. You are my favorite.

35. If I had my choice, I would choose you over and over again, even in the life to come. I’m sure our baby will make the same choice, simply because you are sweet and amazing. I love you, darling.

36. You are my angel, and our baby is the little angel, you are my queen, you will give me my little princess. You are my diary, companion, and better half. I love you forever.

37. Honey, this pregnancy looks so good on you! And I can’t stop admiring you. You are strong and amazing. Thank you for carrying our baby. I love you, sweetie.

38. Honey, this pregnancy might be stressful, and the new baby might make our day long, and our nights shorter, but trust me, it will make the future worth living for. Because all the stress will soon be forgotten, and our love will be made stronger forever.

39. Pregnancy is marked with the beginning of a new life, growth, and transition. No matter how many changes it brings, be assured of my unchanging love for you. I love you to the moon and back, honey.

40. You are a gift from God to me, our growing baby in your womb is a treasure I cherish a lot. I wish I can show you how precious you are to me, and how much I value our baby.

41. Honey, your pregnancy reveals how powerful, bold, and beautiful you are. Proceed in this ability, and never forget that you have my undaunted support as you go into the labor room. You are the best my love.

42. Our marriage is built on sacrifices, the value that says “I love you” instead of “I love me”. This is why we have a great marriage, and our baby will be proud of us.

43. Marriage, they say, is a choice, hence, I choose you, I choose to love you every day, I choose to go through this period of pregnancy with you, I choose to build my family with you. I choose marriage with you.

44. I love how you take very good care of me, how you always strive to be a better woman for me and our baby, even when I do not deserve it. I love how you love me.

45. You, my darling wife are my happy place. I find peace and solace in you. In fact, I’m a little jealous of our baby for being the one inside your tummy, receiving all the warmth. I love and cherish you.

46. Having you in my life makes me realize how priceless it is to be a better man. Today, I promise to rise up to my responsibilities to make myself the best man who is worthy to be called a father that our baby could look up to.

47. One thing I’m sure of, that our son will be a very lucky man. You know why? because you will definitely show him the right thing to look for in a woman with your way of life; You are a wonderful wife and a supermom. I’m blessed to have you, honey.

48. Whenever I remember that you are growing my future pride and joy on the inside of you, the thought keeps me so much in love with you. I can’t wait to see a new you and a better version of me that is coming to join the family soon. I love and cherish you.

49. When you first broke the news of your pregnancy, I experienced mixed emotions of joy, excitement, and fear. But now, I’m in love with you, more than ever before. I find myself growing in love with you every second and I’ll love you with all the breath in my mouth.

50. Since you got pregnant, you look more beautiful, more amazing, and even sweet! I love every one of your pregnancy curves. Thank you for taking up this great responsibility, and sacrificing this much to bring a new life into our family. You are a superwoman!

This list of mommy to be quotes and sayings will surely help you in expressing your love to your woman without stress. Feel free to share on your social media and also don’t forget to leave a comment.

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