120 Own Engagement Status with Overjoyed Captions

Own Engagement Status

Why is your own engagement status important now that you are officially engaged and the big day of your wedding is probably getting closer? Because in life, getting engaged to the love of your life is the first significant event in your love adventure and the tale of romance.

So we rejoice with you, congratulations on your engagement with your soulmate!

No doubt, updating your status is one of the scintillating things to do as a soon-to-be-married couple. It helps to create a memorable countdown and deep affinity for the big day ahead not just for your partner alone but families, friends, and acquaintances far and near.

Looking for a classy way to announce engagement on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram? Then your search ends here! Besides, popular engagement status is the trend now on social media.

Here are the witty engagement captions and adorable status for your own pact status. Along the same lines, let’s say you are here as a dear friend to the lucky person who just got hitched.

you can also learn how to congratulate someone on engagement with this timeless status. Hence, with this stunning and perfect betrothal status what to say to someone getting married will be as easy as ABC.

Classy Way to Announce Engagement on Facebook

Classy Way to Announce Engagement on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best ways to announce your engagement to friends and family far and wide. Now, for a big event such as getting engaged to your lover, you need a classy way to announce engagement on Facebook with an adorable status that says it all for you.

Hence, this extensive list below is tailored to help you announce your engagement in a special way. Congratulations on getting engaged!

1. Finally engaged, this is the perfect moment I have waited all my life for. Nothing comes close to walking down the aisle with my soulmate (name of your fiancé or fiancée)

2. What a bubbling feeling to have someone to hold my hands, feel my heart rhythm, and love on this side of eternity. I am officially engaged to my bestie and prince charming (name of your fiancé).

3. I knew we were made for each other, you (name of your fiancé) chose me and now I am finally yours to love, and cherish forever. So happy to be engaged to you. You made my world, my super handsome sweetie.

4. I just got engaged! Without an iota of doubt, without any break in my heartbeat I say YES to my prince charming, and here’s the ring to it! Congratulations to me.

5. Wow! what a day, he has stolen my heart, and I have him, I can’t wait to officially change my name to yours. Finally engaged to my best loved.

6. Beyond the awe-inspiring roses and candlelight, I am happier that I will forever have you to share with and to stay in your warm embrace in this new journey of love. Rejoice with me I am officially engaged to my happily-ever-after prince charming.

7. This engagement is the beginning of our love adventure together, the start of our tale of romance and I am so glad to be sharing this beautiful journey with you (name of your fiancé).

8. I know my engagement with my bride-to-be today marks the beginning of eternal love, and affection, and an end to all my loneliness. Wink!

9. It’s so beautiful to finally find that one unique person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It’s now official that I am his and he’s mine.

10. Here comes the beginning of our admirable love story, where romance, commitment, and happily ever after meet. I am persuaded that this adventure will make an amazing and classy story that will be read by all and sundry.

11. Now that I am engaged to the most amazing person in my life, I know there’s an incredible love story that will issue out from me and my soulmate that the world will be longing to read and emulate.

12. Engagement is that moment in one’s life when you have a vivid experience of how beautiful your journey will be. Darling, I’ll be here counting down with positive vibes of a beautiful future waiting for you and me. Congratulations on getting engaged to us, darling!

13. From this day forward, I have you to share with always. My embrace will be your refuge and my heart will be a place of comfort for you. I love your baby. I am happy I sealed it with a ring.

14. The thought of spending my whole life with you makes me happy because loving you through life is everything I ever wanted. I am so blessed to be engaged to you. (with a picture of the two of you).

15. Here comes the newly engaged bride-to-be and her soulmate. Happy engagement to us! (with a picture of the two of you)

16. The three years of being your girlfriend wasn’t just enough, here’s how he has sealed it with a ring for a lifetime together and more (with a picture of your engagement rings)

17. We’ve thought deeply and have decided to make this love adventure between us a lifetime of togetherness with a ring on it, smiles! Big congratulations to us on this beautiful day of our engagement (with a picture of your fiancé and fiancée).

18. Take a super clean shot of any of your favorite pets with a poster around its neck and caption it. Our human beings are getting married!

19. So I have finally decided to make it official with my sweetheart today. Happy and engaged!

20. Take a picture of your hubby-to-be with a T-shirt and caption it. He asked me to marry him with a ring on it”. Add emoji to make it more fascinating.

Engagement Captions for Instagram

Engagement captions for Instagram

The love of your life has gotten down on his knee and engaged you with the most beautiful ring you have ever seen, now that you have said yes, here are some engagement captions for Instagram and the extra sparkle to get you started when you want to share it with the world.

Remember, when sharing the perfect ‘Gram photo, make sure the announcement is with a photo of you and your fiancé(e). Congratulations!

21. My heart and your heart are one for a journey of a lifetime, big congratulations to us.

22. Jeez! My favorite finger has finally got the ring.

23. Here’s the most beautiful vibe I have waited to add to the sparkles that made my world of love and affection.

24. Hey, you know what’s it? Your girl is getting married.

25. The highest point of happiness is an engagement with someone that’s loved by you.

26. Let this ring on my finger do the talking!

27. I have just said yes and it sure does have a ring to it.

28. He has won my heart forever, so I’m taking his last name.

29. Let the countdown begins with the ring on it.

30. This is what rings are made for.

31. Guess who’s in town? Your favorite lord of the rings!

32. He put a ring on it, so the journey of a lifetime together has begun.

33. It’s like I have a tailor-made ring on my finger. Who else is seeing the shooting stars?.

34. Here’s when I say yes, I will marry you, my prince charming

35. Our love has just begun with every single day to celebrate what it brings.

36. I’ve gotten the most beautiful diamond ring and I never intend to take off, this love is forever to go

37. Today, I got that moment of a lifetime, the ring says it all

38. Life just got more beautiful when the ring finger becomes the center of attention.

39. Here’s my sparkling finger for the wedding countdown.

40. Every engagement is beautiful, but ours is heaven-made.

Own Engagement Status for WhatsApp

Engagement WhatsApp Status

Your engagement WhatsApp status needs a meticulous update as the season gets closer to your big day. Here are some beautiful words to get you started.

41. Finally engaged to a true friend and the love of my life. Here comes a lifetime of partnership and deeper affection.

42. You deserve it, you’re worth it and you’ve earned it. This heart is forever to be etched on loving you.

43. I just got his ring and he has got my heart rhythm.

44. Today just got engaged to my best loved. My soulmate, we are partners forever on this side of eternity.

45. A new dawn is here for us darling. Our love story has just begun and it can only get better.

46. At first, it was a dream and fairy tale but today it’s a reality for happily ever after with you my prince charming.

47. If I’m asked again and again about my ideal perfect man I will choose you over and over again.

48. Your love fits so perfectly. Loving you through life is just everything and more. Happy engagement to us!

49. On this romantic journey of togetherness, we will write an eternal love story for generations to come.

50. This cozy bond is not only about this ring; it’s also about exchanging the sweetest of our dreams for a lifetime.

51. Everything I ever wanted in life is you and I can’t ask for more!

52. To be engaged to you is like a dream come true. This witty engagement has given me the hope of unending love and a happy ever after.

53. This ring is our seal of togetherness and nothing under heaven can come between us.

54. Darling, I knew you were made for each other and no situation will be able to separate us. Happy engagement to us.

55. I am so glad to tie the knot with someone as sweet as you. I promise to love and cherish you.

56. I am blessed to have you as a partner in this journey of life and love.

57. This engagement is the beginning of a new era that we have fully entered today; not just the exchange of ring, but a lifetime of partnership with you darling. Congratulations to us.

58. Happy to be engaged to you with open arms of love and affection.

59. Being engaged to someone sweet like you, a single day without you is like a day without sunshine. You are my sunshine.

60. In life, no one knows my heart so deeply as you. I’m happy to be tied to your love forever!

Engagement Announcement Captions

Engagement Announcement Captions

With engagement season in full swing, your engagement announcement captions should be top-notch on your social media with some beautiful pictures, and tag your groom-to-be or bride-to-be in the post with some sweet romantic engagement statuses.

I Got Hitched to Bae for Life

61. I said YES! Let the countdown begin.

62. My prince charming just put a ring on it!

63. I knew we were made for each other

64. It’s a lifetime of partnership with you Bae

65. I’ve got the whole world on my favorite finger.

66. It’s forever to go!

67. I’ve got a ring, many shooting stars ✨ with awe-inspiring feeling.

68. I knew the ring will come, the adventure has just begun.

69. Every ring is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.

70. I have found love, love has found me!

71. Meet my soulmate, my valentine forever.

Romantic Engagement Status

72. I am taken, the ring says it all.

73. Feeling thankful my ring finger is busy.

74. Here’s a nice ring from my king, life just got more sparkly. ✨

75. Finally got the ring, I’m elated!

76. Feel the vibe while I shine the diamond.

77. My dream has finally come true.

78. This feeling is so beautiful. I don’t want to wake up from it.

79. Feeling blessed love has given me what to be thankful for.

80. I can’t hold back my excitement that I’m ready to be a wifey.

Cute Engagement Announcement Sayings

Announcement Sayings

Whether quotes, spontaneous words, rhymes, or words that come from the heart, all are an essential part of engagement sayings. So why not take from these cute engagement announcement sayings to set the tone for your engagement?

More so, the best way to make these announcement sayings more fascinating is to add creative pictures that you can simply upload to your social media, print cards with, or send to your families, VIPs, friends, and acquaintances through email.

81. We are finally engaged! Here comes the adventure of a lifetime journey to a bright future of sweet love and happiness. Congratulations on getting hitched forever to us, babe.

82. Just said yes! Officially engaged to the most trustworthy friend! I am getting hitched for a life-long trip, let the countdown begin.

83. When I thought I have known too much about why you are the perfect man for me, there you unveil another reason why you are my forever superhero.

84. You have given me 1 billion reasons why you are the right man for me and if I am asked in my dreams I will pick you over and over again.

85. Getting engaged to the love of my life is a dream come true and that on its own alone has granted me the opportunity to keep falling in love with you for the rest of my life.” #HappyEngagement.

86. Today, I am ready to head off on this beautiful lifetime trip that requires me falling in love many times with you, my prince charming.

87. A successful engagement opens door to commitment, open arms, and giving of hearts. I am happy to switch the gear and let the countdown begin.

88. It was never your flawlessness that attracted me to love you this much. Rather, it was your flaws that enchanted me with you. Jeez! I cannot even think of a sweeter charming person to spend my life with than you.

89. Love is the greatest phenomenon that opens the door to happiness. Getting engaged to you has opened the door to happiness and oneness of heart.

90. If my heart is the moon, it is now engaged to the most beautiful starring.

91. This Romeo has found his Juliet” #JustEngaged

92. Will you marry me? And I just had to say yes!

93. Just said yes to the most important person in my life, my handsome bae. And I’m freaking excited about it!

94. Attention everyone! I am engaged, let the countdown begin!

95. I have found Mr. Right and yes I am engaged. Congratulations on getting hitched to me.

96. Yes, I have the shooting stars on my finger.

97. With you, I have the whole, together we write the love story that will be read by all.” #JustEngaged.

98. I can move a mountain with one hand as long as you are holding the other hand with me, together forever bae.

99. Officially engaged and now thou shall take the last name.

100. This is the first milestone for our sweetest future together. Thanks for asking me to walk with you, sweetie.

Finally Engaged Quotes

Finally Engaged Quotes

Announcing your engagement with finally engaged quotes adds some thrilling effects to it, so grab the needed inspiration below. These are some of the best romantic statements for your engagement status when you want to share the joy of getting hitched to the world. Congrats!

101. Finally engaged! Taking your last name sounds even sweeter and nothing else comes close to taking your last name for a lifetime.

102. Just said yes! And it’s the beginning of bright colors and all admiration the world has waited to see.

103. A successful marriage anchors on love and commitment. I am happy to be engaged to someone I can share that with for the rest of my life.

104. Engagement is an open book to figure out each other before marriage is consummated.

105. Getting engaged to someone you love to spend the rest of your life with, you’d want it to start as soon as possible.

106. You’ve shown the world that you love me and here’s the ring to it. I truly love you for it, you have my heart forever.

107. I knew we were made for each other hence it was easy for us to be engaged so fast.

108. Now I am engaged to you and I find myself loving you more and more, my darling king.

109. Feeling blessed that he stole my heart, so I’m going to take his last name.

110. We are getting ready to live the rest of our lives together, I assure you of all the joy untold starting from this engagement, darling.

111. Finding someone who will love your uniqueness is good but finding someone to stay through life with you is the most amazing thing.

112. You have found a lover for life when he loves your differences and finds your personality great.

113. Engagement is beautiful when is with the right person.

114. I will forever be there to love you, to encourage you when you are down, and stay through all of our adventures in life together.” #FinallyEngaged

115. Just got engaged and the reality of getting married soon is unveiling and I can’t wait to walk down the aisle with my soulmate.

116. It was your beautiful heart that attracted me but now your unconditional love has won my heart forever.” #HappyEngagement

117. No one can ever break the bond between us. Life just got better with you.

118. Engagement is just a word until you came along and gave it the most amazing meaning.

119. Today, you walked me on the path of peaceful engagement with you and showed me what being engaged really means.

120. What is a finger without a ring to beautify it and shows what the ring finger is meant for?” Congratulation to me! #FinallyEngaged

121. It’s a YES with a ring on my finger. A toast to me #JutGotEngaged

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