100 Best Quotes About Caring for Someone Special (2022)

quotes about caring for someone special

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re indebted to someone? Well, I have! Not every debt is monetary you know, just as some very unique people in our lives are more than all the money in this world. Hence, these meaningful quotes about caring for someone special has been drafted for you.

Now, it’s one thing to know someone cares about you, it’s another thing to truly care in return. Quotes about caring for someone special is a wrap of words that would serve as a cure to the ever puzzling circumstance of being speechless in appreciating a special one.

Whether it’s a friend, a family member, an acquaintance or your better half, that unique person to you deserves quotes about caring for someone special. Special people in our lives are like flowers in a garden; if we do not tend for them as we could with words like quotes about caring for someone special, they may feel we don’t really care.

However, since you care, especially about that particular person who is like a rose in your garden. Sending some of these quotes about caring for someone special is like watering your special flower. Just as you want your garden to be full of ever-blossoming flowers, make them feel the warmth of your care today.

Let’s get on with the quotes about caring for someone special! Do take your time to read through it all and get some for your best-loved. They include good wishes, intentions, and desires for someone you care for. Enjoy!

Quotes To Let Someone Know You Are Thinking of Them

There are lonely times in life when people think they are alone in this world. What gets them through those dry moments is knowing that they have people who care for them.

So how does the person you claim to care for know you do if you do not send loving words as quotes to let someone know you are thinking of them?

Here are some quotes about caring for someone special to let someone know you are thinking of them. It would brace them up to face life’s challenges and enjoy life’s goodies.

1. When you’re in a desert, remember you have me as your oasis. I’ll readily spring out water for you dear.

2. We don’t see every day, but my imagination sees you. We don’t talk every day, but my heart hears and blesses you. The distance between us is only physical, you’re forever close to my heart.

3. Thinking of you has created a melody in my heart. The memories shared with you are rhythms ever lovely. My heart dances at the thoughts of you.

4. I think of people I care for, but your own thoughts stand out always. You’re the tallest tree in my forest, I can’t escape seeing you first in my thoughts.

5. If I was told to add up the minutes, hours and days I think of you, then I would say ‘I have thought of you for ages! ‘

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6. It is not difficult to keep you in my thoughts. It’s as easy as not forgetting to eat!

7. The period it would take my memories of you to take an orbit around my heart is forever.

8. My imaginations become real because you make them of worth to me. I am confident because you are with me, making my fantasies come to existence.

9. As my thoughts travel far and wide, they find rest only when they are filled with your thoughts.

10. If I’m giving a coin for every thought of you. I’ll be a thousand coins rich daily!

Quotes For Someone Special Friend

The moments shared, the stories told, the compassion shown, the miles walked together and many others are reasons a friend stands out amongst many.

Building a hall of fame for a special friend wouldn’t be too much, but you can get some of these quotes for someone special friend to send to that special friend of yours.

I really hope that you enjoy reading these quotes about caring for someone special and don’t forget to share!

11. Nothing makes one’s life look like a desert-like not having someone special as you. You fit in as a river in my desert.

12. I’ll prefer to go miles with a special friend in the night, than a journey alone in the daytime.

13. Though there’s no course work in a school where friendship is taught. However, I’ve learned a whole syllabus of what friendship is with you.

14. Unique friends like you patiently plant seeds of friendship, stay to groom it and are happy to watch it blossom.

15. Memories of special friends linger in our hearts. It goes even to the graves with men.

16. I want you before and behind. I want you by my side. All these because I want you leading me, and supporting my decisions as you always do.

17. I don’t need a plane to soar. I just need to soar on the wings of our friendship.

18. A building of a life’s achievements would breakdown without a solid and true foundation of friendship. You’ve been an ever true foundation.

19. Looking at life through the mirror of friendship would make you see life better. You are one special friend who has made me see life better.

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20. Friendship is like a book with a million pages. The more you open, the more you know. Every page opened with you is fresh and ever encouraging.

Quotes For Someone Special in Your Life

Here is a list of rich quotes for someone special in your life. They are written in unique, rich and bright tones for that special one that can’t but just brighten your world.

Take each of these quotes for someone special in your life to be an expensive coin. I’m sure you know you’ll need so many of such coins for a special one. Enjoy!

21. Not all facts are true, but all truths are undeniable facts. You are one ever true and unforgettable fact that I have met with in my lifetime.

22. Others could give me handfuls of hate every now and then. I always get a whole bucketful of love from you.

23. Experiences nullify a thought and validate another. Never has my experience with you nullified my believe that ‘a friend truly can love at all times.’

24. I’m a little river who has found its way into your ocean of affection. Thanks, dear friend!

25. You did not try to be special to me. It came naturally with you. Being unique is a naturally planted in you. I see you blossom every day!

26. There are thoughts that only the one close to your heart can understand. You are someone who readily sees through it all to the depth of my heart. You encourage and bring out the best in me.

27. Even when changes come, people like you will always be ready to go through it all with a friend. Changes don’t change you, rather you influence changes.

28. Just like expensive crops take years to grow. You have come into my life and would stay till you bring out the best in me.

29. You are an entirely new breed and kind on earth. You think, talk and do things in very special ways. How I pray for more of your kind every day!

30. Scarce species are always in danger of extinction. I am confident that your kind of heart would not go into extinction. Everyone you meet is influenced and soon thinks like you. You are so dear to my heart.

Special Person in My Life Messages

Those several broken pieces of tender and loving thoughts you have had towards that special person in your life are carefully put together in this special person in my life messages.

Read this special person in my life messages, send to your special ones and share with friends who also need full and enriched packages of quotes about caring for someone special.

31. Flowers come with unique colors and fragrances. You have come with a combination of those colors and fragrances. With the colors, you make me bright. With the fragrances, you make me perceive sweetness all around me.

32. My branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits flourish daily. All these are in response to your stimulating show of affection. I will always cherish you.

33. Animals perch on trees while some swing with it. Let me say to you that ‘I perch on your arms for rest and I swing from gloominess to brightness with you by my side.’

34. You are not one in a million to me. Your comparison is to a population I’ve lost count on. So I’ll say ‘you’re one kind in an endless age.’

35. May you not lack in receiving affections even as you give so much of yours. You deserve to reap much more than you have given.

36. Keep on spreading your river of love round the fields of life that surround you. The flowers in the fields will soon blossom, each displaying every color of affection you have poured on it. And they’ll be thankful to have met you as I have.

37. You are more than a model to me. You do more than playing a role in my life. You are a reality of life in every aspect. You’re worthy to be emulated always.

38. The way you believe so much in me and people that come around you, it makes me see possibility in all I attempt to do. You have been so stable, bringing stability to every doubt I have about life.

39. You are the perfect definition of a blessing. You are blessed with ideas, thoughts and the ability to push a person to also become a blessing. I want to name you ‘The Blessed One.’

40. If only money could buy love, then only the rich would have the best of people like you. Having you is more of wealth to me. I heart you, dearest!

Sweet Love Quotes For Someone Special

Love is no respecter of age, gender, profession, tribe or even status. So when it happens, it should be celebrated.

Here are sweet love quotes for someone special that you can send to special friends, families, mentors even your colleagues at work. Be it ‘for him’ or ‘for her’, these quotes about caring for someone special fit in perfectly.

41. True love spans through time and distance. It does not expire with times and seasons, even distance would not cut it off. I am happy to tell you that my affection for you would withstand against the wind of time and distance always.

42. With you, I have found an entirely new package of love. It comes with the best expressions of affection. I know I am yet to discover it all!

43. I hear the cock give a crow in the morning and the birds sing in the day. The world should know the cock announces and the birds sing of one with the best heart.

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44. An ornament of love you are to me. I would wear you and be sure to walk gracefully, knowing that your word and show of affection has made me beautiful.

45. You are one significant assurance to me that God has answered my prayers on letting me know the expressions of love.

46. You are ever opened like a book, ready for me to write on. Taking all my grieves, joy, pain and so much more. You help me clean off the negative, and write more positive ones for me.

47. Looking at you is like the sighting of stars at night, watching birds fly, and viewing beautiful raindrops on leaves. Every look at you is full of wonder at how beautiful you are and how loving your heart is.

48. You have taught me so much with love. Experience is not the best teacher, Love is. You have approached all matters with love and taught me so.

49. There are stones, but not all are precious. There are good people, but not all are special to me as you are. You are one unique gem, made specially to build for me an edifice of love.

50. Show of affection from people spreads out like a plantation. Some grow as grass while some can’t go beyond being shrubs. A particular plant stands out amidst it all, that plant is you. You are the dearest to me.

You Are Special Quotes For Her

Tender and amazing are the female genders all around us. They sure make the world complete with their tenderness. Just imagine a world without mothers, sisters, wives, female friends and even baby girls! It’s definitely going to be one-sided.

The whole feminine world deserves you are special quotes for her. You will surely find some of these quotes about caring for someone special appropriate for all ages of the feminine.

51. An angel you are in my world. Always heralding good tidings into my life. I’ll forever cherish you.

52. You are a unique jewel definitely made of rare stone. This makes you a rare and priceless gem.

53. When I listen to your advice, it’s like wearing the most beautiful ornament around my neck. Your words are rare, well-refined and forever expensive. You are the best!

54. You show firmness and tenderness at every right time for it. A master of seasons you are, knowing when to scorch like the sun, and when to rain.

55. It’s amazing how you take all of my blows. Surely, a weak frame with solid content is what you are made of. How amazing!

56. I would have remained a rough road. As you came, your affection and care made me smoother.

57. A princess would always stand out in the midst of millions of girls. No other reason than because she’s crowned with beauty, love, intelligence, brightness and many more uncommon virtues.

58. A unique person you are, not just a part of me, but my whole. Without you, I’ll be incomplete, and if I’m incomplete, I’m definitely not me!

59. Dreams and realities are worlds apart. The former fades away when the latter appears. I’ve had fantasies of a sweet relationship, none is as real as the one with you. You’re the best.

60. In the ages past, you’ve had no comparison. What makes people think they could compare you now? You are special as you are, to me and the world. No one thinks and talks like you!

Someone Special Quotes For Him

Since you agree that every house built should have a pillar. You definitely should support that everyone needs the manly shoulder to lean on.

Here are some someone special quotes for him to appreciate the ever-ready pillars whom we think have no need to be shown some love. They do desire to be loved and appreciated every now and then. Sending some of these quotes about caring for someone special is one way to do so.

61. The world may see you like crude, but what I see is a unique and priceless stone, soon to be seen as the rarest gem.

62. You give more than I ever ask from you. You go more miles than I ask. You offer both hands when I require just one. You’re the best!

63. You have moved beyond the man of my dreams to the man in my world. I love having you in my world than in my dreams. May this reality live on!

64. The right times I can dance to can only be played by you. You have mastered my rhymes and rhythms, your words and gestures of affection beat them to my ears.

65. Candles meltdown, even streams dry up. Definitely, the sun never stops shining, neither do oceans dry up. So are you to me. You’re never short of ways to make me happy.

66. Growing old, but ever young and fresh at heart. Tough not the extreme, but the inside of you is ever gentle. I want the whole world to know how much you mean to me!

67. There’s one duty I know you do exceptionally well, and that’s looking after me!

68. I have seen how you handle life’s matters with extraordinary bravery. You have rubbed off me and I’m proud to face life with you!

69. I’ve enjoyed being the one shown affection every day we’ve spent together. This day, I choose to be the bee hovering around you my honey.

70. Without men, an edifice of love would not stand well. You are the rock on which this love shared is built on. You are a special one to me and the world!

Special To Me Quotes

Just as you are special to someone, someone is also special to you. Sometimes, we need just little gestures like sending then special to me quotes to let them know how dear they are to us.

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What are you waiting for, get some of these special to me quotes for your special ones right here and now!

71. I feel more alive having you in my world. You brighten days and lighten up nights.

72. Being relevant goes beyond the present. That your relevance to me and to the world around you is obvious to all.

73. To say a person can take your place is an understatement. No one even understands your place in my life, how possibly could they occupy it? Sure it’s impossible!

74. Thorns are not edible, but very useful. They guard such precious plants as you jealously. I desire that many of such be made to protect you wherever you go.

75. You need no waiter to take your order. The world waits to serve you with what you deserve!

76. A breakfast of kindness, sweet lunch of love and dinner filled with blessings are what you deserve every day. You have dished more of that to me, now’s your turn.

77. It’s hard to easily find the best way to convey affection to a special one. Sometimes, even the most complex words aren’t enough. So I’ll just say, ‘You’re special!’

78. It is obvious every passing day that there’s more to learn from your unique ways. More than ever, I want to stay inseparable from you.

79. Going along with me in the maze of life, you have helped me to be guided. You have managed to open my eyes to the clues at every corner of life. What can I do without you?

80. Relentlessly, you jump the hurdles of life. Focused as ever, just as every man who understands the purpose. Stay strong till the end!

Romantic Quotes About Spending Time Together

There’s a bond shared with ‘many,’ and there’s one shared with someone special that cannot be forgotten. This bond can’t be broken because of those exceptional moments and memories shared together. Hence, this extensive list of quotes about caring for someone special fits well.

We have the best words here for you to put those experiences together as romantic quotes about spending time together.

81. I anticipate every moment to be spent with you. And when the time comes, I’m held spellbound by you. You fascinate me always. You’re a wonder!

82. Walks in the parks and gardens are nothing without you. You make every moment worthwhile, even bedtimes are full of lovely dreams because of you.

83. The beauty of every day is seeing you first in the morning, and last at night. It makes the day fulfilled!

84. A new flavor is added to my life with every moment spent with you. You’re so full of life!

85. A sweet fragrance of affection is what I smell of now. Your influence made it so sweet. Brightened by different colors from your world, It lightens up my world!

86. With you, weeks are as little as days, days are little as hours, hours as little as minutes and minutes as seconds. I ask myself how to get enough of you to even let you go for a day.

87. Songs we sing together and stories we share always seem to leave a part of you with me.

88. Seems like ages have been spent together when true friends meet for a day. After years, it still seems like they’ve known for a day! There’s no satisfaction without your affection.

89. Every time spent together makes the bond stronger between us. Let’s spend more time together and soon this bond would be unbreakable forever.

90. Trust and love bind. Nothing outside exists between us. It grows with every passing moment. You were definitely made for me, and I for you!

Happy To Have You In My Life Quotes

The joy of having someone special in your life should be without boundaries. Therefore, your love and show of it should be without limits. Therefore, making every piece of these quotes about caring for someone special worth sharing with that person in your life.

Take, send and share some of these happy to have you in my life quotes to show how happy you are to have him or her in your life.

91. I name myself ‘the most fortunate one’ on earth for having you in my life. You’re the best experience of my life.

92. A life full of joy, love, and favor is what you radiate. No wonder everyone around you blossoms so easily.

93. In all seasons, you are as you should be. Happy with who you are and making me happy to be me around you.

94. Meeting you was a herald of nourishment. It keeps on coming, for you’re ever flourishing.

95. Every special day is the one in which I saw you, spent time with you or thought of you. It leaves a feeling of ecstasy with me always!

96. One of the most gratifying things in life is to meet with someone who gives you joy and peace about life. It brings such satisfaction that is beyond what words can describe.

97. Honey, sugar, candies, flowers, gems and so on. Mention every sweet thing and word, it’s still not enough to describe your impact in my life.

98. I still want you to my best friend when my hairs are all grey. You are the one who can understand me even then.

99. Up to the hill and down the valley, let’s keep walking and talking. There’s never a dull moment with you dear!

100. The vibes and calm you give. All come in the time needed for it. You just know how to make situations better. That’s what you were made for!

101. I look forward to having you by my side throughout my lifetime. You are the one who can understand me through all ages. You remain the best.

We are trying to make the world a better place by spreading love. Can you help us by sharing these quotes about caring for someone special? Thank you for doing so!

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