150 Best When Someone Loves You Quotes for Him or Her

When Someone Loves You Quotes

What more could be as precious as the words from when someone loves you quotes? Gifts could be exchanged between people who love themselves, but if someone really likes you or truly cares about you and quotes some love expressions to you, it goes a long way to making you feel special.

Though some people doubt that words could be original, so they prefer to go for gifts and not feel attached to words; ‘you know the power of words right?.’

However, it’s okay to enjoy the worth and value that you are appreciated for. Delight yourself in the atmosphere that the power of strong love quotes creates for you.

Beautiful thoughts are best to express in words than gifts, so, find your heart’s expressions in these when someone loves you verses. They are really the language of understanding love quotes.

Make the most of it and share it with those who believe in love. In fact, you’ll be surprised by the healing power that quotes like these have, in that they could create love thoughts and images.

There’s a way to build some trust in your partner and loved ones, you love them and you need them to stop questioning this in their hearts, pick and send them some of these love challenge quotes.

However, the direction for love is, being the receiver or giver of the love, when you love someone quotes, and when someone loves you words are the true love quotes you have been searching for to cement your relationships.

Read through and pick with love in your hearts.

When Someone Loves You Quotes and Sayings

Everyone is always saying one thing or the other about love, whether according to experience or background. Being informed in different ways, many tend to show love in the way they were shown.

However, with ‘when someone cherishes you quotes and sayings’ you’ll feel a new tone to the ever puzzling inconclusive widely accepted gestures of love. You don’t need to define love to you when someone loves you words give you an acceptable language and expression of how love should be cherished between couples. Do read and pick some below.

1. I’m not ignorant of your love for me, you know why? It has a voice through which it speaks. From all your gestures shout out so loud that you care for me. I do not take this for granted and I’m saying I love you too!

2. It feels warm to be captured in your heart. This I know because I sense your heart telling me so every time our eyes meet. Thank you for making me feel unique.

3. I may not matter to many, but I know that I matter to you. You have been a blessing to me, and a balm to my once-wounded heart. I heart you dearly!

4. You have positioned yourself in a very deep place in my heart. I cherish you a lot and look forward to spending life with you. You make me happy!

5. With the just few moments we have seen, I feel like I’ve known you almost all through my life. Your affection hit me like a force, shifted me from heartbreak and depression, and brightened up my heart. I have only joyful reflections now. Thank You, dear!

6. Time seems timeless and boundaries seem limitless when it comes to you. I know how well you look forward to making me happy and honestly I cherish it all. No time with you is a waste and distance no longer poses to be a boundary for my love for you and for what I can do for you. I miss you this day dearly.

7. The moment I came to know you; I knew I had met the person that would cherish me always. You’re someone who knows my worth and I appreciate you for this.

8. Making me happier than I normally would be and as well getting me more annoyed than I would get. It’s all because you know just how to get me. Thank you for loving me.

9. You move with smiles that lighten up a place like a light bulb and with a refreshing aura, I love being around you. There’s no dullness when I’m with you.

10. It isn’t difficult to know that you have me at heart every now and then. It shows in the glitters at the corners of your eyes, and in the way, you pay attention to all that I do. You never seem to get wary of my talks, that’s what love is, and I do celebrate you for this.

11. Moment after moment, season after season, your love like flower blossoms in my heart. Since the day I knew you loved me, I’ve guarded my garden so well, and I know that I won’t lose you.

12. So I decided to take a walk today, and the woman at the flower shop said I looked at her flower. The man at the ice cream shop said I carried the vanilla flavor aura. But then I just thought, no one can describe me better than you, no matter how they try.

13. Love has become more real with you my dear and it’s worth all I give into it now. Never thought I could come to heal from my past hurts, but you have made me accept freshness in my heart with lots of space now to receive affection from God, you, and the little the world might still have to offer.

14. I feel like a seed has been planted since. I met you. And daily, I feel the root of it getting stronger and stronger. Thank you for making me know and accept love.

15. The effort it took you to even make me embrace love was so little and this made me know that you are a love being yourself. Convincing heartbroken people can be quite difficult, but you did it like it was just some piece of cake work.

You know just how to make one wrap his or her arms around love no matter what happened in the past, Thank you, dear!

16. May you experience the fullness of what love has to offer as you have made many experiences of love. I do wish today that the ocean of love drowns you so deep that you never know depression or sadness for the rest of your life. You’re the best!

17. I look at whom you are and I’m convinced the more I look that you’re a definition of love. Not just trying to love, but you effortlessly express it. I love you dearly!

18. Bad memories can be erased when one has an abundance of good ones. With you, I’ve had sweet memories in just a short while and I can’t seem to feel or remember those sad times again, thank you for being here with me, I love you!

19. People still hardly believe that anything good and serious can come out of sincere love between two people, and they think that such honest love experiences don’t happen any longer on earth. I’ve actually seen and shared this truthful love with you and it has made me a better person in different aspects of life. So, I say that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

20. I don’t need a conviction to know that you love me and will keep on loving me. Whatever we face later, I’m prepared to face it, knowing that I’m not alone and my happiness is your entire interest. So I really would like to marry you, dear.

When Someone Truly Loves You Quotes

Have you really met someone that genuinely loves you or do you look forward to meeting such a person? However, you should know that there are people right now, yes. Everywhere and anywhere, no matter how many people ignore you, there are others who love you. and they might not even be able to show it.

For a mother, it might be difficult for her children to really believe that she loves them. However, when someone truly loves you quotes such things, or acts some of what is written here in when someone loves you words, then you should be able to identify genuine love.

Just open your heart to love, when someone loves you lines make you see that there’s an iota of love even in discouraging situations.

21. When love isn’t true, over time, the feelings fizzle out and it doesn’t just seem to work out in an agreement between the two parties. Such has been the opposite of what I’ve experienced with you. thank you for loving me genuinely.

22. One of the ways to identify love is to experience an awakening in the heart. This is what I’ve felt since I met you, and it still burns and spread from me to many around like wildfire. Thanks for bringing brightness to my world.

23. If colors would be planted, you have indeed sown such seed in me. With your affection, I see myself exhibiting different beautiful characters by the day. My flowers are so colorful that everyone seems to want to be close to the new me. All this is because of your impact on me.

24. Having been made to grow up thinking love is too farfetched to be reached or experienced in one’s life, I almost gave up on it. But you have brought it so low for me and made me experience it in different ways. I heart you plenty much for this, thank you!

25. Being told that love cannot be bought, I could only believe this when I grew up to know people. Once you gave me love on the platter of gold, I know this saying was indeed true!

26. I wish I could have a record of how we spend our days together. it’s so beautiful a memory that a documentary on it would make the best-selling producers want to direct movies with such love stories.

27. Many people are explosive with bright and beautiful colors waiting to happen. But you are a spark that makes people show forth the liveliness in them. There’s nothing but brightness around you. thank you for lightening me up with your love.

28. Loving someone is good, but being loved back gives a feeling of importance to the one being loved. So I feel go precious each time you’re around or I think of you, it just reminds me that there’s one person who carries me like Gold, and it means I’m indispensable.

29. There’s a conviction you get when you see someone you’ll have a lasting relationship with. Seeing you and relating with you keeps giving me assurance that I’ve found a bond that both parties are not ready to let go of. That’s the best part of being loved back. Thanks, dearie!

30. Not just calling you ‘my dear’ because it’s a cliché for people who love each other. It has rather become what I see you be in my life. You are dear and precious to me.

31. It means a lot to me when you do the things you do. It may not seem like I appreciate it, but I really do. I promise to show how much I cherish and want to reciprocate your love in these days ahead.

32. Each new day is a beautiful experience with you by my side. I know you’re with me even when it’s not so with a location. My heart and yours have found their places beside each other.

33. In spite of obvious differences, you have chosen to relate so well with me. It amazes me that such hearts like yours still exist. Thank you!

34. There are people you meet that first look forward to pointing out your faults and inability to keep up with your pattern of life. Not realizing that the different patterns of behavior we have are part of the beauty we have as humans, it’s a complementary design that makes you fit it into the incomplete puzzle of another’s life.

35. Though the maze appears to have no way out at the end, we have a torch of love and we’ll definitely see the end of it together.

36. I’m ready to hold your hand even before you tell me to. I wish to marry no one else but you. The best person to partner with for life is someone as open, mature ad loving as you are.

37. In a gathering of millions, I’ll still find my way with you blindfolded. You have made an impact that has stayed with me beyond my physical senses. I love you dearly!

38. Hey, lovey! I found out there’s a rain of blessing coming heavily this year and I thought to let you know today that I prayed that it falls heavily on you.

39. When you find love birds, you should know that what makes them fly together is that their hearts have been conditioned to fly together. Hence they fly, perch and make nests of love together.

40. Love does not struggle to be obvious. It naturally spread its beautiful scent as a box of fragrance that is entirely open, I can’t ignore your affection and I look forward to responding better than I have done in the past.

When Someone Really Loves You Quotes

When someone really loves you quotes explain how real love is expressed in actions and words are also actions as I’ve come to know. It takes action for a person to voice out his or her emotions.

So sit back and enjoy the tones of when an individual loves you quotes.

41. One understands more what life is about when love is the horoscope for viewing. I honor your description and ideal way of life. The world needs many more like you!

42. Even if you can’t express all that you feel about me in words, I’m still rest assured that you love me so much. I can’t but just be grateful to you.

43. God created us as love, but not all can project it the way it should be. You are one of the few who have made me see God in the way you love. You respect me so much and put my interest before you all the time. Thank you!

44. Times and seasons change, but I see only one kind of person all the time I look at you. The only thing that changes is your gestures, you show me different acts of love to fit into the situation of the moment and you sure do well at that dear.

45. No one learns how to love in school rather, you might be forced to believe there’s no such thing as love because of the disappointments you get from almost everyone. I know better that it is not a lifetime course to be learned.

46. Love is much more than we have allowed ourselves to experience. You, my dear, are an embodiment of many things that love offers.

47. There’s an atmosphere of joy, peace, and every good thing in life that goes with love. As you moved close to me, these things flooded in without restriction. Thank you, love!

48. For every wonderful moment, I say thank you. even for the ones that felt tense and not so good, I still find myself smiling when I reflect on them. All the time spent with you makes my eyes spark with joy.

49. The measuring instrument for love has definitely and will not be invented. It is too vast and wide to be considered and boxed into some kind of quantifiable concept. You have been to me what it means for infinite love to keep finding expression.

50. My not speaking up all this while is not because I’ve taken your love for granted, however, I’ve tried looking for the best way to appreciate and celebrate you. now, I still can’t find it so I thought to express it the way it has been in my thoughts. I love you too much!

51. Getting on that roller coaster with you yesterday reminded me of how much I’d gone around in circles trying to find love. But with you, it’s a definite, clear, and straight path.

52. Though it’s not enough to say you love someone, it’s enough to show one act of love, no matter how little it seems per moment you get the chance. So I thought to say it is also an act of love on its own.

53. Thinking of how much love you’ve shown to me, I got lost in my thoughts. I will always lose count of what beautiful moments of affection you have shown. Thank you!

54. Surrounding me with nothing but sweet memories and have successfully erased all bad ones. It’s like I‘m back to default, like a newborn who knows nothing but love being shown from all around.

55. I craved to know and I’ve found how that one can live in this world with no bitterness and every other thing you weren’t created with. So, being loved by you, I feel like a princess surrounded with all she needs always, such that even in the midst of war, I see that affection has built a wall of defense for me from the enemy of love.

56. When people love each other, they discover more of what they’ve been created to be in this life than more of what they weren’t meant to be. How lovely it is to be with the one who brings the best out of me.

57. It’s alright to cry sometimes because you’ll have your much more memories of laughter and joy to forget those sad moments. Even the tears could be born of overwhelming happiness.

58. I feel like this is just the start of a new definition and pattern of love’s expression to me. I’m so well prepared to take in all that you offer me out of love.

59. Trying to not get disappointed can be so stressful. But having found you, I’ve learned how to relax and receive the love that anyone has to offer you. just to keep enjoying the moment, just like I do with you.

60. Droplets and showers of rain come with the different forces of a downpour. These experiences I have left behind and have come to experience a dimension of a heavy flow of love from my lover’s heart.

When Someone Loves You Unconditionally Quotes

Unconditional love is seen when you are accepted for whom you are. When someone loves you unconditionally quotes spells it out in its string of beautiful quotes.

Sit back and pick from yet another section of these when someone loves your sayings.

61. Love is a tune that is much more suitable for two than one to dance to. I’m impressed with your rhythm of love and I can’t seem to stop myself from dancing to it every time I even think about it.

62. Many see and try to correct me of my faults before opening themselves up to love me. But you seem to love me more because of those faults, and this makes me much more prepared to love you back.

63. There are so many things I could pinpoint in myself that could stress you out of relating with me. But I can’t seem to pick out an action that says you have to care about my flaws. Thank you for being unconditional in loving me.

64. If I were to classify love, I’ll put you in the simplest, down-to-earth but definitely the most cherished kind. You don’t make it so complicated as some have portrayed it to be. I love you, dear.

65. People mostly find love within their class of status. But you have erased the category out of the way of finding love with me. You’re the best!

66. How far can we go with this? I sometimes ask myself this question. But then I figured it’s less stressful on my nerves to enjoy each and every opportunity of being with you. However, the more I do that, the more I see a better end.

67. You make my tense moments calm with your words. There is no exception to the time you are ready to listen to me and help me out always. Thanks so much!

68. Love can be thought to be stupid but that is just because it sees no reason not to love. All reason is a reason to love, and all facts are a basis for stronger attachment.

69. I just thought of how awesome it is to have someone like you who would turn even misunderstanding to the ground for building more beautiful edifices of affection on. You amaze me.

70. I’m sometimes speechless at your level of understanding. It’s so rare and that is why love flourishes out of you anytime and everywhere you go.

71. To be detached from you is to want to tear my heart apart. I’ve become so bonded with you that I can’t think of letting go of the one person who treats me like a princess.

72. Even when I’m wrong, you find the best loving way to correct me and make me see more light than I knew before. You are surely a blessing to me and generations!

73. The world to come will know peace while having a lesser amount of unsatisfactory people. When everyone comes to a point of being content with little like you do, they would be able to be selfless in dealings with others. You’re a rare kind of selfless personality, that’s why you think of me and everyone first before yourself.

74. Coming across many puzzles in life as well as questions left unanswered could make you almost give up trying to find a definition of life itself. But having someone to find such answers and solve those puzzles makes the task easier.

75. The hard works seem like no task at all when you encourage me. Thank you for not projecting my weaknesses on my face. You make me stronger dear!

76. You challenge me to be better in the most appealing way that I forget it is a challenge, it seems more like it’s natural for me to become a better person. Because you’ve made me see that is who I am meant to be.

77. You’ll gladly hold the hands of a person that you love so much and you know love you back, even when he doesn’t tell you where you both going at the moment. Love builds in-depth trust.

78. Waking up to see the whole place cloudy and still believing that the world will shine is a picture of how Ii View every day with you. things will be better at night than in the day, and even much better the next morning than this night I know.

79. To think that we would ever let go of each other is now an impossible thought. I just can’t think of the best way to thank you for being there always, but I’ll keep praying for you.

80. I see the brightness in your eyes when you succeed to make another person smile. You’re like one who derives happiness from making me gleeful. You’re definitely rare in your kind of breed.

When Someone Loves You Back Quotes

It is difficult for many people to love until they are loved. But the best is to decide to love and experience much more fulfillment as people respond to your love. Definitely, dimension needs to start the chain reaction, so let it start with you!

When someone loves you saying and when someone loves you back quotes carry such unconditional love note voices, that you would not seem to attribute the beginning of the love story to one person. That is the way to do it, love first and then you’ll be in a much better position to receive love back.

Delightfully read through and select some love moment quotes below.

81. ‘The more the merrier we say.’ The same goes for the story of love. You loving someone is good, but being loved back is a plus to the equation while making it balanced.

82. Two are definitely better than one when sharing something as precious and priceless as love. It makes them see more of all the beautiful sides to it.

83. Riding and driving alone isn’t as fun as having someone to help you see the road signs better if you’re at the wheel. Let go of the restriction in your heart to love and let another fill the vacuum of love.

84. Love makes you see roads block faster and avoid them with the help of another. So. The place of another cannot be overlooked in the love world.

85. The product of two elements reacting together gives a new compound. One element rather remains the same. So to see much better aspects of what love gives, it is better to share it with someone. It’s good to have someone sharing it with my life.

86. You definitely need a partner in this game. Even if you win alone, who do you celebrate with? So dear, it’s good to have someone who loves you back.

87. I do think it’s allowed for me to go overboard with expressing my thoughts, but the fact is even that I‘m speechless and can’t seem to find the words that beat your expression of love to me, my dear.

88. Growing a tree in the garden requires more than one person’s effort. When one is down, the other can attend to grooming it and making sure nothing out of place grows around it. Two hearts knit together can fight every discouragement that comes their way.

89. I went by the ocean and I realized no matter how good I am at swimming, it’s wise to have someone watching out for me. I appreciate that you do love me and have my best interest at heart always.

90. An increase in the rate at which a flower blossoms depends on how much care it is given. So it is not enough to just have a plant but to have someone tendering to the seed of love you have sown.

91. I know it might be difficult to believe, but I recognized that you loved me from the moment we fort met. You just naturally connected and poured out your heart, tell me who does that without trust and love?

92. You have given back to me much more than what I have given you. it’s like always three times better than what I can express at every moment. It makes me see that there’s no limit to loving a person.

93. Few are the moments that I’ve been disappointed and at those times, I knew just the reason was that love is meant to come to me just the way I’ve always thought it to be. So I learned even from my own self-dissatisfaction to accept this approach to love you showed me.

94. You are always ready to learn and ready to give out what you know and have. All that you have is to you, not yours, you know just how to make everyone feel important and be blessed by you what you have in your custody to offer.

95. You possess so much beauty from within and have been able to spread the aura around you. I just know I entered into the atmosphere of love when I came in contact with you.

96. Don’t stop loving dear, even if the world isn’t offering you much of what you give. The reward for those who love back is that they gain the utmost expression of it even unexpectedly at the n dot the day. Just keep on loving!

97. You have become a friend, brother, and everything a man could be to a woman to me. I love you so much and it amazes me to see the depth of love reserved for me in you.

98. When I think there’s nothing more to love, you surprise me by showing me something new. It’s like a movie with many suspense moves, each scene is perplexing but interesting to watch.

99. Thank you for being the best you could be; you don’t hold back yourself room being doing your best. I pray that you get the best rewards that the love of God gives to us as the days go by.

100. I could announce all day long and at night that love only could make the world better. If everyone knows how to love first even before being loved, it would stir up love everywhere.

When You Know Someone Loves You Quotes

when you know someone loves you quotes, you’ll be able to identify love better and see how people can express love in their own way. but when such a person finds it difficult to express himself or herself, you can send some of these when someone loves you words to help open up the emotions locked inside of them and help them turn it into words.

Go through them carefully and make your picks!

101. Knowing you love me gives me much happier than even knowing I love you. it’s all getting better by the day dear. Thank you for being there always for me.

102. The best moments of joy in my life have been knowing that I was special to someone like you. Feeling special is one thing, but knowing one is unique in another person’s life makes one kind of say stuffs like ‘I’m proud of myself!’

103. You made me love myself the more I receive love from you. in fact, I’ve grown to believe and see more value than I’ve seen before in myself, knowing that I have such qualities that can add so much to people.

104. Sometimes, you need a mirror to affirm to yourself the state of your appearance. You have been a mirror to me, helping me make corrections in the gentlest way, just as the mirror quietly but obviously shows you what to adjust to. Thank you for being dear to me.

105. Bearing in the heart every day that someone loves you is an encouragement on its own. It gives you an anticipated start in the morning, a beautiful experience in the day, and a grateful moment at night for a day well spent.

106. There’s a treasure in every land, it takes a person with consistency to keep digging to find it. You have been so consistent in bringing out the best in me, and this tool of love you used to dig is just the right one for it. I think you should suggest that too many more people in the world!

107. Every moment I think of taking a step, I see that I have another person to consider in the plans I have to execute. You mean so much to me and with the readiness of heart you have and love, I know that I’m willing to share the rest of my life with you.

108. Making a clear path for success for people to follow has been a vision for me, and I trust you to walk with me on this path. I love you dear!

109. Take my words to be what it is, and take my hands as it is. Let us together give our longing hearts a bond blessed by God. So, come along with me through the aisle to the future.

110. Although there are many who have professed to love me, you are one of the very few who have turned these words into action. Talk is cheap, but the action is expensive.

111. No other words could best describe it but ‘I Love You!.’ that is how I feel and I know you feel this way too. So it’s plain words coming from a plain heart, just the way it is.

112. No matter what happens, I’m assured that what we share will grow stronger, ‘cos I’ve seen how you passionately water and tend to it like the only flower in the garden.

113. What makes a thing precious is not necessarily like such as it has not been found before, but the uniqueness is recognized from the heart viewing it. The way you have carried me makes me feel truly special.

114. With the exception of nothing at all, I value you unconditionally. It’s only on the basis of love and I’m fond of you just as you are of me.

115. Even if I didn’t want to, I know I can’t escape it any longer. You have succeeded in trapping me in your web of love.

116. You have not only taught me love but shown it to me in different ways. Thank you, my love teacher! I hope that our home is made a love institution.

117. I like to be with you in all locations, but even if the distance seems to be a barrier to our togetherness, we’ll overcome that threat with the strength of love that the knitting of our hearts has come into.

118. Without thinking of my choice, if were placed in the midst of a million people, I’ll choose you again and again.

119. When it seems like there’s no one else to back me up on something, you always surface to let me know I’m not alone.

120. Though the going might be tough, sometimes the tough can’t handle it, but love does. Love actually toughens people up to face challenges and it has made me so, along with you by my side.

When a Man Truly Loves a Woman Quotes

When someone adores you quotes could end up serving the purpose of searching for choosing a life partner quote. It seems you have searched for it so as to know the right words to say to contribute to your past gestures of winning the other person’s heart.

So, these words are what you want to be constructed in a way to make her or him see you as his or her life partner’s choice in you.

However, when a man truly loves a woman quotes are strong affectionate words that are ready expressions of the way a man expresses his feelings and the woman finds it easy to recognize it. So you could pick from below and boast of your love life, or just a way of acknowledging the love of the man in your life.

Savor the memories with the words created as you slide through each one of them.

121. Gliding along with a woman isn’t as complex as many have thought it to be. I have seen that you have the strength that even I don’t have as a man. I respect you more each day as I get to know you, dear.

122. The heart of gold is projected by a few people. You are one of them and I so much cherish you, my love. Please keep on being an encouragement to me as you have always been.

123. A prince charming may not be the picture of what you project in your heart. But we know, that love is what makes a person appealing and worth walking with for life.

124. Love is a spell on its own that has such potency to break whatever contradicting enchantment. So, be rest assured that the one for you will be able to break through your rigid walls of defense against hurt, his unique aura of love will break through, bring you out, and make you a better person.

125. I see you as much more than people see you. Forget what others think or don’t think. Take the compliments, appreciate the critiques, and forget the condemnations. More importantly, use them for feathers and fly higher than you’ve ever flown.

126. If there’s anyone who should convince you more, it should be your man. Hold on to your trust in him and you’ll see the best of his appreciation of you as you open your heart more.

127. We’re sure you’ll both do well together. The way we see him looks at you is entirely the way a prince charming will look at the desired damsel. But much more, we know he respects you.

128. I see the picture of genuine friendship as what you offer, so I’m assured of a stable life with you. I’d gladly anticipating to say yes to a friend who loves me, and I think that is you!

129. I love you and wish to get you what you desire each new day. But I know just how being with you means much more to you. I love your heart.

130. My friend is so beautiful today, looks like you dreamt of me. It’s good anyway because I practically just watch your beautiful face appear to me so many times.

131. My mind has grown to just know the exact picture of you even when I’ve not seen you for days. After God, you are being imprinted in my heart the more the days go by. I look forward to spending the future in this part of life with you.

132. Make sure not to take my words for granted, they are like gold sprayed from my heart to you. Because your love itself has transformed my heart and kind of person. I want to give this gold back to the one who made it so.

133. I wasn’t always this patient and understanding with people. But you’ve been like a correcting rod and heart-softening agent sent to make me a new accommodating person. I’m grateful to God I didn’t miss out on this special relationship with you.

134. You may love her quite well, yes. But you sure need some extra work to make her believe that. Guess what the extra work is? Being there for her. It sounds easy but you’ll only know the real work when you start. Good luck with that!

135. A habit you should inculcate around a woman is being yourself. Pretense pisses women off and makes you a kind of show-off or makes you look unserious. Love her and do it the way you can, making it obvious you are ready to learn more.

136. No one likes a boss, but everyone likes a leader, who acts like a friend. The same goes for relationships, you ought to just be there as a friend for her, not as one who wants to be in control. She’ll definitely love you back.

137. Most men display strong shoulders which are in a way meant for women to really rely on, but only that they would prefer to rest on a smooth rather than rough one. So you ought to come down from that high mighty ego point of being a male and relate with her in her state. Being soft wins a heart faster than a tough countenance.

138. Separate admiration from likeness and be sure to define exactly how you feel about this. Love her genuinely from the beginning and make room for your heart, especially for her.

139. The room I have in my heart has to be enlarged to contain your ever-growing affection in my heart. I heart you, plenty dearie!

140. It’s a melody in my heart that I listen to, and the rhythm of the trickle of the showers of water never seems to stop dropping around me. Creating tunes that I love to dance to with you my dear.

When a Woman Truly Loves a Man Quotes

Have you ever felt like the blueprint of life is going to be clearer only when you meet with the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with? Well, here’s an opportunity to express yourself without holding back what you feel in meeting the man of your vision. When a woman truly loves a man quotes that a woman can even be the source of a lively, purposeful, and love-driven relationship.

Yes, guys can be encouraged to see more of what the relationship offers and even become better with the words of warmth and fondness that comes from you to them. They can see more light about love when someone loves you words like these hit their timeline, your status, and or send some messages in the morning, at noon, and at night.

The love will radiate as you pick from the list of quotes about love for him below to send and share

141. A woman that gives her all to the man she loves is what I’ve found in you. Not many can actually do this. I love you for this my dear!

142. I cherish you and love the way you have made me stand up to my responsibilities, how you have made me firmer and made me better. I love you and I know you do too.

143. Even if many think that it’s difficult to win a man’s heart, I’m going to show them how to do it with dignity intact. Men expect to be first shown love too, and I think we have the capacity to soften the hearts of men.

144. Arm muscles don’t describe a man’s heart. He could be tough in appearance but as soft as wool inside. Here’s the thing to do as a woman, just release your heart and be ready to hear him out, and speak when necessary. Your soft words could make him melt and be the balm he needs every now and then.

145. Paths cross and still trail on. But our own paths stopped where they met and continued together on the same part. I will try to do all I should and can do to make this a success because I know how hard it is to come across men like you.

146. Questions about choosing you, again and again, are easy to answer for me. I’ll definitely accept you even in the midst of many interesting choices of men. Because my heart has clung to yours.
147. Bring all the world has to offer when it comes to love, I’ll still find no better personality to display that than my own love.

148. It might seem pathetic to see me follow my heart’s choice duly, but I think the path I’ve chosen is good for me. Whatever anyone does would only make me consider going deeper into this newfound love of mine.

149. I will take all that comes out of it, that is what it takes to be a woman. However, I know it’s going to be all good, the fact that this love came to me, not me looking for some selfish love.

150. This unconditional affection has made me a stronger woman and I feel like I can go to any height with you dear. Let’s make plans together I’m ready to go on this adventure with you.

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