100 Trending Boy and Girl Best Friends Forever Quotes

boy and girl best friends forever quotes

Looking for boy and girl best friends forever quotes to share with your male and female friends? No worries, we’ve got your back! In other words, this post is tailor-made for male and female best friend quotes and sayings.

On this side of eternity, true friendship definition is born out of the initial work God did in the creation. Genesis 5:2 KJV easily comes to mind, which says. male and female created He them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.” This speaks of the uniqueness of these two amazing genders.

Friendship quotes between boy and girl or simply put it quotes about being best friends with a guy or a lady can be on a platonic level, a romantic relationship, or just an acquaintance.

Whatever it is, this post promises stunning boy and girl best pals forever quote with nice words to say to a friend or cute best friend quotes sayings to share with your male or female friends.

The importance of male and female friends can not be overemphasis in our lives! Most especially those male and female friends who have been through thick and thin are truly worthy of these extensive lists of boy and girl best friends forever quote to set the tone for their day with a sincere appreciation and humor-filled quotes to express your heartfelt wishes for how special they are in your life.

Sending one of these boy and girl best friends forever quote to such friends who share in your happiness and challenges is as important as giving the best gift in life to them. In fact, best friend quotes like this will stay in their hearts even for a lifetime.

Feel free to use these quotes about true friends being there for you as your short and sweet friendship captions to celebrate the uniqueness of your friendship. So, why not pick any of these huge lists of boy and girl best companions forever quotes to make the world a better place?

Friendship Quotes Between Boy and Girl

Use any of these friendship quotes between boy and girl as your true value of a person’s quotes to make his or her day special. When boy and girl best companion forever quotes are shared with that gorgeous friend of yours; it will not only send a positive vibe to his or her spine but will etch in their heart like a work of art.

1. How pleased I am and how amazing it is the joy that cascades my heart to have you as a dearly beloved friend! For in your heart lies a true meaning of loveliness and uniqueness of perfect character.

2. You remind me of the great lessons of virtue and conduct always. You’ve influenced me with values that can never be swiped off in a lifetime because it is a seed that I’ll forever pass on to my posterity unborn! For these, I will be forever thankful to God for bringing you my way.

3. Incredible are your ways, dear darling friend. Blessed is the woman that brought you forth to this earth. Honor and beauty shall be the anchor of your pursuit in life. Keep on being amazing! Raise high the banner of love even as you have always done.

4. Here is applauding a hero (heroine). Let emperors off their crowns in honor of one whose actions and lifestyle have formed a sweet-smelling savor to the KING OF KINGS. For indeed kingdoms, tribe, society, and tongue will honor you as you have made your life a sweet-smelling savor unto the Highest and people around you. Thanks for being there for me, dear friend.

5. More than a playmate you are to me, dear bright one! For indeed you are among the order of the sent one to me, God bless your heart, lovely friend. I can’t ask for more, you made my world. Thanks for being there for me.

6. Heaven and earth may pass away, but your good actions will forever be engraved in the core of my heart like a work of art. Friend, you’re precious to me and I have you to thank for everything. I heart you so much.

7. Your originality is beyond grasp, oftentimes I wonder what manner of being God has made; you are completely an outstanding gift to me from heaven. You’re the best-loved dear good friend. Words are seemingly not enough to qualify this essence of your being. I say again; I love you to the moon and back!

8. With all admiration and honesty of heart, I say you are of the caliber of people that deserve to be honored the most. For in your small estate, you made yourself like a sacrificial lamb: nothing in this world you can’t give out to anyone who demands of you, I cheerfully cherish this great virtue of kindness of yours towards all and even me your dear friend.

9. I’ve never in my life seen any as much gifted with a heart of absolute beauty. Yours is extraordinary! You left my heart in awe of the wonder God has built-in you, and with a deep sense of appreciation, I say a big thank you, for letting yourself be worked on by God. Thanks for being there for me.

10. A beautiful friend of an awesome character! Our stay together has unfolded and given rise to the true essence of friendship. Thank you for how far your heart of compassion and love has made this bond of ours a distinct one. Thanks for being there for always.

11. All hail a beloved one! all hail a friend with a darling heart like honey! All hail the very one behind my express achievement! All hail the sweetness that turns my bitter experience sweet. You should be perpetually applauded because you’re dear and ever-unique to me.

12. Your idea sometimes gets me amazed and captivated. Memories of moments with you are such that you should be concealed in an ancient record book that will forever be remembered. Thank you for showing up every time I call out for you. You are simply the best pal I have always asked God for.

13. For with these great influences you molded in my life, guess what? I have built a large template in my heart to welcome the sweet memories we had together as friends. And deep down in my heart, I’ll always ask God to permit more of these awesome memories between us. You are loved.

14. Let it be far gone to the domain of forgetfulness, schemes that might want to generate enmity between us to discontinue our friendship together, for we’ve been weaved together by God even before creation. And what God has knitted together let no one untie.

15. A loved one like you has the right to a series of commendations! For your feats worth unquantifiable praise, your personality towards me and those around you have left everyone better than you met them. You deserve the miracles of the heavenly and the earthly, for your good deeds have risen up and become noticeable in the realms of life. Thanks so much for everything, dear friend.

16. Warmest wishes are meant for you, my personal friend! Treasure beyond what man can imagine dwells in your heart. You’re the such one whose memory can never be forgotten from the veneer of the earth. I adore you so much and thanks for your help.

17. Indeed you’re amazing, because glamour lies in your heart, and from your heart comes out words of relief in my time of hardship and trials. For it became apparent that you had an unusual version of dignity parked in you. Thanks for being there for me.

18. Great is the profoundness and stature of your wisdom, darling friend. I assume you have intimately asked God to tipple the wisdom of Solomon for you. And here I am the blessed one, in friendship with the one whose God has dignified with an ample measure of wisdom. Thanks for adding so great value to my life.

19. I respect your words, I adore your reasoning, I cherish the way you approach issues, I admire the way you cherish little inklings, and your acts are super-awesome to me. Your lifestyle is worth emulating, just keep on being who you are, for great shall be the outcome of your life and everything that concerns you. Thanks for your love!

20. What can be described in relation to a heart as good as the dawn of the morning? What can outweigh a heart as loving as a mother’s love for her breasting feed child? What can be so comfortable as your love and your selfless devotion? You are an extraordinary friend, you’re completely more than a friend, you’re my beloved.

21. God in His unending knowledge has made you my very established helper in times of difficulty. He, in His unconquerable love, made you a remedy that brought delightful relief to my hardest challenge. He made you a benefactor for me and comfort and in you, I see the excellent love of God at work. Thank you, my adorable friend.

22. From one end of the earth to another, you’ve demonstrated to be a friend whose goodness is beyond my wildest imagination, You’re incredibly unique from quite a number of folks I’ve met. You’re more than this world to me.”

23. Awesome appreciation for a friend with an extraordinary character. Words will definitely fail to alter the kind of heart you possess, really unique. All I can see is an amazing person with heaven’s kind of spirit on earth. Indeed, I’m the most blessed one to have you as a friend.

24. I’ll make known your feats amidst Princes and Queens when I have my way to their midst. For your wonderful heart has left my heart in uttermost esteem of your person in everything you do.

25. Deep down inside your essence is an emblem of unfeigned love, passion, and a heart that forebears in the face of many things. These, amidst your extraordinary goodness, made me have great confidence that I am in the right voyage of friendship heading to the land of a great adventure.

Quotes About True Friends Being there for You

For that male or female friend who has earned the place of a true friend over time, go ahead and share these quotes about true friends being there for you to appreciate their presence in your life. One of the purposes of friendship is to add beautiful colors. Hence, boy and girl best companions forever quote provide you the opportunity to do so.

26. Let storms tumble, let the cloud turns gloomy, let the hurricane rage, I’ll clench to you as you have always held to me in every sphere of life, for deep inside your eye I see a connection with a purpose and a and of hope. Here’s shouting in unison of my heart ‘best friend forever. Thanks for being there for me.

27. Having you as my best ally has taken me to the vicinity at which serenity, happiness, satisfaction, and favor found me as their friend; you made it so. Heaven is my witness that your existence in my life has established a tremendous difference and this is evident to all. Your best friend forever! Thanks for your love. I heart you, too!

28. May the day we found each other be blessed forever, and may it never know sadness and lack for it has united me with a heart as peaceful as a river and as helpful as a haven. I am sure you don’t have any idea how wonderful you are to me. Thanks for everything.

29. Oh, what a companion! How glamorous is your gaze, for you’re great at building a peaceful atmosphere? Your gentle heart has put under check every dire situation around me, I’m so blessed to have you as my friend.

30. How shall l analyze the wonderful domain of union you’ve established between us? You’ve so much created a wide room of healthy atmosphere as my friend and you’ve made it seems like heaven has come to kiss the earth.

31. Kudos to a friend with phenomenal qualities, if I promise you 1 million coats of elegant colors making you an object of jealousy to those around you, 3 years is too much for the colors to dwindle and the clothes to be of no value. But to a friend whose goodness is more than silver and gold, I vouch for you my heart, to always be there for you, through thick and thin. Thanks for being there for me.

32. You fit entirely into my life and the same is true about me to you. Times and seasons have ascertained your devotion to this well-ordained relationship. I have you to thank for all the beautiful things I have experienced in life.

33. I’m happy you bestowed so much in this friendship of ours, and I believe you’ve not regretted being my friend. Because from my side here, I’m so much honored I’m part of this glorious friendship. Long live beloved friend, and long live our relationship. Cheers to a better year of a happy relationship.

34. It’s been a while since I’ve penned down something sweet a paper for you, my true friend. Here’s saying my uttermost desire is to see you smile, glow brightly from all aspects of life, and grow in all areas of life’s endeavors. Friend, I wish you well, for you are a friend with an unusual heart.

35. I am really encouraged by your friendship with me, right from the beginning and all our moments together till now you’ve been an amazing person to me. Nothing can be compared to having you as my best-loved friend.

36. I’m totally dazed at your endless interest and devotion as a friend to me, of a truth you are clearly a friend rare to unearth just on the surface and definitely difficult to let go you are more than Gold or silver to me. For this reason, I’ll hold you close to my heart so that nothing on earth can separate you from me, I love you.

37. It’s a lovely thing to know that you’re one of the exceptional friends who desire happiness for their friends, I’ve watched you times without number and your decent heart is entirely clear to me and in it, I see a true desire and the concern to see your friend prospers genuinely, no matter what it will take you. What on earth can be more ensuring a heart than this? Friend, you’re indeed a superhero.

38. Two brilliant heads are better than one says the proverb, your generous heart added to mine makes a lot of notable difference for all to see. Quite extraordinary! I mean extraordinary is my experience with you!

39. Beautiful is your heart my darling friend, stunning are your ways, and amazing are your actions to me, for with these you made life more wonderful to me. Your best friend forever!

40. With great appreciation, I appreciate how high my friendship with you has taken me to a place of relevance, thanks so much, my awesome friend. It is a portion of blessing to have you as a dear friend.

41. You earned it, my friend, you are worth it; the medal fits you for you have won the honor of being a good person to me all the way. A round of applause and ovation to this incredible one, a bundle of accolades to you, dear friend, let everyone assemble with me to give respect to whom respect is due. You have earned the award for the best friend ever. Cheers to you, best friend.

42. My spirit is over cheerful, refreshed with sweet appreciation to God for giving me a wonderful and compassionate, and gracious friend like you. With these, I say thank you for always being there for your dear friend! You are more than just friendly to me but you are the true definition of friendship

43. Let the globe rejoice and heaven is delighted for the blessing of a friend who has demonstrated much compassion and love and whose heart has been broadened to adapt joyfully to me kind of person, for what you have done, I’ll forever be comforted and trust in you even as a newborn does to her caring mother. Thanks for being there for me.

44. It’s interesting to know you have a caring heart, a thumbs-up to you for being a great friend! For your heart has procured quick healing for my anxious heart. You are a gift to me.

45. Your devotion to all is something to believe in, for you have decked me with this holy enthusiasm to see life and beauty in what evidently looks uneasy. I love you so much, you have helped me to believe in myself.

46. One thing out of what I’ve discovered from you is strength and responsibility and I will ever be thankful to God for making me see these virtues in you.

47. Friend, have learned to be more receptive and humble from you, what have you comprehended from me? I am sure you have discovered the same from me. You are my buddy for a lifetime. I heart you, dear friend.

48. In my relationship with you as my best friend, I’ve seen so many things side to life and how to get the best of out it. Thank you for cultivating in me the greatness to shoulder life’s challenges and come out with flying colors. Thanks for being there for me.

49. One satisfactory turn deserves another, friend, how on earth can I thank you enough? You’ve made me a product of incredible virtue that is worth imitating, thank you for transforming me totally into the very one in the mind of God our father. You are the sent one!”

50. Knowing you has been the biggest turnaround for me in every way possible. Friend, how you reason with me, now adequately better than when you met me. Thank you for your love and help. Much love, dear friend.

Quotes About Being Best Friends with a Guy

Quotes about being best friends with a guy or a lady are your best bet when you want to send man and woman friendship quotes. So, why not pick one or two of this boy and girl best friends ever quotes to share with your amazing male or female friends?

51. Darling friend, I have been speculating on the exact cheers to friendship captions that can best interpret the depths of my heart for you, but it is apparent that one billion words are not sufficient to illustrate your remarkable heart of love for me. I am so fortunate to have you in my life. (write your male or female friend’s name here with emoji).

52. Not sure I can talk about my attainment life story without speaking of your name at every point of my statement. You made the distinction in me and with you, dear friend, the realm of men is a better place to live. (write your male or female friend’s name here).

53. You know this lovely bond between us was appointed before the creation of the world because you fit flawlessly into my innermost heart. I am grateful we are pals. Tons of love and thanks for being there all the way. (write your male or female friend’s name here).

54. When I asked for true love, God saw my desire and brought you my way to educate my heart on the entire attitude of love. Dear friend, here are quotes about genuine people in my life in which you are the number one among many friends. Thanks for being there for me and my loved ones.

55. “Shout to a playmate who is ever more intimate than anyone else in my life; my ready encourager in time of need, and gist companion and my number one confidant. Thanks, sweetheart!

56. The beautiful lines are falling for you in pleasant places; surely you have a glorious inheritance among important Kings and Princes. Darling friend, you are worth celebrating every moment. Thanks for adoring me deeper than my wildest imagination.

57. Good friends are heaven made and to a considerable degree, they are fashioned for every sincere person who seeks. I sought a genuine friend and there you came as answered prayer and you have saturated my heart with your affection. I love you, dear friend. (write your male or female friend’s name here with emoji).

58. What distance can a friend go for one in desperate need? Some break off when they have arrived at the elastic limit but you are entirely different and extraordinary because you have gone beyond every mortal constraint to see that I become someone to reckon with in this life. Thanks for giving out to me happily. I love you, darling friend.

59. As infants form in the womb of their mothers, so is your love array in my heart and soul. You are simply the description of love in every sense of life I know. I congratulate myself on having you as my dear friend.

60. Every grief you have healed, every need you have provided with abundance and every erroneous idea you have re-oriented. But before somebody says: ‘these statements look like God’s act’ it’s certainly true; because you are of God and you will surely do like your lovely Father in heaven. Thank you for accepting the leading of God’s indwelling Spirit in you.

61. You glow like the star in my heart day to day and in every haze of difficulty you have assisted me to conquer. Thanks for being an angel to me.

62. It is true honey is pure but in reality, you are purer than that sweet yellow fluid stimulated by bees. Your scent is permanently inscribed in my heart darling friend. Thanks for being there always!

63. When I snooze like an alarm when I sleep I dream about you and when I am awake your feeling of virtue takes my heart on a journey of true friendship that any currency can not buy. You have filled a hole in me and I am grateful for all you have done for me. I will always care for you, dear!

64. Your serenity speaks peace and when you say a word it goes deep down my soul to rejuvenate me inside out. Thank you for every silence and every word of wisdom that made me great in life.

65. Friends are like a light that leads the way when the path gets tougher. These friends will always be there for you quotes say it all for me. I heart you, friend. You are the perfect friend who makes things happen.

66. You are truly deep in devotion and so are your guidance and useful ideas regarding a decision I want to take or future course of action. What can I really do without you? You are so incredible to me. Thank you for being there for me.

67. You are like a symphony to my essence turning a wary soul away to the land of peace. Dear friend, you are marked by keen vigilance and watchful discretion to see me get better in life. Trust me, I can not ask for more.

68. Your knowledge about life astonishes me because you have better counsel in the face of life difficulties than that of ‘Ahithophel’. Thanks for everything you have done for me.

69. Friendship is by choice; you chose me in a time when things were not alright in every perception and since then I’ve discovered what true friendship is, in other words, it is beyond favorable times only. Thank you for holding up with me all along these tough times.

70. We are on a trip and this vessel of friendship is leading the way to a land of a lifetime of better achievements. One thing I am confident of is that we will always arrive safely because the anchor rests on the divine tenet of the friendship of love.

71. Let’s say you are Romeo and I am Juliet, trust me our love story will not end in the bed of the ocean because true friendship will always withstand every stormy wind. You have endured many things with me. Thanks for being there for me.

72. When I was looking for quotes to tell my best friend how his (her) unique presence will continue permanently then you came to mind. Pals for life, it is forever to go –even to walk the aisle with you, for I am willing to get hooked on you forever!

73. Good things happen to pals who offer themselves to cultivating and motivating each other. My tale is perfect with you, dear friend!

74. Chances are that we were made for each other because no one suits so faultlessly in my heart like you. We are both like trees planted by the river, darling friend, we are made to flourish jointly, no doubt! Thank you for being there all the time.

75. When I chant thank you for being there in my life is not just a cliché is a truth that you represent the world to me. Thanks for your time and care. I love you to the moon and back!

Funny Boy and Girl Best Friends Forever Quotes

Add the extra spark with these boy and girl best friends forever verse excellent lists when sending of any these boy and girl best friends forever funny quotes. Best friend quotes for guys funny have been drafted to fit so well for this purpose. So, let him or her enjoy the humor-filled in this post of boy and girl best friends forever funny quotes.

76. You know, at a juncture in my life, I took you to be my mirror because it is authentic to me that I can see myself in your stares. And your gorgeous heart conveys deep things that I have come to live by.

77. I’m yet to agree on who the real wannabe is, between you and the rainbow; because the expression of elegant colors you have put in my life, my dear friend, is beyond remarks I can make for a lifetime. Thank you!

78. If I met you as a skilled educator, the only fascinating force that would hold me in the four wings of the classroom would have been your love radiating from every nook and cranny of the classroom. Keep loving, darling friend!

79. Seeing you remade me completely, to the degree that I came to be seeing you on every advertisement board like that YouTube big board. All I am trying to say is that all of your impacts is etched in me everywhere I go!

80. Trust me, I won’t speculate twice to do ANYTHING for you, except to go hungry for you now because you need me breathing and healthy! I don’t think I need to clarify further on this to you, my darling friend.

81. They say the ‘sun surges in the east’ how untrue they must have been all these years. Certainly, it surges from your lovely heart. Your heart is one in a billion! Thanks for being there for me, dear friend.

82. It’s so remarkable that the galaxy takes an inkling from your gorgeous complexion. You are such a glamour to observe all through the day. Thanks for being there for me.

83. With you, my edifice is built in a day and my difficulties are pulled down in one day because you’re my world’s best time machine and you are my backup ally.

84. The heaven above has its own amazement, the earth has its own immensity, and the crowded hobo camp has its beauty, but you, my dear friend are an avalanche of beauty and perfection Jeez! You are so amazing.

85. As the appearance of a newborn baby is sterile and tender, so is your heart every time whenever I see the desire of your heart to build a friendship that endures forever. You’re just too wonderful, dear friend.

86. I really supposed I know much about friendship until I came across you, ‘cos you are an embodiment of good expressions and the example of a good and decent friend.

87. The thoughts of you refresh me and take off my worries and enrich my heart with incredible words that are able to make me a point of all admiration among my peers.

88. Here’s to telling you that your affection and compassionate love will always reside in my heart forever and always.

89. Whenever I think as though there is no one close to me, then I recall that God has made you fill the void and I must say you fit in flawlessly. In other words, you’ve been established to be there for me and the same is true of me for you, my dear friend.

90. If friendship is a risk, I’d be prepared to go all the means to retain and strengthen our great friendship, just for you!

91. If friendship becomes a crime hereafter, I’d be ready to do a life sentence for you only that the jailhouse must be in no other place but your very heart.

92. After staring at you for so long, I must just go ahead and tell you that I look like you in a way you possibly don’t realize, ‘cos I’m not ready to keep this to myself any longer, my bestie.

93. You are so very kind and thrilling at the same time. It’s almost difficult to restrain your smile. But I can encompass your beautiful smile and that makes me your one and only friend.

94. There is nothing under heaven that can divide us, ‘cos I’ve got God in my camp that would tear down every trace of an obstacle that might want to breeze in. You motivate me, dear friend.

95. When I say you are my best pal, I precisely mean a lot more than these utterances. Thank you, my well-deserved pal, for being there for me through it all.

96. I’m so glad to be part of your life, ‘cos I have never ceased feeling cheered about you being part of me too ever since I came across you.

97. I’d write your love for me on my very heart so it’ll be easy to be more grateful for a lovely heart like yours –you are a miracle and wonder.

98. My best recall constantly starts with each time I spend with you talking and giggling at the same, that’s why I scarcely recall the other things again, you have filled my thought, I love you, my dear friend.

99. I admire your heart because is like a tide from the ocean, it cools me up for every other thing I do. Thanks for being there for me.

100. Since you showed up in my life, I began to leap for joy on the cloud with the stars, because you became my number one gist companion every moment of the day. Thank you for being there all the time I call out to you.

101. Here’s to telling you that your care and great understanding of life and purpose will always remain in my heart forever and always. Thanks for being there without holding back. Keep on being amazing! Raise high the banner of love even as you have always done. Much love!

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