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120 Forgive and Forget Quotes to Fully Find Peace (2021)

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Offenses are bound to come no matter how safe you want to play or how careful you are about life. You’re bound to be offended either by yourself, your spouse, neighborhood, clients, children, parents, law enforcement officers, friends, the government of the land, and other people within your surrounding. Forgive and Forget quotes will help you find peace and give you stable joy despite all the offenses in which you might have been overtaken.

Forgive and forget Quotes will help you develop the necessary virtues you need to help you be at peace with yourself and your immediate surrounding. Learning how to forgive and forget therefore becomes an important virtue you must cultivate to maintain both your mental and emotional health.

Forgive and forget are twin entities that cannot be separated even though they’re not exactly the same. It is one thing to forgive, it is another thing to forget. You’ll soon get to see the benefits of forgiving and forget and how it is directly related to your peace as you journey through forgive and forget quotes.

Forgiveness is an art of pardoning or waiving offenses or negative feelings someone has committed against you, making them free of judgment, or punishment they deserve as a result of what they’ve done. Forgiveness is a willful, voluntary gift, or service you owe every human that crosses your path.

Forgetting about an offense has to do with letting go of an offense or not collecting or recounting the offenses committed against you. In a nutshell, it is letting go of offenses to keep you at peace. To help you find peace, here are forgive and forget quotes

Forgiveness Quotes to Help You Let Go of the Past Hurts

The help you need to render yourself for you to be free of internal battle is to let go of the past hurts. The hurt is not in what is done but in the remembrance of it. Forgiveness quotes to help you let go of the past hurts will help you manage the hurting situation you might have found yourself.

Letting go of the past hurts is equivalent to discharging yourself of debris in your mind. I reckon that these forgive and forget quotes is all you have been looking for, you now have them with you for enlightenment. Here are some of the forgiveness quotes to help you let go of the past hurts which will help you let go of the past hurts done to you.

1. Unforgiveness keeps you in prison, for which forgiveness is the only liberator. When you do not let go of the past hurts done to you, you tend to block your productivity in thinking.

2. Not letting go of the past hurt is the greatest injustice you could ever do to yourself. The inability to forgive and forget makes you hurt yourself more than the hurt done to you.

3. If you want to go far in life, you have to master the art of letting go. The hurts you do not let go are likened to unwanted loads that naturally add to the existing ones you are meant to carry, which prevent you from traveling fast.

4. If you want to live in sound health and peace, you’ll have to be able to make letting go of hurts become the cheapest thing you can afford. You’re only considered to be rich only if you can afford forgiveness

5. Learning to forgive others has nothing to do with whether they deserve it or not, rather, it has everything to do with your peace and health.

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6. It’s better to reserve the space in your heart for something more valuable, healthier, and profitable than hurts and offenses. Your heart is the machinery of your life. It is what you have in your mind that will be translated into your experience.

7. Letting go of past hurts is wisdom. Wisdom implies that you guide what you entertain in your heart, knowing that, whatever dominates your heart will be real in your life. You cannot house hurts in your heart and be happy.

8. Past hurt you do not let go will deprive you of freedom of relationship with people in your surrounding.

9. Hurts in your heart will make you suspicious of new people that come into your life for evil. This can deprive you of beneficial relationships.

10. Not letting go of past hurts keeps you stagnant at one spot. There’s no moving forward without letting go. Nursing past hurts in your heart is an indication that you are still living in the past. How do you expect to connect to the future without detaching from the past? It’s not possible!

11. The inability to let go of past hurts block your sense of right Judgement.

12. Past hurts you do not let go make you pay the negative emotional debt to your past. Your past must be allowed to remain a history forever. You do not have to let it replay itself as a fresh event.

13. Not letting go of past hurts will always inspire continual regrets that can interfere with your mental soundness and induce the secretion of negative hormones. This will lead to mood swings and instability.

14. Past hurt you do not let go will make you fret on individuals who do not commit the offense. Everyone around you will be a victim of an offense they never committed and that’s an Injustice.

15. Not letting go of past hurts will make you lose beneficial relationships in your life. It can make you lose your marriage and become enemies with your kids. It will also affect your productivity at work and proper delivery in some other important functions.

16. You’re allowed to forget what hurts you but never forget what it teaches you. As much as you’ll want to forgive people, it’s also very important to value the lesson learned in the process so that you’ll not always be a victim of people’s shortcomings.

17. Apologizing does you good, it doesn’t hurt. When you apologize, it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong and the second part is right. It just means that you treasure your relationship with the person than being right.

18. Unforgiveness creates a self- made prison in you. This is where you jail everyone that offends you. This doesn’t do you good either, letting go is better

19. Forgiveness delivers you from inward prisons and allows you to entertain more reasonable things that add value to your life and your health.

20. Remember, Forgiveness is a gift you owe every man who has hurt you. Forgetting the hurt done against you is a personal gift to you.

Quotes About Forgiving Someone You Love

Love is expressed through giving and forgiving. If you must remain in love with someone you cherish, forgiving and forgetting is how best you can express it. Forgive and forget quotes helps you do well in your love life. Love is fake when forgiving and forgetting are not the order of the day.

Bible says, Love covers the multitude of sin(1 Peter 4:8). Forgiving someone that you love quotes will help you relate better with people in your life.

Offenses are often negligible in an atmosphere of love. You cannot love without forgiving, neither can you forgive without loving. I present you with some quotes about forgiving someone that you love.

21. Best lovers are the highest forgivers. Loved ones are the closest people to you, they will inevitably offend you. You owe your loved ones continual forgiveness.

22. The day you run out of the ability to forgive, you’ll starve your love-life. There’s nothing that can effectively strangulate love as much as not forgiving your lover. Someone cannot be termed your lover, if there is an offense you cannot waive for that person.

23. Persistence unforgiveness will give birth to hatred. Love doesn’t die suddenly, it dies in gradual succession. Unforgiveness is the death injection you apply on the love to die. Love dies quicker in the atmosphere of unforgiveness.

24. Quick to forgive and forget elongates love-life, while delayed and persistent unforgiveness shortens love lifespan.

25. It is wisdom letting go of what you can neither control nor reverse. Not letting go is likened to holding yourself responsible for the problems you didn’t cause. Your loved ones must be considered more important than the hurts or offenses they commit against you. This will help you waive their shortcomings.

26. Forgiving someone you love will make them feel more loved. People don’t know how much you love them until you show how large you can forgive them.

27. Every settled dispute will always strengthen the bond and affection between two lovers. Disputes are not meant to divide a relationship, they are meant to strengthen it if handled properly.

28. Wisdom is known not by record-keeping of hurts, but in letting go as swift as possible.

29. Revenge is not wisdom, forgive, and forget are. Show me a swift forgiver, I will show you the wisest person.

30. Forgiving someone you love helps you to credit your account with forgiveness in advance. If you do not forgive when you are offended, no one will forgive you when you commit offenses too. Bible tells us to forgive even as God has forgiven us (Mathew 6:14).

31. Forgiving Someone you love helps that person become a better individual than you met him/her. Character improvement comes from genuine forgiveness.

32. Forgiveness expands your territory, unforgiveness depreciates it. You’ll have people in your life within the limit of your forgiveness capacity. The more you can forgive, the more people you can retain. The less you can forgive, the fewer people you can retain.

33. There’s no large life without a large heart. A large heart is a prerequisite to large life. A large heart has enough room to accommodate and absorb the shortcomings of people. A narrow heart cannot.

34. The most healthy and wise thing to do when someone you love offends you is to maintain silence. Keep quiet when you do not know what to say. Words spoken cannot be reversed.

35. What do you stand to gain if you do not make a conscious decision to forgive and forget? If what you will gain is better when you forgive and forget, then forgive and forget will be the right thing to do.

36. When dealing with your loved ones, do not insist on right. Learn to accept wrongs even when you are right. This doesn’t mean you’re foolish, it only shows you are courageous.

37. Forgiveness is a strength, not a weakness. The first person to forgive is the strongest while the last person to apologize is the weakest. When you forget an offense swiftly, your happiness is delivered to you cheaply.

38. Admit that, When you forgive and forget, you have access to personal healing. When you let go, you grow faster and healthier.

39. The reason why you should forgive and forget your loved ones is that you still want them in your life, not because of what they did was right.

40. Giving people another chance is wisdom on your own part. It is better to forgive and forget than hold grudges.

Quotes About Forgiveness and Mistakes

Forgiveness and mistakes are normal and they are meant to be committed by human beings. Forgive and forget quotes – admittance of imperfections of the human being will help us create a spacious room for the potential mistakes and offense they will inevitably commit. Forgive and forget quotes will help you overlooks mistakes.

Mistakes are inevitable, therefore, you must able to afford forgiveness. You’ll be gleaning into attractive quotes about forgiveness and mistakes as I have rightly made it available for just you.

41. Creating a room for forgiveness of mistakes in advance will shield you from disappointments. Something is only a disappointment if it is not expected. But if it is expected, it won’t be a surprise.

42. Expect that mistakes will be committed, and have a pre-planned strategy to forgive and forget. Having a room at the corner of your heart, to expect mistakes from people, a plan to forgive them and forget likewise prevents you from shocks.

43. Forgive in advance, so that you can advance fast. Practice how to forgive and forget before a mistake is committed.

44. You’re not above mistakes. You can also do worse than anyone. When a mistake is made against you, just assume you’re one who committed it. If it were you that made a mistake, will you charge yourself to court? I’m sure you’ll not. In the same vein do not play revenge on others.

45. Forgive and forget may not change the past but it will always give the future a chance of a better way to do things. Somebody who hurts you today might be your savior tomorrow.

46. Always learn to forgive, but never forget to learn from your past mistakes. Learning from your past mistakes is never the same as regret. Regrets bring sorrow, learning brings growth.

47. Mistakes help you to handle things more intelligently. Particularly, a mistake you learn from. Repetition of mistakes is foolishness, don’t be found victim of such.

48. Forgive and forget mistakes. They do not take anything from you except bitterness. I’m sure bitterness is what you will want to get rid of in your heart.

49. Mistakes are not often intended, they are committed because of inaccuracies common to man.

50. Do not conclude any man based on the mistakes they once made. Forgive and forget. This helps you see a brand new person in them.

51. When you nurse mistakes of others in your hearts, it uses you up like waste material. It doesn’t reserve any room for love.

52. The feeling of hatred is unpalatable. It shares your joy and peace without payment.

53. You have to forgive and forget to be able to love again. Love only thrives in the ambiance of forgiveness.

54. Forget the mistake so that your joy will not be at stake. This will also help you get over it.

55. Thinking about the bad of yesterday ruins the goodness of today. Let go so that you can keep growing.

56. It takes love to forgive, it takes understanding to forget. Understanding of what forgiveness of hurts done against you, will help you let go swifter than you even planned.

57. Forgiving a mistake isn’t an endorsement that what happened was right. It’s just a choice you make to rise above it and be at peace with yourself.

58. Deep hurts done to you don’t heal unless you forgive and forget.

59. Learning to forgive a person who doesn’t even feel sorry is a true show of strength on your part.

60. Trust is bridged when a mistake is committed. It takes love beyond fickle emotion to trust again without referring to the past.

Quotes About Forgiving Yourself

Forgiving yourself! How does it sound? What does it suggest? It simply implies that you can offend yourself! If you cannot offend yourself, you won’t need to forgive yourself. If you can offend yourself, other people’s offenses should not take you by surprises too much either. Quotes about forgiving yourself will not only help you forgive others but also help yourself

How can you offend yourself? Oftentimes, we find ourselves making some regrettable decisions that we wish could not have made, but inevitably we make them. Sometimes, we make decisions calculatingly expecting certain outcomes, but unfortunately, the opposite was the result.

Oh, I wish I had not done it this way, oh I wish I hadn’t done that way! inevitably, regrets of had I known sets in. Forgive and forget quotes is the way out of this. I have you in mind and I have helped you with some helpful quotes on forgiving yourself.

61. It must be known that when a mistake is committed by you, reversal is often not possible. The wisest thing to do in this case is to forgive yourself, let it go, and move on.

62. If you do not let go, you’ll be crippled with fears which can make you unable to make a further decision. Funny enough, the next attempt on that same thing, might yield a positive result.

63. The last result is not always the right yardstick to predict the next result. Most important thing is to learn from your former mistakes so that you can guide your affairs more intelligently.

64. A mistake properly handled enhances intelligence to deal wisely in further adventures of life.

65. Do not kill yourself over mistakes you cannot reverse, let go, and learn from it.

66. Past mistakes are often the prices you have to pay to secure wisdom for successful living.

67. You cannot succeed without having some failures. Failure is a school you have to attend to learn success.

68. No child was born walking. Several falls were experienced before every child was made perfect in walking.

69. Do not regret what you cannot change, forgive, and forget, to avoid bitterness against yourself.

70. Forgiving yourself is a favor you do to yourself to keep yourself in a ceaseless state of joy and peace.

71. Do not be like Judas in the Bible who committed suicide because he couldn’t forgive himself over the situation he could not reverse.

72. Do not entertain people who make you see the gravity of the mistakes you have done. Surround yourself with positive people who help you get over negative feelings.

73. Love yourself enough to be able to offer yourself forgiveness for the offenses you committed against yourself.

74. No situation is as worse as people emphasize it. There’s no big deal, no new thing under the sun.

75. Avoid struggles with bitterness in your heart that will make you prefer suicide to forgive yourself.

76. No matter the gravity of hurts you do to yourself, be rich enough in your heart to give yourself hope of a better way of handling things.

77. You’re as good as the treatment you give to yourself. Embrace self-love over self-hatred.

78. Avoid self-pity or self-judgment. They make you feel your mistakes are unpardonable.

79. Positive thoughts are very important to help you see the positive thing in the matter on the ground. Do not be quick to deduce negativity out of every situation.

80. Let go, move on, take heart, allow nothing in the past occupy your future space. Forgive, forget, and rise higher than your past.

The Healing Power of Forgiveness Quotes

There was a man in the Bible, His name was Job. A calamity came upon him which made him become embittered against his friends. The restoration of the job was hinged on one fact, he forgave and prayed for his friends.

The healing power of forgiveness quotes is here to help you out of such conditions. Job was in bitterness and all he was doing was coming from that vantage. Bitterness kept him in prison longer than necessary. Until he discharged himself off bitterness, healing never came. Forgive and forget quotes will always facilitate healing.

Forgiveness brought healing and restoration to Mr. Job in the Bible. Here are some powerful quotes about healing and forgiveness. And the LORD turned the captivity of Job when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before (Job 42:10). You now have the healing power of forgiveness quotes at your fingertips.

81. When there’s no forgiveness, sorrow is conceived in the heart which consequently dries the bone.

82. Healing of every man is tied to the state of his heart. If you house depressing thoughts in your heart, you trade your health for a penny.

83. Healing is common where forgiveness is normal.

84. Anyone who practices forgiveness will enjoy sound health. There’s a great similarity between happiness in the heart and healing in the body.

85. The state of your heart will always affect the state of your health. Unforgiveness infects your soul with the disease, while forgiveness brings healing to your soul.

86. The sorrow and wound you survive in the place of the offense are only healed when you forgive and forget.

87. If you must be healed, you must learn to forgive. One of the people you have to forgive is yourself.

88. Do not show others affection without showing one to yourself. You deserve affection you want to show to others.

89. No one on earth is more deserving of your love than yourself. Self-love is very important.

90. Learn to love yourself, do not use abusive words on yourself no matter what you have done wrong.

91. Offenses weigh you down and hurt your health. If you want to heal fast, let go of anything that disturbs your mind.

92. To have peace, you have to let go forever what you cannot change. The highest act of forgiveness is when you can forgive yourself.

93. Not forgiving yourself will damage your health and depress your immune system.

94. If you have been judging yourself over the years and it hasn’t worked, try to appreciate yourself and see what happens.

95. Convince yourself that you can improve and act accordingly.

96. Be persuaded that there’s a way out of self-hatred to secure a healthy chance of progress.

97. You are exercising your will power to deprive yourself of joy and sound health when you do not forgive yourself.

98. Forgive yourself as quick as God will forgive you.

99. You don’t know how much joy you’re missing until you look at yourself in a mirror and forgive yourself.

100. There is no healing without forgiveness, therefore forgive and forget so that you can enjoy sound health.

Forgive and Forget Quotes to Set Your Soul Free from Bitterness

Bitterness in the soul of man can make him become bewitched against another man. This can make him become a potential murderer. Forgive and forget quotes to set your soul free from bitterness will prevent you from such evil.

The day you begin to nurse bitterness in your heart against another man, you become a potential murderer. Forgive and forget quotes is meant to help you in such a case.

The story of Cain And Abel is a critical case we need to consider. Cain murdered his own blood brother because of bitterness and envy. What an embittered spirit! I have provided you with insightful forgive and forget quotes to set your soul free from bitterness.

101. It’s better and easier to celebrate your neighbor who does better than you in a particular contest or endeavor than being embittered against such a one.

102. Celebrating others who have become successful only allows you to rise to success, it doesn’t make you a failure.

103. Rejoicing with others makes you joyful and prepares your system to attract success. Bible says, rejoice with those who rejoice. (Romans 12:15)

104. Bitterness attracts dryness, joy attracts success.

105. Every human is prone to be jealous of his own neighbor, we just must guide our heart against such so that it doesn’t lead us to evil.

106. Bitterness is difficult to be noticed. Be careful of how you flaunt your success around the less privileged.

107. Don’t celebrate your success too much in the presence of those who cannot make it up. They may never forgive you and forget the scene.

108. When you come in the presence of your friends, be careful of the level of success you celebrate and how to celebrate it moderately. Don’t celebrate in their presence what they are struggling to get. Some of them might smile, but it might not exactly come from their heart.

109. You have to reduce the amount of bitterness you manufacture for yourself by learning how to celebrate your feats moderately in the presence of those who don’t have it.

110. Do not allow anyone to contemplate your downfall.

111. Avoid bitterness by making your friends beneficiary of your success. Don’t intimidate people with what you have, share with them.

112. Don’t buy ten cars when your most intimate friends don’t have one. Lift people through your success, don’t intimidate them.

113. Holding a grudge doesn’t make you stronger, it only embitters you.

114. Stay away from strive, it leads to bitterness and vexation.

115. Anger is a choice. Decide not to get angry, let nothing make you angry.

116. Talk to a friend that can talk you out of bitterness when you need to. Do not bottle up what you can share with others.

117. Talk to yourself if no one listens to you. You’re your greatest friend.

118. The result of bitterness can never be positive. You don’t need to entertain it.

119. Cry if you need to. It takes strength to express yourself in tears. After tears comes an endless smile.

120. Forgive and forget so that you can be free of bitterness.

You have just had an interaction with forgive and forget quotes to help you find peace despite offenses. Be strong and courageous to move on from an offense.

I’m sure you’ve been challenged by these quotes and I’m sure you’ll practice them and also share with family and friends. Kindly drop a comment below to share your experience with these forgive and forget quotes.


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