70 Funny Happy Birthday Poems for Best Friends

Funny Happy Birthday Poems for Best Friends

Oh, Birthdays! Who would not want to be celebrated on such an auspicious day that happens only once in 365 days? And just as you would love to be celebrated, so would best friends want to be celebrated even likewise and that can be thoroughly conveyed with these funny happy birthday poems for best friends.

We all know that poems are not just words rhyming together; their uniqueness makes it even more appealing to the recipient, showing the thoughtfulness and care in putting such together. But, this time as birthday poems.

Here on poems, we have not only helped you compose poems for that dear friend of yours, but we have also made sure that these poems have elements of fun, humor, and wits. We’ve done this just for you.

Because we know just how dear this friend of yours has been to you, and in celebration of that friend, here’s an inclusive list of poems to share with your dearest friend.

Funny Happy Birthday Poems for Her

Here is the extensive list of funny happy birthday poems for her that will help you relay your deep-seated wishes, and of course, in a funny way she’ll never forget in a hurry. Share these funny messages to make her special day memorable.

1. My sweet friend,
This prayer may seem late,
But, it won’t be over in a flash,
For its content is worth hearing anytime
Because it comes with lots of good tidings.
Happy birthday, my goodie friend!

2. Indeed, today you are older,
And being a youth isn’t something cheap,
So do away with all those unnecessary parties,
And just get your beauty sleep. Happy birthday to you!

3. I’m glad that you’re young at heart,
And still look as good as new,
Quite sad you’re not yet a billionaire,
But this won’t put your looks on hold.
I love you, babe! Happy birthday.

4. I know this present will make you blush,
It’s especially for your unending adventures,
And now that you can fully live your life,
With a pair of brand-new braces.
I say with joy, happy birthday, my sweet friend!

5. You live like a superstar,
Living life forever large,
You move like Jason Statham,
But sound more like Cinderella. Haha!
Happy birthday to the one who makes me smile.

6. You are not that disease,
Neither are you that failure,
Sometimes you remember,
Sometimes you just don’t.
All the same, best friend,
I admire who you are becoming
Happy birthday, Sunshine.

7. May your wisdom hold out for decades,
May it bring you only the folks you desire,
May those bright eyes never fail you,
May my prayers for you be ye and amen.
Happy birthday to the dearest of them all.

8. You may have been deprived in the past
But here’s to a new beginning of light
On your birthday double for all
Happy birthday to a monarch of peace.

9. I have seen women
And been privileged to interact with a few
You, my friend, surpass them all
In the silliest ways possible
Happy birthday Rare Breed. Haha!

10. You are as dark as the blackness
Yet as pristine as moonlight
Men have failed to see your kindness
But I choose to see you in His light
So Happy Birthday, Blackie!

11. As cold as Dog’s nose
As black as Cow Dung
As silly as a Monkey
As naughty as a goat
As annoying as a fowl
But as calm and reasonable as a pet
As pure as the Sun
As gentle as a Dove
Only the blind will fail to behold your beauty
Happy Birthday, Mi Amor.

12. I told your boyfriend yesterday I was in love with him
You heard me right!
Although his response was dim
That must have been a conversation in the night
Babe, I did that to get your attention.
It is you I want to tell you just how much I love
I owe you! Happy birthday!

13. It feels like your birthday came too late this time
You know, of course, the party spirit in me wants to leap
My vibe is right on time to take the birthday bash deeper
Because it comes with lots of cash for my diva
Happy birthday, dearest friend!

14. You may look a little slimmer,
Your slimming down doesn’t come cheap,
So skip all those early parties,
And just get your gym dress on.
Be glad you’re young both in heart and body,
And still, look as cute as your good self,
So good you’re now a model,
And no one can put your looks on hold,
Happy birthday, dearest friend!

15. I knew this gift would make you chuckle,
It’s perfect for your many happy returns,
Now you can take a bite from the merry cake,
With a pair of brand-new candles to blow.
Happy birthday, my friend, my old fartus!

16. You rock like a Disney star,
Singing songs like Opera singers,
You move like Usain Bolt
But sound like your unique self.
I feel I should burst your bubble a little,
Yet it’s time to tell you how amazing you are,
Making sure your teeth grin like never before
But you’re getting younger as you smile for me.
Happy Birthday to you, my best friend.

17. You’re still a damsel at heart and soul
It’s your birthday, I’ve you thought of eating in bed?
Early-bird breakfast is not your style, that I know,
Allow me to serve you your favorite meal,
To set the tone for your special. I love my girlfriend.
Happy Birthday, Damsel.

18. I am the only one who has the right to call you Old Fart,
No one else has a right to call you that,
Though you’ve barely passed for a middle-aged,
All your chassis hurt but still works, and that’s good news,
With the right exercise and dosage, you’ve kept fit.
Happy for ya, and Happy Birthday to the best of the best.

19. You now look so young like a youngster
Your ears still look smaller compared to your head
Though your arms still jiggle like Jello, Jeez!
And now that pimples had taken their location elsewhere
From your gorgeous face, I am so happy for you,
Happy birthday to the lady, my bestie,
who also cracks my ribs with peals of laughter

20. So what if you’re a little bit cuter today,
So what if your zit doesn’t see the light of day,
So what if your hairs turn blondie as you always wanted it,
So what if you got a birthday bash at my place, Lol.
Happy birthday, Beautiful.

Funny Happy Birthday Poems for Him

Just as it is with an audition make the first funny happy birthday poems for him as an impression that will sweep him off his feet as you pick from these huge lists of cheerful poems and wait for that glow in his face.

21. Howdy!
We celebrate you today
Cause you are such a star
Even more than yesterday
And the days after that
You are more than worthy of this and more
Happy Birthday, Fathead!

22. How do we measure the impact of an ant’s damage?
How do we account for the missing Lion in the den?
Of what use is the extinction of a dragon?
All of the above was just to tell you how invaluable you are to me
Happy Birthday, great friend!

23. There are men and there are boys
There are Yachts and their ships
There are Ass and there are assholes
But you, my friend, are the very best of the worst
I will manage you with all I have
Happy Birthday, my person for life!

24. Hey! Friend, friend, friend
This will never end
As it was in the beginning
So we continue to be
Happy Birthday to you, handsome!

25. I never thought our friendship would last so long
But we wax stronger daily
In my eye, you can’t be wrong
That’s because you are not a thorn. Haha!
Happy Birthday!

26. Hey Oldie, your denture is ruptured
When will you get another
Is it before the rapture?
Happy birthday, my sweetheart!

27. Here we are, grey and old
Yet untold
Good and Bold
Nonetheless, shining like gold
Happy birthday to you, Papa.

28. At 19, we were just starting off
At 25, we were married off
At 47, we got laid off
Now in our later years, we will launch out
To infinity, and beyond Buddy!
Happy Birthday!

29. “Don’t eat meat” the Doctor said
Yet our minds tell us, ‘but you are a mermaid’, so
Should that instruction affect us?
Let’s eat as many pieces of meat whilst we live
Ain’t no meat in the grave.
Happy Birthday, Foodie!

30. Now that we are empty nesters
How are we to cope?
Nope! I ain’t having none of that
Let’s paint the town red and grey
Simply because we are here
The world sure must know we came
Happy birthday, Partner-in-crime.

31. I don’t have to miss the good-old-days
For you are here with me
Let’s make chicken fillet
And have a swell day,
Happy Birthday, Mr. Foodie.

32. Mr. Young man, how about Albert, your son?
Your son, I hope you remember.
Cause old age has no regard for memories
Happy Birthday, Young Man.

33. I see you doing well
Do you mind sharing secrets?
I’ll be discreet
I hope this meets you well!
Happy day, Man!

34. How have we survived the journey
The stress and rain
This sure is grace
Or is it so much Rice?
Write me back honey
Or forever hold your case!
Winks. Happy Birthday, Boy!

35. Indeed, time flies
I hear it waits for no man
It must have waited for you in those silly years of yours
Now, when men die I just say I must be next inline
Awaiting my turn, for we know that’s the end
Graciously enough, we’ve got this time to say,
Happy Birthday, Man.

36. So what if you have laughing gas at the party,
What if you have a costume like Halloween for all
So what if you suddenly feel we dress like a clown
What about achieving those deep-seated desires today
Happy Birthday, young man.

37. I’m so happy you feel as classic as ever,
Even if you’re getting older by the day,
You say you let’s have a blast birthday party,
That language sounds well and cool to me
So let’s do it before you change your mind
Happy Birthday, Buddy.

38. In your inner eye, you’re still young, that’s true.
But your vigor is about to switchgear,
It doesn’t matter anyhow, it’s a life thing,
You still get all the time to make it count like never before.
Happy Birthday, my Bestie.

39. Another jaw-dropping birthday is here,
And your precious six-packs still stir,
You imagine yourself as dedicated and a hard worker,
But if you think like me your six-packs will be gone in a jiffy.
Happy Birthday, my very handsome friend.

40. Here comes a calm sunset, after a blowy sun
The weather was so beautiful to thrum a groovy tune
Such awe-inspiring vibes your birthday brings
So make the music let me dance and sing aloud
Happy birthday, dearest friend!

Funny Happy Birthday Poems For Best Friends Who Are Adults

Here are well-scripted funny happy birthday rhymes for adults that will bring fun-filled laughter to that your best friend’s birthday celebration. Hence, feel free to choose from this list to get the day going.

41. Birthdays come around just once each year,
Create a sensational ambiance that lingers in the heart,
Why not Turn up the party, from start till end,
Feel the vibe, grin, and raise the glass for the toast,
Make the summer birthday outfits glide for real,
It’s a beautiful day, just keep an eye on the Cake,
Making all the candles tilt and sway to your side,
On summer birthdays, all wishes come true,
Cheers and grins. Happy Birthday!

42. I wish you something awesome money can’t buy,
Whoa, you have all it takes to fly Cos’ your day
It is clear you are made for new heights and more
Keep me in the loop when you reach the heights
Reach the height with color so right, oh damsel,
In the background, grace it with a tune so tight
Now I can feel the cake with the candlelight
It happens like this because it’s your occasion,
It’s your birthday best friend. Happy birthday!

43. A birthday should always be an expression of gratitude,
Friends, and acquaintances; coming in mass to celebrate,
With many gifts, you may like and may not like,
If you sigh a bit, might get a hit for the fun of it,
Of a truth, you know that they care, hence, why they came.
Happy birthday, dearest, you are loved!

44. Stay in the loop, it’s not time to make a blast.
Keep the zest alive and endeavor to keep the vibe too
A birthday comes once a year, rejoice it’s your day,
Make laughter and jokes with your best friends,
Build up on both, all through your day and beyond.
Happy birthday. My best friend.

45. Scripted with the choicest ink,
Sealed with kisses and hugs
Here’s a question for you: Are we friends,
Or we’re about to become friends?
You once told me, but I forgot. Winks!
Happy birthday, the world’s best friend!

46. Happy birthday, my friend like no other!
You are getting older, isn’t how life?
Truthfully, getting old doesn’t come cheap,
So feel all those witty parties as they come,
And wait to get some more for life is fair to you,
Also, be happy you’re getting young at heart,
And now you still look as good as Gold.

47. Undoubtedly, a birthday wish comes once a year,
Trust me, even if is over soon,
I celebrate every day with you,
For our friendship is timeless with a benefit
Because it comes with lots of hard currency. Winks!
Happy birthday, and much love from me to you!

48. This birthday verse is to crack you up,
It’s good for your birthday in a grand style,
Now take a stroll with it to your bank for cash,
Popcorn and Coke wave this verse to the banker
And have for yourself cash without end.
Happy birthday, old fart!

49. Today is your birthday, tilt the curtain a little,
Now look through the window, what do you see?
Don’t think we’re coming with a band to sing from outside
Not when you are forty-one, this time you’re taking us out
And the whole bill is on you, buddy. I’m just kidding!
We’re still singing from outside. Just stay in and watch.
Happy birthday, best friend.

50. I just want to make you chuckle and grin,
Burst your bubble in a swoon-worthy way,
Just give me a deep smile when I give you a knuckle,
Fasten your buckle and be ready for my tussle.
I just want to make you laugh out loud. Winks!
Happy birthday, dearest!

Best Friend Birthday Funny

The extensive list of best friend birthday funny to deck his or her Facebook and Instagram with the best cheerful messages. Trust me, you are about to make someone’s birthday a memorable one.

51. I can’t turn back the hands of time
Nor do I want to go that route on this day
Every day is a new day, good friend,
When shared with you, and yes,
A lovely trip I daily look forward to.
Happy Birthday, best friend!

52. A journey of adventure
That’s what it is, yeah when
Shared with a true friend,
That knows you like the first meal of the day
Happy Birthday, best friend!

53. I’ve said many words
I’ve to relay many rhymes
I’ve to pick up many verses
Here are the lines of the melody for you
Yet, through these songs are my best wishes
And how yummy you are. Smile!
Happy birthday to you, beautiful.

54. By your side, are the cakes and candles
And a toast for your birthday, so
What were you thinking when I said
‘You look like the next president of your village?’
Happy birthday to you, Bestie!

55. What did I do to deserve your muscles
You are simply the best friend who lifts me up
I have you to thank for making six-packs out of me
You are such a loyal friend with lifting in mind.
Happy Birthday, Best friend.

56. One thing is for sure,
This friendship will last for a lifetime.
Only if I still share your Chocolate and Pant
Happy birthday, best friend!

57. There’ve been many pals
There’ve been different tussles
There’ve been times of ups and downs
There’ve been moments we let go of ourselves
From sight to off-sight. But you, my friend,
Have stayed with me like a waiter.
Happy Birthday, Sweet Friend.

58. I know friendship isn’t an easy task
But you’ve been there all the way.
Hugs and kisses a billion times more and more,
Because it’s your special day
Happy birthday, darling friend!

59. Hey buddy, I am what I am today
because I have the most amazing person
You’re beautiful and troublesome at the same time.
That’s why I love you to the moon and back.
Happy Birthday to you, dearest.

60. Behind the admiration that has grown with me
And how my life has molded up like a model
You are the silent achiever who made it happen.
Thank you, and happy birthday to you.

61. I have many awesome things to be thankful for
You are one of the best things that can happen to anyone living
You’ve given me 10, 000 reasons to love you more.
Happy birthday to you, enjoy your birthday.

62. You made my day because you are weird
And I love you like that, dearie.
Here’s a toast to a very weird best friend
Happy birthday, best-loved friend!

63. Words conveyed on birthdays to a friend
Are important and always come true
Here are my warmest wishes to you
May you achieve the weight loss you seek.
Happy birthday, Foodie of life.

64. There’s never a moment in your life
When you are clueless about life
I wish I were you in some areas
Happy birthday to my smart friend.

65. As you walk into more joy and happiness
Best friend, you know that I got your back
So, why not email some secrets to have more happiness
Just like you do you are just unique.
Happy birthday, friend!

66. Our friendship has no boundary
It cannot be calculated by the time
Our friendship flows like an endless ocean
It adjusts itself according to our affection
Our friendship is delicious like cake, and
It is tasty, precious, and never fake
Happy birthday, dearest!

67. On your birthday, here are my verses for you.
I promise every birthday I will always be MC
During a toast, I will always be there to raise a glass
Happy birthday, Mr. Handsome.

68. We’ve had a lot of fun together
Our friendship is meant to last forever
Not a single day will pass without you in mind
Not now or ever will I let you go
Only if you serve my food with garlic
Happy birthday, friend!

69. Good friends help each other know better
Listen to each other advice when eating rice
Best friends help each other to aim higher
And they rejoice with each other’s attire
Best friends keep each other words
By the way, I keep your birthday date at heart
Happy birthday, dearest!

70. You’ve advocated for me
You’ve turned every situation right
To have a fun-filled atmosphere
No doubt you are the best of the rest
Gradually you are becoming a stand-up comedian
Happy birthday, my best friend!

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