100 Heartwarming Godly Woman Quotes Ever Written

Godly woman quotes

The saying that a woman is God’s best creation quotes that women are indeed very blessed. There are over 100 ways for a woman to know how to be a good woman according to the bible and according to their purpose for creation as described herein, Godly woman quotes.

Inspirational quotes for the religious setting are quite motivating when structured from the scriptures, and that’s why we have taken the following Godly woman quotes for you, your wife, daughter, or female colleagues who need consistent assurance of their identity and place in God.

Some of these Godly woman quotes are written for a prayerful woman quotes, which she could utter as prayers, just as well as they spell out the bible value of a woman to every woman who seeks to understand the bible verses about beauty and self-worth.

A woman should not only that she’s beautiful on the outside, but she should value the worth within. Moreover, people only value you according to how much you honor and show yourself as dignified. Learn more about this from the below Godly woman quotes.

I Am a Woman of God Quotes

Saying that I am a woman of God quotes that you know why God created you. Therefore, Godly quotes about life and all that pertains to it as written here in Godly woman quotes should be digested by you.

Read, pick, and send as many as you can.

1. I am a woman full of the Grace and power of the highest. I walk in power and I fulfill God’s mandate for me just as Deborah, Ruth, Mary, and many others did ahead of me.

2. There’s no going back, my hand is on the plow and I’ll never look back. I am not of them who draw back to perdition, but I believe and continue in grace, winning many to God by my consistency.

3. My root is deep in Christ and no wind, storm, or flood can deter me. I will walk on in this path I’ve found till many more are turned to follow me to the God I serve.

4. There’s no wavering when there is no doubt. I declare that the spirit of fear and doubt become vanquished by the spirit of boldness in me.

5. He that is inside of me is so much greater than he that is in this world. I walk, talk, and manifest victoriously and excellently according to the purpose of He who has called me out of darkness into His marvelous Light.

6. There’s no veil over my face because I walk in Light. I know what to do at every season of my life because I understand times and seasons. I am blessed.

7. My generation calls me blessed because the Lord God has blessed me with all spiritual blessings above all that I could ever ask or even think. Amen.

8. I walk with God, I am covered by His wings, I dwell in his secret place, and my soul, spirit, and body are prepared a sanctuary for Him.

9. I am a woman full of beauty, with the crown of Glory, beautiful feet for the soul winning, and clothed with the armor of His majesty from my head to toe. I am covered.

10. There’s no curse upon me because I am full of God’s blessings. I sleep, wake, and live in all of the portions of His mercy and grace.

11. Like a seed growing into a tree, I am planted by the rivers of the water of life, and I will indeed blossom into what He has designed me for. Bringing forth bountiful fruits and reproducing in many generations.

12. No one will look at me and not see the Glory of God. My light shines everywhere I go, because of the Light of the glorious nature of the person of Christ.

13. Every season is for me because I will be instant in it all. I would not lack content, depth, light, wisdom, and all that I need to fulfill my destiny. I am made for perfection.

14. I am more than I appear to be on the outside. Beautiful outside and within, happy outwardly and still full of the joy of the Holy Ghost within. This woman you see right here is loved by Yahweh!

15. Wherever you see the oppressed being delivered, the sick being healed, the unsaved being saved and tears being cleansed, there I am. The world sees the exploits and virtues of Christ being expressed in me.

16. I am not dormant in manifestation. I love doing what I am created for, and that is the work of the Father. I continue the exploits of Christ Jesus on earth, yes! That’s what I do.

17. I am a woman who submits to authority, I walk in humility by His Grace, I am engulfed by the spirit of meekness and I do not boast except in knowing the Lord.

18. My beauty from within is not compared to the one without. The Lord has filled me with the fragrance of His beauty and presence and I worth much more than what the world counts as value.

19. His Grace covers His beloved and I pray that as I go out today, I would experience the overwhelming presence and benefits of the Lord’s mercy and goodness.

20. The throne of grace beckons on me, I am indeed a blessed one. The Garden of love draws me; I am indeed loved by God.

God Fearing Woman Quotes

God-fearing woman quotes are expressions, prayers, and confessions of what some bible verses say about the beauty of nature in women and about an honorable woman being one that fears God.

Godly woman quotes tell us that God recognizes a woman that fears God and praises her just as her husband would according to proverbs 31:30.

21. Beholding the face of Jesus, I am being transformed into the image of the Father from glory to glory. In His face, I see life, holiness, and righteousness, and I am brought into obedience and conformation.

22. The spirit of the fear of the Lord is upon his chosen ones. A God-fearing woman loves nothing else than to reverence Him who found her by grace and mercy.

23. A woman of God walks with God in reverence and honor. Acknowledging and appreciating what she has been called into and walking in it.

24. The purpose is discovered by many, but only a few of them fulfill it. A God-fearing woman is one of them, she knows the place of the one who chose her and who would do it.

25. Closeness to God is what a woman of God loves above anything until it becomes a lifestyle and nothing can separate her from the love of God.

26. Faith over fear; the mantra of a woman of God. Faith conquers and makes fear flee and vacate a place. Her heart is enveloped by the power of faith and she walks on in triumph.

27. Give her fear and she turns it into faith. Give her sadness and she turns it into joy. Give her hurt and she turns it into love.

28. Her tender heart is like one that cannot wait to be touched by the hands of her beloved savior every morning and night. Her heart is so much after God.

29. She sets God above all things and lets nothing come in between her sight of the future with Him. Open her heart and all you see is God.

30. Strength and power do not prevail over this world’s troubles, but a woman of God is always seen with her weapon of the Word. She wields her sword mightily and is not afraid to rebuke the enemy.

31. When you put God first, you recognize the place of God in all that you do. Then He takes over and lets no harm come to you.

32. She loves nothing other than reflecting the image of her father. So, she’s with Him in the morning, at noon, and at night. Communing and radiating His nature to the world.

33. The words of her mouth are with grace and seasoned with salt. Her words edify because she’s filled with the fear of the Lord and respect for all of mankind.

34. She believes in the power of God and gives no room for the oppression of the spirit of fear. She shames the devil and pushes away his attacks by her faith.

35. Her heart trusts in God even though she’s a woman of understanding. She does nothing without first inquiring from God.

36. There’s no pride found in a woman that knows God truly. She loves her husband and cares so much for her children. She is indeed very obedient to the law of submission.

37. There’s no place for the manifestation of the devices of the enemy in her life. A Godly woman is hidden in the arms of God, and being the apple of God’s eyes, no harm can come to her.

38. There’s a preservation of crown for every woman that loves and fears God. And on earth here, she’s honored for honoring God. Her faith speaks for her even in the abode of the enemy.

39. The voice of a woman of God is heard and thousands respond to it. When God gives a gift, you have the power to draw many to you and God.

40. Who knows what walking in God’s favor is? You should look like a blessed woman who had God in her heart, her life is a testimony of favor and grace.

True Woman of God Quotes

Proverbs 31 is one of the many places to glean all forms of a true woman of God quotes from. A Godly woman meaning; a woman who loves God. When she does, she can love her husband and everyone around her.

Look below for the inspirational Godly woman quotes that motivate women to be more than they are now and become what they should be.

41. The truth hurts but heals. A woman of God knows just how to heal many with the words of truth as given her by Christ Jesus. She loves the truth and her tongue only speaks from the source of truth.

42. When you see a woman of God who walks in truth, she can live free from bondage and set many free with truth.

43. When you see a woman who leaves everything in God’s hands, you see God’s hand in everything that she does.

44. A true woman of God is known in the character she portrays everywhere she goes. She is consistent in believing, accepting, showing nothing but the truth. She just loves God and the way of truth.

45. When you love the way of truth, you love life, and when you love life, you love the way to God the father.

46. Who we are in Christ matters much more than what people think of us or what others tell us about ourselves. We walk in power and grace; this is much more than what is in the world.

47. What God has in store for His own is much more than what anyone has ever imagined and even seen thus far. It is being revealed from now on till eternity and a woman of God believes and clings to these promises as she keeps steady in the faith.

48. A true woman of God fears Him because she knows the place of the head over the body. She submits under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit who is her guide to pleasing God.

49. There’s never satisfaction for a woman that truly loves God. She always desires more and more, just as she is never denied whatever she asks.

50. Have you seen a woman who walks in love with all men and lives at peace? That is one who understands God’s heart and walks in His law.

51. When storms and troubles came, the thoughts they were pushing her away from God, they didn’t know they were giving her a testimony to share later and more reason to stay strong in God.

52. Patience is a virtue, rare but when found is true and genuine. Search the heart of a woman that loves God and you would see it.

53. Watch the soul that needs nothing but God, who loves nothing but for God and goes God all the glory always, there, you see a friend of God.

54. The transformation that goes on within is beyond whatever is worth spending for the outward beauty to be kept. I’ll rather stay still for the surgery going on within me.

55. The panting of my soul is now beyond what words can say. I hear a heavenly call, deep calling unto deep and I can’t but just respond.

56. I’m a woman, I’m a believer, and I’m a lover. This is much more satisfying than all things I could acquire in the world.

57. No charm has a compelling effect on her, because she carried around the presence of the highest.

58. Spend some moments with her and you begin to want to talk and know more about her God. She never hides it because it has become part of Her.

59. It breaks her heart to be found with anything unwanted by God, and so she never fails to admit when she’s wrong, always seeking forgiveness promptly and aligning with God.

60. her purpose is defined in God. To find her, you have to be to seek God. A woman of God is locked up in her passion and no one can take that away from her.

Strong Woman of God Quotes

Vibrant woman quotes are for a strong woman of God quotes, describing that a faithful woman of God is someone standing firm in her faith in God despite whatever comes her way.

These are dynamic lady quotes taken for that brave girl or woman who needs some Godly woman quotes to find more meaning in life.

61. Her root is deep and it takes nothing to be able to move her away from God because God is immovable.

62. A woman who fears God is one who is made strong and established in His grace. her strength and power are much more than an army of a thousand beside her.

63. She speaks with power and thousands of enemies fall at her sides and flees far away from her.

64. When she declares, heaven recognizes her voice. She opens and closes doors, bounds and sets free and she is looked up to as a savior.

65. She finds her balance in life, putting God first and being pulled up by her spiritual weight, overcoming all oppositions.

66. Her faith cannot be shaken. Her love cannot be tainted, and her compassion for souls not found wanting in expression.

67. Give her a coin and she makes thousands out of it. Her hands her blessed and so the works of her hands her blessed too.

68. Godly children come out of a spiritual womb and a Godly atmosphere. She never gives room for coldness and Luke’s warmness in her home.

69. Her husband is amazed at the dimensions of her grace and he blesses God for her life just as many also do too.

70. Her cloth is dignity and her shield is faith. She marches on without fear and laughs conquering the enemy.

71. Her knees bend relentlessly, her hands consistently lifted, and her voice never unheard in the offering of prayers to God for everyone that surrounds her.

72. Even when she is not appreciated, she does it all with joy. Never raising her voice in anger but accommodating, reasoning, and loving all persons.

73. Her emotions are strong and she can handle so many things all together by the Spirit of God in her who teaches her patience and gives her wisdom to manage many situations.

74. She is seen ever bright with joy; because she understands the place of joy in the Holy Ghost. She glides brightly through each day and excels in all.

75. There’s a spirit of excellence that distinguishes her from every other. Amongst other women, she is always singled out by her ready heart and a teachable spirit.

76. She seeks for more, and so never misses guidance. One who asks for the way does not just know the way but can bring many to the right path. Such is what happens to a Godly woman.

77. Whenever she is asked what her heart desire is, she links it all to the person of God. All her desire falls under the purpose of God for her.

78. Faithfulness Is a watchword for every woman that knows the way of God. This virtue is seen in her, the way she manages her family, and in her career.

79. So, as I spoke with my father this morning, he assured me of all that He had promised me. I know indeed that I am made for more than what it seems now, so I’ll stay strong and pursue with his strength.

80. It is not by might nor by power, but by the excellent, never-failing spirit of God. This I know, I claim and I walk in.

Godly Quotes About Life of a Christian Woman

A woman of God does not just pray or go to church, she lives the life of the believer everywhere she is found. She is found living and teaching it wherever she finds the opportunity to as identified and accounted in Godly woman quotes.

Here below are those beautiful Godly quotes that so much depict the Godly quotes about the life of a Christian woman.

81. Goodness and mercy never depart from her doorstep and she is roofed with grace. Her gates are that of authority and the enemy intrudes her home.

82. A woman of prayer guards her home, she can command the ministering angels for her protection and she lives in total peace.

83. The tongue of a Godly woman is bridled. She is quick to listen and slow to speak. her thoughts and words are ordered by God.

84. Whatever she does is approved by her first love. When a woman submits to God, she has no trouble submitting to her husband.

85. purity is the word she lives by. In the secret and the open, a woman of God maintains the standard of God according to the fear and reverence for the Holy One.

86. Her fellowship with the brethren is never neglected. She forms a great bond with other children of God and walks in accord with them according to God’s plan and purpose.

87. Like most Christians, she also prays. But prayer to her is more than just that, it is to her communion with her father.

88. Anger is far from her, and when she is hurt, she walks over it with love. Love covers sins and a woman of God walks in the understanding of this.

89. Her edge is never broken because she never leaves the chance for a crack in the wall. Her walls her strong and standing firm because she holds on to the anchor of her soul.

90. My heart stays on the Lord and my spirit yearns for Him endlessly. When I am down, I look up only and not at men, and truly I find help in God.

91. A Godly woman knows only one way to look for help and that is up. She looks up to the author and finisher of her faith, knowing that faith in man comes with its disappointments.

92. May people see you in me and never see me in my self. I stand to represent you the world Lord because your virtues and ways are the best. May people know you and love you because of my life.

93. I am a testimony to my family and my generation. Not because I’ve got anything other than that I have Jesus in my life.

94. I am a child born from prophecy, and so because I am not born out of chance, I decree that nothing will happen to me by mere fate. I walk in God’s orchestrated plans for me in Jesus’ name.

95. When men seek the blessed and favored, I’ll not be found wanting. I am blessed to be a blessing and many will partake of this gift in me.

96. I withhold my praise from my Father. This is what I am made for, called out darkness into His marvelous light, to show forth His endless praises.

97. Never will I take for granted the gift of grace and the life of the spirit. I live, move, and have my total being in Him from now till eternity.

98. I have lived, not just breath. I abide in the surest fortress and I am safe from all troubles. This is my portion every day of my life.

99. The sure Word of God keeps me safe and helps me to continue in the counsel of God for my life. I am made to fulfill what is written for me in the scriptures, and this I will fulfill.

100. The grace of God is much more than I have ever asked for. I will not take this for granted but walk in it day and night. He is my guide in the day and light at night times.

It’s good to know that God cares about us women so much. Though seen as the weaker vessel, you wield great potentials and you should search them out with some help from some Godly woman quotes.

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