Quotes about loving someone so much

100 Best Romantic Quotes About Loving Someone So Much in 2022

This one thing I’ll say about LOVE; it can never be too much, rather, it’s just as much as it should be. So, for persons who have known love, or who wish to stir up more of that affection from the heart, these quotes about loving someone so much is just for you.

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A little acrimony can be shown so quickly and be disastrous, but you’ll need to fan the flame of love so much to see the effect or the acceptance from people. This is because of the disappointments many have faced and the break in trust.

It takes one person to love, but it takes two individuals to exchange, and give affection to one another. Reading these love quotes to yourself would do for some ‘feel good about yourself’, while you can also describe your unconditional love for the persons you love by sending them ‘quotes about loving someone so much.’

Having in mind that as you send these quotes about loving someone so much, you are sending some quotes about love and life. They’ll make your love life even better!

Quotes About Loving Someone No Matter What

The fact that you need some quotes about loving someone so much means that you have someone that means more than so many things put together to you. These are such persons that have shown unconditional love to you that you can’t but just search for quotes about loving someone no matter what to post to them.

Find the string of words that best describes your true love quotes and sayings.

1. You are like my diary because every day, you let me write my pains, joy, and all experiences on you. You are the best listener I have ever met and I love you for this.

2. What is the most romantic saying for someone as loving as you if not the words; ‘I love you!’ Thank you for choosing to stay in my heart forever dear.

3. Being at your side is always the best thing for me. I love what your heart says to me, how your lips utter them, and the way you do everything to make me happy.

4. There’s no way I can miss out on any season with you. You bring out the brightness for me through it all, my love.

5. Love is indeed a better experience than when it’s just talked about. You have shown me much more than whatever theory the world says about love.

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6. Whenever I say that you mean the whole world to me; I mean it. Every event in my life has shown me how important you are to me and how I can’t ever be separate from you.

7. I love you with the whole of my soul and there is space for all the imperfections there. I’m sure that as we move on, our love would bring it all to perfection.

8. Curves or not, abs or not, when two people love, they look beyond the physical. The heart says it all and does the knitting.

9. I made a demand to time and season that they should never separate us, and they concurred to it. No matter what happens, every period of the year would bring us closer together.

10. Once the heart and soul knit together, the journey is sealed to be a forever one. I love you and would never want to leave your side.

11. Things started getting better for me since we met, and it has not stopped getting better. I toast to the best that awaits us!

12. If I was asked how sure I am of your love for me, I would reply that it’s not just an assurance I need, rather, it’s more of a knowing that has been so strong since I met you, dear, I love you!

13. You are the one that inspires, and your words never stop to interrupt me whenever doubts begin to arise. I love you dear, now and always!

14. There’s always a way for the people that are determined to love themselves forever. Through all odds, I’ll love you.

15. The only one who was able to open this heart was you, and I won’t take this for granted dear. You are my beloved.

16. My hero, I’m grateful that you have kept these kinds of treasures in your heart for me. I feel enriched by your love more every day.

17. My chest of fortune is found in your heart. You are my wealth of knowledge, passion, affection, and all good thing.

18. If ever I need to be encouraged in any situation, I look inside my reservoir of motivation which was filled up by your words. I love you.

19. I never got stranded on what to do, and of loving what I’m doing. Your support is overwhelming my love.

20. You’re like a bank of everything to me. You have so much deposit for me, and you manage my resources so well.

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Quotes About Loving Someone Forever

Quotes about loving someone forever depict choosing a life partner quotes. That’s because when you love someone affectionately, sending them quotes about loving someone so much means that you are ready to spend you forever on earth with them.

Read and pick from these quotes if you love someone so much.

21. Remember I love you quotes means that I would never forget you and I want to be in your heart too always and forever.

22. I love you so much that I know that I lost you only if I stop loving you. That time would never come anyway because my heart beats on for you.

23. My love for you will keep moving clockwise and never anti-clockwise. You’re the best thing that happened to me.

24. My season of happiness has been determined by you. I know now that I’ll never have a moment of sadness again.

25. I couldn’t ask for someone better, because, I see you express your affection better every day. You are my long-term goal and achievement, loving you is fulfilling.

26. Even the thought of being in love with you is a stronghold against obstacles and limitations. Thank you for loving me, dear.

27. I have made several turns until this one turn brought me to you. I would never leave this path because it is the best direction I have taken.

28. All tides have been for good and will continually be. The wind of change has blown favorably in my life since meeting you. You are my great fortune.

29. All that comes to me by fate I’ll accept, so far it is with you. With you, nothing meets us unprepared and the earth just delivers what you tell it to.

30. Love changes so much and I know that I have changed so well in the past few years spent with you. Everyone testifies I have become better, and I know the credit should go to you.

31. I wish I could describe this love in a thousand ways, but I just feel speechless. Though I love you in a thousand ways, this one sentence says it all; I love you.

32. Whenever our hands touch, I still feel sparks of light from within. They are like fireworks from within. They remind me of when we just met and its freshness lives on.

33. Letting me love you is more of a privilege for me than I could think I qualified for. There’s no way that I could take this exclusive advantage for granted.

34. My heart still beats in a good and consistent rhythm for you. My heart, words and all that I’ll do will dance to the tune of love you have placed in my ears and heart.

35. It won’t do to just love you with my heart, but I’ll make it my duty to tell you every day how much I love you.

36. It seems easier to love when closer than when far apart. My decision to hold your hands forever will not falter even when you’re far away.

37. The strength I derive from your love is beyond what I could have imagined it would be. I would never let go of this for anything dear. You are my pillar.

38. I thought this heart will just keep blowing up with love that it would tend to burst one of these days. This is how much you affect me every day.

39. Every moment with you is a sign up for another moment of laughter. I never knew your heart held this much humor; and with the way you release them every time we’re together, I can’t help just being the most excited to spend time with you.

40. Although love is no excuse for hard times; however, these hard times are softened and easy to go through with when you have someone to face them together with.

Quotes About Loving Someone So Deeply

Deep affections go as far as describing the way you feel when you love someone so much it hurts when they aren’t around you. You should send some quotes about loving someone so much it hurts to even think of losing them.

Pick from the list of quotes about loving someone so deeply, they are the things a lover quotes about loving someone forever.

41. Having to hurt so deeply could be hurting at times because seeing the other go would be disastrous. So, I try to think positively always, convincing myself that you’ll always be by my side, and you have proven well through the years.

42. It’s better to go deep down into establishing a good root with your spouse than just go around the circumference of love. Depth tells how long a thing lasts.

43. I’m not afraid that we would be together forever, because we have such a strong root holding our tree of love.

44. The flowers budding all over us are evidence of how rich we are on the inside of us. I love you, dear.

45. The fruits of love are born out of the kinds of seed sown in it. You have sown trust and affection in all loyalty and we are now beginning to reap from it.

46. The way you put in so much work to make this work out well is amazing dear love. I thank you for being an encouragement through all the tests we have gone through.

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47. I’m assured we’ll always be fine my dear love. We have both been sincere and honest from the start and there’s no way that we won’t eat the fruit of the trust we have planted for ourselves.

48. Only one heart fits me and that is yours, and the only heart that fits you is mine. There’s no better matching than could have been done with me and you. I love you, my perfect mate.

49. There was no doubt since the time I saw you, it’s just like our hearts have been knitted long before we met.

50. How do I explain how you found me shattered but made me come together in one piece? Others left me with troubles, but you brought peace. Thank you.

51. For the many worries I have caused you, I want to say I am sorry. I promise to always fulfill every part of my vow to you in different capacities every day.

52. I have not said what I won’t go by. Making you happy is my first job and I plan not to lose that appointment, it pays good currency of love to me.

53. The richest man on earth feels poor without love. You have given me the best legal tender to spend, and it is the most accepted in the world.

54. All of the possessions I have are of no use if you are not there. You are the one thing I own that means everything to me.

55. If I were asked how I won your heart, I wouldn’t know. I’m not the most deserving of all of these and yet you chose to come with me, thank you, my love.

56. I didn’t even have to play the game with others to win you, my love. You are my priceless trophy and I will cherish you forever.

57. I love you without a reason attached to it, I believe you hold all of my heart’s desire in a woman and I’ll discover it more every day.

58. I look up to your sir and I know that your impact on me would always speak. My success is tied to your words and I’m grateful you didn’t withhold them from me. I love you, sir.

59. Dear friend, I can’t be less grateful for meeting someone like you. You have challenged me and instilled many things I lacked in me. Thank you for being a push for me dear.

60. You have lighted me with knowledge and taught me how to walk through every circumstance I face here on earth and still keep loving and being loved in return. My heart appreciates this illuminating love.

When You Love Someone Quotes and Sayings

Everyone can say the words ‘I Love You’ to their loved ones. However, not everyone can say them in the most loving and creative ways as we have written here for you as quotes about loving someone so much.

With the following when you love someone quotes and sayings, you should send your loved ones some love and life quotes.

61. I didn’t just trip for you; I did fall for you. With this, it is impossible to stand up. I love you, my dear.

62. I’ll always discard anything thing that doesn’t present itself as a possibility in my walk and journey with you. You are the best that happened to me in this season of my life.

63. I know no other way to be with you than to love you. That is the only explanation for wanting to be with you now and forever.

64. Whenever I think of you, I’m still amazed at how lucky and favored I am. I never did ask for this much, but you are just a whole load of surprise unfolding to me every day.

65. There is separation for those who don’t know the value of being together and appreciate it. I cherish what we have and I know you do, we won’t lose this.

66. The drops that trickle from the corners of my eyes at night when in bed are tears of joy, for having met someone like you.

67. Love never compromises, and when you love, you become a statute of trust. That is what has happened to me since I met you, dear.

68. Laughter and cheerful cries fill the atmosphere when you love someone. It’s bound to be a bright atmosphere through the days and nights.

69. You correct me in love and this has taught me to realize naturally what hurts you and be incapable of doing them. I have become fond of you so much.

70. To think of goodbyes is to say that I never loved you. This little thing growing in my heart for you is strong and I can imagine how firm it would be by the time it’s so grown.

71. My love for you is not just for what and who you are, it is also for what you have turned me into in these past years with you.

72. You and I do not have to trend as the best couple on social media for me to know the importance and the strength of the bond between us.

73. What we have now isn’t what we found, but it is what we have both built for ourselves over time. No one can destroy it.

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74. We may not get to talk, see or be with each other as often, but our hearts are never apart from each other.

75. I love you to the dimensions that I’m yet to experience and I look forward to the splendid feeling that would overwhelm me as I experience them.

76. I already chose to be with you forever even before the day I said yes to you. My heart has been made up long ago and my mouth just gave voice and words to it that day.

77. Instead of doubting, I’ll spend each day paying attention to knowing you better and making our bond stronger.

78. Love is truly for everyone who seeks it. Thank you for opening your heart for me, even though I only knocked once.

79. I won’t be cautioned to love, because it has the best it holds for whoever is ready to love. I love you my darling without hesitation.

80. Living once means that there is only one chance to love someone like you once. Therefore, I hold you dear in this life forevermore.

You Never Stop Loving Someone Quotes

The strength of love is so much, but the effect of communicating them is much more. These quotes about loving someone so much are the power of love quotes that describe how you never stop loving someone quotes should look like.

A person never knows how much you love them and want the best for them in life until they see such messages and wishes from you written as realistic quotes about life and quotes about true love and destiny.

Read through and send as much as you can.

81. I have always wanted someone and I need someone to love me as you do. The way you love others is so great and I would never stop cherishing the day I met you, dear.

82. To stop a moving vehicle at high speed is tantamount to a death wish. Nothing and no one can stop this love, dear, we have a strong lubricant against all frictions that fight love.

83. When you love, you have your stars shining brighter in the sky. Even the morning sun shines on your beautiful souls and you experience brightness every time of the day.

84. There’s a way that I feel your thoughts flooding my mind even when we aren’t together. You have so entered my heart that there’s no way out for you.

85. Knowing we are supposed to be together didn’t spring from big things but from the little things that I added up together to know how lucky I am to meet you.

86. Think of your favorite dessert and imagine me being there with you every day as you eat it. I would always be close to you dear.

87. The lines of every word I spoke to you are things I mean from my heart not just what I made up. I could never fake anything to win you because your love is just so natural.

88. If I say your thoughts come to my mind always, it’s an understatement. Rather, you are there always, you’ve got a permanent space in it.

89. Living the whole of life with you is worth it. I love you the way you are and I know that you accept and love me too.

90. To the world, here’s my damsel, and I can’t love her less. This is a gift God has given me and I would never let go.

91. Love is worth planning your other life goals around. It is the center of whatever fulfillment you get and how elated you’ll feel after every milestone achievement.

92. Some people have to search longer than this to find what I have so easily found in you. Thank you for coming to me.

93. I didn’t find you, rather you found me. I would have been insensitive to this treasure in you, but you showed me what I needed in my life. You are a precious gift to me.

94. The many doubts I had about life before I met you when you showed me just one thing; which is love. I now know the conquering power of love.

95. Love is much more than feeling but goes as far as believing and supporting the other persons’ goals and aspirations.

96. If there ever was a need for a perfect model of love in the world, you’ll be recommended, my dear. I love you and look up to you, just as I tell everyone in the family to do likewise.

97. There are no expectations in true love except the desire to stay till the end together. This is what I wish for every day.

98. I loved you lesser yesterday because I love you more today, and I’ll be loving you better tomorrow my dear.

99. Love makes you realize how much you need each other. It unfolds and helps you experience each other’s importance to the other the more you spend time together.

100. It’s always difficult to trace when it all started. So if you couldn’t pin down when it all began, then you shouldn’t expect an end to it.

Loving is sweet, but confessing it adds flavor to the way your heart feels. The more you read out, say them or send quotes about loving someone so much, the more you’ll be delighted to see more of their love unfolding to you.

Feel free to leave a comment below and don’t forget to share these beautiful love quotes on your social media with friends and family.

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