120 Inspirational Quotes for a Man Going Through a Hard Time

inspirational quotes for a man going through a hard time

When times get hard, one thing that can help you through such a rough time is to read some of the most inspirational quotes for a man going through a hard time. That’s what this article serves as; quotes about going through hard times and staying strong.

It is only natural for people to feel down and disappointed when they are going through a hard time; however, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by your situation or even give up on what you are doing, especially if you don’t have any kind of support.

We know that is not easy to cope with life. Is never easy to recover from adversity and overcome obstacles. That is why I want you to have this list of the most inspirational quotes for a man going through a hard time. Reading these words could help you to continue on your journey and find your purpose again.

Follow these inspirational quotes for a man going through a hard time. Find words of encouragement for hard times, advice, and inspiration to be happy in life.

Helpful Inspirational Quotes for a Man Going Through a Hard Time

Need a little inspiration to get you through the day? Here are some of my favorite helpful inspirational quotes for a man going through a hard time. And of course, if you made this search for a friend or family member, this would go a long way as encouraging words for a friend going through a tough time.

1.  Going through a hard time is difficult, but so is a world filled with happiness and bliss. Poetry is my life, and a future with my love is what I wish to have. I am encouraged and I won’t back down.

2. When it is hard when you are down, I know how you feel, I’ve been there too, but I refuse to give in, I will not give up, I will get through. I am more than a conqueror.

3. Going through a tough time, no doubt is hard, stumbling blocks are the stepping stones. Beloved, please pull yourself together and get back on your feet for you deserve to be happy always.

4. Challenging times are difficult but it’s not the end of the world, to get through these rough times that you face, you can’t hold back your feelings and hide. Go get it, you’re worthy.

5. Sometimes you get stuck on a problem and every time you seem to get going again you get stuck in the same old rut but if you keep trying and don’t give up you will find a way around it or even walk it off like the piece of cake.

6. Life throws a hard time on us but, if you’re willing to change and be wiser, the universe won’t lead you astray and your hardships will be nothing but a whisper to you.

7. Oh life is so hard, and it’s so sad to say, but life is so good so pleasant, and that I won’t forget in a hurry.

8. When life is tough, just know to go through your day with a smile, but if it is not there, try a grin and get through the day with a little grit.

9. I’m going through a hard time and it is not easy, it’s hard to get through, but I’m not giving up – I’m going to get through, I’m not going to hide, I’m going to fight, I know I am a winner.

10. My life’s been hard, it’s always been a struggle, but I’m willing to keep going, to keep surviving, I know that my life’s just beginning. God is my hope and my life.

11. Going through a rough patch is the hardest, but I still find it easy to breathe, if you see me fall down, don’t worry, I’ll get right back up. I am as resilient as seasoned hickory and strong.

12. When you go through your hard seasons, it’s not easy to see the light, you’ll have to work hard to find that hope, to get through each day of the night by keeping your faith alive.

13. The sun has gone to sleep, the moon has gone to bed, the world stays still, the city sleeps at night. Times of challenges are the seasons to temper your soul with faith.

14. Hard time comes and goes! But I will make it through I’ll be fine if I stay strong and don’t give up the fight for my Redeemer lives.

15. Know that hard time makes the best come out redefined if life makes you feel like giving up, but you have to remember you’ll be okay, you have to remember you’re strong.

16. When the times get rough, it’s very hard to cope, life is a test, but I’m an example of how it’s best to rise above, the fact that you’re going through a hard time means that you are pretty much alive and well.

17. When you go through a hard time and you think there is no way out close your eyes and think of your loved ones and how you can’t let them down no matter what.

18. Going through a hard time may humble a man, but it’s the true test of a man’s character, when you get knocked down, you have to stand back up, when you get lifted up, you have to stay firm.

19. I sit there and think about my life, thinking about what I have, and I think about the bad times, and how I wish to go back in time so I can try but I know for sure that lines are falling for me in pleasant places in life.

20. Going through a difficult time is the toughest hurdle, but you benefit from the experience that struggle makes you stronger and the worst hurdle could be the best thing to happen.

21. Navigating a hard time is difficult, and the future seems gloomy, but the love of a good woman will always be there, and when you look back you’ll find that you’ve gained a few cheers, so make sure you hold such a woman so dear.

22. I’ve been through a hard time, I’ve felt sad and I felt blue, but I’ve persevered and now I’m flying high, while others are still feeling so low of my past but I have moved on.

23. I go through a hard time I feel like I’m not the same I think I’ll be better next month, next year, or maybe when I’m 60. All I know is I am getting better by the day.

24. Going through a hard time is a message, when you through the storm and you fall, get up, and when you’re down, hold your head up as if you’re king of the world.

25. Leaping through a tough time is difficult, but it’s about perseverance that makes us even better prepared for life and its tides.

26. I am going through a hard time no doubt, I don’t know how to make it look easy, I feel as if it’s going to swallow me whole, I wonder what I did to deserve it, why am I being punished, but I am sure my refreshing time is here.

27. Going through a hard time is can be tempting, but I know, that my perseverance, will bring me through, to look into the future, and face it with a smile, and a strong heart, for I Know my Saviour is with me always.

28. Passing through a hard time is challenging it brings your life to a grinding halt it drags you down to a place you don’t want to be and you can’t seem to get out of it. This I know that my salvation is already here.

29. It is a hurdle, a hurdle that is easily surmounted, it is making you stronger, it is creating a character, and it is preparing you for the next hurdle that is coming. I say to myself I will overcome every hurdle.

30. Going through a hard time is difficult you can’t see what the future could be, but I’ll get through this hurdle and be the best I can be; the world awaits the giant in me to come forth.

31. Surfing through a challenging time is difficult in a world where people are so indifferent, but you need to get up and keep going through that pain because your gain is here as you tame the pain.

32. I’m going through a hard time I still don’t know if this is a test or not, I’m going through a hard time I don’t know if this is just a glitch but it’s clear that my path will shine like never before.

33. I’m trying to bring myself back up to full speed, but it’s something I’ve been through before, I’m telling myself there’s nothing to fear, but yet I’m still afraid to open the door, so I’m the called out one so I know I will pull just through.

34. Navigating through a hard time is fierce but it doesn’t have to be, I’ve had my share, I survived them all, I’m still kicking and I know that you can too.

35. Facing a challenging time is the hardest time of life thinking you will never make it through feeling like the world is on your shoulders and that’s the weight of the world. I will surely win my way through.

36. When you go through a hard time many things become clear this is when you know life is not a walk in the park. At these times your faith in the invisible God will be your anchor.

37. When you go through a hard time is difficult, it puts you on a downward spiral, it turns your life into things you can bear but if you get through that time, you will be stronger and smarter.

38. A hard time is difficult, yes, but you’ll get through, you’ll get through, just stay strong, and don’t feel like you’re alone. The Lord of Host is with you.

39. Hard time is difficult and it’s not funny, I know this to be true but it’s only a moment, and if I can survive it I will be able to live the rest of my life happily.

40. The moment you are going through a hard time is difficult no matter how hard you try you’ll feel like you’re fading away and you can’t help but cry, but remember that in the end, all the hurt is going to be alright.

41. A hard time is sending a message I won’t forget that, and it’s hard to climb out of the storm, but I have faith, and I will be strong, I know I can achieve the day.

42. Sometimes I feel alone, and I feel I’m losing hope, but I know one day I’ll rise above the pain.

43. There’s no easy way when you have to go through a hard time it’s easy to give up, but you have to remember, you have to push through, and I’ll be back, I’ll be back again.

44. When a friend goes through a hard time he tends to get into strife, a man who goes through a hard time can’t help but say “woe is me!” But when his faith is alive he can overcome.

45. When a man goes through a hard time, he always finds a way to persevere, through any obstacle put in his way, he may fall and hit the ground, but it’s how quickly he gets back up that matters.

46. When a lover goes through a hard time, he needs the help of the ones he loves.

47. When a believer goes through a hard time, he has to remember, he must fight back his demons and hold his head high, and show the world, how a real man can survive this.

48. No doubt, I’ve found myself in a hole one that I’ve built and I can easily pull myself out but when I look around and I see what I’ve done I know that it’s hard for me to do. So I reckon that God will help me.

49. When a goal-getter goes through a hard time he has to find a way to fight and overcome the things that were holding him down.

50. When you go through a hard time, you tend to lose control and focus, though the more you regain your focus the more you can look to your loved ones.

51. When an achiever goes through a hard time, he can’t stay down – he keeps on fighting, he’ll keep going until he’s done, but he’ll know that it gets better in the end.

Spiritual Inspirational Quotes for Difficult Times

Life can be tough. Some men go under big pressure. Some even quit on life itself. But it’s not the end of the road. This is when you need to lean on your inner strength and find the power you need from within in order to get up, get better, improve your self-image and finally move on with your life.

We have gathered for you some spiritual inspirational quotes for difficult times for yourself and to share with a man going through a hard time. An inspirational quote can change your life. Here’s a list of inspirational quotes for a man going through a hard time.

52. God is always faithful. Though you can’t see it, He is working through the most difficult times of your life. Trust in Him and He will reward your faith.

53. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions submerge your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your intuition as given by the Spirit. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

54. Some people you will meet, some you’ll know them for a while, some will cross your path and move on, some will be there to help you heal and some will be there each and every day.

55. The way that you’ve taught, I will do my best to follow, I know that you’re there and that you’re always around so I will do my best to follow.

56. Life is so tough but the good thing about life is that you can do anything you want to do. Faith is my way of expressing myself and the world around me.”

57. Life is hard, I know. But it’s also beautiful. You must always think of the positive things and keep your spirits up!

58. Sometimes in life, you feel like you no longer have a friend, your heart gets broken, and you feel like you’re all alone but God with you.

59. He will not leave you, nor forsake you when you’re at the fork in the road, he will wait with outstretched arms, and a welcoming smile, as you make your way to the light.

60. He will not leave you nor forsake” this is what I have to believe, I have to have faith, trust, and believe in me, as I believe in God and his perfection, I know he will never leave.

61. God will never leave you nor forsake, and what he has written is eternal, if you can believe it to be true, you can make all the bad things disappear.

62. Strength in hard times is what I’ll give my neighbor I’ll tell them in a way that is easy to see, my strength in hard times is what I’ll give my neighbor.

63. I look back at the times that I thought would be my last, but I turned back around and I walked right out of those dark paths, by the strength of my own will I managed to stand but with God, I can always stand.

64. You will find strength in hard times, the strength to walk away from your hardest times, the strength to be thankful for your hardest times, the strength to face your hardest times with a smile, the strength to let your hardest times not take you down is important.

65. In times when I feel short of strength, I always remember that I have something to fight for, I have strength, I have courage and I have a destiny, I have faith that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

67. It’s true we may not always be strong but even in our darkest hour we can still see the light we may stumble but we always rise and we will recover, in the end.

68.. You are strong, you can do this, you have to, you have no choice, the world won’t wait for you, maybe, just maybe, it’ll leave you alone. Stay strong with God.

69. When the storm is raging and the light is fading when there’s no strength to go on when the way is lost and the night is falling you call me out of the darkness in the deep dark night hold me in your hands.

70. Everything is possible with God, he tells us, “I am with you”, “I will fight for you, for I am for you”, “do not despair, I will give you hope.

71. If you’re low and you don’t know what to do, and you’re weary and worn down by the world, just remember it’s always darkest before the dawn, and if you’re feeling down, saying goodbye the hurdle is faith.

72. When you feel like you’re all alone, and you think that nobody cares, remember to keep faith alive, to stay thankful for all you have.

73. Words of encouragement when you need it when you’re down when you’re out when you’re tired when your hungry when you’re sick when you’re dying when you’re broken when you’re crying when you in between is what comes from the Lord.

74. When life gets hard and you feel a little bit down, you need to look up not the ground, and you will find something to lift you above the clouds and help you to see the light.

75. You will get through all the stories, all the lies, and the stories that you tell yourself, they won’t bring you down.

76. I will be ok, I will survive, as long as I can keep myself alive, I will smile and laugh, I will not let this break me.

77. No hurdle can’t take you down, no storm can’t blow you away, no mountain can’t make you fly, when you’re soaring high above.

78. Hurdles can’t take me down I beat them every day, having a good attitude is not just a saying, it’s how I live my life.

79. I can smile through the pain, I can smile through the rain, I can smile through the heat, I can smile through the shame.

80. A smile is a curve that sets everything straight, a smile is worth a thousand words, a smile will conquer any heart.

81. One thing that has kept me going through the hard times was the smile on my face which I never took off.

82. Don’t wait for the sunshine, when you have the moonlight, don’t wait for the good times, when you have the bad times, don’t wait for the easy things, when you have the hard things.

83. Pressing forward we must keep pressing forward not knowing the reason is to get to a better place.

84. Pressing forward. If you have a burden to carry, I’d suggest you move faster, or find that you may crumble and end up with a broken heart.

85. Pressing forward, driven from within, to never look back, to move forward, with better days ahead.

86. Pressing forward despite my failings while seeking the greater grace of God, leading me to a better day, leading me to understand.

Quotes About Going Through Hard Times and Staying Strong

No one is promised a rose garden. Even in your darkest times, some roses bloom no matter how difficult the situation may be. Our rose garden will never be perfect but the flowers can be.

This is a list of quotes I have written for a man going through a hard life situation. Quotes about going through hard times and staying strong are for those who need an extra bit of inspiration and motivation to make it through their tough times.

You have seen and experienced enough for ten lifetimes. It may all seem too hard, but know that you are not alone in your struggle. Here is a collection of quotes to help you keep going during those difficult times and remind you to stay strong.

87. I am the words I write, and I have faith in what I say, when I see the future come alive, it makes it easier to stay.

88. Words of faith for hard times I’m not who I used to be it’s true – I’m not the same I’m not who I used to be in time, in time you’ll see I have a new dream.

89. Words of faith for when times are hard there’s a future – a bright one at that, and good things do happen, I’m not who I used to be.

90. I’m not the same person as I was when I was younger, I’m not who I used to be. I am strong.

91. Words of encouragement for hard times the day is long, the night is longer, you may not succeed, but if you never try, you’ll never know, so dream now, and when they laugh, it’s going be alright.

92. Words of grace when you’re down on your luck and the world seems much too cruel you’ll find you’re not alone for there is someone looking up at the sky.

93. Some words can hurt you, they burn their way into your head, as they make you feel smaller, and you’re too scared to leave your bed, but they’re just words, they’re only words, they’re just what it is.

94. Don’t give up, don’t give in you’re stronger than you think, I promise you’ll win, no matter how far back you are.

95. These tough times will pass, and my life will be better – it’s not going to last. Unexpectedly I’ll get back on track because I have faith and a vision in my heart.

96. I know that somewhere, somehow you got my back, can’t you feel my prayer? Got my heart, soul and mind enwrapped in your right hand, as I go through this storm I can stand strong,

97. I’ve been living in a dark cave where the only light came from my face I’ve been walking on a road where I could only see my own face but I did it, I did it alone but now I can see.

98. I’m so thankful that I have the strength to fight, after the day, I will rest and have my strength tomorrow, God is good to me.

99. Like my heart is a treasure and it needs to be cherished like a favorite book in a series of a saga I write my story down in ink.

100. I’ve been through hard times before, when I’m struggling it’s not a surprise, but I always find a way because I don’t want to break this time. Poetry is a way to express one’s feelings when one is feeling the heat.

101. Going through hard times is easier than staying faithful, but I had to choose, so I stuck with the faith I had, and when I look back now, I’m glad I did, because now I’m going through harder times but my faith wins.

102. The sun is fading, and the darkness is creeping in, but I am stronger now, I’m not who I used to be.

103. If you can dream, dream now, if you can think, think about how you’ll achieve that dream and fly like the butterfly you were meant to be.

104. When you encounter many defeats, you must not be defeated, stay strong. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.

105. Things are never as bad as they seem, always stay strong, just remember that it’s not the end, and death is not the worst thing to happen, things will get better, time will make you stronger, trust God.

106. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, stronger than the last time I was here, I’m going to do this, I’m going to make it through this, just like I’ve made it through all the rest.

107. I used to think I needed nothing but now I know that I need love and just like a needle that’s been pushed over something beautiful can be created when love is used.

108. The man I was then is not the man I am now, I was just going through a real bad time, I didn’t know who I was, I lost my way in life, I used to be so happy, but grace has found me.

109. I’m going through a hard time, I need love to get me through, I know that I’ll make it through, I need to believe that I’ll make it through.

110. I am a man who feels a lot of pain, I am a man who needs some love in my life, I am a man who can’t get his life on track, but I try to keep my head up and stay strong.

111. I like the rain, but I love the sun, I like the moon, but I love the stars, I like the rain, but I love the sun, I like the moon, but I love the stars

112. Sometimes, you get to the point where you feel like you’ve had enough. You feel like you’ve been broken down like you’ve lost and there’s no coming back from that. But you know what they say… “when the going gets tough” the Lord is good all the time.

113. You feel like you’re going nowhere, but keep going, it won’t be long, till you’re at the end of your road, and you can finally let go.

114. I’ve been staying in a dark cave where the only light that came from my face, my face was the main light source that kept me alive, that kept me positive.

115. When I was in a dark cave I was oblivious to what I had, but after the darkness became clear, I was motivated by a question I yearned to hear.

116. There are two kinds of pain: pain that hurts and pain that changes you. It is better not to be loved for what you are than loved for what you’re not. You are never stronger than when you land it’s time for me to face the sun and see the world again.

117. I’ve been through a hard time and it’s something I’ll always remember, but I picked myself up and put myself back together, and now I know I’m ready to live again.

118. For a while, I lost myself and I didn’t care I turned my back on everything and I was so dark but one day I awoke and I was happy and free.

119. There will be times when it seems like you’re lost there will be times when it seems like you’re found there will be times when it seems like you’re on your own but through time you’ll have to relearn that you are loved.

120 Through the hard times when you lose your way and the days seem so long and the nights, even more, you remember a smile a laugh, a giggle a joke, a song, and you keep on keeping the smile.

These quotes are there to inspire you to stay strong, keep your chin up and remind you that in the face of adversity, you have what it takes to get you through.

If you love someone very much, always support them and stand beside them, especially when they are going through a difficult time. Do not push them away or try to change them.

I look forward to your comment about your favorite inspirational quotes for a man going through a hard time. Don’t forget to share this on your social media with family and friends.

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