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150 Essential Wedding Quotes For Bride and Groom (2022)

A wedding is a happy event that comes with a lot of emotions and preparations. Planning towards the big day can be so overwhelming and stressful leaving you exhausted at the end of the day. Receiving an awe-inspiring wedding quotes for bride and groom from your spouse, loved ones, and friends can make you forget the stress in a split moment as you look forward to your happily ever after.

These wedding quotes for bride and groom help assure your heart of your partner’s dedication and commitment to you, assuring your heart and making you smile with so much joy from your inside-out.

I know how it feels when you have attempted your very best as a bride or groom to write, but you are overwhelmed and enthralled by love, unable to express the deep-seated affection in your heart and the love you feel on the inside when trying to scribble wedding quotes for bride and groom. Don’t hit yourself too hard, I am here to help.

Whether it’s your special day or you are just rejoicing with your friends, here is a cute array of wedding quotes for bride and groom that will help you express the love and desires in your heart.

Pre-wedding Quotes For Bride And Groom

You are getting married soon and you have heard that it takes a lot of effort to make the marriage work and so you are scared. It is normal to feel that way, and I have great news for you. You can do something spectacular with these wedding quotes for bride and groom, the little things like sending your bride to be or groom to be pre-wedding quotes for bride and groom will strengthen the bond and spice up the relationship.

1. Tomorrow is too far away, My whole world is crying out for you, I want to walk down the aisle with you right now. Loving you is the best thing that has happened to me!

2. I can’t seem to take my eyes off the clock, time is moving like a snail, and my heart is racing like the jet, I can’t wait to make you mine. I am concerned about this one thing; loving you and forgetting the other things.

3. If there is one thing I am certain of; it’s the fact that I want to spend the rest of my days with you, the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds I have to wait to start this journey with you is driving me nuts, the days are passing by sluggishly, and I am impatiently waiting, I hope I don’t lose my mind wanting you this enormously.

4. I am ready to be handcuffed by you, you are my prison. Jail me forever. To be sentenced to a forever with you is a verdict that is too good to be true, I want to come home to your smile, I want to find rest in your arms, I want to call your heart my home. Your hold on me is the chain I never want to be free from.

5. I am ready to start this journey with you, this adventure that unites two people. You are the one my soul longs for, you are the object of my greatest obsession, the subject of my deepest desire. In you is rest from my wanderings, in you is the quenching of my thirst. You are the peace for my walk, with you my search is finally over, You are the seal upon my heart.

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6. I used to think that it was impossible to love someone and crave for that one person endlessly. You have proven me wrong, it matters not how much time I spend in your presence, I can not seem to have enough of you, every passing day, is another opportunity to explore the awesome wonder that you are, I can not wait to marry you, my love.

7. I have been told that there no perfect marriage, I have been told that things might change, but my resolve has not changed, with you is where I want to be, nothing else matters, with you I can afford to dare the world, I want to walk down the aisle with you.

8. Mother told me I would someday meet that special someone whose heart would beat in perfect synchrony with mine, she said it would feel like two separate persons, living in separate bodies sharing the same cardiac organ, the same beat, the same pulse, the same rhythm. I never really believed it until you happened to me, with you my heart has finally learned how to make music.

9. Every night I sleep with your picture in my mind, with your name on my lips, your smell in my nostrils, looking forward to spending forever with you and sharing the same bed with you. I love you endlessly, my dear.

10. My body craves for you continuously, my heart says your name, I want to dance to your rhythm while our hands are entwined together into one, but for now, I will wait and always sleep with the thought of you.

11. Now I understand what it means for someone to represent your whole world since you walked into my life nothing else seems to matter, you are the pendulum of my joy, I pray you don’t stop swinging, you are the sun around which my universe revolves, I pray your light never goes out, my love.

12. In a few weeks, I will give you my name wholeheartedly with no hope and thought to ever take it back, goodbye to heartbreak and heartache. I am so glad that I found you.

13. I can’t wait to change my name on all platforms and flaunt my ring to everyone. How can I keep calm? My wedding is in a few weeks.

14. Growing up I am always scared to go apart from my parents, meeting you made me lose consciousness of that. All fear is gone, I want to travel the world with you.

15. You are the person I am destined and determined to spend the rest of my life with. Life has blessed me with the greatest blessing of all time.

16. With every passing day, you have continually proven that true love is worth waiting for, you have proven yourself worthy of all the tears and sighs while I walked the paths that brought me to you, I am glad I waited. you prove to me that marriage is worth desiring. To forever be yours is all I seek now.

17. The calendar is my new favorite, I check it every moment to see if the date will change to our wedding date immediately, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I want the rest of my life to start as soon as possible.

18. You are my obsession, I want to hold your hand and whisper in your ears, this will not change after our wedding, I promise.

19. You are my happiness and life, my life is incomplete without you, I won’t let you slide away from me before we walk down the aisle.

20. I gush at the impression of your would-be spouse, the thought of it alone drives me crazy. The feeling of spending the rest of my life with you is the greatest gift to me. How lucky I am!

Pre-wedding Quotes For Couple

Thinking of meaningful pre-wedding quotes for countdown? Here are the best pre-wedding quotes for couple to spice up every moment to your big day. Feel free to add the extra spark you need with these beautiful wedding quotes for bride and groom. It’s your call to color your big day with our well-scripted wedding quotes for bride and groom. Enjoy!

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21. I am getting married soon and I am super excited, we will soar above all issues and obstacles. We are an indefatigable team, my love.

22. In a few days time, it will be a dream come true, I nurtured this dream from when I was a baby and I am even eager to see it come true because you give my dream a perfect sense.

23. I have waited all my life, for this one thing, finding the love of my life, then I found you. Waiting for a little while to tie the knot with you won’t kill though it hurts me. You are my prize, you are worth the wait.

24. Submission became easy when we met, I want to dive the ocean with you and submit my body soon. Winks!

25. I forgive people without an apology these days, guess what! I am getting married soon and that is all that matters.

26. We are waiting to officially tie the knot but our heart and soul are carefully knitted already. Jeez!

27. Our hearts are entangled already and will not be sorted out. I await our lips being entangled all through the night.

28. Waiting for that perfect day when I get to show you off to the world. Waiting earnestly till you officially become mine, but in my mind, I am already yours eternally.

29. I don’t need the ring to say ‘I Do’ since I found you I constantly want to do. Anyways, let me wear the engagement ring for now.

30. Getting married to you will be the highest jackpot and joy in life, life is just so beautiful and fair to me. You are my everything.

31. Since I fell in love with you, I cannot help not wanting to get back on my feet again, I am not ashamed to play the fool for you, I am not ashamed to be on the ground for you, You are the only fall I don’t regret.

32. I am so happy, earnestly anticipating the person I’d get to be when I merge with you. Here I am gleefully kissing singleness goodbye, As the day approaches, my heart yearns continually for you.

33. I was told that marriage has a way of exposing the mistakes and character flaws in people, but somehow because I am not afraid and not ashamed that I am not perfect, I look forward to making mistakes and getting better with you.

34. Every day without you feels like living without air, my heart is spinning for you, it’s threatening to burst out of my body, I doubt that I can bear the wait any longer, I want to be yours today and forever.

35. When You held my hands and looked into my eye, you melted the heart inside my chest, you whispered those beautiful truths into my ears and you made me free from my fears. For all these and more I am eternally grateful, You have shown me how to win, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

36. I have seen marriage crashes and love turn sour but there is no fear with you. Our perfect love cast out all fears.

37. I can’t sleep at night since the day you made your intentions known, I don’t know if what’s happening to me has happened to you, but the truth is that you have damaged me positively. You have damaged me in a good way, I am hopelessly incomplete without you.

38. How can I keep calm and be sane when I am not joined to my better half yet? You complete me, my love.

39. I am saying goodbye to “singleness” very soon, I am sure I won’t miss any part of it, I won’t miss partying and nights out. You are all the fun that I want and more.

40. They say “Marriage is a School of learning with no end in view, they say no one has a complete study pack, that no one has the all the golden nuggets to a successful marriage,” but I am not afraid to start this school seeing that I will be learning you, what better course content could I have asked for?

41. I dance as I walk on the street, moving to the rhythm of your song, you have won me over, by your capacity to love you have jailed my heart, I don’t ever want to be free again.

42. The few years of dating has never been enough to express the depth and length of my love for you, I hope marriage will be enough to express how I feel about you.

43. My bosom will be your comfort and my cistern your satisfaction. I am glad I said YES to you!

44. I am super elated to be the woman of your dreams, the one you will wake up to and share your success with. I am proud to be the woman that will be by your side forever and always.

45. I don’t have the whole luxury of the world, I am scared I don’t have many things to give to you, but I give you myself, all that I have and all that I am on my way to becoming in life. Let’s journey together.

Walking Down The Aisle Quote

Getting married is a beautiful thing, but as beautiful as it is, it means different things to different people. To some, it’s a dream come true, and to some, it’s a scary adventure that is full of uncertainties. Are you excited to walk down the aisle with your lover, and you want to give your expression a voice via walking down the aisle quotes or do you have a spouse or friend who is scared to do so? Read on these extensive lists of wedding quotes for bride and groom…

Don’t shiver when your spouse or best friend is afraid or nervous to walk down the aisle, it is normal, all you have to do is to send her these wedding quotes for the bride and groom to brighten the mood. Pick one of these wedding quotes and help make it a big day indeed.

46. Hello love, I understand that fears may surface and everything is not figured out, I understand that doubts may come up, don’t panic, come closer as I whisper this into your ears, you are doing the right thing.

47. Forget about the cake icing and the DJ music, don’t stress yourself out over the food, just focus on your love and enjoy your first kiss on your big day. It is your day.

48. We may not have the best of everything and all sorted out but walking you down the aisle makes everything perfect.

49. The few years of courtship wasn’t enough, he walked me down the aisle and pronounced to the world that I am his forever.

50. Walk me down the aisle, hold my hands, look into my eyes, lock your lips in mine and take me home.

51. What an irony, you were once a stranger to me, and today you are walking me down the aisle and taking me home. Winks!

52. I want to hold your hand while I say I do, I want to look into your eyes and smile while I take the wedding vows, I want to go everywhere with you, but it is impossible without you walking down the aisle. Come on, let’s do this!

53. I may not have been your first date and love, I may not have been the first to make you full of ecstasy, but I am glad I’m your last in everything and that’s all that matters to me.

54. I have come to the crossroad; to stay on the path that I walked before you invaded my world, or to embrace the person I see myself becoming with you, here is my decision, whatever lies ahead I chose to walk down the aisle with you.

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55. What is at the end of the path is not known to me, but I will just hold your hand and walk the aisle with you.

56. Today, we will make our decision to live happily ever after. It is our choice and there are no regrets.

57. With you by my side, I can conquer the world, with you as a part of me, I can do the impossible. We will make a great team.

58. We have ruminated over it, we have thought of it over again, and we have decided to make this relationship forever.

59. You gave me your heart without an effort, you didn’t wait until I earn your trust. So, here is my gift to you, to take your last name and all of me.

60. We finally made it official today. I am so happy to be walking down the aisle finally. No more countdowns and in advance.

61. I present to you the newly wedded couple. Facilitate with them.

62. Walk down the aisle, let your gown sweep the path, don’t mind if it gets stained. Smile as you journey into forever.

63. The easiest part of marriage is walking down the aisle, but that doesn’t make it of less worth doing it. I want to do it with you over again.

64. My dream began to come true today, walking down the aisle to meet you seems too good to be true.

65. I want to run and meet you down the aisle, but my dad is holding my hands and I have to walk… Do wait for me, Mr. handsome!

66. Our romantic journey starts today, two hearts are knitted into one. Cheers!

67. Walk down the aisle, with head high and your focus on your spouse, nothing else matters.

68. The aisle is nothing without you, my bride, walk majestically and own it.

69. Today is the moment I have a profound and clear experience of how beautiful this journey will be.

70. Nothing beats the feeling of walking down the aisle with you. I wish I could do this every day with you. Winks!

71. We are taking beautiful steps towards forever. Walking down the aisle is one of them and it feels good to me.

72. I will mark this day on my calendar and set a reminder. I walked down the aisle with the love of my life, nothing will ever be the same again.

73. Today, he unveils her, Today he claims her. She is now his Mrs. Mr. Right earned it!

74. Beyond the breathtaking stage and beautiful faces, I am excited you are waiting for me down the aisle, you honored me to be a part of your life, and to start this journey with
you, our forever begins today.

75. Without any fear, I smiled as my dad hands me over to you. I will say yes to you a million times.

76. When he asked me what I want, I told him to walk me down the aisle. The wait is over.

77. Professing our love in the presence of everyone is eternal, a replica of what God did to us.

78. Today is another phase of our love story, it’s a journey towards a forever, a forever together, one that knows no end.

79. Walk down the aisle, I am here for you, in the journey of life I promise to be there for you.

80. I couldn’t have asked for more since I met you, you are more than wealth and great riches. You are the only one that matters.

Wedding Quotes And Saying

Are you consumed with anxiety thinking of what to give to the couple on their wedding day or are you the bride or groom thinking of how to express your love to your spouse? I present to you a gift that doesn’t need to be wrapped, a priceless wedding quotes for bride and groom. It doesn’t have to cost you much, to be valuable. Below is a collection of wedding quotes and saying to bring this home with great feeling and excitement.

81. For me the possibilities of a lifetime with you by far supersedes the pleasures of the whole world put together, I am contented having you as the only treasure that I cherish, I am richer because I have you.

82. Life is boring without a soul mate, there are three important things to me they are loving you, missing you, and being with you again. I love you, sweetheart.

83. I stopped asking for anything from life when I found you, how could I still ask for anything else? you are more than all I have ever aspired to be, you cover my flaws, You complete me.

84. I know You might not believe me, but here’s my truth you are worth more than all the precious stones in the world put together, they couldn’t have brought me the joy and bliss
that you alone have given. I am privileged to have you.

85. My love, we will celebrate more years together as we have celebrated today, cheers to many more feats that await us to conquer.

86. I heard that marriage is not a bed of roses, but our marriage will be an exception and a bed of roses because we have a bed and you are my rose. Winks!

87. I might not have everything figured out yet, but I meant forever when I said: ‘I do.” I love you, my dear.

88. Our perfect God has made us perfect, crafted us from Himself and bless us with each other. We were matched in heaven, and I will love your imperfections.

89. Every time I look at you, I still melt within like when I first met you. Your smile saps the strength out of my anger and leaves me speechless. I am yours forever.

90. Suddenly, all the poems are about you. All the lines, the metaphors, and rhymes, they all strive to describe you, I’m glad my heart chose you.

91. Marrying you is the best way I can say I love you. You are my Angel sent from heaven.

92. We have our bad times and weird moment, but it doesn’t stop my heart from beating for you. I love you.

93. I have met people who I love and love me in return, but I never found the one who loves all of me and all of my loves. You are a special one.

94. We are designed for each other from heaven, our guardian angels must be lovers also. We are just perfect.

95. You are my muse, you are my light, you are my inspiration, and you are mine forever.

96. Today, as we make our first toast, I wish you warmth, happiness, and love. I give you all of me.

97. I have waited for this day, to exchange the promise of my love with you, and I’d have all my life to stand by them. It’s you and I forever.

98. What is a cloud without rain? What is the body of water without fish? What is a wedding ceremony without you? You are all that matters without you other things are insignificant. I love you and I don’t intend stopping to love you.

99. We are two hearts entwined in one, lovebirds sharing the same wings, we will soar and rule the skies together, flying is fun because I get to do it with you.

100. We walk with our head high because we know our years ahead are filled with joy.

101. It feels like yesterday when you walked into my life, you have quietly become my very breath, my every heartbeat, the reason for my smile, and the fountain of my joy, I can’t afford to carry on without you.

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102. I have always pictured how I would feel on this day, the more I picture it, the more I wanted it to happen fast. I am overwhelmed that our big day is here.

103. The feeling of spending my life with you makes me lose my mind and lose sight of every other thing. You are my mood.

104. I can write a whole book from our love story and our story won’t be exhausted. You are the most amazing person I have met.

105. I am the happiest person in the world because I finally found my prince in shining armor. I love you, my devotee.

106. You are my spiderman, I am entangled in your web forever.

107. I am willing to burn all bridges and spend forever with you without looking back at anything. I love you.

108. I say goodbye to my father and mother, I turn my back on every other lover and I press on with you.

109. I am in love with you, there is no doubt, I want to take your name.

110. You are in every dream, while I lay on my bed, you are in my every thought while I’m wide awake, you’ve filled up every space inside, I cannot fight it, You are my bliss.

111. Nothing can come between us, it’s an audience of one. You and I are equal to one.

112. Right from the day we met, I knew I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

113. I heard that marriage is a dangerous adventure that you can’t back out from, but with you, I have no fear of either a lifetime with you or even now.

114. When I count the important days in my life, I count today also because you made it count.

115. I have changed a lot since I planned getting married to you. You are the only thing that won’t be changed, you are perfect the way you are.

116. Your light belittles the sun, your smile gives radiance to my day, you came and chased the shadows away, now I’m certain my future is bright because I have you in it.

117. A million Roses for you daily, a forest of flowers for you I’d fetch, I can’t go weary pouring out my heart’s deepest affection for you. I don’t mind if it would take a lifetime to finish this love tale of ours.

118. You are the fairest among maiden, it seems too good to be true, the thought that You are mine forever.

119. All of my life, I have been searching for a woman like you. I finally found you and I am never letting go.

120. I wish us a happily ever after, a heart that forgives like a child and a mind that never gives up.

Wedding Quotes And Sayings For Friend

There are some unforgettable moments and important times in our friend’s and families’ life. Their wedding day is one of such days, It is a day for them to exchange vows and spoil each other with wedding quotes for bride and groom. You don’t have to feel left out as they exchange their vows, here is a list of wedding quotes and sayings for friends to congratulate them on their big day.

121. We all need a special person in our lives, who understand us, who cares for us and stay with us regardless of anything. I am happy you have finally found that person. Congratulations!

122. Seeing you smile unusually and mentioning her name frequently, convinces me beyond doubt that you are happy and I knew you found happiness in her. Congratulations!

123. Bitterness, anger, and malice will drown marriage and make it a shipwreck, forgive like a child and love till it hurts. Congratulations on your happily ever after.

124. May your bond be so strong that nobody comes between you. I wish you all the best that life can offer. Congratulations, dear friend.

125. Your love, togetherness, and joy is a big example and encouragement to me, it drowns all my fears. As you tie the knot today, I have no doubt that you are doing the right thing. Cheers.

126. Your relationship is an example of two love birds flitted from heaven. You are made for each other. Congratulations on your big day.

127. Here come the groom and his bride. People should be jealous of you, you are the cutest couple in the world. Cheers.

128. I rest assured that you will be a supportive wife to your husband and a great example to your kids. Congratulations on your wedding.

129. Wishing you understanding, fun and lots of beautiful moments in your marriage. May every day be new and sweet just like you, may your wine not go wane. Cheers to life.

130. This is a great beginning of something new in your life, focus on the good side, overlook the bad side and always forgive. Congratulations!

131. You have taken a huge step. Congratulations on the start of something beautiful. I wish you joy and happiness today. Have fun, winks!

132. Marriage might not be a bed full of roses, but one thing is essential. Have each other back, overlook mistake and move on. Congratulations on your big day.

133. I hope the spark you feel never leaves, and your wine never wanes. Congratulations on your special day, cheers.

134. Two heart beating as one, may your heart not stop beating for each other. Congratulations!

135. Never forget to go to bed without a goodnight kiss. Hearty cheers to you.

136. Marriage is a journey filled with many things, may you not get tired of the adventure.

137. I welcome you to a new life full of adventure, every single moment counts, make it count.

138. As you start a new chapter in your life, I pray you are filled with love, joy, warmth, and happiness.

139. Overlook the stress on your wedding day it won’t last long, focus on your marriage and make it a forever love song.

140. I know making the decision to spend your life with someone is a great decision. May you find love and happiness every day.

141. Here comes the beginning of your love story, where understanding, dedication, and love joyfully meets.

142. I am not expecting less than a book of incredible love stories to be turned into a novel, now that you are getting married to the most important person in your life. We are longing to glean and learn.

143. I am glad to be present here today, the start of your adventure and the tale of your romance. Congratulations!

144. You are getting married and I am excited, without any doubt, without any fear I know this is the right thing to do. Congratulations!

145. I am elated you have found that one person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. I am convinced that this will be a great turn around for you.

146. The puzzle is finally fixed, with no parts left unscrambled, no more doubts and uncertainties. Congratulations!

147. A wedding is that moment in one’s life when you have a clear experience of how the beautiful journey will be. Enjoy it and forget all doubts. Congratulations!

148. I am convinced that you were made for each other, whenever I look into your eye I see a spark and I understand it perfectly well. Cheers!

149. Congratulations to you, what a magical feeling to have someone to stand with you in the down moment, someone to hold your hands and someone to walk with.

150. I am so happy you are living your dream with your special one. I had circled today on my calendar, I felicitate with you. Congratulations.

151. Getting hitched with the right person is a miracle and I am happy this is your experience at last. Congratulations, my friend.

I am sure you find the wedding quotes for bride and groom interesting? Don’t forget to share with your family and friends. And you can leave a comment here too. Thanks for reading!

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