50 Best True Friend Poems that Make You Cry

True Friend Poems that Make You Cry

Writing true friend poems that make you cry to your friend is one that can make butterflies fly in your belly because it reminds you of how every moment was made beautiful by your friend. True friends they say, “are hard to find.”

Finding a friend that will love, care, pray and stand with you in the hardest time is rare. So, having a friend who is true to every word and action is however gift from God because it is not everyone is gifted with a true friend.

Although, we come across a lot of friends in our day-to-day encounters as it is said that those who stay together, bond together. Hence, only a few friends stay and bond with you in the sweet and hard times.

There is no greater joy than to know there is somebody out there who truly loves you without a compromise. Do you perhaps have a true friend? If you do have, I am sure you want to write true friend verses that make you cry.

Therefore, Impressing your true friends with words artistically wired into poems will definitely make them know how special they have made you feel and how much you want to show them that you treasure them.

You don’t need to brainstorm about writing true friend poems that make you weep, below are true friends’ poems that can make your treasured friend teary in ecstasy. Enjoy!

Meaningful True Friend Poems that Make You Cry

True friends deserve a sweet poem that will make them realize how important they are to you. You can use some of these true friend lines that make you cry for that amazing friend of yours by sending any of these best friend poems that make you cry and rhyme. So there are friendship poems below that will make your true friend feel special.

1. The sound of your music,
Keeps ringing in my heart,
Your name is music,
That gladdens my lone heart.
Your voice is all I need,
To find comfort,
That my heart desired,
Even in a strange land,
You are my dear friend,
Transformed into my Blood.
You are my true friend!

2. You remain my best,
In the midst of the storm.
You weren’t at your rest,
To see me sail the storm.
I can’t repay your deed,
I can tell from all you did,
That you are made of gold,
Procured to be the best,
That fills a friend’s thirst,
And I’ll forever heart you! my friend!

3. You are a friend;
That’s too good to be true,
You are a friend,
That taught me to be true,
You are a friend,
That never played falsely,
To make a fuse,
You are a friend,
I wish you all the best,
Life could never give!

4. I remember laughing aloud
After every quarrel is settled,
I remember crying loudly,
For every pain of the heart,
I remember Singing wild,
After every fantastic sport,
I remember cheering loudly,
For every accomplished goal,
Your honesty in our friendship,
Made every moment goldenly,
You remain a credible friend!

5. Sharing my deepest thought,
With you on a daily basis,
Has made me realize,
How valuable you are to me,
I feel you are the gold,
Every friendship needs,
To stand the test of time,
And I am so lucky,
To have a friend,
So true like you!

6. It is rare to find a friend,
So loving and kind,
Your beautiful heart,
Has endeared me to you,
Over and over again.
Please do not close down,
The window of your golden
Heart and deeds!
I don’t want to ever lose,
Your friendship of love.

7. My sweet dearest friend!
I hope you know,
You are the greatest gift,
Of affection and love,
I am blessed to have you!
I am astonished at your desire,
To see me happy.
I wish that you soar higher,
In everlasting happiness,
Of God, my true friend!

8. Dearest friend of truth!
I swim in the memories
Of the sweetest days,
We have been together,
And I don’t have regrets,
For days when silence,
Told us the bitter truth,
Because it made us better,
In the days of ignorance.
I just want you to know,
That I cherish you, dearest friend, and
For every passing second.

9. I value your care,
I cherish your word of prayer,
I respect your character,
I understand your anger,
I value the time spent together,
I know you are true,
I esteem your sacrifice,

I love your foresight,
I just want to let you know,
That you are my angel,
Sent from heaven to
Make me better and happy!
I love you, my true friend.

10. I love you, friend,
For being with me,
When I needed you most.
I heart you, friend,
For understanding me,
When my heartaches.
I thank you, friend,

For giving a piece of advice,
When it was needed.
I appreciate your friend,
For giving me your time,
Even when you were busy.
I can’t repay but I can,
Always pray for you,
And wish you, Joy!

I Miss You Poem for True Friends

True friends love wholeheartedly from the heart even when you are not together. More so, they defy the distance and still make an attempt to call, pray and encourage you to be the best at what you do.

I tell you, such a friend needs an “I miss you poem for true friends” from you. The “I miss you” poem will help you write true friend poems that make you weep for your special friend. Enjoy the “I miss your poem” for your true friend.

11. I could never ask for
A better friend like you,
The times have changed,
But I haven’t recovered,
From your influence.
I could never ask for
A better listener like you,
For no one has listened,

To my tale just as you did.
I miss you dearly,
And I wish that time
Would run back to the
Old times of our friendship.
I just want you to know,
That the thought of you,
Remains new in my heart,

12. Every time I think of you
A smile lit up on my face,
How could I ever let go,
Of your sweet memory.
I long for your smile,
That encourages me
In times of trouble,
I long for your voice,

That tells me the truth,
I long for your heart,
That listens without a fuss.
I long for your word,
That made me better
I long for our friendship!
I long for you!
I miss you!

13. Your thought lingers on
In my mind all through.
When I remember you,
I crave your presence,
That makes the difference.
Although, you are far away
I feel like you are near,

Because of your kindness.
I have lived to value every
Moments we spent together,
And I know how valuable
You have been to me!
You will always remain,
Valuable Dearest friend.

14. You are forever in my heart
You are forever in my story,
I pray when I think of you,
I laugh when I think of you,
I talk when I think of you,
I dance when I think of you,
And I am conscious of this!
When I imagine you are there.
You kind is rare to find
So, I find friendship in
The memories we created,
Together in unity.

15. I wish that I see you always,
Just as I saw you always
Before time told us the
The reality of what life is.
Although, we are far apart,
I haven’t forgotten you,
Because you are unique
And outstanding in creating
True and loving friendship.
I miss you, dearest.

16. The years have told me,
How rare it is to find,
A personality like you.
Your absence is a bitter pill
For me to chew,
Because I miss you
And I have always desired
That time would unwind
Back in the days when,
We sang, talk, laughed,
We Fought and ate together, all
The years have told me
That you will forever be
In my history dearest.

17. You stood by me,
When I needed you,
You wiped my tears
When I cried deeply,
You made me laugh
When I was sad,

You encouraged me
To pursue my dreams,
You were everything
Friendship existed for.
I have not forgotten you
I have held your memories
Close to my heart
And I miss you, friend.

18. I have met new friends,
But I haven’t seen a friend,
Who has a great personality
Like you in my history.
Your word flows in my heart
When I need company,
And It feels like true friend poems can
Never let go of the values,
You left with me, I miss you
My true friend.

19. Hi, I hope you’re well.
I hope you know that,
There is someone who,
Dwells in your memory
I hope you know.
Someone desires to see
You smile and laugh.
I hope you know.

Someone never forgets your
Impact and a positive attitude.
I hope you know.
That, someone, is your friend
Who knows you are a true,
A friend that is rare to find.
I hope you know.
Friendship with you was
Awesome and fun!

20. I recall everything we did,
To make the time we
Spent together pleasurable,
I recall when we ran
Across the field to play,
I recall when we ate
Chocolates with relish,
I recall the times when
We quarreled and reconcile,
I recall when we stood
With each other on the days
Of trial.
I recall you made those
Moments golden and fun.
I miss us, I miss you.

Heart Touching Poems for True Friends

Make your true friend special by giving a surprise that will make them happy and cherished. Below are real friend poems that make you cry spiced with heart touching poems for your true friends.

21. I appreciate your courage,
When it comes to telling,
The truth I fail to admit.
It is only a true friend
That would defy all odds,
To say the bitter truth
Everybody ignores.
Thank you, friend,
I am better than I was
You are a gem!

22. I am privileged to be
Your friend, you deserve
Everything is good in life.
A friend that walks every
Path of success and failure
Deserves an award!
I may not be able to give,
The best award, I just want,
You to know I cherish you!

23. Dearest friend! I feel
Safe sharing my deepest,
Thought with you. I am
Always confident to tell
You, because I know you,
Will listen without restraint.
I just want you to know
I cherish your act of love and
I love you dearly.

24. I don’t doubt you, I am
Certain that you are
Worthy of my trust.
We have been tested
Severally by time, yet
You continue to express

Genuine dedication to our
Friendship. I am blessed
To have you in my life.
You are the gold I found
On the rough part of life.
Love you dearest.

25. Friendship is all about,
Sharing happiness and
Pain, some share the good
Times and stray away in
The hard times, but you
Stayed and shared the hard
Moments with me. You
They are special and kind.
I just want to let you know
I love you and thanks!

26. My dear friend!
I appreciate your readiness
To help me out.
I cherish your desire to see
I grow into maturity.
I hope you know, I love
And cherish you greatly.

27. You are humble to a fault
Dear friend, you find it easy
To forgive every act of
Disrespect and pride. You
Find it easy to say,
“I am sorry”. I love your
Heart dearest friend, It is
Large enough to love and
Forgive. Your kind is rare!
And I can’t trade you
For anything in the world.
I love you!

28. It takes seconds to be
Myself with you! You have
The magic of identifying
What bothers me? And
Trust me, It has made me
Really special. Laughing is
Easy in your company.
I hope you know you mean
A lot to me.

29. You have carved a spot
In my heart, I don’t regret
Being your friend because
Of your simplicity and
Maturity, you are my closet
Pal because you give our
Friendship respect and
Love. I love and cherish
You.Thank you for being
True dearest.

30. Support is what makes,
Friendship is true and sacred.
You have given me,
Unflinching support and love.
Bonding with you has been awesome!
You have aided my dreams and
Aspiration. I can’t ask for
Nothing more. I love you

Prayer Poems for Your True Friend

You can help your true friends achieve a great milestone by praying for them with these prayer-poems for your true friend. A prayer poem will make writing true pal poems that make you weep memorable and adorable.

31. Hello friend, I respect
Your personality is
genuine and kind to me,
I honestly can’t give the
The World’s best mansion,
But I can pray that,
You experience unlimited
Joy in every facet of your
Life. May you continue to
Experience happiness.

32. Support was the key
To our friendship. I have
Often marveled at how
You give up everything,
To see me accomplish
My life’s purpose. May
You never go bereft of
Helpers on your journey
To fulfill your dreams.

33. Dear friend,
It is my prayer that
You shine just like the sun.
You blossom just like
Beautiful flowers.
Bless your heart friend!

34. Happiness can’t be bought
With wealth or position.
May you always have the
The reason to remain happy.
Because you deserve to be
Happy. I pray that your joy
And happiness will be

35. Dearest!
May you keep winning
May you keep growing
May you keep smiling
May you be blessed
May every of your heart
Desires come through.
My friend, thanks for being you! the best!

36. Dearest, I pray you will
Be helped by someone
Special, when the storm
Life is at its peak!
I can’t always walk the
The hardest time with you but
I can always pray that God
Will provide that person
That will help you through
Your hardest period.

37. It is my prayer that,
The rain will fall and wash
Away from every of your pain
And sorrow. You have
Been with me,
In my times of need,
When I remember you
I am obligated to wish
You are the best from my

38. May the universe always
Be in your favor dearest!
May the star always
Illuminate your path in
The dark dead night!
May the wind always
Give you peace!
May the world be at
Your feet always!

39. I wish that you experience
A piece like that of the river,
I pray that every of your
Days remain blissful
And may you always laugh
To your heart’s content
Dearest friend!

40. Dear friend!
May your path be filled
With wisdom, Joy, peace,
Favor and compassion
And may all who see you
Call you blessed!

Short True Friend Poems

Writing a short poem laced with powerful words can make your true friend feel so special when reading them. Here are short true friend poems that can help you make your true friend cry out in joy!

41. Life with you has been
Awesome and fun!
I hope You know
You remain my bestie!

42. Oh, friendship
Is Golden With You
I love you, dearest!

43. Fun had no stop
With You!
Gist has no limit
With You!
Love is real
With You!

44. You were there
To wipe my tears
You were there
To see I outgrow
I value your support
I cherish you!

45. You bonded with me
And Stayed all through
The good and bad times,
Which makes my friend
Of all seasons.
I cherish you!

46. My heart screams
Your name
Every time.
Because you proved
To be the only
That stays closer!
I love you.

47. We have bonded
Beyond mere words
We have bonded
With intentional
I love you, friend.

48. You are special
You are rare
You are unique
You are true
You are the best
The friend I have ever

49. I have found no
Another friend
As faithful as you!
My friend, thank you for being there, the best.

50. Settling every conflict
Was fun!
Because We find out
Love was the reason
Behind every argument
And truth
Was the basis of our

51. Dearest,
I pray you will be one with joy
Be helped by grace
When the storm of
Life is at its peak!
I can’t always walk the
The hardest time with you but
I can always pray that God
Will give you peace and strength
That will help you through
Your hardest period.

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