100 Emotional Guy Best Friend Quotes from a Girl

guy best friend quotes from a girl

There is that notion out there that girls cannot form a deep, platonic relationship with the opposite gender. Oh Really? How sustainable is that? Certainly, being friends with someone cuts across gender differences just like a guy best friend quotes from a girl conveys a girl’s deep-seated thoughts to a male friend from a sincere heart.

The human soul is genderless; if there is any word like that. A small child in playing does not consider who the boy or girl is, as long as they’re within the same age bracket, c’mon, we’re good to go!

There is no doubt that you two have had major clashes owing to the fact that men are logical whilst women are emotional. But for your friendship to last this long, I strongly believe that it is worth celebrating with a well-scripted lad best friend quote from a girl to relay your beautiful thoughts to him.

With a rare and beautiful relationship like this, I have chosen to make a well-deserved and relevant guy best friend quote from a girl to shower your friend with love and affection like never before. So, here’s a huge list of guy best friend quotes from a lady to read and share with your best male friend.

Quotes About Being Best Friends With A Guy

A Queen once asked her maid what made a certain English Man so famous among his female friends. “Your majesty,” said the young woman, “is very loyal and committed to friendship, and that is the desire of everyone around him.”

Quotes about being best friends with a guy avail you the opportunity to show forth your heart affection to that guy who has been so loyal and committed to you. Go ahead to share guy best friend quotes from a female and wait to see the joy this will bring to him.

1. When I imagine how life would have dealt with me, how it would have drawn me here and there like dry leave on a river, and have me face all my challenges all alone without anyone to assure and understand me. You’ve been there to comfort me and share my burden. You are the best friend that I am thankful for.

2. With unusual strength to comfort me, you came in like the friend you have always been like no other and you’ve drenched me with great love ray, you bear me up in my low estate and every of my disgrace has been turned to blessing by having you in my life. Thanks for being there for me.

3. You became my hope and the treasure of my heart. I cherish your company always and I will never take you for granted. You are the best friend that gives me good pumps like the artery that carries blood from the heart to the body. You are the unique lively person that makes life worth living. Thanks, my handsome friend.

4. When I think of a male friend before our paths crossed, I think of a possible situation of a friend with benefits; just to be there for the other because of the profit that comes after. But when you take the center picture in my space, I could realize that there is more to having a guy’s best friend, you are totally from another world. God must have created you on Sunday morning for you are peaceful and adoring all the way.

5. You have shown me the nitty-gritty of what true friendship is all about, the commitment, consistency, and dedication involved. You are the epitome of true friendship like no other. I love you, man.

6. How we have been together against all opposing situation still amaze me and making sure that we are fine against all contrary winds still leaves me speechless. And, more so, coming out strong together with a greater bond, that no one can fathom it. You are simply the best of the best.

7. When you, my smart guy walked up to me suddenly I could find fulfillment. Then as we started this race of true friendship it was like all hell let loose because of my inherent nature of wanting my way always. But thankfully we fought through together and now we are best of friends. Thank you for not giving up on me.

8. I am certain that in this awesome friendship, you have always been the one with a heart like heaven, making sure that we do not have a setback even when you know of my frailty. By far your commitment to our relationship is second to none, as you daily desire that we should always be one in body, soul, and spirit. I love you to the moon and back

9. Without shifting your focus from me after we have had our misunderstanding, we shall always enjoy the benefits and goodness of friendship beyond a surface level. This and many more are the undertones of my message to you, my darling best male friend.

10. Amongst guys of great value and honor, you stand amongst them above their measure, your ingenuity to bring things into order is beyond my understanding, and we relate with one another as though you’ve got everything in control. This is to tell you that you are a wise man among your equals.

11. You are indeed making everything good, everything goes well when you are involved. How can I tell of your wonderful advice? Because you are indeed formed to this like no other. Loads of love for you.

12. Have you ever stared at the stars in the blue sky? They exemplified a union of friends about the earth and the heavens, having such a unique function to give radiant light to the earthly sphere; so is our friendship because it is in resonance to theirs, you are a beautiful light to my world.

13. Like a treasure hidden for an ultimate search, you keep discovering me and you are the best company I know. Even more, than a friend, you are always like a father, giving your light brightly to lead my way, showing me which way to go like a brother you have always been. Sending my hug and kisses on your head to show you that I cherish you.

14. Who would say we can share an uncommon bonding, that we can have a deep connection in our friendship even when we dispute over everything and fight like angry birds, those times we exchange these words have brought even the best out of us. What can I do without you, man you fit so well with me.

15. We seem like enemies at the war front but deep down you remain my best friend. This you also know, it’s fun having some riff with you. Trust me, I cherish every time I spend together. You are the best.

16. Those moments we hurl tantrums at each other thereafter our conflicts further bring us together and establish us better like nothing ever happened. I can’t ask for a better friend. I love you plenty.

17. You are my unique undertone to be a better person in all I do, taking your time to give me important friendships and life lessons that money cannot buy. Thanks for being there for me through thick and thin. Muah!

18. How can I forget your creative thinking? Your lovely and kind heart to our relationship, how with your tender love displayed great maturity like no other, I owe you the best of song and admiration.

19. When I could not tenderize my emotions at times you were there to solace my overwhelming personal manner. You’ve shown me what I am to do to be a better person with your compassionate and ever-understanding approach.

20. I have seen every shade of commitment and loyalty, but of a truth, yours indeed is second to none, you taught me the true meaning of a sacrificial life. You have been an epitome of a good man countless times. How shall forget your impactful words?

Having A Boy Best Friend Quotes

Many female folks find it so easy to relay things with their male friends because they seem to have a different perspective about every matter unlike their female friends in a way and this over time in my experience has formed a unique bond of trust and lasting friendship between boys and girls.

If you’ve got that special male friend, here’s having a boy best friend quote to further strengthen your friendship and appreciate him. As you share these guy best friend quotes from a lady just know that you are making the world a better place.

21. You are my encourager for you have walked me through thick and thin. More so, you have shown me that you are a precious gift I can’t do without because you bring freshness into my life every morning.

22. Everything you are to me always lingers in my heart, how you were ready to stand for me in the face of my many trials, even when I don’t have the inner courage to stay strong on my part, you made sure I stand fast and face all with every courage that is needed to win.

23. When contending against strong oppositions that were bent on resisting my chance of gaining new ground, in all you were the preacher who enriched me with the fortitude that is needed to break through all the way.

24. To gain new heights and win swiftly, you’ve engaged in everything that matters making sure greatness is achieved in all that concerns me. You are my sweet hero, young man. I love you.

25. You being my best friend is indeed one thing I will never regret and sure that moment to regret being your friend cannot find its way about you cause you are too flawless in all that you do. Sending my love your way, handsome.

26. I must tell you that I enjoy your company even better than my blood brother, You have become like a sibling and best-loved to me. I will love to hold your hands to the end of time. Kisses!

27. You leave me speechless with your charming gesture, and yet I enjoy every blast and boom you hurl at me, so sweet! I know I can’t repay but to be well cared for, you are important to me forever my friend.

28. Challenges here and there, who will love me for who I am? It troubles me every time I’m faced with such questions I thought I’ve got people to please rather than myself, but you came right into my life to change my perspective and here I am with your love taking me to a better day ahead of me. Thanks, buddy.

29. I will sing you a song that I have never sung before, that I can live and not be scared at all or think of what people will say about me. This confidence I have got is solely from you.

30. Hey, best friend, I could live and express myself the way I want because you are my knight in shining armor who makes me cherish and have unwavering confidence in myself. Thank you for always being there, pal. Love ya!

31. You are everything I have ever wanted in a friend and being in this relationship with you has sharpened my thinking and has made me a better person of all admiration before my female friends. I am so sure that God was thinking of me when He created you.

32. Like they say, “time tells who’s your friend” we’ve been friends like forever now and every day you’ve shown me that you are that true friend who sticks closer than a brother. I am sending much love your way to tell you that you mean the whole world to me, buddy.

33. How do you know you’ve got a good and dependable friend? You know it when that friend does not only want to stick around you when things are all good but will be willing to be with you through all the ups and downs of life. I am saying this to tell you that you are God’s sent to me.

34. When I was just looking for how to be a mere ordinary lady or give up on a lot of things, you’ve boosted my understanding about life to be extraordinary in every sense and here I am today a super gorgeous lady and prying for others. I owe this to you, my dearest best friend.

35. I get it if I am found wanting with other male folks out there or play by their one-sided way to the friendship of ‘go for the benefit only’ but not with you, my darling handsome friend because you are always on time and ever ready to sacrifice even your last for our friendship. You are the man!

36. Time will fail me to tell of your awesomeness and being such a darling to my heart and soul. Your warmth is far way beyond what my word can express. You are the definition of a perfect gentleman. Love you plenty, friend.

37. When shall we see each other again? After this long time from sight though not out of mind. Now, concerning this journey you have embarked on far to the end of the earth, even on that alone now I am missing your presence. Hey friend, come back to me. I miss you.

38. How do I forget in a hurry those times when you are the only one there for me, telling me by your lovely words how you want the best for me in life, I now see without any barricade that your heart is pure and honest towards me, bring it on buddy, the world is blessed to have you.

39. Being a friend you means so much to me, I know for sure that you will soon come and stay with me. I am sensing is a life-long thing when it comes to loving you as my best pal of all time.

40. My residence yawls every day, our favorite game board continually troubles me, our swimming hobby ripples with questions daily and even the cinema will not stop but to bother me, these and many more I have missed about you and I can’t wait to do all that with you again.

Meaningful Guy Best Friend Quotes From A Girl

Explore our collection of motivational and meaningful guy best friend quotes from a lady and wait to see the happiness it brings to him. You use these lad best friend quotes from a girl on your Instagram or Facebook by tagging him with a picture of both of you.

41. The neighborhood usually persistently asks you, where is he, the one that keeps you company, your handsome ally. The one who drags you with him to the spots we have known, when will he be back to you, the truth is, we can’t wait to see his face again with you. Dear friend, I miss you and they all do too.

42. I have silently wondered in my heart that you must be an angel sent to me from heaven, you came and sought for me and I am so happy to be found by you. Thanks for being the most charming prince and a friend indeed.

43. I used to think you were kinda lonely and looking for a casual friend, but then you proved to me that it isn’t just casual seeing the way you present yourself to me, your heartfelt friendship, that I have not seen in anyone before. How I so much cherish you.

44. You are so priceless that I cannot trade you for anything on this side of eternity. Nothing in this world fits so well into my life as your warm-heartedness, love, and tender affection. I love you to the moon and back, you are the friend I can’t do without in any way.

45. Through the magnifying lens of love and care you have shown me, I am here sending my sincere love that is stronger than anything in this world. Man, you earned it and you are worth it. Love ya!

46. No issue or downtime you can’t resolve; like you are sent to me to help me break through all the way. I have you to thank for all the amazing push that has made me who I am today. You are so sweet.

47. Among many troubles that have come my way like the whole world was against me, there you stood by me and say those words that have helped me scale through my tough time. Your presence in my life taught me to look at the bright side of life.

48. Redeeming my lost hope and calling me the best babe the world can have on this side of eternity has shown me that I can be all that I want to be. Thank you for this push, buddy!

49. You won’t let me go! We are stuck together forever and there’s more to catch up with cos life with you is beyond what the ordinary word can’t say. You are so flawless, and handsome!

50. The truth about life is, you don’t have it sorted out. But with you on my voyage, I can truth my next step even if my two eyes are closed. I am just trying to let you know that you are someone I can trust with my life. my best friend!

Having A Guy Best Friend Quotes

Feel free to use this list of having a guy best friend quotes to send that unforgettable message of love and appreciation to your best male friend. It will not only touch the heart of your bestie, but it will also bless him, and trust me, many of these lad best friend quotes from a girl will delight him.

51. The thought of you when you are not with me daily enthralls me. When I was just scouting out for a casual friend then I realize you are not just for that but that you are all that matters now. I love you, my guy, my everything.

52. No doubt that you are an angel sent to me from the heavenly sphere, you came to search for me and I have found myself as your best friend. A big toast to great friends of the century.

53. I thought I could do all by myself, hence looking for a friend won’t be necessary, then you found me sitting on my stool in my solitude, speaking to myself in my world, your heartfelt friendship called out for me, and that I could not resist. Thanks for choosing me to be your friend.

54. What I have not received from anyone before are unwavering love and sincere care. That you’ve given to me freely and how I so much cherish you for you are the man with the purest heart and soul. Loads of love for you.

55. What can I say about our disputes? Why was it important we had a difference of opinion? Yes, because even when we were in disagreement, it brings us to know each very well rather than just being silent to one another when we are to settle our difference. Thanks for always opening up to me.

56. I know I cannot do a lot of things without you and this is also true for you concerning me, we came together realizing our strength in togetherness. Dear friend, it is true that we are better together and stronger together.

57. When I asked that life should be fair to me then you came to me as an answered prayer. Without you, the equation, I can only imagine what life would have been without you, my friend. Thanks for being there for me.

58. The moment we have shared is the way I want us to be forever, you’ve made my days have much more meaning than it has been with others. I am happy you are in my life.

59. Even though I will want our friendship to go beyond what it is right now but the distance is making it so difficult cos I’ve always been yearning for your friendly face-to-face talk, not just via video call but above all, you remain the man in the center of my heart through day and night.

60. There’s one thing I always remember about you, and that is your compassion towards me without dispute you are a good friend indeed, one that is like my brother in every way possible.

61. All along I thought it was a fever but when I gave it another deeper thought I realize you are simply the reason for the fever because I have missed you so much and it’s turning into something else. Please, come to me on time!

62. Oh, how you’ve denied yourself from the usual feeling of seeking the benefit other guys seek when they’re in a relationship with a female friend and you have shown to me that friendship can be pure without an iota of guile.

63. Respect cannot be forced but can only be earned. You, my friend, have earned it and are worth all my respect because I have seen you sacrifice a lot for our friendship to grow.

64. Taking our friendship this far is a sign that our friendship is for a lifetime. So let the adventure begins, my friend. You fit so well when it comes to catching fun, you are a fun lord.

65. Far beyond the word of mouth is the assurance I get when I am with you, nothing can be compared to knowing you got my back at any time. You are a friend every lady will love to have in every situation.

66. You have been a rock and fortitude when I am faced with life challenges. I can easily trust your thoughts on any matter. I am saved in your hands, man. Kisses and hugs!

67. Some friends make and while some destroy. I have never regretted knowing you, and you have indeed added much more to my life than anyone I have ever encountered. Friends for life!

68. Tough times never last but tough people do. I love the way you are dogged and courageous in all you do. I have seen you as one icon I can always learn from at any time.

69. I am sure of one thing the word ‘giving up’ has never appeared in your vocabulary. You are stubbornly persisting, refusing to give up in your pursuit of excellence and you remain my number one ‘go-to-get-inspirations’ buddy.

70. A lot of female folks are afraid to have a male folk as their confidant, but in my case, is not like that with you because your vulnerability is one so unique that I can pierce through your mind to see how you sincerely care for me and there’s no iota fear in the love we share.

71. I love the way I wear your dress to disguise like a man and how you do the same to my clothing. How can I forget so fast your fun-like nature and good-natured expressions to me? You are so beautiful inside and out, you are my number-one pal.

72. When I sing for you, though I go off-key many times still you enjoy every bit of my composition. I can’t ask for more because knowing I can do things freely with you means a lot to me.

73. What a friend I have, whose life has been a tremendous blessing to me, who has filled my life with the sense of purpose and life pursuit that suits me so well.

74. You are the finest not just in appearance but in character, love, and commitment. The world is blessed to have you in her.

75. You are not the kind of man who takes advantage of ladies to defile them but your love for me is born of a sincere heart to care and give to the feminine world. You are a rare gem and your worth is priceless.

76. I am glad to tell you, that you’re so incredible, because greatness lies in your heart, and from your mouth oozes out words of relief in my time of difficulty and trials. I appreciate everything about you. Thanks for being there always.

77. Darling friend, it became evident to me that you have a rare version of grace deposited in you from above. Thank you for being there and dispensing these graces to me too as your best friend.

78. Let hails drop in its highest strength, let the cloud turns dark like charcoal, and let the storm rage like never before, I’ll always stay with you as you have stayed with me. I love you, man. Thanks for your support always.

79. Deep inside your heart, I see a friend with a difference and a future so bright that will put all the naysayers to everlasting silence. Thanks for sticking with me. You mean a lot to me.

80. Here’s chanting ‘best friend forever’. Thanks for being there for me even in the time that seems unfavorable in every sense.

81. Your beautiful heart has nailed under subjection those disastrous situations around me, I’m so blessed to have you as my best friend. It is a miracle to know that your advice has helped to escape those wrong choices that might have marred my life.

82. Times and seasons have shown your faithfulness and commitment to this beautifully well-defined friendship like no other. I have you to thank for all the beautiful things I have experienced in life.

83. When you give advice is like any an Angel has visited me. Every word from you is pretty much timely and so encouraging. Thank you for holding up for me at all times.

84. My life would have been like gas, existing only for the sake of being useful for a time and forgotten so soon, without the purpose of continuity only just to make the numbers of the population. Your being there for me has turned the equation around for me good. Thanks so much.

85. Your presence in my life made a difference, you have shown me a reason to live creatively and differently. You’ve single-handedly strengthened me to stand for what is good and lasting.

86. Totally without doubt or fear, you make the truth appear and stay in the face of many challenges. You are the definition of a courageous man. Thanks for influencing me with your sense of greatness and truthfulness.

87. I have always thought l can say all about your rareness as my friend, but now I am without words to say it all, you showed up as my coach and mentor. Who will know you are this awesome and enriched on all sides?

88. Who cares so much to save me from grogginess and who cares about how I fare? As a friend, you’ve adopted me already to see that I come into the limelight. Thank you, dearest.

89. As I have found peace of mind with you being by my side. Hence, I have no reason to forfeit it for anything, I have found in you a treasure so beautiful that I have found myself cherishing it day and night.

90. Your choice of words of grace spur me on, helping me faster than the shot of a gun. You are the very reason I can say I have got good speed in what I do.

91. Awesome I have become goal-getting, bracing me up for my purpose of fulfilling my destiny, All because I have found a friend so good and handsome.

92. Even when I longed to compare myself with others, even though my taste was somehow and loud to fulfill its desire that is not good for me. You are just right on time to help me see beyond my frailty.

93. You came into my life and raise my expectations high, and that was all I need when I met you, now I can say that you are more than I expected to see. I am sending your way guy best friend quotes from a lady you love so much. I hope this meets you well, dearest.

94. You were too good-natured to be called just a friend, even more than a buddy, you are my best-loved. I see you more in a greater and better light, You are my best friend.

95. You are way too much of graceful person to me than anyone close to me, a treasure with great value and priceless in every sense, your contributions to my life are worth one billion thanks.

96. When I count my blessing, I first look deeply at the sacrifice you’ve made concerning me, speaks expressly of your rare personality of great worth that money cannot buy. I can’t do anything without you or even live without you, you mean the whole world to me.

97. To fulfill my purpose without you even sound so strange to me because you are the one man that I feel so well at home with. We are made to cause a great effect on this generation.

98. Beyond all tilts that surround us, against all ordeal that proves to challenge and tear us apart as best friends, you have become resolute beyond all reasonable doubt that this friendship it’s a lifetime thing. Thank you for this!

99. We are made to be together to light and blow off the candle on our cakes, dear friend your presence in my life is the most valued and highly-priced thing I have. Thanks for being there always.

100. You are so unique from all that I’ve known as friends, you’ve always made my day awesome, consistently loving me no matter what comes our way. Darling friend, it’s obvious that no one understands me the way you do, thanks for being there for me. I love you so much.

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